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Lesson 7

The Quick Mates & Other Basic Checkmates

Part 1: Fools Rush In, the Fidgety King, the Knight's Dream, Scholar's and the Other Four o!e "hec#mate "once$ts:
%he Fool's ate &a'#'a' the %(o o!e ate)* %he Fidgety King and the Knight's Dream &a'#'a' the %hree %he Scholar's ate and the other Four o!e "hec#mate* %he +ea#est S,uare&s) on a chess-oard: ./ and .0* o!e ates)*

The Fastest Way to Lose a Chess Game: The Fool s Mate! cuuuuuuuuC In order .or any o. the ,uic# mates to (or#, se!eral (rhb1kgn4} .undamental $rinci$les o. the O$ening &1essons 2 and 3) 70p0pdp0p} must -e -ro#en, as you can clearly see (ith the .irst and 6wdwdwdwd} ,uic#est chec#mate on our list: The Fool's Mate, or 5dwdw0wdw} chec#mate in t(o mo!es' Only (hite can lose so ,uic#ly, &wdwdwdP8} and only -y $laying horri.ic starting mo!es'

3dwdwdPdw} 2P)P)Pdw)} +hite must start -y mo!ing either the .4$a(n &1'.5 or 1'.6 ) %$NGQ !"#} or g4$a(n &1'g6)' 7lac# then o$ens the 8ueen's diagonal $%&'()*+,- &d34h6) (ith either 1'''e2 or 1'''e9' +hite then .ollo(s (ith a
The Fool's Mate: Black plays 2...Qh4# second -lunder &assuming 1'.5: (as $layed, (hite then .ollo(s (ith 0'g6::) and -lac# deli!ers chec#mate on h6*

The First Checkmate in Three Mo"es: The Fi#$ety %in$! cuuuuuuuuC ;s (e learned .rom the Fools ate, your o$$onent must (rhb1.gn4} coo$erate in order .or chec#mate to -e achie!ed so ,uic#ly 70p0p/p0p} &any chec#mate (ithin .our mo!es needs hel$)' 7ecause 6wdwdwdwd} your o$$onent needs to assist you in some (ay, these 5dwdw0wdw} ,uic# mates might also -e #no(n as hel$ mates'

&wdwdPdwd} 3dwdwdwdw} 2P)P)w)P)} %$NGw !"#} $%&'()*+,1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 and 2...Ke8 e!"" #.Q$h5#
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%he Fidgety King, a chec#mate in three mo!es, is no e<ce$tion' =our o$$onent's King must -e >um$y or at least ha!e a cra?y itch in order to !oluntarily lea!e the e34 s,uare, (al#ing directly into chec#mate on e/' %he mo!es used to reach the $osition are listed -eneath the diagram'

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Lesson 7
Checkmate in Three Mo"es: The %ni$ht s &ream! cuuuuuuuuC %he second chec#mate in three mo!es is slightly more (rdb1kgn4} logical in terms o. de!elo$ment and O$ening $rinci$les, 70p0p0p0p} though not -y much' +hite does at least start (ith a great 6wdwdwdwd} mo!e, 1'e6B ho(e!er, (hen (hite meets 1'''Cc2 -y -lac# 5dwdwdwdw} (ith the terri-le 0'Ce0:* D -loc#ing his o(n King, 8ueen &whwdPdwd} and 7isho$ 4 disaster is -ound to stri#e*

3dw).dwdw} 2P)w)N)P)} 7lac# can then .ollo( u$ (ith 0'''C-6 &noted should -e that %$NGQ !d#} 0'''Ce9 can also reach the d54s,uare in three mo!es, $%&'()*+,- though it doesn't tem$t (hite into the horri.ic -lunder on
1.e4 %c& 2.%e2 %'4 #.c#"" %d## mo!e three) and (hen (hite can't hel$ -ut attac# the -64 Knight (ith 5'c5:: 4 -lac# deli!ers mate (ith 5'''Cd5E

