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Beautification of West Bengal Forest School Campus in Kurseong

Few concepts and ideas

Dr. Surabhi Rai

Important features

1. The Zen garden 8 main elements of a Zen garden can be represented as Bridge: A slab of stone or a couple of stepping stones across the lower pond Island: The structure in the center of the upper pond can be modified to an island with water cascading down to the lower pond to represent the element of waterfall Water: represented by the ponds and waterfall Waterfall: described above Sand: traditionally a Japanese garden uses white sand but it can be omitted and instead tiny pebbles can be used as sand can get washed away in the rains. This is to be spread over a flat surface and raked into some pattern. Flowers/plants: A Zen garden generally doesnt not have many flowers. In Dowhill, the following can be used: Azaleas and Wisteria vines pruned into shapes representing natural landscapes. Bulbous Iris or Iris nepalensis , African violets (Begonia spp) Trees: Pine, bamboo, flowering plum, cherry, Gingko biloba and Japanese Maples Stone: stones, stone lanterns etc

Iris flowers

Buddhas belly bamboo


Examples of simple stone bridges, likewise a single slab of stone can be placed over the lower pool in the zen garden.

PROPOSED LAYOUT FOR ZEN GARDEN 2. The succulent rock garden Species: Kalanchoe, Sedums, Zebrinas, Tradescantias etc can be grown

Different colored succulents can be spread out from the central stone to form a particular pattern

Succulents can also be grown over the stone


3. The meadow garden style slopes from the renovated staff quarters till the foresters hostel block. Plants Bulbous flowering plants: Agapanthus africanus, Zephyranthus (fairy lily), Narcissus (Daffodils) Ferns : Nephrolepis (Sword fern/Pani amala), Adiantum (Maidenhair fern)

Agapanthus- very hardy species (zero care); flowers during rains

Z Zephyranthus (Fairy lily)

Daffodils /Narcissus

Mass planting of ferns on slope

Line planting of ferns can be done similarly along the storm water drains

PROPOSED LAYOUT FOR MEADOW GARDEN 4. Lawn before the museum : Mass planting of tulips or daffodils 5. Terraced garden before the Admin block Different coloured Achimenes on each terrace

Some Kalimpong based nurseries :

Holumba Nursery: 03552 256936 Ganesh Mani Pradhan and sons: 03552 274517, nagdhara@gmail.com B.N Pradhan Nursery: 09932332382 Shanti Kunj Nursery Dr. Udai Chandra Pradhan, a Kalimpong based orchid breeder could provided consultancy for reviving the orchidarium.