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First Semester 1988

No. 1

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Forty Year Focus

Forty Years Ago, on March 28, 1948, Lloyd and Ruth Sanders went to Brazil as part of the Brazil Christian Mission. They are,

this year of 1988, celebrating "40" years of serving Christ in

Central Brazil!

For^ was an Important number In the Old Testament! There was 40 days and 40 nights of rain for Noah and the Ark. Noah sent out the raven after 40 days (Gen. 7:4,17; 18:6). Moses was 40 when he began his ministry. He lived in obscurity for 40 years (Acts. 7:23, 29, 30). He stayed on the mountain 40 days and 40 nights (Ex. 24:18; 34:28). Moses lay prostrate before the Lord 40 days and 40 nights because the Lord had said he would destroy the people for worshipping the golden calf (Deut. 9:25). The Israelites ate manna 40 years (Exod. 16:35). They were in the desert for 40 years ... one year for each of the 40 days they explored the land (Num. 14:33). The spies exploring Canaan returned at the end of 40 days (Num. 13:25). Joseph directed the physicians to embalm his father ... it took 40 days (Gen. 50:2,3). Goliath, the Philistine, came forward every morning and evening for 40 days and took his stand (1 Sam. 17:16). Elijah fled to Horeb and traveled 40 days and 40 nights (IKings 19:8). The Seige of Jerusalem was symbolized as Ezekiel was told to "Lie down again, this time on your right side, and fear the sin of the house of Judah." He was assigned 40 days, a day for each year (Ezek. 4:6). Forty waa an Important number in the New Testament! Jesus was in the desert without food or water for 40 days and 40 nights,





Sivp '

being tempted by Satan. After His suffering (death and burial), He appeared to His disciples over a period of 40 days and spoke about the Kingdom of God (Luke 4:2; Acts 1:3,4). Forty is an important number Today! Israel became a state 40 years ago! The Brazilian Bible Society was established in June, 1948. It is celebrating it's 40 year anniversary in June, 19881 And Yes, Lloyd David and Ruth Sanders are celebrating their 40 years
with the Brazil Christian Mission in central Brazill

"".f'of"*'' io.


You can help as celebrate this "40th Anniversary." You have prayed, given and labored together with us during the past 40

We arc suggesting that you choose a day in May or June of this year, 1988 in which specialofferings and gifts could be received for
Brazil Christian Mission. Perhaps someone would like to give SI for each of the 40 years ($40)... or $5 for each year ($200)... or $10 for each year ($400). . . Thus you would be helping celebrate the pastt by giving to the future!

This celebration can be a part of our Five Year Plan to meet a challenge of completing our larger goal, as the Brazilian churches fill in the "gaps." We would like to offer a Forty Year Focus Picture Book

(highlights of the past 40years) for all whogive a "one-timeproject

gift." Details will be found on back page.

77ie Past, the Present, and the Future . . . Lloyd David and Ruth Sanders with Luiz Carlos P. and Starla Joy S. de Azevedo at Luiz Carlos' graduation. These four work logdher ' ' 3"!.;'

Brazilians and Americans Share

[Ministry to the Whole-Man] Two years ago, Brazil Christian Mission launched out to sponsor the CEPTRO - Pro-Life (ministry to the whole-man)

PROJECT. This project is aimed at helping men, women and children in their social, physical, mental and above all, spiritual
needs. The churches, both in Brazil and in the U.S.A., were

challenged to give on a 50/50 basis in money, time and labor! A first victory was the giving of funds for the semi-artisian well

(without which the project could not go forward) by the Bethany

Christian Church in Anderson, Indiana. The church in Sand

Creek. Oklahoma, gave substantially toward ievelopment of the project and other churches began giving one cime gifts or regular
monthly gifts toward the various aspects td' the project. Now the Sunset Hills Christian Church in Kansas City. Kansas has sent an additional $2,000 toward the water system, getting the water to the homes and into the irrigation set-up. This church is also planning to send a group of "workers" to Brazil in 1989 to help in the "finishing" of the homes. Meantime, the Brazilians have not been idle! A group of volunteers set-up by Starla Joy and Luiz Carlos de Azevedo began spreading the need through the churches and social agencies in Brazil. They have been given the victory of seeing the church in Sao Paulo promise to build the "first" home for the elderly. And Now, the contribution of the Brazilian Government social agency of approximately $20,000 toward btiildlng homes for the elderly. They have also asked for full calculations and plans for the homes

Pro-Life Volunteers meet at the Azevedo home to pray and discuss

ways and means for progress.

for the children and for the "half-way" house, with promise to study carefully the possibility of helping toward them, as well. Construction has begun with the clearing of land and the purchase
of materials!