The 'cholar s Mate( 'te) *: White &e"elo)s the Queen +arly ,or Tricks! cuuuuuuuuC %he (ea#est s,uare&s) in chess are ./ and .0, as these (rdb1kgn4} s,uares are de.ended -y the Kings alone' %he $lan 1'e6 e9 70p0pdp0p} 0'8h9 targets the ./4s,aure, -ut also attac#s the e94$a(n' 6wdndwdwd} So unli#e any o. the $re!ious three ,uic# mates, the 5dwdw0wdQ} Scholar's ate can not totally -e classi.ied as a hel$ &wd.dPdwd} mate' I. -lac# is to de!elo$ 0'''C.2 .or e<am$le, (hite 3dwdwdwdw} (ould then $lay 5'8<e9F D (inning a $a(n'

2P)P)w)P)} %$NGw !"#} 7lac#'s -est mo!e, 0'''Cc2, de.ends the e94$a(n -ut $%&'()*+,- lea!es the door o$en .or a tra$' Once (hite de!elo$s the
(hen )h*te de+elops 2.Qh5, the nat-.al 2...%c& de/ends the e5 pa)n...

.147isho$ to the c64s,uare, -lac# must not .ocus solely on the de!elo$ment o. his #ingside or on attac#ing (hite's 8ueen, -lac# must remem-er the (ea#ness on ./'''

The 'cholar s Mate( 'te) -: Black Falls .nto White s Tra)( Checmate on ,7! cuuuuuuuuC ;.ter the natural, yet terri-le -lunder, 5'''C.2:: D (hite uses (rdb1kgw4} the h94e3 diagonal to sli$ around the .24#night and 70p0pdQ0p} ca$ture the ./4$a(n, deli!ering chec#mate and lea!ing the 6wdndwh.d} -lac# King stunned as to (hy his army did not come to his 5dwdw0wd.} de.ense* Cote (hite's 8ueen is de.ended -y the c647isho$'

&wd!dPdwd} 3dwdwdwdw} 2P)P)w)P)} %$NGw w"#} $%&'()*+,0/te. #.Bc4, *t *s easy /o. 'lack to 'l-nde. #...%/&, attack*n1 the Q-een

7lac# did indeed ha!e multi$le (ays to de.end this tric#y threat o. chec#mate' 5'''8e/, 5'''8.2, 5'''Ch2 and the -est mo!e, 5'''g2' 5'''g2 chases the (hite 8ueen .rom h9, and a.ter 6''C.2 and 9'''7g/, -lac# has com$leted de!elo$ment and is ready to castle and -ring sa.ety to the King'

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Lesson 7
The /el)ers Four0Mo"e Checkmate( 'te) *: &e"elo) an# /o)e ,or /el)! cuuuuuuuuC %here is another common (ay -eginners (ill try .or a ,uic# (rhb1kgn4} mate' %he 7isho$'s O$ening D de.ined as 1'e6 e9 0'7c6 D 70p0pdp0p} is not a -ad a$$roach .rom (hite as it does attac# the 6wdwdwdwd} (ea#est s,uareB ho(e!er, it should -e met -y 0'''C.2, 5dwdw0wdw} attac#ing the e64$a(n and closing o.. access to his (ea# &wd!dPdwd} ./4s,uare D as the .24Knight -loc#s the .4.ile and guards h9'

3dwdwdwdw} 2P)P)w)P)} ;.ter 0'''C.2 (hite (ould li#ely de.end the e64$a(n (ith %$NGQ w"#} either 5'd5 or 5'Cc5' 7oth $layers (ould then .ocus on $%&'()*+,- com$leting their de!elo$ment as they $re$are to castle
The nat-.al 2...%/& )o-ld 'oth attack the e4 pa)n and p.e+ent check2ate...

