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PILOT NO. 1 Thoughts to Steer By 1. Meet the most important living person! That person is you.

Your success, health, happiness, wealth epen on how you use your invisi!le talisman. "ow will you use it# The choice is yours. $. Your min is your invisi!le talisman. The letters PM% &positive mental attitu e' are em!la(one on one si e an NM% &negative mental attitu e' on the other. These are power)ul )orces. PMA is the right mental attitude for each specific occasion. It has the power to attract the goo an the !eauti)ul. NM% repels them. It is a negative mental attitu e that ro!s you o) all that ma*es li)e worth living. +el),-uestion. /"ow can I evelop the right mental attitu e#0 1e speci)ic. 2. 3on4t !lame 5o )or your lac* o) success. Li*e +.1. 6uller, you can evelop a !urning esire to succee . "ow# Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you dont want. "ow# 7. Li*e +.1. 6uller, rea The 1i!le an inspirational !oo*s )or a purpose. %s* )or ivine gui ance. Search for the light. +el),-uestion. o you !elieve it4s proper to as* )or 3ivine 5ui ance# 8. Every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit for those who have PMA. +ometimes the things that seem to !e a versities turn out to !e opportunities in disguise. Tom 3empsey iscovere this as a cripple. +el),-uestion. 9ill you engage in thin*ing time to etermine how you can turn a versities into see o) e-uivalent or greater !ene)its# :. %ccept the priceless gi)t, the oy of wor!. %pply the greatest value in li)e. love people and serve them. Li*e "enry ;. <aiser, you will attract !ig an generous portions o) success. You can i) you evelop PM%. +el),-uestion. 9ill you search to )in out how you can evelop PM% as you continue to rea this !oo*# =. Never un erestimate the repellent power o) a negative mental attitu e. It can prevent li)e4s luc*y !rea*s )rom !ene)iting you. +el),-uestion. PM% attracts goo luc*. "ow can I evelop the ha!it o) PM%# >. You can pro)it !y isappointment ?i) it is turne into inspirational issatis)action with PM%. Li*e %l %llen, evelop inspirational dissatisfaction. @earrange your attitu es an convert a )ailure o) one ay into success on another. "ow o you thin* you can evelop inspirational issatis)action# A. 1ring into reality the possi!ility o) the impro!a!le !y ac-uiring PM%. +ay to yoursel), as "enry 6or sai to his engineers, /Keep wor!ing"0 +el),-uestion. "ave you the courage to aim high an strive aily to *eep your goal !e)ore you# 1B. 3on4t let your mental attitu e ma*e you a /has,!een.0 9hen you !ecome success)ul an a epression or any other un)avora!le circumstance arises which causes you a loss or e)eat, act on the sel),motivator. +uccess is achieve !y those who *eep trying with PM%. This is the way to avoi !eing crushe .

Universal principles in Self-Motivator Form: 9ith every a versity there is see o) an e-uivalent or greater !ene)it )or those who are motivate with PM% to !ecome achievers. 5reatness comes to those who evelop a !urning esire to achieve high goals. +uccess is achieve an maintaine !y those who try an *eep on trying with PM%. To !ecome an eCpert achiever in any human activity, it ta*es practice . . . practice . . . practice. D))ort an wor* can !ecome )un when you esta!lish speci)ic esira!le goals. Man4s greatest power lies in the power o) prayer. PILOT NO. $ Thoughts to Steer By 1. You can change your worl ! To achieve anything worthwhile in li)e it is necessary to set high goals )or yoursel) an want to achieve them. "ave you thoughts a!out the high goals you woul li*e to achieve# $. Imprint the 1= success principles in eli!ly in your memory. "ave you memori(e them# 2. 3o you ten to /!lame the worl 0# I) you o, memori(e the sel) motivator. I) the man is right, his worl will !e right. Is your imme iate worl right# 7. You were !orn to !e a champion. 6or all practical purposes, you have inherite )rom the vast reservoir o) the past all the potential a!ilities an powers you nee to achieve your o!Eectives. %re you willing to pay the price to evelop your a!ilities an use the powers within you# 8. I enti)y yoursel) with a success)ul image, as Irving 1en Fooper i . 9ho will you select# :. %s* yoursel) an important -uestion. 9hat will your picture say to you# Listen )or the answer. =. 3e)initeness o) purpose with PM% is the starting point o) all worthwhile achievement. "ave you selecte some e)inite, speci)ic, esira!le goal# 9ill you *eep it in min aily# >. 9hen you etermine your e)inite aims, there is a ten ency )or several a itional success principles to !egin to operate automatically to help you achieve them. A. Dveryone has many talents )or surmounting his special pro!lems. 9hat special talents o you thin* you have that you can evelop# 1B. "ere is a )ormula that has helpe many to change their worl . 9hat the min o) man can conceive an !elieve the min o) man can achieve with PM%. "ave you memori(e this )ormula# % PO+ITIGD MDNT%L %TTITH3D %N3 3D6INITND++ O6 PH@PO+D I+ T"D +T%@TIN5 POINT TO9%@3 %LL 9O@T"9"ILD %F"IDGDMDNT!