Volunteers Continue to Go Out

The Volunteers continue to go out into the highways and byways in witness and service. The following is one of their reports: "When a person is trying to do the will of God, It seems there is always a few stumbling blocks in front of our feet to make

L David Sanders. Carlos Henrique Oliveira and Geraldo Barges

look at plans for first homes to be built.

us fall, but through the Lord's strength we do not give up even when things seem to come apart. We have had so many blessings
that it is hard to count them all."

Starla continues, "Last week, we took the 'Trailer-Clinic' out

to a rural area to help the people there. It seemed everything was

going to go wrong from beginning to end, but the group did not give up. It took hours to organize and resolve the problems. But in the end, over 20 people were attended by the young lady doctor
and the lady dentist (both members of the Brasilia Church).

Through this ministry, we are also serving the area around the camp grounds where Pro-Life (Ministry to the Whole-Man) is being established." News comes that 10,000tons of medicines in 50 different types were made available in 1987, by the government for persons of low income throughout Brazil. The first 50 tons left Brasilia on
November 24. for the most distant territories in the northwest

Carlos Henrique andtheDentist goover supplies before beginning

treatments. The Doctor is with a young patient, at right.

Rondonia and Roiama where posts of health will oversee distribution to the poor.
Brazil Christian Mission and Pro-Life have had some of these medicines made available for use in the Health Trailer Clinic

which goes out to low-cost residential and rural areas where medical treatment and dentistry is a long distance away.

Would You Like To Get Further Involved In This Sharing ?

+ Pray regularly for the PROJECT - PRO-LIFE

T Give regularly $100 monthly for ten months - $1,000 Give regularly $50 monthly for ten months $500
Faith Promise Put your faith on the Altar. Cars, land, stock: We can use any donation. + Church. Bible Study/Friends: You may be able to inOucnce a $500 $1,000 $5,000 unit of giving, -r Do you have any extra love to offer?

Lined up waiting for their turns with the Dentist and Doctor.

Word from a Brazilian Brother

1 would like to greet you in the name of Christ! I would like to thank you for your support in helping the Brazilian people in the central part of Brazil through evangelism, prayer, funds, and social help. I would like to speak to you about the need we have for you to continue to give your support and
prayers to our work here:

Ceilandia Church Active Ceilandia Church has struggled through nearly 20 years of
frustrations. Ceilandia now has 60 active adult members. It has a

community of interested friends of over 200.

Christmas in Ceilandia demonstrated New Life in 1987 with

1. There is a necessity to develop missionary work among the abandoned children, giving them the right to a better life and teaching them the truths about Christ so that they may accept Him as their Savior. In this way, we will all be obeying His command: "Go and preach the Word to all creatures." 2. The Elderly are not forgotten either, for we want to give security to those who don't have any, provide them housing, food and medical care, and most important teaching them about Christ so that they may become strong in faith and obedience toward
their salvation.

Osorio and Lidia Goncalves participating in the ministry there. Lidia, though completely unable to walk alone or feed herself, directed a live dramatization of the Christmas story . . . through

aspects of the Life of Christ . . . from birth to the grave!

3. We also want to reach drug addicts and those cast out by society, so that they may have the opportunity to know Christ, for
we know that God does not make any difference between people.
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we know that God sent His Son to the earth to reconcile us to Him, and at the same time to

start His church which is composed of priests. And the job of the priest is to reconcile men to God. That is why God gave us this

opportunity. The Earth will be His Kingdom, and the agent in charge of informing all nations and all creatures about this Kingdom of love, glory, unity and perfection is the Church. It is the will of God that one and all participate and learn that Christ
will come back and will sit on His Throne here on Earth. All who

Lidia directs from her chair at extreme left. Fourth from left is "Marisa" one of the babies Ruth found a home for. who now works in a law office. Married to a deacon of the church she is expecting herfirst baby. At right are the actresses with Luzimar, daughter of Lidia and Osorio. mforefront. She helped her mother
in the direction of the drama.

are saved will inherit eternal life and will reign with Him. Paul and

other apostles spoke of this Kingdom (Acts 19:8; 28:23). This is why Christ gave us this command: "Go and preach the Word to all creatures." Do you know why this command was given to the Church and why all need to know of this Kingdom? It's because those that do not accept will be cast out and will suffer the second death together with the deceiver. Because this Kingdom will be
one of uni^ [one body], love, glory and perfection. Let us obey the great commission which the King of Kings gave
to us!

