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STAC5 NEW Lower Price for Powerful Microstepping Drive

Applied Motions powerful stepper drive costs the same as a competitors drive without a built-in power supply, and features High performance Built-in power supply & regeneration clamp 120 and 220 VAC models Accepts pulse & direction, streaming commands, stored programming 10/100 MBit Ethernet & EtherNet/IP Advanced anti-resonance Matching high performance motors

The STAC5 provides up to 5 amps per phase from a high bus voltage with sophisticated current control, delivering high torque over a board range of speeds. An advanced anti-resonance algorithm with electronic damping allows for maximum torque utilization and fast settling times. The STAC5 is available in 120VAC and 220VAC versions, both housed in a compact package. All STAC5 models include 100Mbit Ethernet communication. The Ethernet interface is used to configure the STAC5 and motor, and also supports the SCL and Q languages over standard Ethernet cabling, addressing and protocols.There are 3 control options available with the STAC5 stepper drives: S, Q and IP. S drives can operate in pulse & direction, velocity, and streaming serial (SCL) control modes. To select the control mode, as well as to setup the motor and configure other drive parameters, use the ST Configurator software. Q drives can operate in all of the same control modes as an S drive, plus they have the ability to run stand-alone Q programs stored in non-volatile memory. Q programs are created using the Q Programmer software, which provides multi-tasking, math functions, conditional processing, data register manipulation, and more features in a robust yet simple text-based programming language. Like S drives, Q drives must first be setup and configured using the ST Configurator software. IP drives come with built-in EtherNet/IP network communications, the widely used industrial protocol for manufacturing automation applications. With EtherNet/IP users can control, configure and query the drive using an open, standards-based, industrial Ethernet connection at speeds up to 100 MBits/sec. The STAC5-IP drives run all of the same control modes as STAC5-Q drives, with the addition that all drive features can be accessed over EtherNet/IP, including more than 100 commands and 130 registers for controlling motion, I/O, configuration, polling, math, register manipulation, and Q programming. STAC5-IP drives are setup and configured using ST Configurator, and Q programs are created using Q Programmer.

An encoder feedback option provides position verification, stall detection and/or stall prevention. Applied Motions proprietary stall prevention algorithm monitors rotor lag and automatically reduces speed or acceleration to avoid motor stalls, allowing 100% torque utilization. The STAC5 can be purchased with a wide range of high torque step motors, optimized for use with the drive. Three lengths of HT23 are available in single and double shaft configurations: HT23552, HT23-553 and HT23-554, with holding torque ranging from 84 to 255 ounce-inches. Three lengths of HT34 are also available in single and double shaft configurations: HT34-495, HT34-496 and HT34-497, with holding torque ranging from 550 to 1700 ounce-inches. For more information on the STAC5 Stepper Drives from Applied Motion Products, click on the link below: https://www.servo2go.com/product.php?ID=105241&cat= For more information, please contact: Editorial Contact: Warren Osak sales@servo2go.com Toll Free Phone: 877-378-0240 Toll Free Fax: 877-378-0249 www.servo2go.com Tags: Step Drive, Stepper Driver, Step Driver, Step Motor, Automation, Motion Control, Servo2Go, Applied Motion Products