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Asset Integrity Management More Than Just a Fixed Equipment Inspection Program?

Joey Poret Reliability & Integrity Supervisor Chuandongbei Gas Project

2010 Chevron

Joey Poret
Currently the Reliability & Integrity Supervisor for the Chuandongbei Gas Project in Sichuan, China Over 15 years experience in Nondestructive Testing and Inspection Over 10 years experience in the development of Risk Based Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Programs Certified API 510 and 570 Inspector. Also holds ASNT Level III certification Co-developer of the Chevron Upstream Asset Integrity Management process
2010 Chevron

Process Safety and Asset Integrity Management Initial Asset Integrity Management Development Asset Integrity Management Process within Chevron Global Upstream Questions?

2010 Chevron

In the beginning, everyone had an opinion

Asset Integrity Management is a fixed equipment inspection program. will apply to all equipment Asset Integrity Management is a risk-based process for determining priorities of tasks Asset Integrity Management will double my maintenance & inspection workload. Integrity is the same thing as Reliability

2010 Chevron

Setting the Stage

Process Safety and Asset Integrity

Guidelines for

Risk Based Process Safety


Condition Monitoring



Asset Integrity Management

Proper Functioning Equipment
2010 Chevron

Implementation of AIM
Global Upstream & Gas

Corporate Reliability Expectations

Supplemental Asset Integrity Requirements

Corporate Asset Integrity Requirements

AI Corporate Standard
AI Corporate Guidelines AI Gap Assessment

CGUG Implementation

CGUG Implementation

SERIP AIM Procedure

SERIP Asset Integrity Subprocess Equipment Specific Requirements Audit Protocol

2010 Chevron

What is Asset Integrity & Asset Integrity Management?

Asset Integrity
The ability of an asset to perform its planned function effectively and efficiently for its intended application throughout its service life.

Asset Integrity Management builds on existing Reliability & Integrity Efforts

Focused on high consequence areas - consequences of failure are unacceptable. Applies a layer of rigor and governance to ensure the integrity program is being executed as planned and that variations are appropriately resolved.

2010 Chevron

Focus on Layers of Protection

Not just the Fixed Equipment

2010 Chevron

Setting the Appropriate Scope

Critical Structures Machinery

Safety Systems

Fixed Equipment

Electrical , Instrumentation and Controls

Floating Systems and Subsea

2010 Chevron

Asset Integrity Management Process

4 Basic Steps

Identification of Important Assets Develop Inspection, Test, and Maintenance Plans

High Consequence

Use Industry practices

Execute Inspection, Test, and Maintenance Plans

Execute the Plan

Monitoring and Managing Deviations

Right information, right person, right decision

2010 Chevron

Identifying Critical Assets/Equipment

What does Critical really mean?

High Likelihood Likelihood

High Risk

Low Risk

High Consequence


2010 Chevron

Criticality Assessment
Integrity Hazards Examples
Hydrocarbon Gas

Determine Top Event

Riser Rupture and spill

Assessment Process

Determine Causes

Determine Consequences
Health, Safety, Environment, and Asset
High Consequence?

Identify Safeguards
Emergency Shutdown Valve, Evacuation Alarm, Inspection Program


2010 Chevron

Develop Integrity Plans

An AIM Inspection, Test, and Preventive Maintenance (ITPM) Template is a documented reliability and integrity strategy for a particular equipment type. The ITPM plans include the scope, failure modes, recommended ITPM tasks, and a task selection matrix. Templates feed into local RBI / RCM / and FMEA reliability processes based on local considerations

2010 Chevron

Variation Management Nonconformances

Focus on Variation Management Levels of Governance

Discrepant Material Condition - affects the ability to perform integrity critical functions Overdue Integrity Tasks a task is planned to exceed the required completion date.

Levels of Governance Levels of Governance

Variations must be addressed with the appropriate level of management involvement.


2010 Chevron

Manage Nonconformances

The right people, make the right decision, based on the right information
2010 Chevron

Do you still have the same opinion?

AIM program is a fixed equipment inspection program. Asset Integrity Management will apply to all equipment Asset Integrity Management is a risk-based process for determining priorities of tasks AIM program will double my maintenance & inspection workload. Integrity is the same thing as Reliability

2010 Chevron


2010 Chevron