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Economics and Statistics Administration

U.S. Census Bureau
Regional Census Center
ATLANTA, GA 30303-1230

Dear 2010 Census Partner:

Thank you for your commitment to successful and accurate count for the 2010 Census.
The activities you have performed thus far in support of the 2010 Census have been a
tremendous asset in achieving our mission to count everyone, count them once, and in the
right place. As we draw closer to Census Day, April 1, 2010, we encourage all of our
partners to increase their outreach efforts.

Congress has allotted funds in support of Census outreach and promotion efforts with
2010 Census partners. This program is called the Partner Support Program (PSP). The
2009 PSP funds will be used to help support efforts to promote awareness of the
upcoming Census in your local jurisdictions. The objective of this program is to support
outreach initiatives, which have already been planned by existing 2010 Census partners.
Funds are provided to help with outreach activities. No funds will be disbursed to

Partner organizations can only participate in the program once during the two-year period
of the program. For example, if a partner submits an outreach request and is approved in
FY 09, the partner organization will not be eligible to participate in the program during
the FY 10 fiscal year.

We encourage you to seek support for your 2010 Census promotional program(s) by
completing and returning by mail the enclosed Partner Support Program Request Form.
The deadline to submit requests is July 25,2009 for FY 2009_ Requests may not exceed
$2,999.00 (inclusive of all additional costs, such as set up charges, shipping, and handling
charges). The PSP request amounts may be smaller as funds are contingent upon the
number of requests received in the region and the relative impact of the promotional
effort proposed;

These funds cannot be used to:

• Make direct payment to partners
• Purchase advertising
• Purchase goods or services with a useful life beyond the 2010 Census time span
• Pay for items with a commercial organization's name on them.

When you submit your request, attach the price quote or proposed invoice from the
vendor you intend to use. PSP Request Forms will not be reviewed without
documentation. We encourage the use oflocal vendors. Vendors must be able to accept
credit card approval for payment. Please use the enclosed form to prepare your Partner
. Support Program request.

Helping You Make Informed Decisions
G:."O u.s. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 2008-745-242/80133
.Questions regarding these guidelines can be directed to the Partnership Specialist in your
area or contact Edward R. Davis Jr., Partnership and Data Services Coordinator, at 404-
335-1510, or Juanita A. Mainster, Partnership and Data Services Coordinator', at 305-
984-3583 in the Atlanta Regional Census Center.

Thank you for your prompt response to the 2009 Partner Support Program opportunity.
We greatly appreciate your many local efforts in support of a successful 2010 Census in
your area.



Regional Director

Criteria for Approval of Direct Partner Support/Special Initiatives Program

Date Request Received: _

Partnership Specialist: _

Listed below are factors that need to be considered when approving funds under the Partner Support
Program. (Please answer the following questions and attach the criteria sheet to the request form).

1. _Do·es· request reach a wide audience of specific hard-to-count groups? YeslNo

2. _Does request provide valuable resources that further the Census effort? Yes/No

3. _Will it increase the mail response rate? Yes/No

4. Will it reduce differential undercount? YeslNo

5. _Will it communicate a consistent Census message? YeslNo

6. _Is the support provided to each group as equitable as possible, and does the support
reach/include as many diverse groups as possible? Yes/No

7. _Have local vendors, small businesses, minority-owned businesses, and women-owned businesses
been considered/used for purchasing items? Yes/No

8. _ Do purchased goods or services have a useful life beyond the 2010 Census time span? Yes/No

9. _ Was this purchase for advertising? YeslNo

10. _Do items have the organization's name OJi them? Yes/No


Team Leader Review: Date: ApprovaUDisapproval

PDS Coordinator Review: Date: ApprovaUDisapproval
ARCM Review: Date: ApprovallDisapproval


Example 1: RCC is considering purchasing tee shirts, coffee mugs, cups, hats,
and key rings with the words "It's In Our Hands" in English and Spanish for
distribution to the public at public events, such as baseball games or parades.

