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A summary of butyl acetate

Today we will introduce the butyl acetate. 1 the chemical and physical properties Butyl acetate, butyl acetate) formula: CH3COOC4H9 product appearance: colorless liquid, with fruit fragrance.Physical and chemical properties: colorless liquid fruity smell.Boiling point (101.3 kPa) 126.114 , 73.5 , melting point relative density (20 / 4 ) 0.8807, ignition point is 421 .Flash point (held) 27 ;Explosion limit (lower limit) 1.4% (vol), 8.0% (maximum) (vol).Butyl acetate slightly soluble in water, can with alcohol, ether and other organic solvents miscibility.Compared with lower homologue butyl acetate, butyl acetate poorly soluble in water, is also difficult to hydrolysis.But under the action of acid or alkali, hydrolysis to generate acetic acid and butanol.

Main application: Since it has good solubility and low toxicity, relative to the aromatic hydrocarbons and some alcohol as solvent paint more sometimes, so it is widely used in polyvinyl chloride resin paint, acrylic resin, paint, lacquer, ethylene oxide paint thinners, etc.Used for collodion, nitrocellulose, varnish, artificial leather, pharmaceutical, plastics and spices industry. It is a good organic solvent, can dissolve resin, poly vinyl acetate, polyacrylate, polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated rubber, gutta-percha, polymethyl methacrylate.The variety can almost with all of the resin and organic combination, so is a kind of excellent performance, apply a wide range of solvents.Based on its strong solubility, high volatile and mild stimulus features such as smell, it is widely used in manufacturing and resin, curing agent, coating, adhesive, printing and other industrial process.It has a very low solubility in water, can be used for extracting agent of fine chemicals, especially some antibiotics.It also can be used as a part of the aromatic substance.In addition, it can be used as a drug production, synthetic spices, detergent and other organic compounds, chemical intermediates. Besides as a paint solvent, in the production of fluorescent lamp as fluorescent powder adhesive solvent.Knit bubble leather (finish) in the solvent. Packaging and shipping butyl acetate dry to metal has no obvious corrosion, can use mild steel or aluminum container storage.

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Toxicity and protection: for secondary flammable liquids.Dangerous gauge number: 62030.Butyl acetate vapor density of 4.0, with air to form explosive mixture.Pay attention to the fire, fire with carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride or powder fire extinguisher.Butyl acetate has inhibitory effect on the central nervous, inhale the steam to eye and upper respiratory tract have strong stimulation, and stimulate the mucous membrane of lung cell, cause pulmonary congestion and bronchitis. Butyl acetate upstream raw materials Glacial acetic acid, soda ash, acetic acid, butyl alcohol, ethanol, n-butyl alcohol Butyl acetate downstream products Toluene diisocyanate, double ketene, 5 - methyl uracil, polyurethane resin, paint, lacquer, nitrocellulose lacquer, nitrocellulose lacquer, nitro primer of of all kinds, all kinds of nitro putty, ethylene perchloride paint, all kinds of ethylene perchloride primer, ethylene perchloride putty, colorful interior wall paint, acrylic paint. Ok.Lets end here. I will pull out more about chemical raw materials later.Thanks!