their Kings and -attle in the iddlegame' Go(e!er, i. -lac# is in a hel$.ul mood, he might choose a less aggressi!e $ath and allo( (hite to increase the $ressure on ./'

The /el)ers Four0Mo"e Checkmate( 'te) -: /el) is On the Way! cuuuuuuuuC I. -lac# instead chose a second mo!e such as 0'''Cc2, (rdb1kdn4} (hite could then continue (ith either 5'8h9 &similar to 70p0pdQ0p} Scholar's) or 5'8.5' 7oth mo!es threaten to ca$ture ./, and 6wdndwdwd} (hen another neglect.ul de!elo$ing mo!e such as 5dwgw0wd.} 5'''7c9:: is made D (hite can end the game (ith 6'8<./E

&wd!dPdwd} 3dwdwd.dw} 2P)P)w)P)} %$NGw w"#} $%&'()*+,Black )o-ld need to 'l-nde. on 2o+e #, allo)*n1 4.Q$/!#

%his second .our mo!e chec#mate is re.erred to as the hel$ers mate -ecause -lac#'s mo!es (ere du-ious and hel$ed (hite's $lan to attac# ./' 7lac# ignored de.ense o. the (ea#est s,uare' I. -lac# had chosen more logical mo!es &either 0'''C.2 or a mo!e to de.end ./ on mo!e 5) there (ould ha!e -een no chec#mate in .our mo!es'

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Lesson 7

The Quick Mates & Other Basic Checkmates

Part 0: Other 7asic "hec#mate Ideas and Patterns "once$ts:
%he 7ac# Ran# "hec#mate %he Smothered "hec#mate Sim$le Su$$ort ates and 7asic "hec#mate Strategy*

Back 1ank Checkmate( +2am)le *: The 1ook 1oller 3attern! cuuuuuuuuC Co( that (e ha!e learned the ,uic# mates and the most (#dwdwdkd} -asic chec#mates that can occur in the O$ening stage o. 7d#dwd.8.} the game, in Part 0 (e ta#e a loo# at se!eral .undamental 6wdwdwdwd} chec#mate ideas and $atterns that can occur in a chess 5dwdwdwdw} game and that e!ery -eginning chess $layer should #no('

&wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdwdw} 2wdwdwdwd} %dwdwdwdw} $%&'()*+,Black's K*n1 *s t.apped a1a*nst the 'ack .ank...

%he 7ac# Ran# ate is sim$ly de.ined as a chec#mate (here the enemy King is tra$$ed against his o(n -ac# ran#' Gere (e see an e<am$le .amiliar (ith the $attern (e learned in 1esson 6, Part 0'''

Back 1ank Checkmate( +2am)le -: The %in$ is Tra))e# 4y /is O5n 6rmy! cuuuuuuuuC Perha$s the most commonly reached !ersion o. a 7ac# (#dwdwdkd} Ran# ate is one (here the enemy King .inds himsel. 7dwdwdp0p} tra$$ed along the -ac# ro( &either 3th or 1st ran#) -y his 6wdwdwdwd} own $a(ns' Cotice that -lac#'s $a(ns re$lace all the 5dwdwdwdw} s,uares the (hite roo# on -/ guarded in H<am$le 1'

&wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdwdw} 2wdwdwdwd} %dwdwdwdw} $%&'()*+,Black's K*n1 *s t.apped a1a*nst the 'ack .ank... 'y h*s 3(% 4a)ns5

In some cases, a $layer may mo!e one o. the $a(ns .or(ard D imagine the -lac# h4$a(n on h2 rather than h/, thus $ro!iding the h/ s,uare as an esca$e route .or the other(ise tra$$ed King D in order to create some -reathing room .or the King' %his is a common de.ensi!e idea, $re!enting a 7ac# Ran# ate tactic .rom ta#ing $lace'''

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Lesson 7
The 'mothere# Checkmate: The %in$ Create# /is O5n 3rison!

