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NOVEMBER 1997 ~f NUMBER 355 $3



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COVER — MEXICO CITY UFO? UFO Video from web site

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Vince Johnson

y i> a, c a a
A* 4 X O ** a '

UFO disappearing behind apartment building. One offvin still frames from video allegedly taken in Mexico City on
August 6. 1997.

The following post appeared on the UFO The tape lasts under 30 seconds and
Updates mailing list. As with all informa- probably will be a bigger controversy than
tion posted on the WWW, it should be the "Alien Autopsy"!
viewed with some caution and as provi- The disc appears to be around one mile
sional in nature, until confirmed by subse- away and over 50 feet in diameter. It's not a
quent events. Some corrections have been little white dot on video or a hockey puck.
made for clarity. — Editor This is right in your face video, it's really
shocking. I would compare it to the Paul
To: UFO UpDates - Toronto Villa photos of the disc. It's a really large
<> image on the video. So far every person
From: (Tom King) who has seen it was floored to say the least.
Subject: Best UFO video on the planet It has an effect on you. almost like witness-
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 17:07:25 EST ing the actual sighting. It also reminds me
of the "plasma" craft videotaped by Carlos

A ugust 6, 1997 will be a day going down

in UFO history. A UFO was sighted
and videotaped and is mindblowing.
The details of the saucer are this: It ro-
tates counterclockwise around one revolu-
The video was shot in the Mexico City tion per second. There is a dome on top and
area in broad daylight. What you see on the a black hole on the bottom. There are what
tape is a set of large apartment complexes. appear to be windows or lights rotating on
A flying saucer is hovering just a few hun- it. Sometimes different colors are seen on it.
dred feet over the ground of this city. The The most impressive thing about it is the
saucer wobbles in the video, then dans to wobbling.
the right quickly. Moves behind one of the There are also other independent wit-
complexes, then emerges over the top of it. nesses other than the cameraman. It's the
It then proceeds behind another complex piece of evidence UFOlogy has been wait- November
but never comes out the other side. It simply ing for since the invention of the video cam- Number 355
vanished. era. Pages

It now puts us at a point where the only On Sunday, September 28, and on the
way to top this video would be to tape one following Sunday, October 5, 1997, from 7
landing and see some aliens get out. to 8 p.m., Mexican TV anchorman Jaime
The video is now being checked for any Maussan aired videotape of a hovering UFO
signs of a hoax. So far none have surfaced on his show "Tercera Milenio" (Third
yet. If it is a hoax. Industrial Light and Magic Millenium).
would be the suspects. I can't express enough The videotape was shot on August 6 in a
about how awesome this footage is. If you residential neighborhood of Mexico City.
never get the chance in your life to see a Twenty-five seconds of video show the
UFO up close, then this is the next best thing. clearly-detailed UFO in a cloudy, smoggy
Jaime Maussan was sent the footage and sky. The UFO is gray and metallic and has
[it] is now being analyzed by Village Labs no blinking lights. However, it does have a
and Lee Elders. They're all in Phoenix now strange rotating motion.
investigating it. The scene shows the object motionless in
It will air soon on TV, and you'll probably the sky. Then it moves from left to right on
see it more than the Rodney King beating. the TV screen, hovers for many seconds,
This is going to really throw UFOs back into then zips away at a high rate of speed.
the headlines. For a look at stills from the Mexican
UFO video, go to: http://www.digiserve.
Tom King, Skywatcher com/ufoinfo/news/mexico.html
Arizona Skywatch director "Tercera Milenio" has a website at:
AZ Skywatch
xalium/sky watch/sky watch.htm htm
OVNI Chapterhouse at http://personal. (Muchas gracias a Fernando Camacho para esas informaciones.)
If you have a UFO news story to share,
Associate Editor's note: Before readers gel too email it to us at Or
excited about this video, remember that the Paul clip it out of your local newspaper and send
Villa photos were hoaxes and the Carlos Diaz it to UFO ROUNDUP, Box 16, 126 Toll
photos have not been documented as authentic. Gate Road, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA
Mexican TV Airs Video of Hovering
Saucer UFO ROUNDUP: Copyright 1997 by
Masinaigan Productions, all rights reserved.
From: UFO ROUNDUP Readers may post items from UFO ROUNDUP
Volume 2, Number 39 on their websites or in newsgroups provided that
thev credit the newsletter and its editor bv name
October 12, 1997
Editor: Joseph Trainor

, Number 355 This composite panorama, by Mark Cashman, was created by stitching all four stills together. The original can be
Page 4 found on the Web at

Dr. Lammer is a
MORE FINDINGS OF PROJECT Ml LAB: scientist with the
Austrian Space
Looking Behind the Alien/Military Abduction Agenda Research
Institute. He is
the Austrian rep-
by Helmut Lammer Ph.D. resentative for
the Mutual UFO
I. Introduction phenomenon and what is the purpose of Network, A MU-
MILABs: military abductions of abductees? FON consultant

ince I published my preliminary find- 3. Is there a military interest in develop- in geophysics,
ings of alleged alien abductees who ing brain implants, virtual reality bio-chips, and a member of
experienced possible kidnappings by holographic image projection, cloaking de- the Society for
special military/intelligence units, I received vices, and mind altering weapons? Scientific Ex-
new information, especially from North The existence of these technologies ploration (SSE).
American abductees and abduction re- would support the hypothesis that such se- [1] Lammer,
searchers. Most of this information has not cret experiments could occur on humans Helmut:
been previously published. The responses I and these experiments are being hidden from Preliminary
Congress and the public by placing the Findings of
received after the first article was published, Project MILAB:
show that there are more alleged alien ab- funding inside secret or "black" projects. Evidence for
ductees who have experienced unwanted Military Kidnap-
II. Documented History of Secret Mind pings of Alleged
human/military contacts (MILABs) during UFO Abductees.
their lives. In August 1997,1 published an and Behavior Control Experiments MUFON UFO
overview of this study, coauthored by my Journal, No. 344,
December 1996.
wife, in a comprehensive book titled Covert Everyone who refuses to believe that se-
Operations. cret experiments and covert operations have [2] Lammer,
By summarizing our findings we found been performed on people, including chil- Helmut, and
that [1,2]: dren, should look at the documented history Lammer, Marion:
1. MILAB victims are harassed by dark, of military/intelligence radiation experi- Operationen:
unmarked helicopters near their houses. The ments as well as mind and behavior control Militaerische
projects which are now known to the public. Verwicklungen in
mysterious helicopter activity goes back to UFO-Entfuehrun-
the late sixties, early seventies, when they In addition to the United States and Canada, gen (Covert
showed an interest in animal mutilations, the British press reported that even the Operations:
Ministry of Defense (MoD) has carried out Military Involve-
but not in alleged alien abductees. ment in UFO
2. MILAB victims have not only alien secret radiation experiments on humans dur- Abductions/mind
abduction experiences, they also report that ing the last forty years. control/bio-chips/
they were kidnapped by a certain branch of In 1994, the United States government bases/exotic
human/military personnel. They describe lifted the lid on secret experiments with weapons), Herbig
being drugged, taken to hospital-like rooms, scant regard for the subjects — many of (Thomas Wimmer
Ring 11,0-80539
as well as underground military facilities, whom were disadvantaged people.[3] For Munich), Munich,
where they describe seeing men in white lab about 30 years after World War II the 1997.
coats. Here they are examined, interrogated Department of Defense (DoD), the CIA and
[3] Time to come
and sometimes implanted with unknown de- various non-government research organiza- Clean on
vices. tions conducted medical research on thou- Radiation Tests.
Readers who are interested in more de- sands of citizens, often without their know- New Scientist,
No. 2058, p. 30.
tails should read my first MILAB article ledge. This research was largely concerned November, 1996.
[1]. We are also hoping to have an English with radiation exposure, nerve gas, LSD
edition of our book, Covert Operations, and various biological agents. Recently it [4] Estling, Ralph:
Whatever made
published and available in the United States. was disclosed that radiation experiments them do it? New
Until this project reaches fruition, I believe were performed on more than 23,000 Scientist, No.
the results I publish here in the second arti- Americans in about 1,400 different projects 1961, p. 21.
January, 1995.
cle will lead the open-minded researcher to during the thirty years following the war.[4]
three important questions. The people on whom these experiments
1. Is it possible that secret human experi- were conducted were soldiers, prisoners,
ments or covert operations are occuring in people considered to be mentally defective
western democracies? (both children and adults), hospital patients November
" 2. What is the human agenda which with terminal illnesses and pregnant poor Number 355
seems to be involved in the alien abduction women. Many of the scientists who con- Pages

