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1.1 This specification covers design, manufacture, testing, supply and installation of Earthing Device (Heavy duty) for use of earthing of Sub-station of transformer capacity 100 KVA or more at different locations under NESCO area .

1.2 Excavation of earth pit with proper size , Installation of pipe earthing includes supply of earth electrodes, GI flats, GI nuts & bolts and earth chamber made of brick masonry with RRC slab cover.

1.3 Each Sub-station earthing consist of 5 nos. earth pits connection with 50x6 mm GI flat for neutral earthing ,25x4 mm GI flat for Transformer body, AB switch, HG fuse, LA, DB earthing.



Earthing pipe must be made out 40 mm nominal bore & 3.2 mm wall thickness

medium gauge(no minus Tolerance allowed) Hot Dip G.I pipe (as per IS ;- 1239, Part1, 1990 & REC construction Standard J-2) of reputed Make & 2.5 mtr. long . The pipe electrode shall be cut tapered at the bottom side for a length of 75 mm and welded clamp at top end . 2.2 2.3 The pipe shall be in one piece and no joint shall be allowed in the electrode. Staggered drills hole of 12 mm Dia of interval of 150mm up to 2 meter from bottom

side shall be made before galvanization.

2.4 The GI Earthing Clamp/ Strip (C- Clamp Type) is to be of 50mm width, 6mm thickness & flange length of 65 mm to be welded with pipe before galvanization . This should be suitable for termination of 4 nos of GI Flat earth electrodes. The Clamp/ Strip & Earthing pipe after fabrication will be hot dip galvanized confirming to IS: 2629/85 with latest amendments. The clamp shall have two holes in both sides suitable for 5/8 x 2 Bolt & provided with two GI Bolts of 5/8 x 2 long half threaded with spring washer 2.5 The galvanization tests are to be conducted as per IS: 2633/72 & IS: 6745/72 & its latest amendments.

The weight of zinc deposited shall be in accordance with that stated in Standard IS 2629 and shall not less than 0.61kg/m with a minimum thickness of 86 microns for items of thickness more than 5mm, 0.46kg/m (64 microns) for items of thickness between 2mm and 5mm and 0.33kg/m (47 microns) for items less than 2mm thick.

Technical Specification T.N. No. NESCO/CAPEX/SUPPLY & INSTALLATION /15 ,Gr.B Page 4


G.I. Flat (50 x 6 mm) & G.I.Flat (25 x 4 mm)



The specification covers manufacture, testing and supply & erection of Galvanized Steel flat for Earthing arrangements. 50x6 mm GI flat for connection of Transformer neutral earthing and 25x4 mm GI flat for connection of Transformer body, AB Switch, HG fuse, DB, LA etc. earthing



Materials shall conform to the latest applicable Indian standards. In case bidders offer steel section and supports conforming to any other international specifications which shall be equivalent or better than IS, the same is also acceptable. Sl. No. Standard No. Title Specification for M.S. Channel

1 IS:2062 Grade A Quality and M.S. Flat

2 IS:2062 Chemical and Physical Composition of material 3 IS:1852 Rolling and Cutting Tolerances for Hot Rolled Steel products 3.0 RAW MATERIAL :

The steel section shall be re-rolled from the BILLETS/INGOTS of tested quality as per latest version of IS: 2830 or to any equivalent International standard and shall be arranged by the bidder from their own sources. The chemical composition and physical properties of the finished materials shall be as per the relevant standards.



Steel sections shall be tested in IS approved laboratory or standard laboratory of the Bidder country having all facilities available for conducting all the tests as prescribed in relevant IS or IEC or to any equivalent International laboratory or Institutions. The Bidders are required to specifically indicate that; They hold valid IS (or equivalent IEC) License. Steel Section offered are bearing requisite IS certification or equivalent IEC marks.

The Bidders are required to submit a copy of the valid IS (or equivalent IEC) License clearly indicating size and range of product against respective ISS or any equivalent International Standards along with their offer.

5.0 Length


The GS Flat to be supplied shall be in 5.5 meters to 13 meters lengths.

Weighment The weighment of GS Flat shall be witnessed by the consignee at the time of taking delivery. The weight recorded in the material receipt certificate issued by the consignees shall be final.


Chemical composition and physical properties of M.S.Channels and M.S.Flat conforming to IS: 2062/84L Technical Specification T.N. No. NESCO/CAPEX/SUPPLY & INSTALLATION /15 ,Gr.B Page 5

Chemical Composition For Fe 410 WA Grade

1 C - 0.23% 2 Mn - 1.5%


3 S - 0.050% MAX. 4 P - 0.050% MAX. 5 SI - 0.40% 6 CE - 0.42% MAX. MAX.

(Carbon Equivalent)


Mechanical Properties

1. 2.

Tensile strength Kgf/mm - 410 Yield stress Min. for thickness/diameter

<20 mm - 26 Kgf/mm OR 250N/mm 20-40 mm - 24Kgf/mm OR 240N/mm 40 mm - 23Kgf/mm OR 230N/mm 3. 4. Elongation % 23%

Bend Test (Internal Dia) - Min-3t (this the thickness of the material)



It is desirable that the Bidders should put his identification marks on the finished materials. The mark shall be in legible English letters




The materials to be supplied will be subject to inspection and approval by the purchasers representative

before dispatch and / or on arrival at the destination. Inspection before dispatch shall not, however, relieve the

bidders of his responsibility to supply the steel section strictly in accordance with the specification.

The bidders shall abide by all the statutory provisions, acts such as the Indian Electricity Act, Indian factory Act, Indian Boiler Act etc,. and corresponding rules and regulations as may be applicable and as amended from time to time. The purchasers representative shall be entitled at all reasonable time during manufacture to inspect, examine and test at the bidders premises the materials and workmanship of the steel section to be supplied. As soon as the steel section are ready for testing , the bidders shall intimate the purchaser well in advance, so that action may be taken for getting the material inspected. The material shall not be dispatched unless waiver of inspection is obtained or inspected by the purchasers authorized representative. The test certificate shall be in accordance with the latest version of the relevant Indian Standard or any equivalent International standards. The acceptance of any batch /lot shall in no way relieve the bidder of any of his responsibilities for meeting all the requirements of the specification and shall not prevent subsequent rejection of any item if the same later found defective. 9.2 All conductors burred in earth and concrete and above ground level shall be galvanized steel. Galvanized steel shall be subject to four one minute dips in copper sulphate solution as per IS:2633/1922.



Sl. No.

Tests For GS Flat

1 Dip test 4 dips of 1 min each 2 Mass of Zinc coating 300 gram/sq.m minimum


Pre dispatch inspection shall be performed to witness following tests:

Freedom from defects, Verification of dimensions Galvanization tests Mechanical tests Chemical composition tests

These tests are to be performed and certified at Govt. recognized laboratory

MS flat shall conform to IS 2062 & its latest amendments for steel & Galvanization as per IS 4759 & its Latest amendments.

The flat shall be coated with Zn 98 Zinc grade.

The minimum Zinc coating shall be 610 gm/sqm for thickness more than 5 mm and 460 gm/sqm for

item thickness less than 5 mm.


Inspection & Rejection :

The representative of Purchaser shall pick up samples at random from the GI Flats offered for carrying out routine tests as per specified IS. The representative shall make visual inspection on each & every GI flats. The purchaser reserves the right to reject on inspection after the same is received at destination.