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Rizal Technological University

Electronics Engineering Board Exam Review Review in Electronics Systems and Technologies

Technical Assessment Examination 2 Name: ____________________________ Code: ___________ Schedule: ________ Direction: Select the best answer and place on the appropriate space. se the bac! portion "or solutions.

#. $hat is the electromagnetic "ield that surrounds an antenna but does not radiate% a. &agnetic 'ield b. Far Field c. (nduction 'ield d. Radiation 'ield ). * measure o" the distribution o" radiated power over a given area is called _____. a. $ave attenuation b. Window c. +ower Densit, d. 'ield Strength -. $hat wave is the same da, or night% a. S!, wave b. Space wave c. irect wave d. .round wave /. $hen waves bend awa, "rom straight lines o" travel0 it is called _____. a. Re"raction b. Re"lection c. Rare!raction d. Di""raction 1._____ is the hori2ontal pointing angle o" an antenna a. Right angle b. *ngle o" elevation c. Bandwidth d. Azim"th 3. 4he antenna current o" an *& transmitter is 3.) * when unmodulated and rises to 3.5 a when modulated. $hat is the 6m% a. #$.%& b. 35.16 c. 1#6 d. /).76 5. 4he rms antenna current "or an *& transmitter increases b, #16 over the unmodulated value when sinusoidal modulation is applied. 'ind the depth o" modulation% a. 8.51 c. 8.1 b. 8.3 d. '.( 7. Dielectric material designation +4'E9+ol,tetra"luoroeth,lene: is another name "or a. pol,eth,lene b. Te!lon c. mica d. pol,st,rene #8. * techni;ue that can be used to locate impairment in a metallic cable is______. a. pea! detection b. <RC c. =RC d. T R ##. * transmitter operates "rom a #1> suppl, with a collector current o" - *. 4he modulation trans"ormet has a turns ratio o" /:#. $hat is the load impedance seen b, the audio ampli"ier% a. #18 ohms b. (' ohms c. /8 ohms d. #)8 ohms #). 4he "orward power in a transmission line is #/8$ and the reverse power is )8$. Calculate the S$R on the line.

a. ).-1 c. 8.-31

b. ).$* d. ).#1

#-. $hat is the relative permittivit, or dielectric constant o" a material with a propagation velocit, o" approximatel, )85 x #83 m?s. a. ).1 b. #.51 c. 2.) d. -.31 #/. $hat is the return loss "or a transmission line with

incident voltage o" /> and re"lected voltage 8.51>%

a. 8.#751 c. #./3) b. #.** d. #.-31

#1. *n R' inter"erence exists at a "re;uenc, o" @8.5 &<2. in the '& band. $hat is the image "re;uenc, value that exist% a. ))2.) +,z b. 77.1 &<2 c. #8#./ &<2 d. ##8.5 &<2 #3. 4he coaxial line with an outer diameter o" 3 mm has 18 ohms characteristic impedance. (" the dielectric constant o" the insulation is #.380 calculate the inner diameter. a. /.8@ mm b. 3.8@ mm c. -.8@ mm d. 2.'% mm #5. Determine the characteristic impedance o" a transmission line which has a capacitance o" -8 p'?m and an inductance o" 51 n<?m. a. 1 b. 18 c. 188 d. 1 A #7. 4he distributed parameters o" the transmission line are: the series resistanceB the series inductanceB the shunt capacitance and the shunt conductance. $hat parameter was determined due to dielectric losses% a. Series resistance b. Series inductance c. Shunt capacitance d. Sh"nt cond"ctance #@. 'or a twoCwire line0 Do is higher when a. the wire si2e is small with respect to the spacing o" the conductors b. the spacing is varied in accordance with the "re;uenc, c. the D:d ratio is smaller d. the wire is large with respect to the spacing o" the conductors. )8. *n *& signal has a carrier power o" 1 $. 4he percentage o" modulation is 78 percent. 4he total sideband power is a.8.7 $ b.).- W c. ).1 $ d./.8 $