[5] Concar, ducted these Nazi-like experiments were re- also contains testimony from therapists,
David: Ethics
Code Spells spectable academics. Dr. Ewen Cameron psychiatrists and psychologists.[8] Their
Disaster for was such a scientist on the surface. victims, however, do not report alleged
Canadian However, he led a CIA-funded laboratory at alien/UFO contacts like MILAB victims re-
New Scientist McGill University during the 1950's where port, but some of the MILAB experiences
No. 2059, p. 7, patients were used as guinea pigs in brain- also fit in the pattern of abuse described by
December, 1996. washing experiments. alleged mind control victims.
[6] Ross, Colin: Some subjects were given ECT "therapy" This short excursion in the past of secret
"The CIA and twice daily, while others were drugged and experimentation on humans supports the
Military Mind kept unconcisious for weeks or months. MILAB hypothesis of covert operations
Research: They were injected with huge amounts of against civilians, although solid underlining
Building the hallucinogens, and subjected to long-term evidence is not easy to present.
Manchurian sensory deprivation.[5] A panel, appointed
Paper presented by the Clinton administration in 1994 to III. A Possible Purpose of MILABs
at the 9th Annual look into these matters, has so far docu-
Western Clinical mented 400 government backed biomedical Since I now have more MILAB informa-
Conference on
Trauma and experiments involving humans between tion, I believe the whole alien/human ab-
Dissociation in 1944 and 1975. The purpose of these exper- duction scenario is more complex than I
Orange County, iments may never be fully known. It is not thought at first. It seems to me that there are
California, p. 18,
April, 1996. certain when these experiments stopped, if indications that more than one human
they stopped at all, but they were still going agenda, possibly three, may be involved in
[7] Chavoustie, on in mid-1970s.[4] the unexplained alien abduction phenome-
Blanche (Email: The Canadian psychiatrist and specialist non. Each of these agendas probably has its
Personal com- on trauma and dissociation, Dr. Colin Ross, own focal point involving alleged alien ab-
munication. presented a paper at the 9th Annual Western ductees.
108, Syosset, Clinical Conference on Trauma and It seems to me that the first group is in-
New York 11791, Dissociation in Orange County, California. terested in mind and behavior control exper-
http://www.ACH Dr. Ross described evidence from released iments. I found indications of sensory depri-
CIA-FOIA documents showing that the vation experiments, liquid breathing experi-
[8] ACHES-MC agency has conducted research on the cre- ments, experiments on electromagnetic
Memorial Day ation of Manchurian candidates since World stimulation of the temporal lobes, brain re-
Video to
President War II. [6] Dr. Ross and research organiza- search and implant research.
Clinton/Prime tions like the New York-based Advocacy A second group seems to be interested in
Minister Committee for Human Experimentation biological or genetic research. Some MI-
http://www.ACH Survivors - Mind Control (ACHES-MC) LAB victims recall seeing humans in tubes, p. also came across survivors of horrific ex- filled with liquid and genetically altered an-
26, May, 1997. periments involving electroshock, drugs, imals in cages during their alleged kidnap-
brain implants, sensory deprivation, psychic pings inside military underground facilities.
driving; people having been locked in It should be noted that alien abductees
cages, forced sleep and sexual and ritual "without" military contacts also remember
abuse.[7,8] Once selected, victims have similar scenarios inside UFOs or alleged
been used repeatedly as human lab animals alien crafts.
throughout their lifetimes in one externally The third group seems to be a military
controlled and monitored experiment after task force, which has been operating since
another. the eighties. This group appears to be inter-
In 1997 ACHES-MC delivered a video- ested in the UFO/alien abduction phenome-
document to President Clinton and non for information gathering purposes.
Canadian Prime Minister Chretien. This would be a logical consequence if
ACHES-MC requested a presidential hear- someone or a group of people with the
ing and the declassification of government "need to know" considers alien abductions
records relating to alleged mind control ex- to be real. It seems to me that the leaders of
periments. Experiments that were conducted this military task force believe that some
on unwitting children and adults and which alien abductions are real and that they have
were funded by the United States govern- national security implications. It could be
ment from the 1940s onwards. This video- that the second and third group are working
tape contains testimony from both children together, because they could share their in-
Number 355 and adults - alleged survivors of federally terest in genetic studies and their findings ~
Pages funded mind control experimentation. It from alleged alien abductees.

I will now concentrate on tank and tube experience while under hypnosis before. [9] Michelle:
She recalled being in a dark place, while she Hypnosis
experiences of alleged alien and MILAB Transcript.
abductees who represent victims of the be- floated in something that felt slightly heav-
fore mentioned groups. It should be noted ier than warm water. [9] [10] Michelle:
that they are not alone and that their cases Before this experience Michelle recalled Personal com-
are only examples from a much larger pool being naked on a table. She had wires at-
of victims. tached all over her body and she saw a doc- [11] Lilly, John:
tor in a white lab coat standing next to her. The Scientist: A
IV. Tank and Tube Experiences The next experience was uncovered via a Autobiography.
deep trance regression which probed again Ronin
Michelle (pseudonym) had her first con- into the isolation tank experience. Michelle Publishing, Inc.,
Post Office Box
scious memory of a typical alien abduction remembered once again that she was in a 1035, Berkeley,
experience with non-human beings at the black enclosed area where she struggled and California 94701,
was afraid of drowning. The experience 1988/1997.
age of eight. She remembers classic alien
abduction experiences with three to four scared her a lot and she wanted out of the
foot-tall beings with large heads. tank. She felt that the liquid was heavier
But her following experiences, however, than water, was warm and smelled of a
have nothing to do with alien abductions. • minty odor. She was able to move her arms
Michelle then had traumatic flashbacks; re- and legs slightly as well as her head. She
ality-like dreams and some consciously re- felt the smooth surface of the isolation tank
membered MILAB events. The memory on her right when she streched out her arm.
gaps were investigated by a Ph.D. hyp- She was completely isolated in the dark
notherpist and MUFON consultant, with the tank when a kind of artificially induced
use of regressive hypnosis. "out-of-body" experience began, or she be-
Michelle and a boyfriend had a missing gan to hallucinate.
time/kidnapping experience during 1970
near a campsite at Ditch Plains in Montauk, researched the literature of sensory depri-
New York. She remembers that both were
taken by armed military personnel to the
I vation experiments and came across such
isolation tanks which were invented by Dr.
now closed Montauk base. After they were John Lilly.[ll] Dr. Lilly tried to find out
separated, Michelle was escorted inside an how he could isolate the brain and mind. He
underground facility where she had several considered the effects of light and its stimu-
frightening experiences.[9,10] lation of the eyes, touch and pressure and
She remembers being in an examination their stimulation of the skin and even deep-
room with machines, stainless steel equip- lying organs within the body. Dr. Lilly
ment and a table covered in white. Michelle looked at temperature differences, the ef-
was placed on the table and strapped down. fects of clothing, the effects of gravitation,
After a few minutes a group of five to six and the effects of heat and cold.
people, including one female, came into the Dr. Lilly visualized a soundproof tank in
.room. All of them wore medical clothes which the body could be supported in water
consisting of white gowns. Surgical masks that would be maintained at the proper tem-
covered their faces. They turned her head perature in such a way as to maintain the
sideways and shaved a small portion of her generation of head within the body. He
head behind her right ear. She was com- found such a tank inside a soundproof
pletely conscious, but was immobilized and chamber in an isolated building near the
she could not speak.[9] campus of the National Institute of Health.
Michelle remembers that someone was This tank was constructed during World
writing something on the skin behind her War II for experiments by the Office of
ear. After this she got an intravenous (IV) Naval Research on metabolism of underwa-
injection, she felt a prick in her arm and lost ter swimmers. This was the beginning for
consciousness and awoke with her research on isolation which later included
boyfriend, who was also kidnapped, later on the use of drugs.[11]
the beach. It should be noted that during the late
The next hypnosis session revealed more fifties and early sixties Dr. Lilly experi-
traumatic flashbacks of being in an isolation mented also with brain implants. During
tank. The following experience was investi- this period, Dr. Lilly was contacted by 1997
gated during an emotional hypnosis regres- covert intelligence services and researchers Number 355
sion session. Michelle had never had this for the Department of Defense (DoD). Dr. Page?

[12] Michelle: Lilly wrote in his book The Scientist, that Was this particular experience the prod-
Hypnosis regres-
sion session dur-
while he was at the National Institute of uct of a mind control procedure? We should
ing July 1997. Health, the isolation tank experiments, like take this under consideration because her
the brain-electrode experiments, became other experiences in the underground facil-
[13] Blackmore,
Susan: Alien subject to the politics of the time. [11] As ity were completely terrestrial. In addition,
Abduction: The the isolation tank research became known recent hypnosis sessions performed on
Inside Story. throughout government agencies, various Michelle In July 1997, revealed that she
New Scientist,
No. 1952, p. 19,
individuals called him to find out about it. may have been used in various mind control
November, 1994. Dr. Lilly claims that among them were re- experiments during her lifetime.[12]
searchers working under the auspices of the During a two hour session Michelle re-
[14] Wright, Dan:
Personal com-
Army. Their interest was in the area of membered to be in a room with two to three
munication, brainwashing captured prisoners of war. men who were in charge of other men who
1996, 1997. Dr. Lilly was asked if the isolation tank were wearing lab coats. Before this she was
could be used to change belief systems of in some kind of examination room, where
persons under coercion. They wanted to use someone mounted something on her head.
the isolation tanks and sensory deprivation She described silver colored tongs, pinching
experiments for brain washing and other at her temples and inducing intense pain in
mind control experiments. Dr. Lilly visual- her head.
ized situations in which this method would This experience is reminiscent of an ex-
be used under coercion. By careful control periment involving the stimulation of the
of the stimulation of isolated individuals, temporal lobe region by the use of magnetic
their belief systems could be changed in di- fields. Dr. Michael Persinger, a neuroscien-
rections desired by the controlling persons. tist at Laurentian University of Sudbury,
Dr. Lilly was convinced that the military/in- Ontario, demonstrated that one can artifi-
telligence community would use his isola- cially produce mystical experiences, out-of-
tion technique for covert experiments.[ll] body excursions and other psychic experi-
I think, that Michelle's experiences show ences by stimulating the temporal lobes
us that this was true and that there is enough with the application of magnetic fields
evidence that she is one victim of such de- across the brain. He discovered that such
privation tank experiments. One should note experiences are linked with excessive bursts
however, that this specific experience had of electrical activity in the temporal
nothing to do with aliens, although I do not lobes.[13] A research target would have a
know how her alien abduction experiences helmet or a similar device placed on their
fit in this scenario. head. An artificially generated magnetic
field would mimic the firing patterns of