PILOT NO. 2 Thoughts to Steer By 1. You are what you thin*. Your thoughts are evaluate !y whether your attitu e is positive or negative. Ta*e a loo* at yoursel). %re you 1' a goo person# . . . $' evil# . . . 2' healthy# . . .7' psychosomatically ill# . . . 8' wealthy# . . . :' poor# I) you are, then 1' you have goo thoughts . . . $' your thoughts are evil . . . 2' your thoughts are o) goo health . . .7' your thin*ing ma*es you so . . .8' your thoughts are o) riches . . .:' your thoughts are o) poverty. $. Negative. )eelings, emotions, passions,preEu ices, !elie)s, ha!its. you clear these mental co!we!s !y turning your talisman )rom NM% to PM%. 2. You can clear the mental co!we!s o) negative passions, emotions, )eelings, ten encies, preEu ices, !elie)s an ha!its !y )lipping your invisi!le talisman )rom NM% to PM%. You will learn how as you respon to what you rea in Success #hrough a Positive Mental Attitude. 7. 9hen you are )ace with a pro!lem that involves a misun erstan ing with other persons, you must )irst start yoursel). 8. One wor can cause an argument, evelop misun erstan ing, generate unhappiness an en in misery. One worl with PM%, when compare to the same wor with NM%, !rings opposite e))ects. One wor can !ring peace or war, yes or no, love an hate, integrity or ishonesty. :. Let4s start with a meeting o) the min s. 9hen 3r. 6os ic* !rought a!out a meeting o) the min s, the young man himsel) conclu e that he was not an atheist, he i !elieve in 5o . =. 6rog legs taught him logic. 9hen you reason !y in)erence, !e certain that your maEor an minor premises are correct. >. +uch all,inclusive, restrictive wor s as. always,only,never,nothing,every, everyone,no one,can4t,impossi!le shoul !e eliminate as premises in reasoning until you are certain that they are correct. A. $ecessity is the wor . 3oes necessity motivate you to high achievement through your personal honesty an integrity, or oes necessity motivate you to try to get results through eception or ishonesty# 1B. % teen,age pro!lem chil . you may *now one. 1ut on4t give up hope. "e may not !ecome saint. 1ut some ay he may ma*e his worl an your worl a !etter worl to live in. 11. 3irect your thoughtsI control your emotionsI an or ain your estiny! Memori(e an repeat )re-uently the sel),motivators -uote )rom the %ible on page 78. 1$. Learn to separate /)acts0 )rom )iction. Then learn the i))erence !etween important )acts an unimportant )acts. 3I@DFT YOH@ T"OH5"T+ 9IT" PM% TO FONT@OL YOH@ DMOTION+ %N3 TO O@3%IN YOH@ 3D+TINY