cuuuuuuuuC (wdwdwdr/} 7dwdwdN0p} 6wdwdwdwd} 5dwdwdwdw} &wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdwdw} 2wdwdwdwd} %dwdwdwdw} $%&'()*+,(h*te has 6-st del*+e.ed the /*nal 'lo): 1.%/! 2ate5

Gere (e ha!e a Smothered "hec#mate' Only a Knight can deli!er a Smothered ate, as -y de.inition the King must -e directly surrounded -y his o(n $ieces, and only the Knight can deli!er a chec# through (ithout directly .acing the King on an o$en diagonal or .ile' %his chec#mate is called IsmotheredI -ecause the King is s,uee?ed in -y its o(n $ieces and cannot -reathe' %here are many -eauti.ul com-inations that clima< in a smothered chec#mate $osition' %he notorious Jenus Fly %ra$ named a.ter the deadly .lo(er, can -e seen in action in -oth "hessKid'com !ideos as (ell as articles'

6 'u))ort Checkmate( +2am)le * cuuuuuuuuC %he .inal -asic chec#mate $attern all -eginning chess (wdwdwdwd} $layers should #no( is a Su$$ort ate' Knli#e the 7ac# 7dwdwdwdw} Ran# or Smothered ate, a Su$$ort ate re,uires the hel$ 6wdwdwdwd} o. another $iece' %his teammate or hel$er must $ro!ide 5dwdwdwdw} $rotection .or the 8ueen as she deli!ers the .inal -lo('

&wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdpdw} 2wdwdwd1d} %dwdwdw w} $%&'()*+,The 'lack Q-een *s de/ended 'y the /# pa)n5

Gere (e see the most common e<am$le .or the term Su$$ort ate' %he -lac# 8ueen on g0, chec#mating the (hite King on g1, is $rotected -y the Pa(n on .5' %his $attern can occur on any edge o. the -oard: %he 1st or 3th ran#s, or the a or h .iles'''

6 'u))ort Checkmate( +2am)le cuuuuuuuuC ; Su$$ort ate occurs (hen the 8ueen gi!es chec#mate (w/wdwdwd} and is $rotected -y either a Pa(n or inor $iece' Go(e!er, 7dQdwdwdw} the $rotecting $iece is not re,uired to -e right ne<t to the 6wd.dwdwd} 8ueen and can $rotect 7ig omma .rom a.ar' In many 5dwd.dwdw} cases, the 8ueen is guarded -y a Knight or 7isho$'

&wdwd.dwd} 3dwdwd.dw} 2wdwdwd.d} %dwdwdwd!} $%&'()*+,The d*stant B*shop co+e.s the check2at*n1 Q-een5

+ith (hite's last mo!e -eing 1'8-/ chec#mate, (e see the tra$$ed -lac# King (ith no sa.e s,uare' 7lac# cannot ca$ture the enemy First 1ady -ecause o. the h147isho$'s long range $rotection' 1i#e the King and 8ueen !s King chec#mate in 1esson 6, Part 1 D %he 8ueen can chase and corner an enemy King, -ut she needs hel$ to .inish the >o-*