A s I noted in my first MILAB paper, the

presence of human military personnel
inhabiting the same physical reality as alien
neurons in the temporal lobes of the brain.
Dan Wright, head of the MUFON
Abduction Transcription Project, reviewed
beings are unbelievable for skeptics as well his records for tube or tank experiences of
as serious open-minded abduction re- alleged alien abductees. He found several
searchers. Although Michelle's before men- cases in his files during which the abductee
tioned experiences were definitely terres- saw a tube during their experience, but did
trial, she experienced a high strangeness not identify anything or anyone inside
close-encounter during the same MILAB. it.[14] In four cases, however, abductees de-
She experienced traumatic flashbacks of a scribed large clear tubes and recalled either
reptiloid creature, so this was also investi- being placed inside it or seeing someone
gated. else inside. Two of these four abductees saw
She described being escorted by military an alien creature in the tube. Dan Wright's
personnel into a dark office-like room files reveal three cases in which the ab-
where she was raped by a reptiloid creature. ductee was in a tank filled with liquid and in
I don't know what this traumatic experience two cases the victim was forced to breathe
means. I don't think, however, that the mili- the liquid! None of the abductees who was
tary worked with this reptoid creature. It placed in a tube or tank reported any un-
could be possible that Michelle was usual mind set such as out-of-body experi-
drugged with an hallucinogen and projected ence or remote viewing during their time in
November the reptoid as a kind of screen memory, al- these containers. "Two" of seven tank cases
Number 355 though she described the skin and other fea- reported military involvement, but not on
PageS tures of the creature quite realistically. the same night as the tube or tank episode.

MILAB victim Lisa (pseudonym) had During the following years, the technique [15] Lisa:
Personal com-
tank experiences similar to the abductees in of fluid breathing was refined and im- munication,
Dan Wright's study, but Lisa's memories are proved. Liquid ventilation tests of the early 1996, 1997.
from conscious recollections. Lisa was kid- 1990s proved to be successful. Scientists
[16] Science
napped and brought to a military under- kept dogs alive in a perfluorocarbon Web: Fluid
ground facility, where she saw naked hu- medium for about two hours. After removal Breathing. Starry
mans floating in tubes. Lisa for instance the dogs were slightly hypoxic, but returned Messenger
claims that she was forced by humans into to normal life after a few days.[16] After Feedback, 1996.
some type of pool filled with a golden yel- these tests on animals the procedure was
low bubbly fluid, while other humans ready for human subjects. The medical 17] Clark, L. C.,
and Gollan, R.:
looked at her. Lisa has traumatic recollec- community now has a treatment for respira- Survival of mam-
tions that her kidnappers tried to force her tory distress syndrome, the leading cause of mals breathing
and other victims to breathe in the liq- death in premature infants. In addition, I organic liquids
equivalent with
uid.[15] In two of the before mentioned suspect that liquid breathing experiments on oxygen at atmos-
cases the abductee was forced to breathe the humans, would be extremely useful for mil- pheric pressure.
liquid like Lisa. The hypnosis transcripts re- itary/Navy/intelligence purposes such as Science 152, p.
veal that the liquid breathing experiences submarine escape and UT oxygen support 1966.
were traumatic for the abductees. Both ab- facilities.
ductees were totally immersed in the liquid Alien abductees, such as Betty [18] Maccabee,
Bruce, S.:
and both reported that they could breathe Andreasson reported being placed inside a Acceleration,
the fluid. [14] tube filled with liquid for the compensation National Institute
If one reviews the scientific literature of large gravity forces during a high UFO for Discovery
Science (NIDS),
which is available about fluid breathing, one acceleration period. One abductee of Dan 1997, and MU-
finds that physically taking fluid into the ! Wright's files describes such an experience FON 1996 UFO
lungs and breathing liquid instead of air inside such a tube: Symposium
would revolutionize diving. The concept of 183-217, Seguin,
fluid breathing began in the mid 1960s "'s like water in there, it's like being TX, 1996.
when Dr. J. Kylstra, a physiologist at the in a swimming pool, only I can see through
State University of New York at Buffalo re- the feels like we are moving.
alized that salt solutions could be saturated Where are we going? Whoo, that's fast.
with oxygen at high pressures. Dr. Kylstra Feels like we are moving fast. Oh! And
worked in a US Navy compression chamber one's standing outside. He's telling me,
and performed experiments on mice. He that's why we had to put you in here, be-
was able to keep animals alive for up to 18 cause we are moving too fast....
hours. However, because carbon dioxide Acceleration. Something about gravity
was not removed fast enough from the sys- forces too much."[14]
tem, it quickly built-up to near toxic levels.
This problem was obviously a stumbling It is interesting to note that under hypno-
block when it came to using his procedure sis this abductee reported how the abductors
on humans.[16] put something in her nose before they put
her in the tube. This means that this ab-

T he next step in fluid breathing came in

1966, with Dr. Leland Clark's liquid-
breathing mouse experiment.[17] Dr. Clark
ductee was not forced to breathe the liquid.
Recent scientific studies of visual and pho-
tographic sightings of UFOs carrying out
developed a technique where a mouse sur- "impossible" high speed maneuvers by Dr.
vived over twenty hours breathing fluid at Bruce Maccabee would support such grav-
18 degrees centigrade. All animals in the ity force compensation tube experiences if
early studies suffered pulmonary damage, the abductee was indeed in a real UFO. [18]
but that was due to toxic impurities of the Dr. Bruce Maccabee stated in his article
fluorocarbon, chemical interaction of the "Acceleration," that a UFOnaut or abductee
fluorocarbon with the lung, or some un- inside a UFO accelerating at 500 g's would
known effect was undetermined. This pul- be pushed by the walls of the craft with a
monary damage mystery as well as the force that would make him seem to weigh
problem of the elimination of carbon diox- almost 500 times his weight on Earth. The
ide and the fact that the fluorocarbon tended body of an abductee might be crushed at
to be retained by body tissues would have to November
that acceleration, and the skin might be 1997
be solved before the process could be at- pulled off the bones, unless the human was Number 355
tempted on human subjects. Page 9

[19] Personal suspended in a liquid and the lungs and ductees with MILAB experiences suspect
with several MI- other body cavities were filled with liquid! these infants may be hybrids.
LAB victims. Other alleged alien abductees report that It would be logical for someone who is
they have seen small alien-like beings as interested in cloning to develop and use arti-
[20] Tilton,
Christa: Personal
well as adult humans in a state of suspended ficial wombs and incubators filled with nu-
communication, animation inside tube-like incubators. Some trient fluid for breeding purposes. Scientists
1997. of these abductees claim that the humans who are working on biotechnology projects
[21] Here's look- looked altered like hybrids.[14,19] These claim that cloning "brainless" humans for
ing at you .kid would fit the hypothesis of genetic research transplanting organs would be a reality in
(Brief article done by the "greys." But there are also the future.[2] Presently, ethical considera-
about artificial
womb research). cases where abductees report human doctors tions go against such Frankenstein-like re-
New Scientist, p. escorting them through underground labora- search projects. A more science fiction-like
25, No. 2092, 26, tories where they have seen humans in clear purpose would be the creation of a geneti-
July, 1997.
tanks.[19] MILAB victim Christa Tilton de- cally engineered soldier who is immune to
scribed such an experience as: "I did see biological warfare and possible future ge-
what I thought were humans in clear tanks netic warfare attacks. Incredibly, the experi-
underground. The tanks were leaning about ences of some MILAB victims suggest that
25 degrees backward until they touched the such projects could already be going on be-
wall. The room was a regular room ... like a hind the backs of the official medical re-
laboratory. This was never viewed on a search community. Therefore, it could be
spacecraft. They seemed to be like I said, in that secret research into artificial wombs
a state of suspended animation. There was a and experiments on human fetuses are go-
clear liquid filled totally in the tank casing ing on hidden inside black projects.
... I believe these humans were being kept It is clear that alien abductees report tank
alive by some type of tubes behind their and tube experiences inside UFOs that are
head. [20]" similar to what some abductees report see-
Christa Tilton is not alone with such an ing inside military research facilities, al-
'experience. There are other abductees who though such cases are a minority compared
claim that they were taken to military un- to pure alien abduction cases. Such similari-
derground facilities where they have seen ties have also been found between the pro-
people in such glass or plastic tubes.[19] cedures occuring to alleged alien abductees
Some of these MILABs report rows of sev- and mind control victims.[1,2]
eral identical people, each one in its own
tube. One could speculate that someone
clones human "Dolly's" in secret.
Recently Japanese scientists reported that
I now present a case where it appears that a
secret military task force could be in
charge of similar oriented black genetic pro-
a goat fetus has survived in an artificial jects. This is a well investigated case in Dan
womb for three weeks before its birth.[21] Wright's MUFON Abduction Transcription
The scientists who designed the womb say Project files where human/military person-
that it could help premature human babies nel kidnap a woman from her house and
to survive. Dr. Yoshinori Kuwabara of drive her to a secret place.[14] She is car-
Juntendo University in Tokyo and his col- ried into the building and placed onto an ex-
leagues removed a goat fetus from its , amining table. Her feet.are placed into stir-
mother 17 weeks into the pregnancy. They rups, that is used for gynecological exami-
placed the fetus in a tank filled with liquid nations. A female doctor conducts a gyne-
to simulate amniotic fluid. A machine cological exam. She searches for an em-
pumped nutrients and oxygen into the ani- bryo, but never finds any. The MILAB vic-
mal's blood. Dr. Kuwabara also hopes artifi- tim remembers the officer in charge as an
cial wombs could one day be used to help older man with silver hair who threatens
fetuses in the final stages of multiple preg- and interrogates her. She loses conscious-
nancies when the womb becomes too ness sometime during the examination or on
cramped. the trip back to her home. Interestingly, the
Alien and MILAB abductees both de- military always kidnaps her on the same
scribe seeing small tubes or incubators in- night or the night after an alien abduction
side UFOs, as well as inside terrestrial un- experience.
November derground research facilities. Most of the The activity of this military task force,
Number 355 time the experiencer describes these infants which seems to be interested in particular
Page 10 appearing very ill. Alien abductees and ab- alien abductees, would be a logical conse-