Let us quicken the return of Christ!

We know that God lives in us! We know that God has all time

and that from the time He was here up to now, many prophesies have already taken place. To us, this time may seem long, but to

Him, it may be just a few days. So that is why we need to hurry.

Let us work and contribute!

Congregation of the Ceilandia Church participates. Pastor Manuel Marinho is one of the first graduates of Christian College.

Give in some way ... praying, preaching, praising, supporting

the work of the Lord. Let us be one body where all the members work together doing their part.

Christ said, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending." That is why we have hope! AMEN!
Luiz Carlos Pinto de Azevedo

(Translated from Portuguese by his wife, Starla Joy Sanders de Azevedo

Luiz Carlos, as he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in

Social Sciences, December, 1987. Following his graduation

One hundred andforty Christmas baskets [iSac&iS] were distributed by the Brasilia Church in December, 1987, throughout needy areas of Brasilia. Several satellite churches received sacks for their needy members. SisterAbigail Seve Mesquita directed the raising offunds and distribution. Various women of the church filled the

ceremony, the FAMILY all had pizzas to celebrate, at right.

Church Growth and Mission

Through the ministry of the local Brasilia Church, several new churches have been established in the past three years . . . one church in the city of Sao Paulo in the state of Sao Paulo, one in Sao
Luiz in the state of Maranhao, and one in Recife, state of

Forty Year Focus Celebration

This celebration can be a part of our Five-Year Plan to meet a challenge of completing our larger goal, as the Brazilian churches fill in the "gaps." We would like to offer a Forty Year Focus Picture Book (highlights of the past 40 years)for all whogive a "one-time project
One Time Gifts For Development Of: Direction Center/24 hour Prayer Chapel Fish Pond Small Tractor & Equipment
One Home for Children

The newest church in the city of Sao Luiz, capital of Maranhao (northeast Brazil), was ofticially inaugurated in August. In July, the elders of the church in Brasilia received a young man who had heard of the teaching of the Restoration Movement, and made the trip to Brasilia to visit the church and her ministry there, his testimony and story were heard with rejoicing. The pastor and elders were invited to his city to help organize the work after the pattern of the New Testament Church.
Recently several churches in Belo Horizonte have united with

515,000 510,000 5 5,000 510,000

Share In A One Time Gift Equal to $5,000 55,000 One time gift 51,000 A year for five years
$ 100 A month for 10 months

the ministry of the Brasilia Church. Through these churches and this ministry many lives have been won for Christ. The Brazilian church is beginning to send missionaries to other countries where Americans have difficulty entering, but Brazilians have easy access. The local Brasilia church is helping support two missionaries abroad. One in Albania and one in England who will
eventually go to Rumania. Pray for their ministries! Robert Fife,

A One Time Gift In This 40th Anniversary to Establish Project-life Be Related Personally With Your Gift - Be A Prayer Warrior! Adopt a House-parent 5 600 monthly Adopt a Child $ 20 monthly 5 50 monthly Adopt a Ministerial Student Adopt a Missionary Couple 51400 monthly
One Person Can Make One Gift To Feed

second generation missionary, will be going to Portugal partially

supported by the Brazilian churches.

The Physically and Spiritually Hungry!

Training and Discipling Workers

Training of National workers has received a big boost with the calling of the Brasilia Church, another co-pastor. Ronaldo Bertolette was baptized at the Brasilia church and took special courses in discipling with Campus Crusade work in Sao Paulo. He worked several years with them, but wanted to get back into the fellowship with the churches of Christ in central Brazil. He is now

giving full time to evangelism and disciplingin the universities and

channeling converts into the churches, as well as having a pastoral relationship with the churches. In January, he held a week's nightly course for married couples in their relationship with one
another, their families and the church.

Discipling is being emphasized more and more at Christian College with actual evangelistic and church experience in leadership. Each student is participating in a mutual discipleship relationship and is challenged to win new disciples in their community or in their jobs. Eighty per cent of the students have full time jobs and are studying at night. Each student is required to turn in a monthly statement of his evangelistic activity and participation in some leadership activity, emphasizing discipleship. Need has Increased for training of the ministry!