PILOT NO. 7 Thoughts to Steer By 1. You are a min with a !o y. Your !o y is an electrical machine. Your !rain is a mechanism that is an electrical marvel. $. Your min has two parts. the conscious an the su!conscious. They wor* together. 2. &onscious autosuggestion an self'suggestion are synonymous, an are contraste with the wor autosuggestion( an unconscious activity. Autosuggestion automatically sen s messages )rom the su!conscious to the conscious min as well as to parts o) the !o y. The conscious min is the seat o) ha!it, memory, inviola!le stan ar s o) con uct, etc. 7. )ay by day in every respect * am getting better and better. +el),a))irmations repeate with )re-uency, rapi ity, an emotion a))ect the su!conscious min an cause it to react. 1ill McFall ac-uire wealth through the use o) sel),suggestion. 8. FouJ4s great iscovery was. you can use health)ul, positive suggestions to help yoursel). %n you can also re)rain )rom negative, harm)ul suggestions. :. Learn to use the proper suggestion in in)luencing others. Learn to employ the right conscious autosuggestions. 9hen you o, you can have. physical, mental an moral health, happiness an success. +. ,ou can do it if you have PMA and believe you can. >. "i en persua ers. Ta*e the PM% approach. A. Your !rain sen s out energy in the )orm o) !rain waves. %n this energy is power which can a))ect another person or an o!Eect. 1B. % little *nowle ge may !e a angerous thing. 3are to eCplore the powers o) your min . 9hen you enter the angerous, uneCplore territory o) psychic phenomena, let 3r. ;oseph 1an*s Phine !e your gui e. 3%Y 1Y 3%Y IN DGD@Y 9%Y T"@OH5" T"D 5@%FD O6 5O3 I %M 5DTTIN5 1DTTD@ %N3 1DTTD@ T"@OH5" PM% PILOT NO. 8 Thoughts to Steer By 1. . . . And something more. 9hat oes the important principle containe in this chapter mean to you an how can you apply it# $. I) you have )aile in an en eavor, coul it !e !ecause you lac* something more' a missing num!er )or a correct, winning com!ination )or success# 2. The whole is e-ual to the sum o) all the parts an is greater than any o) its parts. %re any missing parts *eeping you )rom success# 7. The little i))erence !etween success an )ailure is o)ten something more. "ip, "ip, "ooray! % mova!le wing )lap. % -uarter,turn o) a screw. 8. %re you in partnership with your silent +enior Partner#

:. Hse the simplest, !ut most important, o) instruments ever invente ,paper an pencil,to write own )lashes o) inspiration when they occur. =. "ow oes the techni-ue o) !rainstorming i))er )rom that o) /sitting )or i eas0# 9hat is the value o) each# >. Hse the success principle o) &ontrolled Attention. A. 3on4t !e a)rai to !e a )ailure li*e Fhristopher Folum!us. 1B. "ave you esta!lishe the ha!it o) learning )un amental principles, or o you merely a!sor! -uantities o) )acts# 11. 3o you un erstan an can you apply in your own eCperience the )un amental truths an principles o) % miral ".5.@oc*over4s statement# %mong the young engineers we interview we )in )ew who have receive thorough training in engineering )un amentals or principlesI !ut most have a!sor!e -uantities o) )acts . . . much easier to learn than principles !ut o) little use without application o) principles. -nce a principle has been acquired it becomes a part of one and is never lost. It can !e applie to novel pro!lems an oes not !ecome o!solete as o all )acts in a changing society . . . YOH 3ON4T NDD3 TO 1D %+"%MD3 TO 1D % 6%ILH@D LI<D F"@I+TOP"D@ FOLHM1H+ PILOT NO. : Thoughts to Steer By 1. +o, you4ve got a pro!lem# That4s goo ! 9hy# 1ecause every time you meet a pro!lem an tac*le an con-uer it with PM%, you !ecome a !etter, !igger an more success)ul person. $. Dveryone has pro!lems. Those with PM% turn their a versities into see s o) e-uivalent or greater !ene)its. 2. Your success, or )ailure, in meeting the pro!lems presente !y the challenges o) change will !e etermine !y your mental attitu e. 7. You can irect your thoughts, control your emotions an or ain your estiny !y recogni(ing, relating, assimilating an applying the principles that are applica!le to you to !e )oun in this !oo*. 8. .od is always a good .od. :. 9hen you have a pro!lem. &a' as* )or 3ivine 5ui anceI &!' thin*I &c' state the pro!lem, an & ' analy(e itI &e' a opt the PM% attitu e /That4s goo !0 &)' then change the a versity into see s o) greater !ene)it. =. Fharlie 9ar is an outstan ing eCample o) a man who success)ully met the challenges o) change. Prepare to meet the challenges o) change !y eveloping PM%. >. +eC is the greatest challenge o) change. Transmute the emotion o) seC into virtue.