quence if their leaders believed that some (super-cyber-soldiers) to directly employ [22] Alexander,
alien abductions are real. As I mentioned these weapons. Victoria: MILAB
above, it seems that this group works to- This means, a soldier would be capable MUFON UFO
gether with black project scientists who are of viewing the normal world plus an overlay Journal, No. 346
interested in genetic research. It should be of information identifying and describing February, 1997.
noted that the before mentioned abductee specific objects in his field of view. He can [23] New World
reported a tube experience but not on the now evaluate the threat these targets repre- Vistas: Air and
same night as the military kidnapped her. sent and order a variety of weapon systems Space Power for
the 21st Century,
She observed several tubes with different to engage and destroy these targets from the Air Force Scientific
bodies inside and she was placed in front of distance. Advisory Board,
a tube with a body of a tall blond human One can see from such military studies 15th December,
woman inside. She described the tube as a that secret research in human-brain-machine
glass or plexiglass cylinder inside a UFO. and virtual reality implant research is al- [24] Air Force
Again, it should be noted that the above ready underway. Some of the references in 2025: 2025
Support Office Air
mentioned abductees are not alone and that this paper refer to military research insti- University, Air
their cases represent a larger sample of indi- tutes and are classified for the public. Since Education and
viduals. the authors write that implanting devices in Training
human beings raises ethical and public rela- Developed by the
V. Actual Military Research/Interest in tion issues today, we should ask who the Air University
Virtual Reality Brain Implants and guinea pigs are of these futuristic research Press Educational
Mind Altering Weapons. projects? Directorate,
Another interesting paper concerning Maxwell Air Force
Most people are now aware that secret "Information Warfare" is classified and only Base, Alabama,
August, 1996.
mind and behavior control and radiation ex- individuals with appropriate security clear-
periments were performed during the post ances can obtain a copy from the Defense [25] Pasternak,
war phase up to the seventies. We should Technical Information Center in Ft. Belvoir, Douglas: The
Pentagon's quest
ask if there is an interest in covert experi- Virginia. [27] However, you can read in the for nonlethal arms
ments today. MILAB sceptics who claim abstract that this paper explores holographic is amazing. But is
that the results of this study are rubbish [22] image projection, cloaking devices and mul- it smart? U.S.
News and World
should look into recently declassified Air tispectral camouflage which will provide Report, July 7,
Force studies [23,24], scientific proceedings enhanced military deception capability. The 1997.
for military technologies and news articles most promising technology is the creation [26] Osborne,
concerning exotic weapon research.[25] of synthetic environments that an adversary William, B. (LTC),
A recent paper published for the Air thinks are real! They write further that re- Bethel, Scott, A.
Force as it looks ahead to its technological search for PSYWAR-operations is done to (Maj), Chew,
Nolen, R. (Maj),
needs in the year 2025, [24] has the title influence a target by using holographic im- Nostrand, Philip,
"Information Operations: A new War- age projection with messages conveying the M. (Maj),
Fighting Capability." In this paper, the au- desired effect. We should again ask: Who Whitehead, Yulin,
G. (Maj):
thors write about a brain-implanted cyber are the adversaries and test targets for these "Informations
situation.[26] The authors propagate im- research projects? Operations: A new
planted microscopic brain chips which per- A recent article in U.S. News & World War Fighting
Capability." A
form two functions. First, the bio-chip con- Report revealed that the United States mili- Research Paper
nects the implanted individual to a constel- tary has developed mind altering weapons, presented to Air
lation of integrated or smart satellites (IIC) and has explored acoustics, microwaves and Force 2025,
August 1996.
in low earth orbit, creating an interface be- brain-wave manipulation to alter sleep pat-
tween the implanted person and the infor- tern.[25] Interestingly, they have a picture
mation resources. The implant relays the of a military helicopter in the article which
processed information from the IIC to the points a directed energy beam to a house.
user. Second, the bio-chip creates computer- According to a Pentagon briefing, acoustic
generated mental visualization based upon and sonic weapons can vibrate the insides of
the user's request. The visualization encom- humans to stun them, nauseate them, or
passes the individual and allows the user to even liquefy their bowels.
place himself into a selected "battlespace." Dr. Eldon Byrd was the head of an exotic
In addition, a wide range of lethal or non- electromagnetic weapons project in the
lethal weapons will be linked to the IIC, al- early 1980s. He conducted most of his re-
lowing special authorized implanted users search at the Armed Forces Radiobiology 1997
Research Institute in Bethesda, Md. Dr. Number 355
Byrd claimed that he and his colleagues Page 11

[27] Information were looking at electrical activity in the Acknowledgements:

Warfare: brain and how to influence it. He used ELF
Shattering the (Extremly Low Frequency) waves for stim- The author would like to thank my wife
Information-War ulating the brain for the release of behavior Marion, Walter Andrus (MUFON), Blanche
Paradigm: Air
Force 2025:
regulating chemicals. By using these on hu- Chavaustie (ACHES-MC), Leah Haley, Ed
2025 Support mans, the test subjects would cause instant Light (Mind Control Forum) Lisa, Michelle,
Office Air flu-like symptoms and produce nausea. Willi Stumptner, Christa Tilton, Thomas
University, Air
Education and Since the field was extremely weak, they Tulien (AFS/Dialogue), Katharina and Erik
Training were undetectable and reversible. Dr. Byrd Wilson, Dan Wright and various MILAB
Command. never tested any of his hardware in the field victims and researchers who wish to remain
Developed by the
Air University and his project scheduled for four years was anonymous for their help in this project.
Press closed down after two. Victims and researchers who are inter-
Educational Because the technique worked, he sus- ested in this study or have important infor-
pects that the program went black. Other mation can contact the author at the follow-
Maxwell Air scientists told U.S. News & World Report ing address: Dr. Helmut Lammer, Postfach
Force Base, similar tales of research on electromagnetic 76, A-8600 Bruck/Mur, Austria.
August, 1996. radiation turning top secret once successful Dr. Lammer has a Ph.D. in Geophysics
results were achieved.[25] There are clues and works at the Austrian Space Research
that such work is continuing in black pro- Institute as a research scientist on various ,
jects. It is just possible that some MILAB space projects like the forthcoming Mars
victims are being used as the guinea pigs for Global Surveyor mission. He researches
these futuristic research programs. Because UFO and related phenomena during his free
these projects are secretive, they are not un- time and has written three books related to
der congressional oversight and alien ab- the topic. He is the Austrian representative
ductees are easy to ridicule. for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)
and an associate member of the Society for
VI. Discussion Scientific Exploration (SSE).

One can assume that similar secret mili- Books by Dr. Lammer:
tary research projects are being conducted UFO Geheimhaltung (UFO Secrecy),
for biological and genetic warfare projects. Herbig Munich, 1995.
If we speculate that a core of the alien ab- UFO Nahbegegnungen (UFO Close
duction phenomenon is indeed real, the Encounters), Herbig Munich, 1996.
same people who are behind these projects Verdeckte Operationen (Covert
would have an interest in alien biology, ge- Operations), Herbig Munich, 1997.
netics and mind control procedures. Since
these research operations appear to be hid-
den behind deep black projects, only certain
people with the right "need to know" would MUFON COMMUNICATION
really know what's going on. This is also NUMBERS
the main problem for organisations who MUFON Headquarters: Seguin, TX
push for congressional hearings concerning Telephone: (830) 379-9216
such experiments on humans, secret genetic Fax: (830) 372-9439
research and military involvement in the
alien abduction phenomenon. Such projects MUFON UFO HOT LINE
are unacknowledged special access pro- 1-800-UFO-2166
grams like the stealth projects were, there- THE INTERNET -
fore, most of the elected politicians do not
know that this kind of research is being con- MUFON e-mail address -
We must keep in mind that most MILAB MUFONET-BBS (901)327-1008
victims claim they have seen alien beings
and human military personnel working side MUFON On CompuServe - "Go MUFON"
by side. These claims should be carefully to access the Forum
investigated. We need more research before MUFON Amateur Radio Net
one definitely concludes that alien beings 40 meters - 7.237 MHz - Saturday, 8 a.m.
Number 355 and military personnel are working together. Eastern Time
Page 12