Restoration Movements are springing up in many areas in Brazil. Unity movements and Division movements are just as prominent. In Brasilia, Pastor Carlos Alberto, leader of the Brasilia church invited The New Life church over for a Sunday morning confraterization. Nearly 400 members of the two congregations participated in the Lord's Supper as a part of the challenge to

brotherly love. Pastors and elders read the Bible and pray at the
Lord's Table.
The two

Editor L. David Sanders

Missionaries L. David and Ruth Sanders


A Scholarship Is now: Full - S50 monthly; Half - $25 monthly.

during Sunday morning greeting time.

Starla Joy Sanders de Azevedo Mailing Address:

Cabca Postal 07 - 0862

70.359 Brasilia, D.F., Brazil

ResidenceHigs - 708, BL-I, C-35 Send ail contributions and questions to: Joe Means, Agent
Brazil Christian Mission
Box 17067

Wichita. KS 67217

Please help keep our records straight by designating your of ferings for missionary or project.
Please do not send checks or bills to
the field.

Address corrections should be sent

to: The Logan Republican BCM

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Forty Years


In Brazil
1948 - 1988





Porto Velho



Recife (1065) Maceio (930)


io Branco

Aracaju (800)
^^Jvador (665)


Belo Horizonte

Vitoria (590)
de Janeiro


Rl da Jonalre
SBe Poule





575 mllai
545 mllaa 390 mllai 1005 milat

I Florianopolis


Bale Horlsenia

Pdrto Alagra

1065 mllat 985 mllat

Porto Alegre

Pictorial Review
Lloyd David and Ruth

In 1943, a young Lloyd David Sanders left Johnson Bible College with a vision to carry the Gospel to the very heart of Brazil. Sponsored by his graduating class, L. David set out to find a way to take Christ's message to Brasilia, a city which as yet had not been built, and which
most of the world (including many Brazilians) doubted would ever be

built. Sound idealistic? Perhaps, yet L. David's vision is now a reality!

lAoyd David Sanders

Ruth Sanders

In March of 1948, L. David and his wife, Ruth [Snodgrass] Sanders, arrived in Brazil, the first missionaries of our brotherhood to pioneer

this immense country. Their plans were clearly laid: first to establish a Christian Church as close to the proposed new capital city, Brasilia, as

After three months of language study in Rio de Janeiro on the coast of

BrazU, the Sanders moved inland to Goiania, the capital of the state of Goias. Inside the boundries of this state, larger than the state of Texas, would be situated the future federal district of Brazil.

Although Goiania at that time was a small, under-developed town, it was the largest city near the planned location of Brasilia.

Here, bread and milk were delivered direct to the

Sanders' door.

/' ^

With no washing machine, the clothes were washed in the near-by stream.


Ruth used her accordion in open air and house meet ings.

In September 1948, the first Sunday School was begun. Here is one of the first Sunday School
classes held in the Sanders' home.

In January. 1949, a house H'a^ rented in the Vila Nova suburb and Sunday School, Christian Day School, Christian Endeavor and preaching services were initiated. Here is the first "Day School."

Teodoro iMcerda helps David
in Bible Distribution.

Five converts were baptized during this first

year in River Meio Pontes, a two mile walk

from Goiania.

' S 4J-

X, %

Visiting American minister, William Shewman and his friend, Maynard Thurston \from Indiana] take time out for fishing in interior Brazil.

I" I
' I ^

Lazaro was the first Brazilian David

witnessed to... . later he woi baptized.... and still later, he helped Dale McAfee with
the one-time Heifer Project.

Ruth and David had guardianship responsibilities with Amanda Coqueiro.

When Amancio was 14, he saved the two

Sanders' children from fire in the Sanders'


During the next 12 years, the mission work

would center in Goiania, as the Sanders were

joined by other American missionaries of our

brotherhood. J. Richard and Carolee Ewing

and Miss Ruth Spurgeon arrived in Brazil in 1950. At this time, the work was strengthened and expanded in several locations and survey-preaching trips were made farther

Martin Austel, son of New Tribes missionaries, and Starla Joy Sanders listen to loud speaker..

Martin later died of the "Black Fever" while

Austel's were out with an indian tribe.

Ruth Spurgeon making her nursing calls by bicycle.