)#. $hich o" the "ollowing is designated as the international distress0 sa"et, and calling "re;uenc, "or radio telephon, "or stations o" the maritime mobile service when using "re;uencies in the authori2ed bands between #13 and #5/ &<2% a. #31.7 &<2 b. )#-.( +,z c. #17.7 &<2 d. #31.1 &<2 )). $hat causes underwater metals to be eaten awa,% a. Rusting b. Electrolysis c. +aral,sis d. Corrosion )-. E;uipment such as interrogator or transponder are actuall, a a. Receiver b. 4ransmitter c. =ocali2er d. Transceiver )/. 4he visual 9lamp: indication "or the inner mar!er is _____. a. White b. Red c. Blac! d. Blue )1. S,stem "or approach or landing that gives approximate distance "rom the runwa,. a. (=S b. =ocali2er c. .lide scope d. +ar.er beacon )3. 4he ______ !eeps the nose o" the plane "rom swinging "rom side to side a. <ori2ontal stabili2er b. /ertical stabilizer c. = E R stabili2er d. *ltitude stabili2er )5. $hat is the common intermediate "re;uenc, "or R*D*R receivers% a. *' +,z or -' +,z b. -88 &<2 or 388 &<2 c. )1/ &<2 d. /88 &<2 )7. (t is the bearing o" an obFect relative to the nose cra"t a. &agnetic bearing b. &agnetic heading c. Relative bearing d. *ctive bearing )@. (n =GR*N s,stem0 at least how man, ground stations are needed be"ore a position 9"ix: is obtained% a. ) b. 0 c. 7 d. 3 -8. *irCtoCair 4*C*N will provide distance in"ormation to a. 4he interrogating aircra"t onl, b. 4he responding aircra"t onl, c. 1oth aircra!t d. .round in both aircra"t -#. (n 4*C*N s,stem0 the main a2imuth re"erence burst is transmitted usuall, at. a. &agnetic north b. &agnetic south c. +agnetic east d. &agnetic west -). *dFacent channel in 4*C*N s,stem are separated b,. a. 8.# &<2 b. ).' +,z c. -8 &<2 d. 3- &<2 --. * navigation s,stem that is normall, used b, militar,0 it provides bearing and range. a. >GR b. D&E c. TA2A3 d. *D'

-/. S,stem used to indicate navigational data such as bearing pointer0 locali2er deviation0 glide slope0 distance etc. is called a. ++( b. EF4S c. &4( d. R&( -1. +ulsed R*D*R sets are primaril, used to "ind the a. Si2e and speed o" the target b. Targets range and bearing c. Speed and course o" a target d. 4argets range and speed -3. ________ is design to eliminate polari2ation errors b, dispersing width with the hori2ontal members. (t consist o" two or more vertical antennas0 the signals "rom these being ta!en to the receiver either b, underground conductors or b, shielded balance pair o" wire. a. Adcoc. antenna b. Huad antenna c. *lexanderson antenna d. Depp antenna -5. _______ is a global navigation s,stem developed b, the nited States Nav, "or militar, aviation users consisting o" 7 >=' 9ver, low "re;uenc,: transmitters located around the earth. a. =GR*N C b. DECC* c. DE=R*C d. 5mega -7. (n =GR*N0 i" the ship moves a path such that ever, pulse "rom two ground stations arrive at the ship is moving in a. * circular course b. * h,perbolic course c. +erpendicular course bisecting the transmitters baseline d. A straight co"rse 6oining the to transmitters baseline -@. Science o" determining the position o" ship0 aircra"t or guided missile and directing a course "or guiding the cra"t "rom one point to another a. *eronautics b. 3avigation c. .uessing d. Direction "inding /8. * precise cloc! that could withstand the rigors o" a sea vo,age and could determine shipIs longitude a. Sextant b. 2hronometer c. Huart2 cloc! d. Cesium cloc! /#. *n instrument used to determine the angle o" the sun above the hori2on a. Sextant b. Chronometer c. <extant d. Cesium cloc! /). (t is re"erred to as the elevation and a2imuth displa, a. * scan b. B scan c. 2 scan d. ++( /-. 4*C*N is a navigational aid providing a. Bearing and weather in"ormation b. 1earing and distance indication c. (nstrumentClanding glide paths d. Speed and height indication //. 4he >GR operates with "re;uenc, "rom a. #87 to ##) &<2 b. )88 to /88 !<2 c. -8 to -88 &<2 d. ))2 to ))( +,z

//. $hich the amber light "lashes on the aircra"t instrument panel the plane is passing over the vicinit, o" the a. Runwa, b. +iddle mar.er c. (nner mar!er d. Guter mar!er /1. 4he Doppler e""ect is a change in what signal characteristic produced b, relative motion between the radar set and a target a. *mplitude b. +hase c. Fre7"ency d. Dut, c,cle /3. $hat is the intermediate "re;uenc, "or most radar receivers% a. *' +,z b. -8 !<2 c. 388 !<2 d. 388 .<2 /5. (n what distance units are marine radars calibrated% a. Radar mile b. Statue mile c. 3a"tical mile d. &ile /7. 4he enroute "acilities are used to guide the aircra"t sa"et, along its cruise to destination0 which o" these "acilities is not included a. D&E b. 4*C*N c. >GR d. 48S /@. $hat radio navigation air determines the distance "rom a transponder beacon b, measuring the length o" time radio signal too! to travel to the receiver% a. Radar b. =oran C c. Distance &ar!ing 9D&: d. +E 18. 4he .+S satellites are orbiting the earth at an altitude o" approximatel, e;ual to a. #87@8 !m b. #@788 !m c. 2'2'' .m d. )#)88 !m