IhelJFO PRESS ETH becomes haphazard. He digs up a hys- 40 pp., $16.00,

• b1 terical article by Stringfield with no balanc- from FUFOR,
ing remarks on his better known book. the Fund for
Books by Aime Michel go missing in favor UFO Research,
of nostalgic sneers at Morris Jessup's un- PO Box 277,
convincing and dead fantastic notions. Gray Mt. Rainier,
Barker and Waveney Girvan go missing in MD20712
favor of Harold Wilkins and Olavo Fontes.
The rest of ETH history is simply ignored.
This cuts off Keyhoe's conversion from be-
lief in alien benevolence to their being a
danger that Congress would have to take ac-
tion to defend against. It also means all the
subsequent developments in ETH advocacy
- the Lorenzens, McDonald, Fuller, Binder,
Hall, Fowler, Hopkins and Jacobs to name
but the most amazing losses - are unchroni-
cled. If this is a study in evolving ideas,
such a treatment of the purportedly domi-
nant idea in ufology deserves puzzled ex-
pressions at minimum.
The handling pf the secret weapon theory
is even more truncated and offbeat. We are
told that there was no good evidence for it
and that the otherworldly nature of UFOs
worked against the idea. Yet there was some
evidence for it, notably the Russian symbols
Spacemen, Demons &. Conspiracies: in the Spitzbergen saucer crash and the sug-
gestive location of the Oscar Linke landing
The Evolution of UFO Hypotheses
near the Soviet border. Cases of guys in
by Jerome Clark Navy uniforms, scarves, and baseball caps
seen in the early years did not seem so other-
Reviewed by Martin Kottmeyer worldly. While the author paints the ETH as
becoming popular from the very outset of

T he title of this work conjures up expec-

tations that this would likely be a com-
prehensive historical survey of theories
the saucer era, polls from 1947 into the
Sixties show the secret weapons idea had
clear dominance in the minds of the general
about UFOs, perhaps along the lines of public. One from 1968 showed 57% thought
Richard Haines' outline in the February most ufos were due to secret defense pro-
1987 Flying Saucer Review. Given the au- jects either in the U.S. or another country.
thor's longstanding involvement in ufology, Only 40% thought people were seeing space
his knowledge of the history of ideas in this ships from another planet. The author
field should be considerable and informa- chronicles none of the serious interest in the
tive. Despite stated ambitions by him to idea among military intelligence like
demonstrate how various ideas have Brigadier General George F. Schulgen's
evolved in the hope of providing insight memo about German development of the
into why ufologists believe what they be- Horton "Parabola" or Air Intelligence
lieve, it becomes evident that the project got Report No. 100-203-79 from 1948
abandoned at an early point and the author (reprinted in the July 1985 MUFON UFO
decided to focus in on a very few select Journal). Instead we get the fringier mater-
heresies that he fears will give ufology "an ial of James Moseley and Leon Davidson.
occultist aura" it does not need or deserve. In contrast, the discussion of the space
It begins well enough with a quest for the animal theory is lovingly expansive with a
earliest obscure roots of the extraterrestrial full cast of proponents. True, most of them
hypothesis in the airship mania of the late are little known and the rescue from obscu-
1800s. We get a little Fort, a little Palmer, rity virtually heroic. They demonstrate the 1997
and a little Keyhoe, but then the coverage of author's abilities when the enthusiasm bub- Number 355
Page 13

bles up. His suggestion that it was a rival to

the ETH, however, is hard to square with :
the tiny amount of attention it was given in
either military circles or the writings of the
leaders of the UFO movement.
The true heart of the work is a passionate
attack on the work of John Keel and
Jacques Vallee. Keel gets put down as a rad-
ical heretic - crude, pulpish, anti-intellec-
tual, and from a recognizable tradition of
crank literature. Evidently he is not refer-
ring to ETH advocacy literature as anyone
exposed to the pulpish excesses of Keyhoe
might first be excused to suspect, but rather
the occultic sphere of Meade Layne and
Richard Shaver. The author plays up certain
passages in Keel's writings to argue he was
more-or-less a self-confessed demonologist.
This interest in demons is then chronicled in
Keel's intellectual parents, siblings, and m i n cl
bastard offspring. The author finds Keel's
influence so pervasive that the ETH was
largely marginalized in the writings of ufol-
ogists in the 1970s. He elsewhere avers that » fa tar Aiioafe. ft: .-mriiTn- * If* ,i( IWb O.v/
• DKJ SKKIS ,ta F si Sans «Con't tarm on Hecry's at
ufologists are rationalists and materialists Its taHItocf Janes M «tofcasr Inm ID to fti
and so devoted to just investigating reports "'-'* -""•-• ' NOT
and correlating data, as against "wondering
about the Greater Meaning of it All," that
they are the very soul of Baconian philoso- THE ANOMALIST 5
phy. Yet here he has ufology so possessed Edited by Patrick Huyghe and Dennis Stacy
by the demon ideas of Keel as to zombie 160pp, illus., paper, $9.95
chase "reasonable, testable, meaningful" ole
ETH from the stage of ufo history for a
We never really get an account of the
T his is the fifth issue of this eclectic,
highly regarded semiannual journal.
And again I should point out that I'm per-
criticisms against the ETH, like noncontact sonally involved as co-editor. The fact of
and the fragility of cases under skeptical as- the matter, though, is that I would like The
sault with their incomprehensibility taken Anomalist whether I was involved or not.
en masse, nor the disenchantment with the The only thing similar in format and serious
landing predictions and fears of invasion treatment of a variety of natural, scientific
and hostile aliens by the 70s. If this were and historical anomalies is the highly es-
truly an exercise to understand why ufolo- teemed Fortean Studies, issued in England,
gists believe what they believe, such refusal alas, only once a year.
to examine even the patina of the rhetoric Per past issues, TA5 opens with a brief
overlaying the demons of the unconscious commentary, this one — "Too Many
would make little sense. The real intent is Anomalies, Not Enough Time" — by T.
laid bare in the final line of the book, Peter Park. Patrick Huyghe follows with
"Ufology, in other words, is not de- "Deep Secrets: Is the Navy Telling Idaho
monology by another name." Isn't it? The Residents a Whopper of a Fish Story?" Did
fact that Keel existed and deposed the ETH you know that Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho
proves wholly the opposite of what he's has a history of a local lake monster, curi-
saying if taken literally. The intent is clearly ously intertwined with German prisoners of
metaphorical. The author believes that by war and secret submarine testing? I didn't
naming the demons haunting the souls of either, until Patrick shared this piece with
the anti-ETH heretics he has helped to cast me. In fact, I'd never even heard of Lake
them out. Works for me. Pend Oreille.
Number 355 Kenneth Ring (The Omega Project) and
Page 14 Sharon Cooper contribute an intriguing

piece called "Mindsight: How the Blind which it first appeared, the article would
Can See During Near-Death Experiences." probably still be unknown to the anomalies
In "The Channeled Myths of James Merrill: community.
New Tales of Atlantis and Akhnaton," John I can't think of another single piece of
Chambers reveals the inside story of the this length that I've read within the last
creation of the late Merrill's famous book- decade lhat so opened my eyes to a com-
length epic poem, The Changing Light at pletely new way of seeing things, in this
Sandover. Chambers tells you what the case the solar system in its entirety and. by
mainstream media, despite the glowing re- extension, the universe itself. "Cosmic
views of Sandover, didn't: that the Pulitzer Dancers" is almost impossible to summa-
Prize-winning poem was largely channeled rize. If 1 had to try, I would say that it takes
through a Ouija board. Gaia theory, which looks at the Earth as a
In "Jules Verne: Science Fiction Writer, living system, and basically applies the
Psychic or Remote Viewer?" another liter- same principles to the solar system as a
ary mystery is examined, this time by whole. Other ideas and observations orbit
Joseph W. McMoneagle, himself a well around this central thesis like planets and
known remote viewer. Karl T. Pflock looks their satellites around the sun, attracted by
at the myths and rumors surrounding the fa- the latter's sheer audacity and gravity. What
mous RAND Corporation report on "purpose" does Jupiter serve? Why is each
Unidentified Flying Objects. In "UFOs: For planetary and satellite subsystem unique? A rare day-
RAND Use Only,'' he demonstrates that Are catastrophic impacts "necessary" to time meteor
truth is often more interesting (and stranger) evolution — and do they follow regular pat- was reported
than fiction. The RAND report, written by terns or cycles? You'll never be able to look
astronomer George Kocher, is eye-opening upon life on this planet with quite the same to MUFON on
for a couple of reasons. First, it presents a closed (or temporal) perspective as before. our 800 num-
highly intriguing UFO case in great detail, Single and back issues of The Anomalisi ber from
one involving independent witnesses and can be ordered directly from me. Make
writing on the outside of the craft (repro- checks or money orders payable to Dennis Sierra Vista,
duced here), which has only been glanc- Stacy. PO Box 12434, San Antonio, TX AZ, Rodeo,
ingly mentioned in the UFO literature be- 78212. The individual price is $9.95, plus NM and El
fore. Secondly, Kocher's personal investiga- $2.50 s/h. Credit card orders for single is-
tion is a textbook example of how a UFO sues and subscriptions may be placed with Paso, TX on
case should be investigated — by ufologists Fenner, Reed & Jackson via toll-free tele- October 9,
and scientists alike. It also demonstrates phone call at (888) 427-3362. 1997.The
what we've long known — that when a
UFO sighting is investigated thoroughly —Dennis Stacy meteor ap-
(and objectively), a phenomenon that es- peared at
capes ready identification is sometimes at 12:47 p.m.
its core.
Having been in the Fortean and UFO METEOR REPORTED MST as a
fields as long as I have, I have to admit that streak as
it's not often that a new name or treatment bright as the
comes along that really knocks my socks
off. It's not that I'm jaded, so much that a setting sun,
completely new way of looking at things said Robert
just doesn't come along every day. There's Simpson, a
much talk of earthshaking paradigms, but
most examples of same turn out to be more spokesman
talk and speculation than true intellectual for McDonald
and scientific earthquake. Not so our con- Observatory
cluding article this time, "Cosmic Dancers
on History's Stage? The Permanent at Ft. Davis,
Revolution in the Earth Sciences." I can't TX.
tell you much about the author because we ASSOCIATED PRESS