The first church building was completed in Vila Nova in March 1953 for a congregation of nearly 70 members. In October 1951, Miss Mary Ellen Case arrived to work with the mission. The missionaries in insert, Mary Ellen Case, Ruth Spurgeon, Ruth and David Sanders. During these years Brazil Christian
Mission established four churches in Goiania,

Starla Joy was baptized in River

Meio Pontes.

as well as churches and preaching points in various outlying areas.

This sameyear, 1953, workwas opened in the strong

Roman Catholic village of Silvania, 60 miles away

from Goiania. Besides the Sanders' and Ewings' initial work, Ellen Case and Ruth Spurgeon lived and
worked here for a time, until Artur Souza Silva, a national pastor was able to serve. In later years, David

Sanders and youngbank clerk, Lucas, talk over plans for the Silvania Church. Lucas had been preaching since he was 12 years old. Aparecido, in doorway, was
pastor-evangelist at this time.

In July 1953, the first preacher training session was held with 12 enrolled. The first full year of preacher training Institute was held in 1954 with 24 students. First classes and boarding-in students were in homes in the Botafogo area. Thirteen girls lived with the
Sanders, in their home.

A group of the Institute students outside the new building [belowleft\

In 1956, the Edwin C. Knowles and the Kenneth L. Mathis families

arrived to participate in


the work. J. Richard,


and Lula Knowles,

Ruth Spurgeon, Edwin

This same year a tract of ground was given by Jeronimo Coimbro Beuno (former governor of the state and senator). The foundation was laid for the first building and dedication was in 1955.

Kenneth and Clarice Mathis

and family in front of the Ewing home.

Gertrude Shields with one of the first classes after moving into the new building.


The Carol Lowe Family came to help in printing, later returned to the States. The Kenneth Mathis family resigned in 1959 to take a pastorate in the States and Miss Mary Ellen Case resigned to many Eugene Hughes of Pattonsburg, Missouri. The Merlin Shields family arrived in 1959 and the Dale H. McAfee family joined the
mission in 1961.

Gertrude, Timothy and

Merlin Shields.

Dale and Carol McAfee and family.

Dale and Carol McAfee and family working with the Ceres,
Goias church.


[i][r sdDd

Four super-squares form neighborhood unit

Each unit is zoned for

only one church

* The Christian Church has title to this area

* 10,000 persons live within

1800 feet of the church

Super-square of Apartments

Architecturaldrawing ofproposed Brasilia Christian Church [inset: interior baptistry\ Toseat 640 insanctuary; 400in educationalplant. Estimated cost $100,000; goal for completion 1963.


^ 305

A team of missionaries: J. Richard Ewing, Kenneth Mathis, Edwin Knowles, William E. Loft (down from Belem, Para) and L. David Sanders visited the beginning capital in 1956 where they made application for a church lot (which had the number 001) and an

for camp grounds just outside the ci^ proper, but in the fe^ru

In 1960,Sanders left the general evangelistic work in the Goiania area and moved to give full time to developing the plans for Brasilia. At that time the need was to get title to the pro|>erty which was made available in April 1960, just a week before the new federal capital was inaugurated. Receiving the title, the Sanders

participated in the inauguration of the new capital and

with missionaries, Dick and Cay Ewing, Merlin and Gertrude Shields, Ed and Lula Knowles, and Ruth

Spurgeon, held an inauguration evangelistic service on

the church lot, one of the first to be given in the capital
city of Brasilia.

Putting the roof on the main assembly, dining hall and

kitchen on the camp grounds.
to see

One of the first youth congresses.

The missionaries got


Dwight Eisenhower
when he visited Brasilia in 1960! This monument was
stm ntumm tm tirisn mms m mtm.
fiasTll E*'

put up in his honor

at the entrance to the American Con
(BuewniMiiioew cattumt
ti M mnBM M ixw

Later in January, 1963, the Harry Scates family

arrived to attend the

language school in Campinas, Sao Paulo. They worked with the

The church in Luziania. near Brasilia, was started also
Sanders in the Brasilia work until 1969 when

in 1958 with evangelist Artur Souza e Silva [since


they left the mission for



Elaine Scates with Vacation Bible School

in first wooden chapel.

Preaching services were begun sporadically in 1958 in the Free City" [now known as Nucleon Banderante\ This work was spear-headed by a brother in Christ, Luis Lira ofGoiania, when
Sanders held services in his home. Later, he worked with

William Metz to establish a church in Gama [another Satellite

fin't. Simultaneously. William A. Loft moved to a beginning

Satellite city, Taguatinga, and founded a new church there.

