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LESSON PLAN ENGLISH TERM : UOI3 Central Idea : role model learn the characteristics to get the profile

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OVERVIEW : Teaching students how to get most out of their reading while introducing them to the nonfiction genre. It will expose the students to a wide variety of biographies. OBJECTIVES : 1.Students understand that biographies give an account of a persons life and achievements 2. Explore several different types of biographies to help determine their area of interest 3. Choose one notable person they would like to learn more about 4. Use written and internet resources to research one person 5. Fill out a biography graphic organizer 6. Write the one of writing types to explore the story life of a famous figure after understanding the way how to write paragraph MATERIALS 1. 2. 3. 4. Collection of biographies Biography Computers Chart papers and color markers and spidols

DIRECTIONS Part 1 : Introducing the genre (Week1) Introduce the genre by telling the students that biographies are the genre that can open their thinking to people who have difference in the world Ask questions along the way to stimulate students thinking Tell students they have the opportunity to learn many interesting facts they dont know about people when they explore biographies Setting up center by using baskets or chart papers that are labeled or sticked on the wall. Allow students at least 20 minutes to identify the information

Part2 : Reading Biography (Week2-3) Students read a biography on steps (printed out or books) Encourage the students to brainstorm their views using biographic organizer Inform students thy will soon be writing a biographical sketch on their own. It starts in writing outline in chart papers so it can be posted and students can refer to it while writing The outline should include the following these contents : Personal histories : 5W+1H Experiences that made this person famous The characteristic of the person Important contribution Things you admire this person

Part3 : Writing Narrative based on biographical story of famous people (Week4-5) Students will use any resources to be explored in writing narrative to tell about famous people Before they start to write, teacher will guide them and explain about what writing skill is and step of writing process

Asses Students : Use writing rubric to evaluate students writing skills and at the end of this assessment the student will get the certificate of writing biography Perfom short drama to describe storylife of a famous people (Week6)