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Cheruku Reddy Oracle Database Administrator PROFESSIONAL SU AR!S Over " !ears experience as an Information Technology Professional.

. Performed as Oracle D#A, Senior Analyst and Programmer Analyst in a variety of (life cycle) environments including !an"ing, inventory control, #ealth$%are Industry (medical claims analysis and on$line claims ad&udication), 'etail (e)$Site support, #' (time * attendance). Oracle RD# S Database Administration + Application ,esign and ,evelopment ,esign, Administration, ,isaster recovery, Performance Tuning, %loning, extent+space management, -./0 On$%alls. 1xtensive custom development + data 2uality analysis3 4egacy data processing, stored procedures, Triggers, indexing strategies. Proficient 5ith Oracle $%& RAC, Data &uard 'hysical standby * Lo&ical Standby Database( Data )uard( Re'lication. Proven 1xperience 5ith 66g, 67g 'elease -, 8.-.7.- $ 8.-.70, 9.6.0.. and 9x versions. 1xtensive "no5ledge in :;I/ platforms includes *P, SOLARIS( AI+, and LINU+. 1xperience in OL,P-DSS data)ase systems, managing large Oracle data)ases ./LD#01 Proficient 5ith Database Clonin&, i&ration, Standby Database, Data )uard and Patchin& o2 Oracle Databases and Oracle Applications. Proven experience 5ith data)ase performance and tuning techni2ues to enhance data)ase optimi<ation plans. Proficient in ,elivering Oracle ,ata)ase performance$tuning services for customers 5ith E3'lain Plan, ,4PROF, S,A,SPAC4, S5L ,RACE, custom scripts and 5ait interface. 1xperience in installation, configuration of Oracle$%& RAC. 1xperienced in using 67g features li"e 67g R AN( Data Pum'( Flash6#ack Reco7ery and AS 1 =anaging the RAC databases such adding ne5 nodes and deleting the existed node from cluster and managing AS such as disk &rou' maintenance data)ase replication >ood "no5ledge in ,ata)ase 'eplications using Oracle Streams1 1xperienced in ,isaster 'ecovery setup. 1xtensive 1xperience 5ith '=A; !ac"ups, #ot !ac"ups and 4ogical !ac"ups. ?no5ledge of data)ase recovery techni2ues and implementation of those recovery techni2ues to ensure )usiness continuity. 1xpertise includes management of schemas( ob8ects 9 'artitionin& the tables 9 inde3es. 1xpertise in maintaining ,ata)ase Security using auditing. :;I/ Systems Administration $ ,ata)ase and application integration efforts3 %@S system installation experience3 #eavy UNI+ shell scri'tin&, CRON 8obs. ,evelop, document, and implement security configuration for Oracle soft5are and data)ase instances to comply 5ith existing standards. ?no5ledge on Oracle Support processes for technical re2uests 5ith eta Link. 1xcellent a)ility to 5or" )oth independently and in teams.

,echnical Skills: O'eratin& Systems RD# S Lan&ua&es ,ools ,unin& ,ools Database odelin& OS( *ard;are( stora&e <OR4 E+PERIANCE: #P$:/ 67./, 66./, Sun Solaris -.A, 9, 8, 67, AI/ B.6, B.-, B.C, '#14 C.x, ..x and (indo5s 89+;T+-777+/P Oracle 66g+67g+8i+9i, ,!-, SD4 Server P4+SD4, SD4, %, %EE, FA@A, @!, :nix Shell Scripting '=A;, O1=, TOA,, SD4 G4oader, 1xp+Imp, 1xpdp+Impdp T?P'OH, 1/P4AI; P4A;, STATSPA%? 1r5in ..7, Po5er ,esigner, 'ational rose 1=%, ;etApp, 1=%, @eritas ;et!ac"up, ;et vault