Here they are laying the cornerstone.

Harry Scates and David Sanders observe beginning

construction of new Brasilia church.


Ruth Sanders and Ruth Spurgeon lead Vacation Bible School in Brasilia wooden chapel. In November 1963, Miss Ruth Spurgeon married Homer McKinley and resigned from the Harry and Elaine Scates and Ruth Sanders preparing
to go out with youth from the Brasilia church into the surrounding apartments with Gospels and Tracts.

mission. Then in March 1964, J. Richard Ewing resigned to become Administrative Assistant at Puget Sound College of
the Bible in Seattle, Washington.

In 1964, the Thomas W. Fife family came to Brazil to serve in Goiania. They assisted in the local and rural churches, especially co-ordinating leadership training classes.

Merlin and Gertrude Shields were home on furlough after two terms of service in Goiania. In 1968 they severed their

ten year fellowship with the mission as did also the Thomas
Fife family. Both families continue until the present working in Brazil, in evangelism and leadership training.

The Lew Cass family and MauricePierce family worked for

a time in central Brazil, though not with BCM.

Thomas Fife mth the North Goiania Congregation.

An early Sunday School class with Ruth Sanders and Alicia Ribeiro. {Daryl Bruce is second from left\


The Sanders family in 1965 .... Starla Joy, Daryl Bruce, Ruth, Maria Joyce and David in front of the
Brasilia church.

A visit of three elders from the Glenn Park Church in Wichita. Kansas, Jo Jones, Bill Naylor and Bob Baker, meeting with Dale McAfee and David Sanders in the McAfee home in Brasilia.

Many never believed that the city would develop, but it was the
Sanders' belief that here in the center of the nation, the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ could and should be established!

Women who met in the early days in the Brasilia


In 1980, the Brasilia congregation took the important step of calling its own full time minister, Jairo Gomes de Miranda. While with the church, the Christian College Pastorwas begun under his encouragement. As
Emeritus, L. David continued to work.



Ruth Sanders directs the Brasilia Church Choir.

Sunday School and Vacation Bible School has brought in many children and their parents
to the Brasilia church.

Early morning Prayer Breakfast on Easter Sunday.

Dale and Carol McAfee located in Ceres, Goias in 1966 after

their first furlough, to evangelize along the long, long trail (Brasilia-Belem road), beginning congregations in Sao Luiz
do Norte, Estrela do Norte, Nova Gloria and in Ceres. One

of Dale's companions on many such evangelistic trips on the road "north" was Tom Fife. With the cooperation of the Earl F. Haubner family, they were instrumental in planting
a church in Ceres. After the Haubners moved to Goiania in


January 1973 (where they continue to work in evangelism and leadership training), the McAfees led out in a building program for the Ceres church. The church in Ceres is now under the leadership of Joel Moreira de Araujo, former disciple and convert of Dale McAfee. The church at Nova Gloria, Goias is also represented here as they came down for special baptismal service. Nova Gloria is under the leadership of Jose Alves da SUva, former slave who turned evangelist.

In 1978, Dale and Carol McAfee and their family moved JA DE CRISTO
to Brasilia to work in the Church Growth Center of

Research and Training for Evangelism and Church Extension. He also worked closely with the Ceilandia congregation. This congregation suffered many trials, including sabotage on the building construction,

persecutions, law suits and falling away of members. Finally dedication services were held in June, 1982, and the congregation has continued to grow. It is currently under the leadership of Manoel Marinho de Sena, a graduate of the Christian Seminary and is constructing assembly and classrooms on the rear of the building.

Dale and Carol with Danny and Sammy in front of their Valley Falls. Kansas, home, in 1985. Shortly after this picture, Dale suffered a serious heart attack and stroke. Now in 1988, he is up and well on his road to recovery. We praise the Lord for
these wonderful co-workers!

The Brasilia congregation gather for a farewell to the McAfee family as they leave Brazilfor Valley Falls, Kansas, to be near his mother, Mrs. Taylor McAfee, who war seriously ill. Also for the special educational needs of Daniel and Samuel, their twin

In 1982, Jairo Gomes de Miranda left the ministry of the Brasilia church to become part of the Brazilian Bible Society in Rio de Janeiro. Ulysses Borges de Oliveira was called as minister of the Brasilia church. [He is second from left in the picture]. It was at this time that the church in Jardim Novo Oriente began their building program under the leadership of Iraci Candida [with microphone] This congregation is now under the leadership of the Luziania church, which is completing the building and supporting the young Brazilian pastor.

