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Skyler Kessler English 12 AP The Great Gatsby Character Notes Nick Carraway Grew up in Minnesota Educated at Yale University

University Turns thirty during the novelforgets about his birthday Quiet and reserved personality, trustworthy and honest at first, becomes corrupt Moves to a [relatively] small house in West Egg Raised by a wealthy family, becomes a bond trader Moves next to Jay Gatsby, loves Jordan Baker First person narrator Conflict over whether he truly enjoys the party/city life Cousins with Daisy, went to school with Tom

1/6/14 McCartin

Jay Gatsby Grew up in North Dakota to a poor family Went to St. Olafs College but soon dropped out After working on Dan Codys yacht for five years, becomes mature & wants $$ Met Daisy before leaving for WW1 in 1917 Studied at Oxford University after the war Leaves Daisy because he is not rich enough to marry her Moves to West Egg because Daisy is living nearby in East Egg Throws huge parties in hopes that Daisy will one day come (glorifies $$) Is attracted to the green light at Daisys porch Temperamental and assertive (hotel scene) His dream crumbles b/c he is corrupt by wealthis shot by George Wilson

Daisy Fay Buchanan Grew up in Louisville, Kentucky Is Nicks cousin Very wealthy, which is partly why Gatsby is attracted to her Very charming, attracted to material wealth, beautiful, but very fickle Marries Tom and has a child with him whom she never speaks about Lives in a large estate in East Egg Allows Gatsby to take blame for her running over Myrtle At the end of the novel, moves away and does not attend Gatsbys funeral In the hotel, announces that she actually does love Tom and chooses him over Jay

Tom Buchanan Wealthy and educated at Yale University Becomes friends with Nick at Yale Plays polo Aggressive and hypocritical

Shows traits of racism Had an affair with Myrtle, but he is angry at Daisys affair with Gatsby Self-confident (hotel scene when he tells Gatsby to drive back with Daisy) Tells George that Gatsby killed Myrtle

Jordan Baker Daisys friend whom Nick is introduced to and begins to love Was a pro golfer Described as being cynical and dishonestthis is why Nick stops liking her Says she does not like careless people, and neither does Nick Beautiful and wealthy

Myrtle Wilson (and Catherine) Toms mistress, married to George Wilson Overpowered by Tom and gets into a fight with George about the affair Wants to improve her social standing and thinks she married someone below her Similar to Gatsby in this way, but Myrtle is perceived as foolish, Gatsby isnt Run over by Daisy as she runs into the street and dies Is the sister of Catherine, who also hates her spouse

George Wilson (and Michaelis) Hard working owner of an old auto shop Auto shop is located in the valley of ashes (where they get off train) Is angry with the affair and wants to move west to escape the situation Is terribly saddened with the death of Myrtle Kills Gatsby and then himself Michaelis is Wilsons young Greek friend who works at the gas station

Meyer Wolfsheim A friend of Gatsbys and does business with him Helps Jay make money by bootlegging alcoholhelps him become wealthy Is involved in crime and fixed the world series (1919) Meets Nick at lunch Does not attend Gatsbys funeral

Owl Eyes Drunk man who always attends Gatsbys parties Actually likes Gatsby and his libraryuses it as a place to sober up

Ewing Klipspringer Is always at Gatsbys mansion Does not have a genuine interest in himhe takes advantage of Gatsbys money After Gatsby dies, Klipspringer refuses to come to the funeral but asks Nick to ship him his tennis shoes Plays the piano for Daisy and Gatsby

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