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Ankur Goyal

Email: Ankur_rich231@rediffmail.com

Job Objecti e !"O#$%E &'((A"):

To implement my knowledge for the growth of the company and to utilize my potential effectively and efficiently for providing better services to the organization with equal chances for my growth.
Work Experience

+e,i-nation . &r. !roject En-ineer . E,timation / *ender Analy,i, +uration . 22nd #eb 2011 to till no1 2lient . Adani3 4edanta3 222%3 Genrel (otor,3 2entury !a5er3 &iemen, %ocation: 6ainital. $n 7rief 8 Maintain networking & good relationship with Key accounts team at various levels. Generate appropriate reports from the data analysis for necessary actions & follow-up on Implementation gaps. Analyse civil work for tendering & Estimation. oordinate pro!ect accordantly client re"uirements.

Work Experience

9E2 $nternational %imited

+e,i-nation . 2lu,ter :ead ;!lannin- / E,timation< +uration . (arch 2010 to 20 #eb 2011 2lient . $ndu, *o1er %imited %ocation: '!3 "aja,than3 9arnataka3 (ahara,tra

7rief O er ie1 #ro!ect oordination$ Materials Management & ommercial %unctions in telecom industry. &eft in planning$ managing and e'ecuting (elecom ) Infrastructure development pro!ects$ developing technical resources for greater value addition and increased margins. A keen planner with skills in team *uilding$ organisation *uilding capa*ility and proven a*ilities in planning and managing resources.

Key Result Areas; !roject (ana-ement #lanning and scheduling to ensure completion of the pro!ect within the time and *udgetary parameters and for optimising resource utilisation. Interfacing with contractors and technical teams for managing the supply$ installation$ configuration$ commissioning and maintenance of various telecom e"uipments including towers$ shelters$ A s$ &Gs$ and %ire & Earth #rotection +ystems. (aterial !lannin- / (ana-ement Identifying$ developing and negotiating with vendors for timely procurement of systems & e"uipments in technical adherence to pro!ect re"uirements.

onducting regular audits to ensure that materials received from vendors confirm to pre-set "uality standards, analysing re!ections and taking corrective actions. -andling stores function and ensuring optimum inventory levels to facilitate smooth e'ecution of pro!ects. Maintain the "uality control process. Major Projects Handled; ((+. /ollout at &elhi$ 0# 1est & 0ttaranchal ircle for &MA 2etwork of (A(A (eleservices .td.

A*&!% +e,i-nation . !roject En-ineer 2lient . 7harti $nfratel. **&%3 $dea3 :utch ;4odafone<3 "eliance +uration . A5ril 2002 to 20 (arch 2010 %ocation: 9arnataka3 '!3 !unjab3 :imachal3 A.!.

*echnical "e,5on,abilit=, /estoring the roof tops to normal position$ chipping work in /. . . 3rick Masonry. Maintaining tower *ase$ hamper width and top width as per details. Inspection of panel dimensions and painting and finishing of tower. hecking all materials and "uality of galvani4ing. #rogram Management of infrastructure pro!ects$ telecom installation$ 5&M E'ecution$ scheduling and #M of telecom systems or su*systems including telecom infrastructure vi4 tower$ shelter and civil works. $n,5ection: Inspection of tower mem*er and sections$ nut *olts lighting arrester and all accessories. Inspection was a worked on site survey in All type of /(( and All type of G3( +ites. O5eration, 2oordination: .iaison with designated Key Account ategory & 5perations team on a day-to-day *asis. Ensure timely response to Key account customer re"uirements related to pricing$ stock availa*ility$ *illings & supply coordination in liaison with the ommercial & .ogistics team. oordinate vendor agreements$ and party code creations. hecking a /(( +ite$ #ole +ite All (ype G3( +ites and #ile +ite /eady to Measurement$ hecking and 3ill 1ork. hecking the layout$ e'cavation$ steel measurements$ water levelling$ pile foundation$ reinforcement of concrete$ fi'ing and levelling of M+ 6(ower7 template.

$* &kill, 1orking on #latforms like Microsoft 1indows 89$ :;;;$ Millennium$ and <#. Microsoft 5ffice 8=$ :;;; and office 'p Education Intermediate #G &iploma in omputer &iploma in ivil %an-ua-e -indi English #un!a*i

$ here by declare that all the information declared abo e i, true to the be,t of my kno1led-e.

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;Ankur Goyal<