A. The seven virtues are. pru ence, )ortitu e, temperance, Eustice, )aith, hope, an charity. Success #hrough a Positive Mental Attitude in icates how you can relate an assimilate these -ualities into your own li)e. 1B. One goo i ea )ollowe !y action can change )ailure into success. YOH4GD 5OT % P@O1LDM# T"%T4+ 5OO3! 6O@ IT4+ T"D +DD3+ O6 5@D%TD@ 1DND6IT+ 6O@ T"O+D 9"O "%GD PM% PILOT NO. = Thoughts to Steer By 1. /earn to see" Seeing is a learned process. Nine,tenths o) seeing ta*es place in the !rain. $. 0our fingers instead of five . this was the sym!ol where!y 5eorge Famp!ell, the !lin !oy, coul catch an hol a )ull an happy li)e. "ow can you use this sym!ol# 2. Seeing is learne through association. 5eorge Famp!ell4s )irst sight o) his mother !ecame meaning)ul to him only when he recogni(e her voice. 7. It is time to have your mental vision chec*e # when it is istorte , you can grope aroun in a ha(e o) )alse concepts, !umping an hurting yoursel) an others unnecessarily. 3oes your mental vision !ecome clearer year !y year# 8. Ta*e a loo*,a goo loo*,an recogni(e what you see. There may !e Acres of )iamonds in your own !ac*yar ! :. 3on4t !e nearsighte ,loo* to the )uture. Fypress 5ar ens !ecame a reality !ecause @ichar Pope saw it as a e)inite )uture o!Eective. =. +ee another person4s a!ilities, capacities, an viewpoint. You may !e overloo*ing a genius. The story o) Thomas D ison is a goo eCample. >. 3o you see how you can relate an assimilate the principles o) Success #hrough a Positive Mental Attitude into your own li)e# A. Learn )rom nature. "ow# %s* yoursel) some -uestions, as Isaac Newton i . I) you on4t *now the answers, get eCpert a vice. 1B. Fonvert what you see into reality !y action. Mi*imoto converte a theory into a )ortune in pearls. 5ol stone recogni(e , relate an applie the principles an metho s use in hospitals to save human lives as !eing applica!le to saving the lives as !eing applica!le to saving the lives o) oysters in pro ucing culture pearls. OPDN YOH@ MIN3 %N3 LD%@N TO +DD

PILOT NO. > Thoughts to Steer By 1. It is !etter )or people to o something an pay nothing, than to pay ues an o nothing. $. /Too o)ten what we rea an pro)ess !ecomes a part o) our li!raries an our voca!ularies, instea o) !ecoming a part o) our lives.0 +top an thin* a!out this. You have *nowle ge o) principles that coul help you achieve any worthwhile goal in li)e you might esire,!ut o you ma*e these principles a part o) your li)e# 2. /+ow an action an you reap a ha!itI sow a ha!it an you reap a characterI sow a character an you reap a estiny.0 9hat ha!its o) thought or action, in any human activity, woul you li*e to ac-uire# 9hat ha!its woul you li*e to eliminate# You shoul *now how to ac-uire esira!le ha!its an eliminate the un esira!le i) you have learne how to recogni(e principles reveale to you in this !oo* an apply them. 7. The secret o) getting things one is. )- *# $-1" 8. %s long as you live, when the suggestion )- *# $-1" )lashes )rom your su!conscious to your conscious min to o that which you ought to o, imme iately )ollow through with esira!le action. It4s a ha!it that will ma*e you an outstan ing achievers. :. The !ur en o) learning is upon the person who wants to learn. I) you want to learn how you can achieve anything in li)e that oesn4t violate the laws o) 5o or the rights o) your )ellow men, now is the time to !egin to stu y an learn the concepts that can teach you how to achieve your goals. +tu y an apply the principles containe in Success #hrough a Positive Mental Attitude , on4t only rea what is written. =. Now is the time to act. 3O IT NO9! PILOT NO. A Thoughts to Steer By 1. Motivation is that which in uces action or etermines choice. It is the hope or other )orce which starts an action in an attempt to pro uce speci)ic results. $. Motivate yoursel) with PM%. @emem!er. what the min o) man can conceive an !elieve the min o) man can achieve with PM%. @ecogni(e the possi!ility o) the improva!le. 2. "ope is the magic ingre ient in motivating yoursel) an others. 7. Negative emotions, )eelings, thoughts, an attitu es are goo at the proper time an un er the right circumstances. 8. The !asic motives are. sel),preservation, love, )ear, seC, esire )or li)e a)ter eath, )ree om o) !o y an min , anger, hate, esire )or recognition an sel),eCpression, an the esire )or material wealth. :. Motivate yoursel) as 1enEamin 6ran*lin motivate himsel). 3evelop your own chart. 3O IT NO9! I) you have i))iculty listing 12 virtues you woul to ac-uire

