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Anatomy MCQs (Thorax)

1a(cde)a(cde.a(cdeRegarding the intercostal nerve all the following are True !"C!#T$ %th &ntercostal nerve is ty'ical !nd (y anterior cutanous nerve )nd will su''ly the s*in of axilla (lateral (ranch) Communicate with sym'athetic trun* through rami communication +ocated (elow the arteries Regarding intercostal arteries$ are su'erior to veins , nerves musculo'hrenic artery will su''ly %th to -th intercostals s'aces all the 'osterior (ranches are from the aorta the collateral (ranch su''ly the lung all the anterior (ranches are from the internal thoracic All the following are in the Rt atrium !"C!#T$ a/ygos vein anterior cardiac vein coronary sinus 01C &1C

2- Regarding Rt ventricle all the following are True !"C!#T$ a- have three 'a'illary muscle (- the se'tomarginal tra(ecula (moderator (and) extend from the se'tum to the (ase of the anterior 'a'illary muscle c- have a 'ectinate muscle which 'asses anteriorly d- The outflow 'ortion of the cham'er inferior to the 'ulmonary orifice called infandi(ulum e- The infandi(ulum is smooth and the remainder of the ventricle is rough 3a(cde4a(cde"-ray of the +t (order of mediastinum show the following !"C!#T$ left auricle aortic arch 'ulmonary trun* left ventricle right atrium su'erior mediastinum shows all the following !"C!#T$ trachea ascending aorta arch of aorta left (rachioca'halic vein vagus nerve


Regarding the Arch of the aorta the incorrect statements is$ +ocated in su'erior mediastinum +ocated (elow the (rachioca'halic vein Connected to the 'ulmonary trun* (y ligamentum arteriosum &t is arches over the +t main (ronchus The Rt recurrent laryngeal nerves hoc*s around it the correct statement a(out Thoracic duct is$ it is enter to the thorax through caval o'ening it lies 'osterior to the eso'hagus in the su'erior mediastinum it lies in the su'erior , 'osterior mediastinum drain into Rt su(clavian vein it receives the lym'h from (oth lungs

Regarding 'ericardium$ visceral 'art su''lied (y 'hrenic nerve 6i(rous 'ericardium consist of visceral , 'arietal 'arts serous 'ericardium down re'resent the attachment of central tendon of dia'hragm d- +ocated laterally to the eso'hagus e- The o(li7ue sinus is (ounded anteriorly (y the visceral layer of serous 'ericardium 18- All the following are related 'osteriorly to the heart !"C!#T$ a- 9(li7ue sinus (- Rt (ronchus c- Thoracic aorta d- +t vagus e- !so'hagus 11- Regarding Rt main (ronchus all the following are True !"C!#T$ a- wider than the +t (- longer than the +t c- more vertical than the +t d- (acteria 'ass through it easily e- gives off the Rt su'erior lo(e (ronchi (efore entering the hilum 1)- Regarding the 'leura the incorrect statement is$ a- cervical 'art is a(ove the clavicle (- dia'hragmatic 'leura su''lied (y intercostal nerves 9:+; c- cervical 'leura is crossed (y su(clavian vessels d- 'leural cavity is a 'otential s'ace e- the visceral , 'arietal 'leurae are continuous around the root of the lung

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