#ron3 Lebanon *os'ital( N! Role: Sr. ,ata)ase Administrator

Au& =%%> 6 Present

!ronx 4e)anon is a non$profit health care system serving south and central !ronx. The goal of the pro&ect is to install, configure and administer oracle 67g 'A% for fe5 critical data)ases. Res'onsibilities: Installing, %reating and =igrating the Oracle data)ase on 66g. %reated data)ases on RAC for Production, ,evelopment and IT> environments. Performed migration from Oracle ?i( $%& to Oracle 67g 'elease- RAC database. i&rated databases .$%&R=( R$( ?i0 to Oracle $%& R= on RAC en7ironment usin& E3'ort-Im'ort( S5L Loader( Database links( Data 'um'. %onfiguring data)ase entries and =onitoring of all the data)ases using O'A%41 1;T1'P'IS1 =A;A>1' .OE 10 67g grid control. Production support for Oracle data)ase 8i+67g+67g 'A% Trou)leshooting on the Tic"ets for Oracle data)ase related issues. :pgrading and Patching the 8i+67g+67g 'A% Performed logical )ac"up using export+import and data pump (remote export) utilities. %onfigured the R AN backu'. Rebuildin& o2 Inde3es for )etter performance, maintenance of Oracle ,ata)ase. Performing #acku'-Reco7ery o2 all the Oracle databases usin& R AN( also setu' R AN catalo& for the same. Si<ing the S>A, d) )uffers, shared SD4 area, log )uffer )ased on the re2uirements. %reation and configuration of Standby Database .Data )uard01 %arried out the !inary Installs in the Oracle $%& RAC en7ironment. ,one the =igration 'evie5 re2uired )efore the data)ase migration and DA after the data)ase is migrated. Instance Strategy + Patch application to De7elo'ment, UA, * Production en7ironment. =aintenance and trou)leshooting of oracle net5or" files li"e listener, tnsnames.ora and s2lnet.ora. Provided full technical support to various application teams )efore the data)ases go to Production. 1xperience in interaction 5ith the top management and escalations of the complex issues Performed entries capacity planning re2uired creating and maintaining the data)ases. Perform !ac"ups and 'ecovery3 maintain -. hours uptime for the data)ase. Installation and configuration of Oracle Client soft5are and ,ools. En7ironment: Oracle 1nterprise manager, Oracle 8i,67g, 67g 'A%, Sun Solaris 8, '#14 ..x, @1'ITAS ;et )ac"up, '=A;, Toad. or&an Stanly( <all Street( N! Role: Sr. ,ata)ase Administrator Se't =%%" @ Aul =%%>

=organ Stanly is a glo)al financial services provider head2uartered in ;e5 Ior" %ity. It serves a diversified group of corporations, governments, financial institutions, and individuals. I am Involved in creating, migrating oracle data)ases to a ne5er version and giving a -.+0 on$call support. Res'onsibilities: Involved in administration of over B% Oracle instances. Performing all the ,ata)ase Administration activity li"e space management in data)ase, user and roles administration, schema management, chec"ing alert log of all the data)ases. Involved in team management, team )uilding exercises for the ,!A team. %onverted a single instance database to Oracle RAC $%&1 Installation( Con2i&uration and Administration o2 Oracle $%& RAC1 In7ol7ed in RAC administration includin& $%& Database clonin&( tunin&( 'atchin& and monitorin& concurrent mana&er 'rocessin& etc. (rote several shell scripts for chec"ing Oracle errors in alert file and data)ase )ac"up log files. %loning of application from production environment to test environment and application of patches. De7elo'ed startu'-shutdo;n &uides( trouble shootin& documents( root cause analysis documents1

Carried out hot backu'( cold backu' and R AN backu'1 %reating ta)lespaces, si<ing the system ta)lespace, allocating default ta)lespaces for users. %reating ta)les and indexes, si<ing their extent, partitioning and so on. %reating users 5ith restricted access, 5ith default and temporary ta)lespaces. %reating roles and granting to users )ased on their group re2uirements. %reating profiles and attaching them 5ith users. De7elo'ed database system build sheets( code re7ie; check lists( code 'romotion 'rocess documents( outa&e re'ortin& documents1 SD4 issues and Tuning %onsiderations for ,ifferent Applications. =onitoring the ta)le gro5th, data)ase gro5th, current users, and system resource usage and so on. 1xperience in SD4G4oader, loading data from text files. -.x0 production data)ase administration. ?no5ledge in 5riting shell scripts for automating )ac"ups and restoration. En7ironment: O1= $ >rid, TOA,, Sun Solaris -.9+-.8 '#14 ..x, Oracle 8i+67g, Oracle 67g 'A%, 8.-.x, SD4 Server -777, Shell Scripts. Prudential Financial( Roseland( NA Role: Sr. ,ata)ase Administrator Aul =%%C 6 Se't =%%"

Prudential Hinancial companies serve individual and institutional customers 5orld5ide and include the prudential Insurance %ompany of America, one of the largest life insurance companies in the :.S. These companies offer a variety of products and services, including mutual funds, annuities, real estate )ro"erage franchises, relocation services, and more. Res'onsibilities: Installing 67g on AI/ Server. -.x0 production support and resolving the pro)lems reported )y the development team. 'esponsi)le for setting up Production( De76,est( F,P and <arehouse databases on AI+1 A''lyin& latest 'atches to the data)ase. %reated * monitored the usage of Index to achieve maximum performance of the data)ase applications. Implemented Shareplex Architecture 2or data Re'lication. Implemented the Data ;arehouse on AI/. %onfigured the ;etvault 5ith the data)ase on Solaris+AI/ ,id #eterogeneous connectivity )et5een data)ases. 'esponsi)le as secondary ,!A for 'emedy Applications. Per2ormance monitorin& and tunin&. Hixing the pro)lems encountered during the data load 2rom the database to the ;arehouses. ,ata)ase migration )et5een cross platforms. ,aily *ealth Check U' of the ,ata)ase using stats 'ack( A<R( ADD . =a"ing changes for the existing shell scripts as per the needs. <orked closely ;ith the architects and development team. Hollo5$up pro&ects 5or" 5ith crisp documentation. %hec"ed IO, %P: or memory )ottlenec"s and suggest appropriate measures. :sed oracle tools (SD4Gloader) and 5rite procedures to migrate data from legacy systems. @erified daily loads and monthly loads. =anaged indexes, partitioned ta)les. Installing Oracle and :pgrade to latest versions on I!= Aix. %onfiguring the ;etvault server 5ith Oracle '=A;. En7ironment: Oracle 1nterprise manager, Oracle 8i,67g, Po5er ,esigner, ;etvault, I!= AI/ ,(indo5s -777,SD4 server -777.