or goals you woul li*e to reach, you can start with one an then a to your list as you reali(e what virtues or goals you esire. Li*e 1enEamin 6ran*lin, have a sel),motivator )or each. *mportant. Inspect your progress aily. =. Fapt. D ie @ic*en!ac*er ha evelope a strong )aith that came to his rescue in time o) nee . "ow can you strengthen your )aith to help you at the time o) your greatest nee # >. %re you prepare so that you can an will apply your )aith at the time o) your greatest nee # "OPD I+ T"D M%5IF IN5@D3IDNT IN MOTIG%TIN5 YOH@+DL6 %N3 OT"D@+ PILOT NO. 1B Thoughts to Steer By 1. Throughout li)e an play ual parts in which you motivate others an they motivate you. Learn an apply the art o) motivation with PM%. $. Motivate others to have con)i ence in themselves !y showing them that you have )aith in them an )aith in yoursel). 2. % letter can change a li)e )or the !etter. +tart the ha!it o) motivating your love ones !y writing letters containing wholesome, goo suggestions. 7. Motivate others !y eCample. 8. 9hen you want to motivate, say it with an inspirational, sel),help action !oo*. :. I) you *now what motivates a person,you can motivate him i) you learn the art o) motivation with PM%. =. Motivate others !y suggestion. Motivate yoursel) !y sel),suggestion. >. 9hile your emotions are not always su!Eect to reason, nonetheless they are su!Eect to action. I) there is an instance you recall in which you might eCperience the emotion o) )ear, what action o you thin* you coul ta*e to neutrali(e it# A. To !ecome enthusiastic, act enthusiastically! 1B. To spea* enthusiastically an overcome timi ity an )ear. &a' tal* lou lyI &!' tal* rapi lyI &c' emphasi(e important wor sI & ' hesitate where there is a perio , comma or other punctuation in the written wor I &e' *eep a smile in your voice so that it isn4t gru))I an &)' use mo ulation. 11. +tart the )irst o) your 1= PM% success car s, )- *# $-1" %NY"T"IN5 IN LI6D 9O@T" 9O@<IN5 6O@ I+ 9O@T" P@%YIN5 6O@!

PILOT NO. 11 Thoughts to Steer By % short cut to riches. Thin* with PM% an 5row @ich! 17 principles of success. 1. % Positive Mental %ttitu e $. 3e)initeness o) purpose 2. 5oing the eCtra mile 7. %ccurate thin*ing 8. +el), iscipline :. The master min =. %pplie )aith >. % pleasing personality A. Personal initiative 1B. Dnthusiasm 11. Fontrolle attention 1$. Teamwor* 12. Learning )rom e)eat 17. Freative vision 18. 1u geting time an money 1:. Maintaining soun physical an mental health 1=. Hsing cosmic ha!it )orce &universal law' I6 YOH "%GD PM%, YOH F%N 3O IT I6 YOH 1DLIDGD YOH F%N! PILOT NO. 1$ Thoughts to Steer By 1. I) you *now your speci)ic estination an ta*e the )irst step, you4re on your way! $. The test o) your )aith is whether you apply it when you are not in i))iculty, as well as at the time o) your greatest nee . 2. I) you on4t succee when you )inally rea an stu y Success #hrough a Positive Mental Attitude, with whom oes the )ault lie# 7. The house o) your reams. You can have it! Li*e 6ran* an Flau ia Noonan, you may !uy two houses an rent one to pay )or !oth. 8. 3o you nee to !e in an acci ent or get sic* an lan in a hospital to esta!lish the ha!it o) regularly engaging in stu y, thin*ing an planning time regar ing your personal, )amily or !usiness li)e# :. "ave you ma e a start towar achieving esira!le goals !y. &a' writing own each goal, &!' setting ea lines )or reaching them, &c' setting high goals, an & ' inspecting your written statements aily# =. 9here will you !e an what will you !e oing ten years )rom to ay i) you *eep on oing what you are oing now# >. #he 2ichest Man in %abylon. This !oo* gives you a proven )ormula o) success. &a' ;ust save one ime out o) every ollar you earn. &!' Dach siC months invest your savings, an the interest or ivi en returns )rom these savings an investments. &c' 1e)ore you invest, see* eCpert a vice on sa)e investments.