haven't been able to get in touch with him. A radar map reportedly .v/wir.v a daytime mcleor trav-
Indeed, if Martin Kottmeyer hadn't drawn eling east in the center of the screen. The meteor re- 1997
our attention to the issue of the New Left portedly e \ploded over West Texas and southern Ne\\ Number 355
Review, an English political journal, in Mexico. Page 15

seemed to be dimming and brightening. At

CURRENT CASES, the Waffle House, he had a better view of
the not-quite-round light, and he watched it
for over three minutes. The glowing, white
By T. David Spencer apparition appeared to be about 100 yards
away and 200 feet above ground, pulsating
MUFON Deputy Director, Investigations and stationary. He figured it had to be about
30 feet in diameter, since it had an apparent
An assortment of 1996 Close Encounters: size of a silver dollar at arm's -length. When
the light was at its brightest, he could barely
LOG # 970106E: CE-L 11/15/96, look at it without hurting his eyes. He heard
Yadkinville, NC, at 23:00 hours EST, no sound from it.
04:OOGMT,for 5 minutes. Index = 17% When the light was at its dimmest, the
Investigator: George Fawcett witness could make out a smaller, bell-
shape, yellow-brown object behind it. This
A man, his wife, and two friends were second object was slightly angled from the
driving north on U.S. 601 toward their home vertical, and the light around its edge was
in Elkin, NC. Rounding a bend, one of the brighter than in the middle.
two friends pointed ahead and to the right, He told no one inside the restaurant about
saying: "That's mighty slow for an air- the unusual phenomena, and when he came
plane." The others looked and saw three ro- back out 45 minutes later, the objects were
tating red lights just above the trees, forming gone. The State Director - Field
a large, triangular shape which was moving Investigator's later contact with the night
at a diagonal in their direction. manager of the Waffle House resulted in
The driver slowed the car to 50 miles-per- learning that no one had reported the objects
hour and watched the object slowly cross that evening, but the manager was not sur-
over the highway no more than 150 feet in prised to learn of this sighting. His patrons
front of them. The speed was too slow, less often come in claiming they have seen a
than two miles-per-hour! They rolled down UFO in the general area.
the windows, but except for the breeze, they
could hear nothing. "How can anything that LOG # 9610275C: CE-1, 09/15/96,
huge make no noise? How can it navigate . . Waverly, I A, at 20:50 hours CDT, 01:50
. only a few feet above the treetops?" they GMT, for 30 minutes. Index= 19%
asked themselves. It was clear to them what Investigator: Beverly Trout, Kari Fleming,
they sighted was not three helicopters in for- and Earl Cronk
mation. The lights were on a flat, perfectly
level - dark - bottom of the object, and there At her apartment with her younger daugh-
were no white lights as would be required on ter and her daughter's friend, a woman
helicopters. The driver claims he has seen glanced out her kitchen window and noticed
"every sort of aircraft from the B-l to the a green light approaching from the northeast.
Goodyear blimp. I can assure you that this At several thousand feet, the light began a
object would cover more than one-half a descending spiral in a wide arc toward the
football field." This witness is a former pi- west, over a corn field, until, about a minute
lot. later, it was at an altitude conventional for
No other unusual occurrences were re- helicopters. It took a hovering position near
ceived by the county sheriff, or the King the Red Fox Inn about a quarter of a mile
Police Department, newspapers in the area, away, and its color changed to red and
the ATC at the Winston-Salem airport, or the white.
ATC at the Greensboro airport. The three decided to go to a local conve-
nience store, and when they got in the car,
LOG # 970111E: CE-1, ll/xx/96, the visitor was still hovering near the Inn. As
LaGrange, GA, at 19:30 hours EOT, 00:30 they left, the object moved in another wide
GMT, for 3.5 minutes. Index= 12% circle, but to the northeast and became paral-
Investigator: John C. Thompson lel to their car by the time they reached a
stop sign three blocks away. They continued
Driving south on 1-85 on a clear night, en toward town and watched the glowing craft
Number 355 route to a restaurant by Whitestone Road, a to the side and behind them turn white as
Page 16 young male noticed a full moon, but it they approached town. When they stopped at

a stoplight, the object stopped. When they visible sides of the object, giving it the ap-
moved forward, it moved forward, keeping pearance of a Christmas tree.
pace with them at a distance of less than 50
feet behind and 20 feet above. Before they LOG # 961110bC: CE-1, 07/25/96, Akron,
reached the store, their travelling partner had OH, at 05:00 hours EOT, 09:00 GMT, for 17
disappeared. No one had seen it leave. minutes (approx). Index = 15% Investigator:
They stopped at the store, but none of Richard T. Lee
them had the nerve to leave the car. Instead,
they decided to return to the apartment by Asleep in bed, a man and his wife were
another route, and they arrived home with- awakened by their daughter, who had them
out incident. look outside their window. They were both
After becoming settled, they went outside shocked by the sight of a huge, light gray or
to again look. "There it is again!" the daugh- silver object passing slowly and silently by
ter shouted. From the northeastward direc- less than 100 yards in front of their house,
tion an object came that first "looked like a moving eastward. It was larger than their
big old streetlight" — straight toward them, house, and boomerang or "U"-shaped, with
dropping in altitude as it approached. several rectangular "windows" at the curv-
The mother ran inside to telephone the ing areas on its bottom surface.
police. She was not outside when the object "I did not want to move," the wife said.
came over their apartment and began hover- "When I did look out, the light was so bright
ing with, both her daughters and three neigh- it hurt my eyes to look at it." She saw a
bor children watching. The object was glow- small "airplane" to the left side of the object
ing white all over and additionally had two that appeared to merge into the boomerang.
steady, large white lights at the bottom — al- The two continued to watch until the ob-
most like eyes — and one blinking white ject looked like just another star in the sky.
light at the top. While watching, they noticed that their two
For about five minutes, the round or oval dogs had hidden and were silent.
house-size object loomed 20 to 30 feet over
the two-story apartment building. Then, with LOG # 960813eC: CE-1, 06/11/96,
the woman's older daughter watching, the Louisville, KY, at 01:00 hours EOT, 05:00
object vanished (blinked out). The police ar- GMT, for 5 minutes. Index = 22%
rived a few minutes later. Investigator: James Washington

LOG # 970924SE: CE-1, 07/26/96, This witness found MUFON's telephone

Lancaster, NH, at 04:00 hours EOT, 08:00 number in the library and called. MUFON
GMT, for 1.5 minutes. Index= 13% Seguin gave her the State Director - Field
Investigator: Sandra Black Investigator's telephone number.
While driving home from work on
This report was given to the State Section Preston highway, heading toward Hillview, a
Director, who has irregular, occasional meet- woman saw a strange mass of light in the
ings with the witness when he is in the area. sky . . . [that] looked like the color of burn-
Driving south on Route 3 just below ing fire. "What was that?" she asked herself,
Lancaster, going up Corrigan Hill, a truck looking again as she was reaching a stop
driver was heading toward a pull-off to rest. light.
A tractor trailer was already parked there, She could see a cluster of lights between
which was of no consequence, but to the the trees, and she headed in that direction.
right of it was something that made the dri- Making a turn at a stop sign, she saw mov-
ver speed up and pass on by as fast as he ing lights in the sky and followed until she
could. was underneath them. Stopping at a stop
What the witness saw was a large object sign, she could see three lines of green lights
hovering less than 500 feet from the tractor forming a triangle and a white light at each
trailer. The driver was probably asleep in- corner. Smaller white lights were along the
side, unaware that a conical-shaped object sides, and a red light was on one side. The
was only a short distance away just behind color of the object's surface was brownish
the tops of brush and small trees - exploring gray. The brightness of the lights tended to
the truck with a bright beam of white light at hide black circles on the bottom, which the 1997
its top, or apex. Green lights ran down two witness believed may have been windows. Number 355
There appeared to be an opening on the up- Page 17