S'rint Ne3tel )rou'( O7erland Park( 4S Role ,ata)ase Administrator

No7 =%%D 6 Aun =%%C

Sprint ;extel is 5idely recogni<ed for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies including ro)ust 5ireless net5or"s serving more than BC.6 million customers in :SA. =ost of the data)ases of Sprint ;extel group hosted )y 1,S %orporation. There are approximately 6B7 Production data)ase in this pro&ect supported )y 1,S and are si<e of from 677>! to 9T!. Res'onsibilities: Primarily responsi)le for 6- applications data)ases and for all applications supported )y the team 5hile in on call. Planning for !ac"up and recovery plan and performance tuning of the data)ase as and 5hen re2uired. %ommunicating 5ith the client and application team to resolve the pro)lem 5ithin S4A. -. / 0 support of all production environment in Sprint ;extel group supported )y our team. Proacti7ely monitorin& the database and 2i3in& the 'roblems . Involved in the process of tuning and refining 2ueries of various applications. Planning and implement of the !ac"up and recovery standards in the entire Sprint ;extel data)ase. Trou)leshooting and Investigation of application #u&s( Oracle #u&s and Aob 2ailures1 Planning for future storage re2uirement of the data)ase and notified to the application team. Performing hot and cold )ac"ups. =onitoring the !ac"up status. ,ata)ase #ealth chec". 'estoration and recovery from )ac"up. %reated Flashback tables 9 5uery. Applying patches, releases. %reation and up gradation of Oracle 8.x+67> data)ase. Database mo7e 2rom one node to other and Reor&. Tuning the data)ase performance through S,A,SPAC4-A<R-ADD re'ort1 >uiding the application team to understand ho5 the data)ase 5or"s 5ith their application. En7ironment: Oracle data)ase 67g, 8i, 9i, #P$:/, Toad, '=A;, ,ata >uard, AS=, O1=. SAI In2o System P7t1 Ltd1( India Role: ,eveloper + ,!A Au& =%%= @ Oct =%%D

This system is made to computeri<e the Personnel ,epartment. It ta"es care of personal information of employees, history and their monthly 5ages. The System also ma"es record of leaves, earnings, deduction, PH, attendance * personal accounts of each employee. Res'onsibilities:

%ontri)ution as an effective team mem)er in the design and development of sales and purchase information system. =odified and implemented logical and physical models of the companies on Sales and purchase ,esigned logical and physical ,ata =odels using 1'(I; for5ard$engineered into ,,4 and executed on large scale to create data)ase. De7elo'ed PL-S5L 'acka&es( Oracle tables( stored 'rocedures( 2unctions( tri&&ers and UNI+ shell scri'ts . 4ogically helped in data)ase design, creation. Creation o2 ,able s'ace( Data 2iles( Inde3es( Rollback Se&ment and monitorin& them1 Per2ormed Database Security and Inte&rity1 Creation o2 Users and )rantin& them 'ri7ile&es and roles1 ,eveloped SD4 Dueries to fetch complex data from different ta)les in remote data)ases using &oins, data)ase lin"s and formatted the results into reports and "ept logs. Coordinatin& #acku' and Reco7ery o'erations o7er all databases( ensurin& $%%E reco7erability1 ,esigned logical and physical Data odels using ER<IN for5ard$engineered into ,,4 and executed on large scale to create data)ase. Per2ormance tunin& of the SD4 2ueries using E3'lain 'lan. 'eading Alert 4og and :ser trace Hiles and ,iagnosing the Pro)lem. ,eveloped complex reports )ased on an Oracle vie5s using running totals, su) totals, grand totals and conditional formatting. 'esponsi)ilities include implementation of security of data according to clientJs re2uirements )y creating vie5s.

En7ironment: Oracle 9i, 8i, SD4 Server -777, :;I/ (Sun Solaris), (indo5s (;T+-777+Advanced Server), TOA,, O1=, :;I/ Shell Scripting, Duest soft5are tools.