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0010 Civil War Letters Wing Family Camp Wool Oct 12th 1862 Dear Brother McKie & Angie; sister. Henry and myself feel very good to hear from you and Angie once in a while and we found your letters quite interesting for the reason that you gave us considerable information in regard to Lieut Charles Cushings buriel which we had heard nothing of before and one more reason is it goes to show that we are not forgotten by you. Angie you can tell your little school mate Sarah Robberts that I saw her brother Charles the day before yesterday on his way to join his regt and he was looking well and said he was feeling well also. McKie you was very fortunate in having a present of a watch; is it a good one and what is it worth. Angie you may tell Father and Mother that our box arrived here at the relay house express office yesterday morning about eleven oclock and we had it taken up to camp and put in safe quarters until this morning when we got permition to leave our posts long enough to go up to camp and unpack our box which we did with the greatest pleasure possible and Angie you must not forget to thank for us all who put in the dellicacies for us and here let me remind you both that there are very few children who have such kind and loving parents as we. now angie & Kie you must do all to please your father & mother that you can and in short be the very best children and henry and myself will try and be the very best soldiers which we know will please our parents and repay them somewhat for their kindness to us. Tell them that we found every thing whole and in good shape with the exception of the small glas jar of tomatoes which was broken; all the rest in good eating order and will no doubt be speadily demolished. The talk is now that our regt is to remane here to guard this bridge. Henry is to write to Mr McDonald and inform him of the safe arrival of the box. Give my love to father and mother and tell walt I am much pleased with the tobaco it came just in time the pistols are very neat and we are well suited with them and hope to do our country some good service with them. I wish to be remembered to Mrs Wright and thank her very kindly for what she wrote and also for what she done towards packing and

sending our box when we come home we hope to find her still there that we may thank her pursonaly. Your brother E. M. Wing.

P.S. Dont fail to give my love to Jennie and kiss emma for me Ed You can let Jennie read this if you choose I am not feeling very well this afternoon. Ed

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