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Instantaneous Speed is indicated on the top line.
The range of measurement is from 0 to 99KM/hr
Delta V (0 to 99M/hr) and accuracy is + /-0.5KM/hr (M/hr).

(δV) Cycle Odometer (ODO)

Computer Figure 4b Figure 5
Total distance traveled is indicated by ODO and
displayed on the bottom line. To reset ODO, press
Owner's and hold LEFT and RIGHT buttons for 2 seconds
or remove the battery. Press the right button to
Manual COMPUTER enter DST mode.

Slide the computer onto the mounting bracket until it snaps Tripmeter (DST)
firmly into position. Press the release button to take out the Trip distance measurement is indicated by DST
INTRODUCTION computer as shown in Fig. 6. and is displayed on the bottom line. Tripmeter is
Congratulations on your purchase of the Ascent Delta V cycle activated automatically with speedometer input.
computer. Packed with all the features that a professional Reset DST to zero by pressing the LEFT button
rider needs to keep track of a workout, the Delta V is a perfect for 2 seconds. NOTE: TM (Trip Time) and AVS
training tool for any cyclist. (Average Speed) will also be reset at that time.
Press the RIGHT button to enter MXS mode.
For reference you can refer to the function table of your com- Maximum Speed (MXS)
puter’s features as stated on the box. Maximum speed measurement is indicated by
Functions: MXS and is displayed on the bottom line.
Speedometer (0-99.9 Km/hr or M/hr) Maximum speed is stored in memory and updates
Tripmeter (Up to 999.99 Km or M) only when a higher speed is reached. To reset
Odometer (Up to 999.9 Km or M) MXS mode, press and hold the LEFT button in
Auto trip timer (99:59'59") the MXS mode. Press the RIGHT button to
Figure 6 enter AVS mode.
Maximum Speed (up to 99.9 Km/hr or M/hr)
Digital Clock
12/24 hour Selectable Auto Start/Stop Average Speed (AVS)
Average Speed (0-99.9 Km/hr or M/hr) To preserve batteries, the cycle computer will automatically Average Speed measurement is indicated by AVS
Scan (for DST, MXS, AVS, TM) switch off if the unit is left unused for over 5 to 6 minutes. and is displayed on the bottom line. AVS is calcu-
Freeze Frame Memory (for TM, AVS, DST) Display will reappear with a press on either button or input lated using the Trip Timer and Tripmeter. Press
Speed Comparator (+ or - ) from the sensor. the RIGHT button to enter TM mode.
Speed Tendency
Odometer Save Function WHEEL SIZE INPUT Trip Timer (TM)
Trip timer measurement is indicated by TM and is
BATTERY INSTALLATION Press and hold LEFT and For convenience you can
displayed on the bottom line. Trip Timer is activat-
RIGHT buttons for 2 sec- refer to the chart of wheel
Computer: onds or after the replace- diameter size factor inputs. ed automatically with speedometer input (when
Remove the battery cover from the the front wheel is turning). It records only the time
ment of battery, the unit
bottom of the computer using a spent actually riding. Reset TM to zero by press-
will switch to wheel size
small coin. Install the 3V battery ing the LEFT button for 2 seconds in DST mode.
input mode. Multiply wheel
with positive (+) pole facing the diameter, D (Fig. 7) in mil-
cover as in Fig. 1a. If the LCD limeters by 3.1416 to Scan (SCAN)
shows irregular figures, take out Figure The scan mode allows DST, MXS, AVS and TM to
Computer 1a determine wheel factor, C.
the battery and install again. This Battery cycle on the screen without pressing any keys.
will clear and restart the computer’s 3V/CR2032 Press the LEFT button to Press and hold the RIGHT button for two seconds
microprocessor. select digit to be input and in any mode screen to cycle through each mode
/ screen one time. Or, press the RIGHT button in
Remove the battery cover from the Figure 3
) the RIGHT button to adjust
the digit to the desired
the TM mode screen to enter continuous scan
top of the transmitter using a small 1b number (hold for fast
coin. Install the 12V battery with pos- Transmitter advance). Press the LEFT
itive (+) pole facing the battery cap. Battery Freeze Frame Memory