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Lesson 7

The Quick Mates & Other Basic Checkmates

Instructor's Luide
1earning the 8uic# ates &Part 1) can -e .un and one o. the most crucial lessons .or a -eginning chess $layerB it $ro!ides the .irst e<am$les o. a com$lete game' Go(e!er im$ractical that game may -e, a coach should use this o$$ortunity to hel$ each student understand that (inning material and ca$turing all o. their o$$onent's $ieces is not al5ays necessary to achie!e chec#mate' %he goal o. "hess is not the same goal as "hec#ers* Remind each student o. the im$ortance o. de.ending their (ea#est s,uare &./ or .0)B understanding this $rinci$le is essential .or e!ery chess $layer's gro(th' %he three 7asic "hec#mate Patterns (e chose .or Part 0 (ere selected -ecause o. their $ractical !alue' 7ac# Ran# com-inations, Smothered "hec#mates, and the other -asic Su$$ort mating $atterns occur (ith the most .re,uency in tournament $layB ho(e!er, (e recommend $lacing >ust as much em$hasis on the im$ortance o. memori?ing the other chec#mate $atterns included in the Famous "hec#mates (or#sheets' 3ractical 7otes an# 6#"ice 8 Lesson 7: 9se the Guar#in$ ,- an# ,7 5orksheet as an o))ortunity to remin# the stu#ent:s; that 5hile kno5in$ the Quick Mates is im)ortant( it is not al5ays $oo# to try ,or a checkmate so early in the $ame( as this 5ill likely lea# to a loss o, time an# risk o, the Queen to 4e attacke# 4y the Minor 3ieces< Thou$h not e"ery )osition inclu#e# in the Famous Checkmates 5orksheets 5ill occur on a re$ular 4asis #urin$ )ractical )lay( all o, them #is)lay an im)ortant checkmate )attern that shoul# 4e memori=e#< To hel) these i#eas 4ecome concrete in e"ery chil#>stu#ents min#( 5e recommen#: *< When instructin$ lar$e $rou)s( set u) the )ositions in the Famous Checkmates 5orksheets on a #emo 4oar# ,or $rou) #iscussion 4e,ore askin$ the stu#ents to sol"e them on their o5n< -< 6ssociate each checkmate )attern s original name 5ith the #ia$ram( as this 5ill ,urther cement the i#ea( an# 4y makin$ the )ositions )ersonal a coach 5ill increase each chil# s mental im)rint o, the checkmate )attern<

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Lesson 7 Lesson 7: Famous Checkmates

%he .ollo(ing diagrams are chec#mate in either one or t(o mo!es' %hese .amous $atterns should -e memori?ed -y all -eginning chess $layers'

cuuuuuuuuC (wdw4w4wd} 7dwdw/wdw} 6wdwdwdQd} 5dwdw wdw} &wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdwdw} 2wdwdwdwd} %dwdwdwdw} $%&'()*+,The Swallow's Tail Mate: White to play, checkmate in one move

cuuuuuuuuC (rdwdwdw/} 7dwd#dwdw} 6wdwdw"wd} 5dwdwdwdw} &ndwdwdwd} 3dwdwdw0w} 2wdwdwd2d} %dwdwdwdw} $%&'()*+,The Arabian Mate: White to play, checkmate in one move

cuuuuuuuuC (w4wdw4w/} 7dwdwdp$p} 6wdwdwdwd} 5dwdwdwdw} &wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdwdw} 2wGwdwdwd} %$wdwdwd2} $%&'()*+,Pillsbury's Mate: White to play, checkmate in two moves
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cuuuuuuuuC (wdwdw4kd} 7dwdwdpdw} 6wdwdwdpd} 5dwdwdw"p} &wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdwdw} 2wG!dw wd} %dwdwdwdQ} $%&'()*+,Blackburne's Mate: White to play, checkmate in two moves
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Lesson 7 Lesson 7: Famous Checkmates

%he .ollo(ing diagrams are chec#mate in either one or t(o mo!es' %hese .amous $atterns should -e memori?ed -y all -eginning chess $layers' Further descri$tions (ith ans(er #ey'

cuuuuuuuuC (wdk4w4wd} 70pdndwdw} 6wdpGwdwd} 5d!dwdwdw} &wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdwdP} 2wdQdw)Pd} %dwdwdw w} $%&'()*+,Boden's or Criss-Cross Mate: White to play, checkmate in two moves

cuuuuuuuuC (rdwdw4w/} 7dwdw"p0p} 6wdwdwdwd} 5dwdwdwdw} &wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdw)w} 2wdwdw)2d} %dQdwd#dw} $%&'()*+,Anastasia's Mate: White to play, checkmate in two moves