& ' I) you nee the money you are saving )or living eCpenses or necessities, then wor* an eCtra hour &or more' so that you have no eCcuse )or not saving 1B percent o) your earnings. DN5%5D IN. +TH3YK T"IN<IN5K %N3 PL%NNIN5 TIMD 9IT" PM%! PILOT NO. 12 Thoughts to Steer By 1. /1usiness# It is -uite simple. It is other people4s money!0 $. OPM. other people4s money is the way to ac-uire wealth. 2. The !asic unwritten premise in /Hse OPM0 is. operate on the highest ethical stan ar s o) integrity( honor( honesty( loyalty( consent( an the .olden 2ule. 7. The ishonest man is not entitle to cre it. 8. Your !an*er is your )rien . :. 9here there is nothing to lose !y trying, an a great eal to gain i) success)ul, !y all means try! =. 9hen you want to ma*e a eal with someone, evelop a plan that will give him what he wants, an in oing so get what you want. % goo eal is mutually a vantageous. >. Fre it use in iscriminately can hurt you. %!use o) cre it is the cause o) much )rustration, misery an ishonesty. A. To unloc* the com!ination to success, you must *now all the necessary num!ers. ;ust one missing num!er may *eep you )rom achieving your goal. 1B. You too can )in the missing num!ers an unloc* the oor to riches )or yoursel). 11. Learn a!out cycles in or er to *now when to eCpan , an when to ma*e an pay o)) loans. "%GD T"D FOH@%5D TO 6%FD T"D T@HT"! PILOT NO. 17 Thoughts to Steer By 1. +atis)action is a mental attitu e. $. Your own mental attitu e is the one thing you possess over which you alone have complete control. 2. Memori(e. I )eel healthy! I )eel happy! I )eel terri)ic! 7. 9hen you set a goal,aim higher! 8. <now the rules an un erstan how to apply them. :. +et your target an *eep trying until you hit it.

=. +ee !eyon the routine. Hse the step,stone theory. >. )evelop inspirational dissatisfaction. A. 9hat o you o i) you are a s-uare peg in a roun hole# 3D6D%T M%Y 1D % +TDPPIN5 +TOND O@ % +THM1LIN5 1LOF< 3DPDN3IN5 ON 9"DT"D@ YOH@ %TTITH3D I+ PO+ITIGD O@ ND5%TIGD PILOT NO. 18 Thoughts to Steer By 1. To evelop a Magni)icent O!session. +hare yoursel) with others without eCpecting a rewar , payment or commen ation. Keep your good turns a secret. $. @egar less o) who you are, or what you have !een, you can create insi e yoursel) a !urning esire to !e help)ul to others. You can evelop your own Magni)icent O!session i) you have PM%. 2. 9hen you share with others a part o) what you have, that which remains will multiply an grow. The more you share, the more you will have. There)ore, share that which is goo an esira!le, an withhol that which is !a an un esira!le. 7. You can evelop your own Magni)icent O!session !y !ecoming a part o) a goo cause, as i the mother who lost her only chil . 8. Fharacter is the cornerstone in !uil ing an maintaining success. 1ut how can you improve your own character# Success #hrough a Positive Mental Attitude will help you )in the right answers. :. There is something in)initely !etter than ma*ing a living. it is ma*ing a no!le li)e. 3o you !elieve this# I) you o, what will you o a!out it# =. % !urning esire can generate the rive to action that is imperative to great achievement. To evelop a !urning esire to achieve a speci)ic goal, aily *eep the goal !e)ore you. %n strive to achieve it. >. It ta*es courage an sacri)ice to evelop an maintain a Magni)icent O!session. You may nee to stan alone against the ri icule an ignorance o) others, as i 3r. ;oseph 1an*s @hine. A. +ome people say money is the root o) all evil. 1ut the %ible says. Love o) money is the root o) all evil. The goo or evil o) money is contingent on a little i))erence. That little i))erence is whether your attitu e is positive or negative. 1B. Men li*e %n rew Farnegie, "enry 6or , Michael 1ene um use the power o) their money to esta!lish charita!le, e ucational, an religious 6oun ations. The goo that has !een one !y the Magni)icent O!sessions o) such men will live in perpetuity! 11. Anything in life worth having is worth wor!ing for. 1$. 9hen you are as*e to give money or time to a worthy cause, repeat to yoursel). /9hat! 5iving again#0 I as* in ismay. /%n must I *eep giving an giving away#0 /Oh no,0 sai the angel loo*ing me through, /;ust *eep giving till the Master stops giving to you!