button again to advance to
Replace the cap and be sure it is 12V/VR22
KM/MILE selection. (Note:
(Flashing Display)
L1028/A 23 This feature allows you to store a snapshot of the
tight to prevent moisture leakage. Removing battery will
See Fig. 1b display for an extended period of time. This fea-
erase Wheel Size Input)
ture is useful at the end of a race, allowing you to
hold a record of your time, distance, average
speed and maximum speed.
After the wheel size input,
Mounting the following function is
Included Bracket Figure 7 Activate Freeze Frame Memory
Accessories Computer selection of units for dis- In any mode, press the LEFT button. The display
Battery tance (Km or miles). Press will flash, indicating the freeze frame feature is
3V/CR2032 the RIGHT button to activated. You may now toggle through the display
choose between Kilometer screens by pressing the RIGHT button.
(KM) and Mile (M), press
12V/VR22 the LEFT button to confirm. Deactivate Freeze Frame Memory
Rubber Shims Magnet L1028/A23 Press the LEFT button again to deactivate freeze
Clamp the magnet on the spoke of front wheel with the screw COMPUTER FUNCTIONS frame memory and return to normal operation.
provided and attach the sensor to the right fork by using cable
ties as shown in Fig. 2. Make sure the arc of magnet inter- Clock (12H/24H) Odometer Save Function
sects the alignment mark on the sensor with 2mm clearance A 12 or 24-hour digital clock is displayed in The SAVE function allows you to keep the impor-
as shown in Fig. 3. Make sure transmitter is no further than the lower row of the screen. To switch tant data of total distance (ODO) even after bat-
60cm from the computer head between the 12 and 24 hour format or to tery replacement. To set ODO after battery
adjust time, advance to the clock mode and replacement and wheel size setting, press RIGHT
Figure 2 press the LEFT button for 2 seconds. “24H” button to advance to ODO mode and then hold
Figure 3
will start to flash. Use the RIGHT button to LEFT button for 2 seconds until the last digit is
Computer Rubber Shims select “12H” for 12 hour format or “24H” for flashing.
Spoke 24-hour format. Press the LEFT button to con-
Cable Ties To adjust number, press the RIGHT button and
60cm firm. Next the hour digits will start to flash.
Use the RIGHT button to select the hour. To then press the LEFT button to confirm and select
Magnet Transmitter digit to be input. Repeat this sequence to reach
change minutes, press LEFT button again.
The minutes will start to flash. Use the RIGHT the desired odometer value. Press the LEFT but-
button to select the minutes. Press the LEFT ton again to return to normal ODO mode.
button once more to return to clock mode. Malfunction Problem
2mm Max
Press the RIGHT button to enter ODO mode.
No speedometer reading Improper magnet/sensor alignment
Front Wheel
Speed Comparator Slow display response Temperature outside of operating limits
MOUNTING BRACKET A ”+” or “-” sign appears to the right of the
speed. “+” indicates you are traveling faster
(0-55 degrees C)

Attach the mounting bracket than your average speed (AVS). A “-” Black display Temperature too hot, or display exposed
to the right side of the han- to direct sunlight too long
indicates you are riding slower than your
dlebar by using a screwdriv- average speed. Display readout fades Poor battery contacts or dead battery
er as shown in Figs. 4a & 4b.
Make sure the mounting Speed Tendency No trip distance reading Check correct sensor/magnet alignment
Check battery and correct installation
bracket is clamped tightly (Acceleration & Deceleration)
and will not slip on the han- A cyclist symbol appears to the left of the Display shows Take out battery and install again
dlebar with the rubber shims speed. The wheel turns forward to indicate irregular figures
provided. Adjust the position acceleration. The wheel turns backwards to
of the mounting bracket as indicate deceleration.
shown in Fig 5 and fix it by
Figure 4a
locking the 3 screws tightly.
Chapel Hill, NC Made in Hong Kong, V.2 – March 2003