On November 20, 1983, a new church of Christ was

organized in Sao Paulo. Thirty-six persons were baptized on November 15 by missionary David Sanders and two helpers. Relatives and some former brethren who had
moved to Sao Paulo from Brasilia called David for an

initial organization to be guided by the New T^tament model as known by the restoration movement In January, 1984, another visit was made to re-enforce their faith and to present a simple constitution of by-laws for their approval. Adeil Fonseca is local leader. In 1987, David went for another 40 baptisms and further leadership training.

Special evangelistic youth congress was held in 1987 in the parking area of the Brasilia church.

A high-light of the Missions Conven tion in 1987 was the "setting aside" for specific service for the Lord of Starla Joy Sanders de Azevedo (for the ministry of the whole-man); of Delvany Souza de Lima and his wife, Nubia Carla (for preparing for further
service in missions in Brazil . . . at School of World Missions and at

Fuller Seminary in California); and of

Robert and Derlani Fife (now in

Portugal serving as the Brazilian churches' first foreign missionaries).

It was during this period that Starla Joy Sanders de Azevedo began her work with the "itinerants," the hippies of the area. A convert and disciple of hers was
Sueli. Sueli's man did not accept Christ and she left him . . . she and her two children are now in the state of Sao

Paulo, witnessing and teaching Christ.

Ulysses Borges de Oliveira returned to pastor in Fires do

Rio and Carlos Alberto de Azevedo was called to the

Brasilia church. He baptizes Sergio Seiffert, a convert out of the many hippies who found their way to the Brasilia church and its warmth and understanding of youth. X/

Bruce and June Colson came to Brazil

and for a short time served with the Brasilia church. They went to Cuiaba, Matto Grosso for several years. While there, they received the gift of the

FAME trailer which is now being

used in health and evangelism in the
federal district. Bruce was called to Brasilia to serve as director of the

Christian College. In 1988, he was called as pastor to the Brasilia


Iran Bemardes da Costa and his family were welcomed back to Brazil

in September 1987 to begin immediately his role of Rector at the Brazilia Christian Theological College. He had been attending, for two years, Emmanuel School of Religion at Milligan, Tennessee, where he received his M.A. degree. In March 1988, he gave a pre-semester professors' training course. Here Iran is presenting L. David and Ruth Sanders with a copy of his thesis from which he took the five-night course for professors in the College. L. David is Dean
and he and Ruth continue as professors at Christian College.

Many of the College

students also took the

training course. Among them were four foreign

students: two from




from Peru,

and one

from Mexico. There are students in the


President ofBrazil Christian

Mission, Darel Boston and

his wife, Jo Ann, are now pastoring the church in Junction City, Kansas. This picture was taken during a visit to Brazil. They are a vital and encouraging part of the work in Brazil.

Remembering our second generation missionaries: Philip and Tabitha McAfee \pictured\ He is son of Dale
and Carol McAfee and is

working in Rio de Janeiro to

David Eubanks, president ofJohnson Bible College, and his

establish the church there.

wife, Margaret, visited Brazil. They brought inspirational messages to the annual missionary conference and visited some of the Brazilian churches. Here they are visiting the church in Gama [Satellite ciry of Brazilia] where Geraldo

Borges and his wife, Sebastiana, minister, ^hey are in front


Robert and Derlani Fife. He is son of Thomas and Libby Fife and is now in Portugal. Starla Joy and Luiz Carlos de Azevedo. She is daughter
of David and Ruth Sanders and works with the

of the Gama church building\ Geraldo is also active in the project, "Ministry to the Whole-Man," which Starla Joy

"Ministry to the


for the Lord, as they meet for their annual missionary conference in
Goiania, Goias, in January of 1988. Among these here pictured are

The missionaries from all over Brazil, who work together in witness

four couples not mentioned earlier inour review, butwho have been a partofthe central Brazil thrust.... Paul and Shirley Lanham, with the Christian College inGoiania Gaiy Alan and Pamela Burrell and
Gerald and Arlete Kennedy in evangelism and the Christian College in Goiania .... and Gerald and Mary Holmquist, establishing
churches in Goias.

All the miMlonarlea over Brazil

aie an important part of thesepast "For^ yean!"

