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Optimized Rogue Archer Build

This is a 16th level human Pathfinder optimized rogue build multi-classed with 8 levels of fighter. The class leveling sequence for this optimzation guide is Fighter 2 / Rogue / Fighter ! / Rogue / Fighter !. Build Summary: This "athfinder optimized rogue archer build starts off shooting multiple ver# damaging arrows. $s time goes on% this build becomes an e&pert at avoiding melee stri'es and range stri'es. (it)*iss finishes up her last four levels becoming a snapshot artist. Rogue Archetype: Sniper + This archet#pe ,- halves the range increment penalties with a bow and 2- gives a .,/ feet to the range at which #ou can perform a range snea' attac' for ever# ! rogue levels #ou have. 0ou lose trap sense and trapfinding. ighter Archetype: Archer + 1# ,2th level this archet#pe will give (it)*iss a ., to attac' ) damage with bows% .2 to perception% and .,/ to bow range increments. 0ou should also to choose sunder 3,st- and disarm 32nd- as manuevers #ou can do with #our bow. 0ou lose $rmor Training% 4eapon Training and 1raver#. Rogue !lass A"ilities: 5nea' $ttac'% 6vasion% 7ncann# 8odge% 9mproved 7ncann# 8odge

The Best Traits # eat # Rogue Talent Progression:

Traits$ Reactionar#% *agical :nac' 3Rogue-; %uman eat$ "oint 1lan' 5hot; 1$ Rapid 5hot; "recise 5hot; &$ 8eadl# $im; '$ 4eapon Focus 3<ongbow =omp-; ($ *inor *agic 3Read *agic-; )$ $rcane 5tri'e; 6$ *a>or *agic 3?ravit# 1ow-; *$ *an#shot; +$ 4eapon 5pecialization 3<ongbow =omposite-; ,$ 9mproved 7narmed 5tri'e; 11$ @in>a Tric'A 5t#le *aster 35na'e 5t#le-% @in>a Tric' 38eflect $rrow-% 5'ill Focus 35ense *otive-; 1&$ =lustershot; 1($ =ombat Tric' 35nap 5hot-; 1)$ =ombat Refle&es; 16$ 9mproved 5nap 5hot S-ills Ran-s .1&( points$: 5ense *otive 3,2-; "erception 3,2-% 5tealth 3,2-; $crobatics 3,2-; 6scape $rtist 3,2-; 5wim 3B-; =limb 38-; 7se *agic 8evice 3,2-; 5urvival 38-; Fl# 3 -; Ride 3,-. /ote + these s'ill points do not include the $mulet of 9ntelligence. Further% these s'ill points are calculated based on the 2C and 2/ point builds. $d>ust according. $ll of the above are class s'ills. avorite !lass Option: =hoose rogue as #our favorite class. For the first si& rogue levels ta'e .,/2 Rogue Talent 3this is an option available to humans-. $t ,,th level #ou will get an e&tra rogue talent% which is figured in below. $fter that% ta'e , hit point per level of rogue. !haracter 0ealth: This optimized rogue archer build gets !,C: of wealth. :eep the change. 1agic 2tem 34uipment 5ist .&&16'7$: .C <ongbow =omp 3.2- 3C/:-; 1racers of $rcher; ?reater 32C:-; 6fficient Duiver 3,.8:-; 1oots of 5peed 3,2:-; .2 1elt of 8e&/5tr/=on 3,2:-; Reservoir Tattoo 3C:-; (and# (aversac' 32:-; =loa' of 6lven'ind 32.C:-; .C =elestial =hainmail 3!8:-; .C =loa' of Resistance 32C:-; .! Ring of "rotection 3,8:-; .! $mulet of @$ 3,8:-; . $mulet of 4isdom 3,2:-;

Fogcutter <enses 38:-; /ote: The .C bow is obviousl# #our best weapon% but have bac'up gear including ., bows% 'nives% shuri'en% swords for when and if #our bow is sundered or disarmed. 0ands .&(86&)$: 7nless otherwise stated% the wands below have ,/ charges on them. The numbers in 3&- represent the amount of charges when it is something other than ,/.

Attac-ing - ,- ?ravit# 1ow 3C/-; $bundant $mmunition 3C/-; 5tone Fist; <ead
1lades% 6nlarge "erson

3nvironmental Situations - ,- $ir 1ubble; Touch of the 5ea% 6ndure 6lements Protection + ,- "rotection from 6vil% Eeil of "ositive 6nerg#; 2- Resist 6nerg# 3,/%ealing + ,- =ure <ight 4ounds 3C/-; Restful 5leep% Remove 5ic'ness; 2- 8ela#

3scape # 1o"ility 9 ,- (ide from 7ndead% 6&peditious Retreat; @egate $roma%

Fbscuring *ist% 8isguise 5elf% Eocal alteration% 2- $lter 5elf% 9nvisibilit#% 5pider =limb% 5ilence% <evitation% !- Fl#% ?aseous Form 3C-% 1lin' 3CPerception 9 ,- $spect of the Falcon% Residual Trac'ing% :een 5enses% 8etect "oison; 2- 8etect 5ecret 8oors% 8ar'vision% 5ee 9nvisibilit# Other 9 /- *ending3C/-; ,- $nt (aul% $lter 4inds% =omprehend <anguage; 5hare <anguage; 2- Tongue% :noc'; !- 8ispel *agic 3C-

Playing Strategy: From levels , to B #ou simple fire off deadl# arrows as more and
more feats% rogue talents and equipment add to the deadliness of the arrows. Remember that #ou will be able to perform snea' attac's at range against flat-footed targets in the first round and in surprise rounds. $s #our levels of rogue increase% #ou will be able to hit with snea' attac's from greater distances. $ccordingl#% it will be harder to enemies to close in and attac' #ou after #ou snea' attac' them. From levels 8 to ,2 is li'el# when #ou will start collecting wands that will simpl# ma'e #ou more versatile% elusive and overall prepared. 0ou let the casters do their >ob before having to resort to #our wands. (owever% the# are their if #ou need them. For instance% when acting as an assasinator% #ou might cast gaseous form and invisibilit# on #ourself to ma'e it past securit# and to #our target. There is also the deadl# fogcutter glasses / obscuring mist combo that will grant #ou range snea' attac' nonstop. From levels G to ,2 is where this optimized rogue archer build begins to ta'e on defensive tactics 3above and be#ond #our high $=- to avoid ranged and melee attac's and snapshot artist techniques. 8eflect arrows and sna'e st#le #our wa# from melee and ranged attac's. 5hoot foes with snapshot attac's of oppurtunit# as the# advance to attac' #ou and #our allies. (aving incredible sense motive not onl# ma'es #our sna'e st#le incredible; it also ma'es this optimized rogue archer build a lie detector. 9n the hands of the clever% a human lie detector is great for rolepla# and for solving riddles. 9n closing% 9 would li'e to advise #ou to get a handboo' on ="R for when #ou ?* feints. This rogue is undefeatable with a bow and even reasonable unarmed.