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Curriculum Vitae

Mobile: +91-9494495012, +91-9985040905 EmailID:srik.pandu !mail."om, m.sree #o$mail."om

Aim to associate with a challenging project team that gives me scope to update my knowledge and skills in accordance with the latest trends and be part of team to maintain the quality aspects successfully.

Academic Qualification: B.E Diploma Through correspondence (Final Year)

Civil Engineering M A! !"#T $"%&TEC'()C*

poolbagh * vi+ianagaram* Andhra $radesh. $assed in the &ear ,--. with an aggregate of /-0.

Intermediate (Water uppl! " anitar! En#ineerin#$ %ocational)

Mathematics* $hysics Chemistry* Engg mechanics 1 2urveying* $endurthi 3unior College 45oard of )ntermediate6 #isakhapatnam* Andhra $radesh. $assed in the &ear ,--7 with an aggregate of 89.80.

:$' school gopalapatnam* #isakhapatnam* Andhra $radesh. $assed in the &ear 7;;< with an aggregate of =;./0.

Computer skills
"perating systems >in ;<* >in ?$* Ms@ "ffice 4M2@>ord* M2@EAcel* M2B$ower $oint* M2 B $aint6

&ob E'perience:
Auto CAC ,-7- 1 M2 @ $roject 7. 2erving as junior mana#er in (ava 5harat #entures %td from April ,-7, to

till date.

,. 2erved as a (lannin# En#ineer in %1TBECCC from 2ep ,--8 to March

9. 2erved as a &unior En#ineer in (A!A 3D(A C"(2T DCT)"( C"M$A(& %td from May ,--. to August ,--8.

&ob )e*pon*ibilitie*:

7. $reparation of Monthly 3ob Cost

eports eports.

,. $reparation of Management $lanning Control systems. 9. $rogress Monitoring 1 Maintaining Monthly $rogress .. Monitoring and preparing of variation statements =. Eorecasting of Euture cost and eApenditure with respect to planned schedule. /. $reparation of Accepted Cost EstimatesF:ero cost statements 8. $reparation of

econciliations 4bulk materials* sFc vs Client6.

<. $reparation of Technical specification for E$C contracts. ;. Technical 5id evaluation. 7-. Contract evaluations 1 negotiations. 77. $reparation of Monthly )nvoices 1 sub@contractors bills. 7,. Estimation and costing of the works eAecuted and planned to eAecute

(roject* done:
Construction of Cist office collector site 4mini vidhana soudha6 at chamarajanagar dist* Garnataka. 4May ,--. to "ct ,--.6 Construction of "il solid dosage eApansion project of sando+ pvt ltd at (avi Mumbai* Maharastra. 4"ct ,--. to Aug ,--86. Construction of )nfotech Enterprises Campus H 'yderabad 42ep ,--8 to 2ep ,--<6. Construction of )nternational Airport H 'yderabad 42ep ,--< to 3une ,--;6. Construction of March ,-7,6. esidential Towers for $5E% Cevelopers H 'yderabad 43uly ,--; to

Construction of 7=-M> ? , CET$$ project at :AM5)A 4April ,-7, to till date6.

(er*onal (rofile:

Fat+er* ,ame Addre**

- M.2rinivasa ao - 5lock IAJ flat noK9-7Tarakarama Enclave* (ad I?J oad*#isakhapatnam Andhra $radesh. : Male : ,9rd AD!D2T*7;<, : 97 years : Married : )ndian : G6447113 : English* 'indi* Telugu* Tamil 1 Gannada : 5rowsing* eading maga+ines* $laying Cricket and Chess* %istening to Music.

e' Date of Birt+ A#e .arital tatu* ,ationalit! (a**port number /an#ua#e* 0no1n Intere*t* and Activitie* 2urrent 232 E'pected 232

: 8* ==*---F@ per Annum. : 7,* ==*---F@ per Annum.

I #ereb% de"lare $#a$ all $#e de$ails &urnis#ed abo'e are $rue $o $#e bes$ o& m% kno(led!e and belie&.

Date (lace-

.. )EE0A,34