James Richard and Carolee Joy Ewing. The first couple to join with the Sanders in the work in Brazil are now in Boise, Idaho. He is president of Boise Bible College and she is a teacher. Through the years, they, too, have continued being a mainstay and an inspiration!

The years pass and Ruth McKinley returns to visit friends

and brethren in Brazil with her husband. Homer, and their

daughter, Damares, in 1982. Ruth is the former Ruth Spurgeon who was mission nurse in Brazil for 12 years. This year of 1988, Ruth was called "home" after a car accident. She had continued faithful throughout all these years in prayer, encouragement and financial support of the mission. A special word of appreciation for her life and

Our review would not be complete without pictures of our family who have been and are a necessary and intimate part of our witness in Brazil. Here is Starla Joy, our oldest daughter, her children: Kalinka, Kaliula, Kyula, Kevan and her husband, Luiz Carlos Pinto de Azevedo, as they depart for the USA in April, 1988, to visit churches to present the work they are doing in Brazil with the project "Ministry to the Whole Man. " (The first 12 homes for 24 elderly are being completed. And their plans for homes for children and health clinic and school have been approved by the
Brazilian Social Services).

Our son, Daryl Bruce, his wife, Pamela Ruth

and sons: Russell

Lloyd and Richard Daryl. They live in Charleston, South Carolina, where he

has been in the Navy for the past 10 years.

He will go into civilian life in September.
They are active in
their local church.

Our youngest daughter, Maria Joyce, with our oldest grand-daughter, Kyula. Maria teaches English in a private school in
Brasilia and is



the Brasilia

Russell Lloyd [Daryl's



Maria's two sons: Marcelo Jason and

Rafael, at the base of a papaya tree they would like to climb. This picture was taken during a visit of Daryl and
Pam to Brazil in October, 1987.

During our 40 years in Brazil, we have helped care for and placed in Christian
home, over 50 children. This is Elizabeth, whom we adopted before placing her in her new home . . . . this is our last "baby" project and we consider her as a

daughter-grand-daughter she will continue to be in our hearts along with all our children and grand-children.

110'^ I..

Rafael, MariaJoyce's two year old is being kissed by "cousin"Safira.
Starla and Luiz Carlos were in process of adopting Safira, having


cared for her for nearly the entire two years of her life, when her "father" returned and forcibly took her from their home.

As a pan of our 40 year celebration among the Brazilian churches. Lloyd David was given a trip to Italy, Israel and Egypt. He went in
April, 1988. He is in front of a Sphinx in Egypt.

Robert Fife, then minister of the North-Goiania church Just before his departure to Portugal, shows David the new church construction for the north Goiania area.

Celebration again . . . in the Brasilia Church, also in February, 1988. They uncover the plaque placed in the foyer

of the church commemoratingthe Sanders' 40years in Brazil,

their 28years in the Brasilia church and Lloyd David's 70th

A reception and cake after the Celebration Worship Service.

The Brasilia Church congregation on March 31. 1988.

Lloyd David Sanders
Rath Edna Sanders


Literally hundreds have given of life, substance, time and varied gifts for the Kingdom in Brazil. Especially do we owe thanks to J. Richard Ewing, Lynnton Elwell, Dallas Meserve, William A. Cook. Bob Baker, Kermit Pugh, Max Whiteman, Earl Heald, and Don Lawrence, former board members who have given of their years for the cause of Christ in Brazil. We extend our appreciation and thanks also to those former Trustees of the Mission: Bob Baker,
William Shattuck and Joe Means all of Wichita, Kansas.

We cannot forget those who have helped throughout the years in publication and promotion of the
Mission: Mrs. Victor Fair and her Denver Staff, Mrs. Carolee Ewing, Mrs. Bonnie Connell, Mrs. Taylor

McAfee, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Durham as well as Capstan and Mission Services ... to these we also say,
"Thank you!"

More recently, we are grateful to those who are serving today: Darel Boston and the Missions Committee of Glenn Park Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas, with Lew Lutz and Jo Jones; Joe Means, as Treasurer and Forwarding Agent; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Atkinson of Logan, Kansas with publications; and Mrs. Bonnie Connell who continues to coordinate our schedules and stateside correspondence and personal

And to the churches and individuals, who throughout these years have sustained us with your prayers,

your love, your counsel, and your gifts, we say, "A very special, 'Thank You!' "

L. David and Ruth Sanders