cuuuuuuuuC (rdwdw4w/} 7dwdwdw0w} 6wdwdwdw0} 5dwdwdp"Q} &wdwdwdwd} 3dwdwdwdw} 2!dwdwdwd} %dwdwdw w} $%&'()*+,Greco's Mate: White to play, checkmate in two moves
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cuuuuuuuuC (rdw1kgn4} 70p0wdp0p} 6wdn0wdwd} 5dwdw"wdw} &wd!dPdwd} 3dw"wdwdP} 2P)P)w)Pd} %$wGb wd#} $%&'()*+, e!al's Mate: White to play, checkmate in two moves
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Lesson 7 Lesson 7: Guar#in$ ,- an# ,7

In the .ollo(ing diagrams there is a threat o. either chec#mate or the (in o. material on the .0 or ./ s,uare' Find the -est (ay to guard the (ea#est s,uares against threats* "ircle your .a!orite $iece that can $rotect, and .or -onus $oints, (rite your mo!e -elo( each diagram'

cuuuuuuuuC (rhbdkdn4} 70p0pdp0p} 6wdwdwdwd} 5dwgw0wdw} &wd!dPdw1} 3dw"wdwdw} 2P)P)w)P)} %$wGQ w"#} $%&'()*+,"ow can white #rotect $%& White to play:

cuuuuuuuuC (rdbdkdn4} 70p0wdp0p} 6wdpdwdwd} 5dwgw"wdw} &wdw1Pdwd} 3dw"wdwdw} 2P)P)w)P)} %$wGQ wd#} $%&'()*+,"ow can white #rotect $%& White to play:

cuuuuuuuuC (rdb1kgw4} 70p0pdpdp} 6wdndwhpd} 5dwdw0wdw} &wd!dPdwd} 3dQdwdwdw} 2P)P)w)P)} %$NGw w"#} $%&'()*+,"ow can black #rotect $'& Black to play:
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cuuuuuuuuC (rdb1kdn4} 70w0pdp0p} 6w0ngwdwd} 5dwdw0w"w} &wd!dPdwd} 3dwdPdwdw} 2P)Pdw)P)} %$NGQ wd#} $%&'()*+,"ow can black #rotect $'& Black to play:
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Lesson 7

The Quick Mates & Other Basic Checkmates

;ns(er Key
Famous "hec#mates +or#sheet Page 1:
&ia$ram ?* 8 1'8e2E &ia$ram ?- 8 1'Rg3** K<g3 0'Rg1E &ia$ram ?@ 8 1'Rh/E &ia$ram ?A 8 1'8<h9 g<h9 &1'''.34R any(here, 8h3E and 1'''.2 or 1'''.9 0'8h/E) 0'7h/E

Famous "hec#mates +or#sheet Page 0:

&ia$ram ?* 8 1'8<c2F* -<c2 0'7a2E &ia$ram ?- 8 1'8g2* h<g9 &any other mo!e 0'8h/E) 0'8h9E &ia$ram ?@ 8 1'8<h/F* K<h/ 0'Rh1E &ia$ram ?A 8 1'7<./F* Ke/ 0'Cd9E

Luarding .0 and ./ D +or#sheet Page:

&ia$ram ?* 8 1'8e0, 1'8.5, 1'd6 and 1'Ch5 are correct' 1'8e0 is -est .ollo(ed -y de!elo$ing the g14Knight to .5' &ia$ram ?- 8 1'''8e/, 1'''d9 and 1'''Cd9 are correct' 1'''8e/ is -est as -oth o. the other o$tions lose material .or -lac#' &ia$ram ?@ 8 1'8e0, 1'8.5, 1'A4A, 1'Cg6 and 1'Cd5 are correct' 1'Cd5 is -est as it is the only mo!e that guards .0 and $rotects the e94Knight' &ia$ram ?A 8 1'''Ch2, 1'''8e/ and 1'''8.2 are correct' 1'''Ch2 is -est'

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