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How to Speak the Unspeakable It was told St.

John, What you see write it and put it in a Book and send it to the Churches. Yet when it came to the Mysterious Thunders it was said, Do not Write them, for in the Days of the Voice of the 7th Angel the Mystery of God would be revealed. We know the Thunders are the Voice of God but what did that Voice say appears to be a Mystery. A Secret so great God did not want it known, not even a hint as to what it was saying. I am reminded of the Wizard of Oz where the great Wizards smoke and mirrors were revealed by the small dog that revealed it was just a simple man behind the curtain. We are commanded to stay out of the flesh, and that we have been chosen out of the flesh, so that the inward Christ which is pure could be formed. Once this Christ is birthed then we see it is caught up to the Throne and the Throne is the Authority and the Authority is The Faith. This Christ is the Key to the Fallen down House of David, It is Eternal Life that alone can unlock what appears to be death. Life is seen as in the inward parts while death has been seen as in the outer parts. We have been told to stay away from death, Do not dare approach Leviathan or even gaze upon Him. Leviathan being the Flesh who guards the Inward Christ, the Flaming Cherubim at the Garden Gate. David of Old who being King and so great a Man partook of the Flesh, He approached Leviathan by the deeds He had done and this was a risk of losing His own soul if He was not worthy, as it has been said, No one to touch the Ark, if so it meant death. Yet the ark itself was a type of death in that it was carried about by Levite Pallbearers. What Faith it would take to stretch forth thine hand and touch that Ark with a Faith that works by Love and this Love being as Strong as Death binds the Strong Man. How can that which hath Eternal Life Reach forth and touch something forbidden and the one who touches it die, when He that can only touch it to whom it belongs hath Eternal Life and can never die. Is it possible that the God who hath died and tasted death for all hath veiled Himself and His Mysteries in all of Creation and even what is called the Lust of the Flesh, which is only seen as a form or desire called Lust when it is viewed through the Veil and that Veil is removed in Christ to whom now All Things are Pure to the Pure In Heart. The Pure In Heart Shall See God. He who was made darkness and death hath given to us His Light, the best part of Himself. He hath said to this Light, Command Thou Me. Is it possible to now enter the Flesh as this inward light is a key that unveils the world of darkness and in that darkness the True God hath hid His thunderous mysteries? Who would dare approach this Leviathan but its Master being those who have His Light. To enter the flesh without that light is certain death but to those who have been accounted as worthy it is the Kingdom of God. Has God hidden himself in the shadows of this world that blinds the wicked because they have not an eye to see, but the righteous who have their eyes opened see Him in everything as their hearts are Pure.

The Flesh is considered dead and when you are born again then the real you is alive, we are the dead in Christ and have been resurrected to a newness of life in our inward man then we have changed dimensions to those that are Alive and Remain which shall be changed. You do not pray to a God to ask for your request for He said Say What You Will. You are that God. Did the man of God preach so hard against the flesh with such strict holiness because He was protecting the door way to a powerful discovery. Such holiness would create a pure state for a perfect child to be born in as it a Law is a protector of Life to those who can believe but a death and wrath to those who cannot. A Wayfaring Fool will never stumble upon this way, yet foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, again it says the Fool has said in His heart there is no God, yet Paul said I am a Fool for Christ, Can you open the secret scroll, remove the veil, break open the seal, look into the Ark and see thine own Image of the God that dwells between the Covering Cherub . God gave His powerful revelations to the Men of Old typified by the Jews and worked wonders among them, yet blinded them to His true riches pertaining to the Christ which it appears the Gentiles received, yet the Gentiles only seen the reflected light as the true passed through them and is returning to the Jew as a key to unlock the Lost Mysteries of God entrusted to them for the conquering of Death. Some revelations are so deep and powerful that they simply cannot be uttered, they can only be comprehended. They are so great God does not allow them to be uttered, it must be revealed to that person between Him and His God and they carry that secret within them. The Blood on the Mercy Seat is your blood, it is for your body, it is your body. Father make these One even as We are One. In true Oneness there is no difference or separation, no more individuality, Jesus said He that has seen me as seen The Father. The Spirit said Let us go and make man into our own Image, then man was made a Living Soul, but the last man was made a Quickening Spirit. We know the Holy Ghost is the result of a marriage of The Great Unknown Spirit who without shape or form and marries the Bride which is man and the Soul has an image which has to do with the earthy and together they form a Holy Ghost which clearly shows the Personification of God takes place in the Soul. It is manifest in the Body. Yet it also marries the Body as well, as these 3 are One, but it takes place or took place when it was personified in the Soul. Canaan Land is on the Other Side of The Jordan which is The Veil, yet many remain on this side embracing the Veil, taking their inheritance on that side of Jordan. Yet there is still something to be said concerning Elisha who went with Elijah across the Jordan, for he did return from across the Jordan. It brings a thought, if what we are after is across the Jordan then why did Elisha return from there? Or was it He had to cross the Jordan first, to obtain the mantle, as a key to unlock what remains on this side of the Jordan. We see as the people of this world as they pass they go what we call home as to heaven, yet we see those who are in heaven will leave it to one extent and return back to this Earth. Again we say

they that are Born of Spirit are Spirit, this is true, yet there is something also to be said, when Jesus said, Feel of Me a Spirit hath not flesh and Bones as you see me have.

Jesus who had been killed buried and was raised from the dead, was ONE with the Father meaning he was the Father, said of this thing we call a New Creature or a New Creation, A Spirit (or God) hath NOT (is no longer) Flesh and Bones (A Spirit) as you see me have! God is no longer a Spirit he has become Flesh and Bone and said said to us, I am One of You now, I am Married to You, I have become YOU! God incarnate or personified in Man means God has become a Man, not just any man but he has become You and Me! He that has seen you has seen The Father Also! God said in essence why are you still praying to me to do thins for you, I am You, go and do as I did, in the beginning I Spoke and it happened, now you go and Say What You Will and Doubt Not and it Shall be Done Unto You for your Word will not return unto you Void but will accomplish that which you sent it to do,He gave His Angels charge that they have to obey whatever you say for you are their master.