per right side of the object that looked like ward toward the lake to see a "dead gray"
car doors. object no more than 20 feet over its surface
When the witness left the stop sign, she and about 150 yards away. (She compared
saw that the object was out of view. She did its color to the inside of a Teflon® coated,
not look back until she was home. silverstone pot.) The object was shaped like
The investigator found that there had a classical disc the size of a compact car, in-
been a number of military helicopters flying cluding a smoothly integrated dome on its
low that evening, and it is possible that this top and a depression on its bottom, all seam-
witness found one of them. The witness less.
claims, however, that she could hear no A few seconds later, the disc hurled itself
noise from the craft. straight upward "at a speed at least as fast as
LOG # 970501E: CE-1, 06/07/96, Franklin,
GA, at 19:45 hours EOT, 23:45 GMT, for 25 LOG # 970408E: CE-1, 04/08/96,
minutes, lndex-25% Investigator: John C. Thomasville, NC, at 21:15 hours EOT, 01:15
Thompson GMT, for 30 minutes. Index= 42%
Investigator: Robert Hair
A man, his girlfriend, and the girlfriend's
daughter were boating on the Chattahoo- On a dark night, a man was alone in his
chee River in the early evening. When they pickup truck on a delivery errand for his
were near the Highway 27 bridge, the mother. Driving westward on Emanuel
daughter yelled at the other two. They Church Road, and going partly up the hill
turned around to see a silver, egg-shaped ob- with the graveyard and church to his right,
ject the size of a VW "Beetle" sitting verti- he saw an object hovering about 30 feet off
cal, like "a goose egg," about 50 feet over the ground in an empty field across the road.
the river and 100 yards away. The water be- He was alone on the road. Curious but hesi-
neath was undisturbed. tant, the witness drove past the sighting,
They stopped their motor and watched as turned, and drove past again, until he was
the object slowly rolled over to a horizontal passing it the fourth time.
position then turned 90 degrees clockwise at A light blue-green, conical beam, starting
its center and began slowly moving eastward at nearly a point on the edge of the disc-
across the river bank and upward over the shape and expanding to about three feet in
hill, toward Franklin. Moving only about ten diameter, was being projected to and scan-
miles-per-hour, it cleared a kudzu patch be- ning the ground, but the witness could not
side a pecan tree and narrowly missed a see anything illuminated on the ground. A
house. The three noticed several men laying circle of numerous brilliant red lights - so
sod on the bank overflown by the object, but bright they obscured viewing the upper part
none of the men looked up to notice the craft of the object - rimmed its bottom. Inside the
overhead. circle were what looked like a cluster of four
After passing over Franklin, the object rocket engines, shaped like those of the space
moved high in the sky. changed to a south- shuttle. A red glow could be seen within
west heading back toward the witnesses, and them, but no flames were being emitted.
continued in that direction until it was out of On the witness' fourth pass-by, the object
sight. shut down its scanning beam and slowly
During the sighting, both small civilian moved toward and above him. When directly
and high-flying military and commercial overhead, the object was within ten feet of
planes were seen in the vicinity, but the FAA his truck, and the "rocket" engines - still
in Atlanta claimed no pilot reported any- glowing red - made no sound. After crossing
thing unusual. overhead, the vehicle began gaining altitude
and continued on a northward course. The
LOG # 970107E: CE-1, 05/07196, witness then saw a very bright white head-
LaGrange, GA, at 13:30 hours EOT, 17:30 light on the craft, shaped like an upright rec-
GMT, for 7 seconds (approx). Index= 12% tangle.
Investigator: John C. Thompson Fifteen minutes later, after the witness re-
sumed his journey, he could still see the ob-
Taking a lunch break alone at a park on ject at a high angle and very far away, recog-
Number 355 West Point Lake and enjoying her meal for nizing it by its rectangular light.
Page 18 about 20 minutes, a lady looked northwest- "That's the last I saw of it," he concluded.

On the night of December 12-13, the full moon crosses in

IheJSllGHT,SKY front of Aldebaran, hiding it for up to an hour and a quarter
(depending upon one's location). This occultation begins
Walter N.Webb about 12:20 AM (on the 13th) in New England, about 10:50
PM (on the 12th) in Chicago, and about 7:50 PM in Los
December 1997 Angeles.
Bright Planets (Evening Sky): The Big Dipper has started its ascent back up the northern sky.
The end of its handle rests on the horizon at 9 PM in mid-
During the first week of December, the five naked-eye plan-
month (mid-northern latitudes).
ets continue to be seen simultaneously during early twilight
not far from their positions in November's Night Sky column.
Mercury, however, is very low in the SW and difficult to
see. (Look early after sunset with binoculars.)
Venus (magnitude -4.7) and Mars ( 1 . 2 ) are in the SW at
dusk, setting within about 20 minutes of each other around 7
PM. The first planet achieves its maximum brightness on
December 11. Venus is near the lunar crescent on the 2nd, October 31 - November 2 — 4th Annual Tampa UFO Conference.
3rd, and 31st and is about 1° above Mars on the 22nd. Camberly Plaza Hotel, Tampa, Florida. For information write Project
Awareness, P.O. Box 730, Gulf Breeze, FL 32562 or call (904) 432-
Jupiter (-2.1), in Capricornus, stands low in the SW at dusk 8888
and then sets about 8:30 in mid-month. November 2 — First Annual Long Island UFO Conference at
Saturn (0.7), in Pisces, can be seen in the SE at twilight and Levittown Hall, Levittown Parkway, HicksviHe, New York. For infor-
advances westward during the evening. While it is very near mation contact Joanne Steele (516) 386-1493 or Janet Russell
the gibbous Moon on the night of December 8-9 for most of
the U.S., observers in the Southwest can watch the Moon November 15 — Second Annual UFO/Alien Abduction Seminar
featuring John Carpenter at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, Eau
occult the ringed planet for up to an hour starting at about Claire, Wisconsin. For tickets and/or information call (715) 833-
12:30 AM MST (on the 9th) and about 11:20 PM PST (on the 4639.
8th). Saturn resumes apparent direct or eastward motion on the November 22 & 23 — 5th Symposium on Ufology and Exobiology.
17th. Sindipetro. Santos, SP Brasil. For further information call 55 (043)
336.3719 or 55 (011) 5513.7107.

Bright Planets (Morning Sky): December 4 -7 — Second World UFO Congress Acapulco 1997 in
Acapulco, Mexico. For information contact Pasquale Lopresti, Fax
Saturn sets in the W soon after 1 AM in mid-December. 011 (525) 589-33-43.
December 7-14 — First World UFO Forum, Brasilia, D.F. Brazil at
Parlamundi Convention Center. Sponsor is Legiao da Boa Vontade
Meteor Shower: (LBV) and Coalition of Leading Brazilian UFO researchers. For
Unfortunately for the Geminid meteor peak this year, the information write to Caixa Postal 2182, 79008-970 Campo Grande
(MS) Brazil.
full moon hampers viewing of the shower all n i g h t on
December 13-14. This will severely curtail the usual maxi- February 1-7,1998 — The 7th Annual International UFO Congress
Convention and Film Festival. To be held at the Gold River Resort
mum count of about 50-100 per hour. Lesser numbers of
in Laughhn, Nevada. For information contact the UFO Congress,
these bright white meteors can be glimpsed from about the 7th 9975 Wadsworlh Pkwy. #K2-274, Westminster, CO 80020.
to the 15th. Phone/Fax (303) 543-9443.
June 26, 27 & 28,1998 — MUFON 1998 International UFO
Symposium, Renaissance Denver Hotel, Denver, Colorado.
Moon Phases:
First quarter—December 7 € July 3-5 — Roswell Days, Roswell, New Mexico. For information
contact International UFO Museum & Research Center, P.O. Box
Full moon—December 13 O 2221, Roswell, NM 88202 or call (505) 625-9495.

Last quarter—December 21
MUFON 1997
New moon—December 29
The Stars: "Fiftieth Anniversary of Ufology"
During the mid-evening hours the resplendent constellations
Thirteen papers — 300 pages
of winter in the SE assume more importance as the dimmer
autumn stars flee toward the western horizon. Once Orion the Price: $25 plus $1.75
Hunter is found, his trio of belt stars in a row points down- for postage and handing, in U.S. funds
ward toward Sirius, the brightest star in the entire night sky.
The belt stars point upward to Aldebaran, the fiery orange eye ORDER FROM:
of Taurus the Bull. Note the V-shaped Hyades star cluster out- MUFON, 103 Oldtowne Road
lining the bull's face and the dipper-shaped Pleiades cluster
Seguin, TX 78155-4099
marking a spear-wound in the animal's shoulder.

November 1997 Number 355 Page 19



John F. Schuessler, MS
ABSTRACT normally after the light was gone and the cold sen-
On occasion, unidentified flying object (UFO) re- sation had passed.
ports contain information about humans feeling a variety
of physiological effects during a UFO close encounter or • On November 26, 1976, a man and woman were
an abduction event. These effects range in intensity driving near Tyler, Texas, when they encountered a
from temporary sensations to lasting bodily injuries. gray, triangular-shaped object with a bright white
Unfortunately, UFO investigators are usually not ade- light. As the object neared their truck, two white
quately prepared to handle cases of this type. lights on it started blinking. Immediately, the couple
felt as if they were in shock. They said they were
INTRODUCTION "white" and shaken. The only lasting effect from the
For the past fifty years people have been reporting event was a malfunction of their wristwatches. Both
their UFO experiences. In a small percentage of the lost time.
cases the witnesses also report how they were physically
affected by the nearness of the UFO. At the same time, • On August 12, 1981, a man was in a field with his
they tell how the UFO behaved in a fashion unlike any- wife near Anderson, Indiana, to photograph a me-
thing manufactured by humans at the time of the inci- teor shower when a strange light came down from
dent, how it flew in a bizarre manner, affected plant above. He said his head and shoulders felt like he
and animal life, and disabled mechanical and electrical had been hit with a wet blanket. It was a very un-
devices. And during the past 30 years, a new category of comfortable feeling and he was unable to move.
UFO incident, the abduction experience, has also added After the light retracted, he was able to move again.
to the number of cases involving human physiological
effects. The following sampling of such cases will serve • During a UFO incident near Barnsley, Yorks,
to illustrate the worldwide nature of the problem in England on August 15, 1986 a man was hit by a
general. blinding white fluorescent beam of light. He fell a
tingling sensation and could not move. The hairs on
PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS his neck stood on end. He was fine following the in-