T"%T 9"IF" YOH +"%@D 9IT" OT"D@+ 9ILL MHLTIPLY %N3 T"%T 9"IF" YOH 9IT""OL3 9ILL 3IMINI+"! PILOT NO. 1: Thoughts to Steer By 1. "ow is your energy level at this moment# $. 9hat is your most important source o) physical, mental, an spiritual energy# 2. "ow can you apply the principles 3r. Thomas <ir* Fureton taught to @oger 1annister so that you4ll have eCtra energy to achieve your own goals# 7. 3o you push to the limit o) your en urance ?then rest an try again# 8. Is it time to recharge your !attery# :. "ow can you avoi or neutrali(e )atigue# =. %re most o) your meals !ase on well !alance iets# >. 3o you ta*e spiritual an mental vitamins aily !y rea ing inspirational material or listening to inspirational tapes or recor s# A. Is your energy !eing irecte towar use)ul channels# Or is it !eing short, circuite an waste # 1B. /% )ailure uses up as much energy in his wor* at )ailing as a success)ul person uses in willing success.0 11. /5o grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, an the wis om to *now the i))erence.0 1$. 9hen is the emotion o) )ear Eusti)ie # HnEusti)ie # 12. To !e energetic, act energetically! INF@D%+D YOH@ DND@5Y LDGDL T"@OH5" PM%! PILOT NO. 1= Thoughts to Steer By 1. You can have more per)ect health. % positive mental attitu e a))ects your health. It attracts goo health to you. % negative mental attitu e attracts ill health. $. Thin*ing goo thoughts, positive an cheer)ul thoughts, will improve the way you )eel. 9hat a))ects your min also a))ects your !o y. 2. % positive mental attitu e towar the ones you love may !e the means o) saving their lives. @emem!er the )ather who save the li)e o) his in)ant son going into action with a positive mental attitu e. 7. Learn to practice PM% instea o) giving in to NM% as the engineer4s wi)e i . "er NM% allowe eath to claim her. 8. 3evelop within you a positive mental attitu e so power)ul that it seeps own )rom your conscious into your su!conscious min . I) you o, you will )in that in times

o) nee an emergency, it will automatically )lash !ac* to your conscious min . Dven in the greatest emergency o) li)e. eath. :. Ma*e a stu y o) the 1i!le an other inspirational !oo*s. They will !oth inspire an teach you how to motivate yoursel) to positive esira!le action an thus help you achieve the goals you esire. =. Learn to use the 1= success principles an to apply them to your li)e. "ave you memori(e them# >. %ll the wealth in the wor cannot, !y itsel), !uy goo health. 1ut you can achieve goo health !y striving )or it an o!serving simple rules o) hygiene an goo health ha!its. @emem!er, ;ohn 3. @oc*e)eller ha to retire at the age o) 8= !ecause o) ill health, !ut through a positive mental attitu e an wholesome living, he reache the ripe ol age o) A=. A. PM% recogni(es the importance o) e ucation in physical, mental, an social hygiene, an that ignorance o) these su!Eects can mean sin, sic*ness, an eath. <eep a!reast o) current evelopments a))ecting your mental, moral, an physical health. 1B. Never a!an on hope,for there is a potential cure for every ailment . 3evelop PM% an ta*e the guesswor* out o) your health !y see*ing ai at the right time. 11. PM% repels acci ents an trage ies !y *eeping the person with PM% alert to angers at all times. +houl trage y stri*e, however, PM% can gui e you in meeting reverses calmly an eli!erately. 1$. % soun min an soun !o y are attaina!le i) you will put PM% to wor* )or you. @emem!er,you can enEoy goo health an live longer with PM%. I 6DDL "D%LT"Y! I 6DDL "%PPY! I 6DDL TD@@I6IF! PILOT NO. 1> Thoughts to Steer By 1. %!raham Lincoln once sai . /It has !een my o!servation that people are Eust a!out as happy as they ma*e up their min s to !e.0 9ill you ma*e up your min to !e happy# I) not, will you ma*e up your min not to !e unhappy# $. There is very little i))erence in people, !ut that little i))erence ma*es a !ig i))erence. The little i))erence is attitude. The !ig i))erence is whether it is positive or negative. 2. One o) the surest ways to )in happiness )or yoursel) is to evote your energies towar ma*ing someone else happy. 7. I) you search )or happiness, you will )in it elusive. 1ut i) you try to !ring happiness to someone else, it will return to you many times over. 8. I) you share happiness, an all that is goo an esira!le, you will attract happiness, an the goo an esira!le. :. I) you share misery an unhappiness, you will attract misery an happiness to yoursel).