This purchase is authorized. While the purchase of these items is generally prohibited as
they are considered personal, Congress has given census specific authority in its
appropriation to spend funds on "promotion, outreach, and marketing activities"
necessary to conduct the decennial census. Provided RCC determines that the purchase
of these items is necessary to promote and market the decennial census, this purchase is

Example 2: Various religious organizations have agreed to provide space for

Questionnaire Assistance Centers and training, to announce to their congregations
the importance of the census, and to provide fliers for distribution by the religious

The use of funds for this activity is authorized. This activity is not a violation of the
restrictions upon the Federal government establishing or promoting religion. This
activity is authorized, as it is legitimate promotion, outreach, and marketing of the
decennial census. However, RCCs are cautioned not to give any appearance of
supporting religious activities and to not show any preference of any religious

Example 3: A local school decides to conduct a census essay and poster contest
during Citizenship Week. The RCC agrees to purchase certificates and ribbons
for winners and provide these items to the school. The school agrees to hold a
special event to which they invite local celebrities, Complete Count Committee
members, and local residents to participate.

RCC may cooperate with organizations such as schools and purchase certificates and
ribbons if RCC determines that holding this event and the expenditures are necessary to
promote or market the decennial census. Advertising the event is authorized to properly
bring public attention to the event.
....Ui1ited States ~
U'.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Census Bureau
Atlanta Regional Census Center (RCC)

2009/2010 Partner Support Program (PSP) Request Form

Name of Partner:
City,State,Zip: _

County: ~----------------~------------------------

Contact Person:
Contact Person's Title:
Contact Person's
Daytime Phone:( ) '-- _

Fax Number:
( )---------------------------------
ELIGIBILTY- Partner's Proof of Commitment to 2010 Census:
Please list details (dates, quantities, photocopies) of activities proving your organization's
commitment to the 2010 Census. Examples include: copies of a proclamation, resolution, letter of
appointed liaison, partnership agreement, letter of support, article(s) published in a partner's
newsletter, information on a partner's Web site, evidence (sample/photo) that you've produced
"area specific" promotional items or logo, proof of donations of newspaper advertising, media air
time, or proof of commitment to allow the Census Bureau to use free space for meetings, training
or testing.
Please check off which past activities your organization has been involved in to help increase
awareness of the 2010 Census. If not listed, please provide a description of your prior
commitment activities in the space provided.

To receive full consideration, proof of the activities checked off must be attached.

__ our organization adopted a proclamation/resolution supporting 2010 Census

__ our organization designated a member to be a Census liaison
__ our organization printed information, articles about 2010 Census in our newsletter or
__ our organization paid for promotional items for 2010 Census
__ our organization donated advertising space or airtime to 2010 Census
__ . our organization donated the use of free space for meetings, training, or testing
__ our organization made a 2009 Partnership Support Program donation in the form of an
exhibit booth
__ our organization had a presentation made at one of our meetings about 2010 Census
__ our organization helped put up posters or pass out flyers about 2010 Census

Other: _


Describe the project.

Specify the measurable objective of the project.

Specify the 2010 Census component of your project and explain its relevance to the Census
mission. How will the proposed project encourage the targeted audience to fill out and mail back
their guestionnaire?

If you are collaborating with another group(s), define each organization's role.

Provide project time line.

By affixing my signature, I certify that:

1. All information contained in this request is correct.

2. I have reviewed this proposal with the members of my organization, group and/or Complete
Count Committee.
3. This submission contains the following:
Proof of Commitment
_ Sample, photo, and/or draft text ofitem(s) being requested
_Vendor's name, address, phone number, and price quote
4. _ The recommended vendor accepts credit cards as payment.
5. _ The anticipated completion date of this proj ect is _

Signature and Title Date

Special Note: Upon completion of this request, please contact your Partnership Specialist.