People report a variety of simple short-lived sensations Slightly more puzzling are the cases where witnesses re-
during UFO incidents. For example: port multiple sensations during close encounters, as fol-
• On September 20, 1972, a driver spotted a UFO as it
. landed on Mount Rouge, in the providence of • On November 10, 1957, near Madison, Ohio, a man
Quebec, Canada. He drove to the mountain and ap- watched a bright hovering acom-shaped object for
proached the UFO, flashing his car lights. The UFO 20-30 minutes. During the event he experienced an
arose and flew straight at his car, passing about uncontrollable movement of his hand as it kept go-
thirty feet above it. He said the object was shaped ing up in front of his face. He suffered from eye ir-
like a disk and was 100-150 feet in diameter. The ritation for two weeks after the event.
car's engine, lights and radio failed during the time
the UFO was overhead. The man said he felt a • On April 28, 1966, two men were sleeping in their
strong sensation of heat during the experience. van near Sawtry, England. They awoke suddenly as
they experienced difficulty in breathing and had an
• On September 24, 1974, a driver encountered a blue acidic taste in their mouths. They could hear birds
fluorescent-like light as it climbed into the sky near screeching wildly. When they looked outside, they
Eggardon Hill, England. The light was the shape of saw two large spherical objects moving away.
a circular neon light with blurred edges. The car's
headlights dimmed momentarily while in close prox- • On March 6, 1969, near Glenwood, Missouri, a
imity to the unusual light. At the same time the dri- woman drove her car into a beam of light coming
ver had a "cold" feeling. Within 15 seconds the ob- down from a UFO hovering about fifty feet above
ject had zig-zagged out of sight. The car functioned the road. The car slowed and wouldn't respond to
November 1997 Number 355 Page 20 Continued on Page 23


Edited by Dennis Stacy & Hilary Evans, published by Fonean EXTR ATERRESTRIA LS
Times. 30 contributors, hb, illus., 272 pp. $27.95 plus $3.00 s/h.
Checks or Money Order payable to Dennis Stacy, Box 12434, A Complete Overview of Alien Lifeforms Based on Actual
San Antonio, TX 78212. Accounts & Sightings, by Patrick Huyghe. Readers and reviewers
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Aztec Trading Company, offering products that stimulate the
imagination and promote the awareness of the UFO phenomenon!
Please visit our web site. REAL X-FILES: THE UFO-CIA CONNECTION. "Natural
phenomena" says Dir. of Air Intelligence Gen. Samford at 1952
press conference. Same day Air Intelligence tells FBI" . . .
VIDEO/AUDIO TAPES on UFOs, crop circles, aviation mys- objects may possibly be ships from another planet...!" Project
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Chronicles (the true story of a close encounter of the ultimate for my doctoral dissertation focusing on the spiritual/philosoph-
kind!) $19.95 to Arrowhead Publishing, Box 323, N. Waterboro, ical implications of the phenomenon. Contact Ms. Edrie Greer,
ME 04061-0323. Please visit Web site: FOB 291, Wake Forest, NC 27588, or call 919.536.9645, or email
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Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 13 Publication Name: MUFON UFO JOURNAL.
Editor: Dennis W. Stacy, P.O. Box 12434, 14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below: September 1997.
San Antonio, Texas 78212 15. Extent and nature of circulation

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November 1997 Number 355 Page 22


HUMAN EFFECTS - Continued from Page 20 DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE - Continued from Page 24
the accelerator. She felt the hair stand up on her
arms. At the same time her dog acted strange and
tried to hide under the seat. Her eyes bothered her
for three days after the event.

• On August 27, 1979, a police officer on patrol in

Marshall County, Minnesota, spotted a light over the
road. At first he thought it was a low-flying air-
craft. Suddenly, the light rushed his car and dam-
aged it. The last thing he remembered before losing
consciousness was the breaking of glass. About 40
minutes later he regained consciousness and ra-
dioed for help. The car was damaged and in the
ditch, with the red engine light on. His eyes hurt so
much he could barely see.
Left to right: Dennis Stacy and Dwigln Connelly
• On September 10, 1981, a young woman was walk-
ing up the steps of her parent's home in Weston
Mill Hill, England, when she saw a massive craft
with pink, purple, and white lights. The shell of the
craft was metallic gray. As she reached for the door
a lime green beam came down and hit her hand. She
was frozen in place - paralyzed. When the beam re-
tracted she could move again. After the event she
had a mark appear on her hand where the beam hit.

• On December 24, 1989, a pilot was flying an L-29

jet aircraft over Chelyabinsk, Siberia when he en-
countered a dark gray, cigar-shaped object. He first
spotted the object about 500 meters below his plane
and maneuvered around to see it better. The total
time of the sighting was eight minutes and twenty
seconds. He was looking at the object through the
transparent canopy for about four minutes. After
he landed he noticed that his face was becoming
coated with a red crust of soft skin that felt sensitive
to the touch. Within a day, the skin thickened into a
soft crust-like material that covered the parts of his
face not covered by his flying helmet.

• On February 4, 1990, a woman driving home from

work to Manorville, Long Island encountered a
large luminous oval-shaped object. It was flying at
treetop level and pacing her car. The light emitted
from the object was so bright that she had to squint
to be able to see the road. She could feel the heat
from the object through the windshield of her car.
The object was silent and its surface appeared to be
smooth. y
Dwiglir and Carolyn Connelly
John F. Schuessler is the MUFON Deputy Director,
Administration and Chairman of MUFON's Medical
Committee. This article will be continued in future issues
with additional effects upon witnesses.

November 1997 Number 355 Page 23


Walter Andrus o

NEWS FROM AROUND THE NETWORK signed as the Foreign Representative for the Republic
of Slovenia and the new Balkan countries. He also be-
NEW JOURNAL EDITOR came a Research Specialist in Space Studies.
The November 1997 Journal commemorates the New State Section Directors assuming their respon-
157th issue edited by Dennis W. Stacy since October sibilities this month were Frank C. McLean, Jr. B.A.
] 984 - far more than any prior editor, starting with (Chester, VA): John A. Love III (Green Bay. VA):
SKYLOOK IN 1967. Everyone in MUFON is indebted Dave Miller, B.A. (Moraine, OH) and Jason L.
to Mr. Stacy for his dedication to the Journal for over SplichaKEau Claire, WI).
thirteen years. We wish him the very best in his free-
lance writing career. Dennis has promised to write NEW CONSULTANTSAND RESEARCH
book reviews for the Journal when appropriate. SPECIALISTS
Dwight Connelly, former editor of SKYLOOK, will Two new Consultants voluntering their expertise
take over the editorship with the December 1997 is- were Laurie Anne Aten, M.D. (Christoval, TX) in
sue. His address is 14026 Ridgelawn, Martinsville, medicine; and D. L. Scroggins, J. D. (Atoka, OK) in
Illinois 62442. Submitted articles for publication may Law. New Research Specialists were King R. Giloth-
be sent directly to Mr. Connelly or to MUFON in David, M.A. (St. Joseph, IN) in Education; Kurt E.
Seguin, TX. Reader's classified adds should be mailed Nalty, M.S. (Austin. TX) in Electrical Engineering:
to Walt Andrus, attaching a check made payable to Jane L. Dearman, M.A. (El Paso, TX) in Ed.
MUFON. Dwight's wife, Carolyn, will be assisting Psychology; James R. Smyre, M.A. (Folly Beach,
her husband in several capacities. On the weekend of SC) in Counseling: and Mary Lou Kough-Hainer,
October 18, 19 and 20, Dwight and Carolyn met with M.A. (Cambria, CA) in Human Development.
Dennis, Walt, and the pertinent people at Tommy
Brown Printing, Roy Duncan, the owner and Donna ENTITY SCUPTURE
Cherundolo the typesetter to provide a smooth transi- Barry S. Anderson, a Field Investigator Trainee in
tion between editors. Orlando. FL and a professional artist, has produced an
Based upon the hundreds of Journal Survey forms alien head. 14 inches high, for the MUFON UFO
from our readers suggesting improvements, be pre- Information Center exhibit. A graduate of the Art
pared for subtle evolutionary revisions, starting with Institute of Pittsburgh, Mr. Anderson is employed as
this issue. If you have not returned your survey form, an artist and sculptor at the Wax Museum in Orlando.
please do so immediately, because the editors appreci- We are extremely proud to display a sample of Barry's
ate your input. The suggestions varied from the bril- beautiful work in our Center. MUFON is always re-
liant to the sublime, and to the impractical. Readers ceptive to UFO exhibits of this nature. If any member
should not expect every one of their suggestions to be has a UFO item that would be appropriate to place on
utilized, since many contradicted each other when tab- exhibition, please contact Walt Andrus.
ulated due to diverse opinions. As some members
pointed out this was a healthy survey and should have
been conducted a few years ago. We thank everyone
for taking the time and interest to respond so as to
make your Journal something that you can be proud
to share with your friends and relatives.

After over fifteen years of dedicated service as
State Director of Oklahoma, Jean Waller-Seifried is
moving to Arizona for retirement. A member since
1987, Charles L. "Chuck" Pine, B. S. (Tuttle. OK) is
her replacement. Chad M. Lewis (Eau Claire) was re-
cently appointed the State Director for Wisconsin.
Anastasia Wietrzychowska selected Mark S.
Cash man (Windsor, CT) as her Assistant State
Director for Connecticut. Milos Krmelj, M.S., for-
merly the Representative for Yugoslavia, has been as-
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