=. "appiness !egins at home. Mem!ers o) your )amily are people. Motivate them to !e happy Eust li*e a goo salesman motivates his prospects to !uy. >. 9hen two )orce)ul personalities are oppose an it is esira!le that they live together in harmony, at least one must use the power o) PM%. A. 1e sensitive to your own reactions an to the reactions o) others. 1B. 9oul you li*e to live contente ly in "appy Galley# TO 1D "%PPY M%<D OT"D@+ "%PPY! PILOT NO. 1A Thoughts to Steer By 1. You have a guilt )eeling. That4s goo ! 1ut get ri o) that guilt )elling! $. To get ri o) that guilt )eeling, ma*e amen s. 2. % recommen e )ormula to help you get ri o) guilt is. &a' Listen to a vice, a lecture, sermon, etc., an relate an assimilate the principles. &!' Fount your !lessings an than* 5o )or them. &c' Then !ecome truly sorry )or your wrong, oings. True sorrow necessarily incorporates a sincere ecision to stop the wrong, oing. & ' Ta*e the )irst step towar . %c*nowle ge your guilt an your intention to ma*e amen s. &e' Ma*e amen s inso)ar as you are a!le. &)' Memori(e, un erstan an try to apply the 5ol en @ule in your ealings with others. 7. 8. :. =. %nything which eters you )rom no!le achievements in li)e shoul !e cast asi e. Fharacter can !e caught an taught. 9hat o you o when two virtues are in con)lict with one another# The !ur en is upon you to )in what is right or wrong, an to *now what is goo or evil un er a given circumstances an at a given time. One o) the !est ways to learn is to eCpose yoursel) with regularity to a religious environment, an to see* 3ivine 5ui ance aily. YOH "%GD % 5HILT 6DDLIN5,T"%T4+ 5OO3. 1HT 5DT @I3 O6 T"%T 5HILT 6DDLIN5! PILOT NO. $B Thoughts to Steer By 1. @eview the +uccess Luotient %nalysis )re-uently until you can truth)ully state to yoursel). /I can now ma*e the right answer to each -uestion.0 Dach o) the -uestions will irect your min in a speci)ic channel where!y you can easily etermine what you can an shoul o.

$. There is a value in solving pro!lems or eveloping esira!le ha!its !y as*ing yoursel) the proper -uestions. 9rite them own, an then, in your thin*ing time, strive to )in the proper solutions to o!tain the results you esire. +O9 %N %FT %N3 YOH @D%6 % "%1IT. +O9 % "%1IT %N3 YOH @D%6 % F"%@%FTD@. +O9 % F"%@%FTD@ %N3 YOH @D%6 % 3D+TINY. PILOT NO. $1 Thoughts to Steer By 1. 9hat woul st thou have# Love# 5oo health# +uccess# 6rien s# Money# % home# % car# @ecognition# Peace o) min # Fourage# "appiness# Or woul you ma*e your worl a !etter worl in which to live# $. Name it an it can !e yours,if you learn an employ the principles )oun in this !oo* that are applica!le to you. 2. Thin*. Thin* with a positive mental attitu e. %n )ollow through with esira!le action. 7. Fompensate your compass to avoi angers an thus arrive sa)ely at your chosen estination. 8. #he highest ideal of man is the will of .od. :. %wa*en the sleeping giant within you! %9%<DN T"D +LDDPIN5 5I%NT 9IT"IN YOH!