11. *n inductive or capacitive device having a stator connected to a "ixed antenna and a rotor connected to a receiver and transmitter0 allowing the pattern o" the "ixed arra, to be rotated as the rotor is rotated. (t is extensivel, used in direction "inding and omniCrange beacons. a. .,roscope b. :oniometer c. *ltimeter d. Rebecca 13. $hat is the primar, control sur"ace that controls the movement o" the airplane about its vertical axis% a. R"dder b. *ilerons c. Elevator d. Escalator 15. * moving target @8 deg "rom the nose o" the ship is a. Gn port ;uarter b. 5n starboard beam c. Dead ahead d. Dead astern 17. 4he part o" the (nstrumental =anding S,stem used to indicate the hori2ontal deviation o" an aircra"t "rom the runwa, centerline. a. 8ocalizer b. D&E c. .lideslope d. &ar!er Beacon 1@. 4he .reenwich &ean 4ime 9.&4: is also !nown as a. (nternational data time 9(D4: b. ; time c. +olar time d. Solar time 38. - p.m. Central Standard 4ime a. #888 4C b. 2)'' UT2 c. #788 4C d. 8-88 4C 3#. * device that acts as a switch connecting the antenna and transmitter during transmission and the antenna and receiver during reception a. Repeater b. Diplexer c. "<lexer d. S+D4 3). (t is a point on the earthIs sur"ace which can recogni2ed as part o" an accepted set o" coordinates such as latitude and longitude a. R+ b. Direction c. 9osition d. =andmar! 3-. $hen two bearing cross on a chart what is it called% a. Direction b. +osition c. (ntersection d. Fix 3/. 4he bod, that controls and maintains the ground "acilities o" civil aviation in the +hilippines a. =4G b. AT5 c. &*R(N* d. '** 31. (" the aircra"ts is "l,ing o""Ccourse in the blue 9right: area o" the locali2er pattern0 which modulation signal is prevailing or has the higher strength% a. @8 <2 b. )#' ,z c. 51 &<2 d. 51 <2 33. (" the aircra"t is "l,ing o""Ccourse in the ,ellow 9le"t: area o" the locali2er pattern0 which modulation signal is prevailing or has the higher strength% a. %' ,z b. #1 <2 c. 51 &<2 d. 51 <2 35. 4he imaginar, circle that divides the earth midwa, between the poles is called

1#. Gne nautical mile is approximatel, e;ual to how man, statue miles% a. #.3# statue miles b. ).(* stat"e miles c. #.#1 statue miles d. #./5 statue miles
1). * common data presentation which displa,s a map o" the surrounding vicinit, with radar station located at the center o" the displa, a. * scan b. B scan c. C scan d. 994 1-. 4he mar!er beacon operates with a carrier "re;uenc, o" a. /88 <2 b. #-88 <2 c. -888 <2 d. $# +,z 1/. $hat is the visual mar!er indication when an aircra"t "lies through a &iddle &ar!er% a. $hite light b. Blue light c. Blac! light d. Amber light 1-. G&E.* navigation s,stem operates in what "re;uenc, band% a. E=' b. /8F c. ><' d. <' 1/. .+S uses how man, satellites% a. #) b. #7 c. 20 d. -8

a. +rime meridian c. =ongitude

b. =atitude d. E7"ator

57. 4he average noise temperature o" earth as viewed "rom space is ______KA. a. -8c. 2#0 b. #88 d. 188

37. (t is a method o" determining a "ix which involves the use o" buo,s and beacons a. 4riangular b. Navigation c. ,oming d. 'ixing 3@. $hat t,pe o" map0 centered on a location0 shows the shortest path to all points on earth% a. 4opographical map b. +olitical map c. :reat circle ma< d. *2imuth circle 58. (t is a device used to determine the direction o" an approaching radio waves a. &agnetic compass b. Echo sounder c. Compass rose d. R F 5#. 4he most widel, used radar transmitter component is a a. Al,stron b. +agnetron c. 4$4 d. +ower transistor 5). $hat is a target displa, on a CR4 called% a. +ulse b. 1li< c. Burst d. Beacon 5-. $hat is the code name o" each satellite in the .=GN*SS% a. Sputni!ova,a b. Uragan c. Cosmiches!a,a d. Sudov 5/.4he owner o" *siaSat ) is a. *sia Satellite 4elecommunications Compan, 9*S4C: b. Japan Satellite S,stem 9JS*4: c. 2hina :reat Wall 4nd"stry 2or<oration d. Singapore Satellite Commission 51. Earth station uses what t,pe o" antenna a. Despon antenna c. 4oroidal antenna b. <elical antenna d. 2assegrain antenna

5@. Noise temperature o" the sun is more than a. #0 888 c. )''= ''' b. 10 888 d. 188

78. $hat do ,ou call the echo that obscure real targets on the radar displa, screen% a. $indow c. 2l"tter b. Cha"" d. Resolution


53. $hat is the dela, time "or satellite transmissions "rom earth transmitter to earth receiver% a. '.# s c. 1 ms b. #.8 s d. 8.)1 ms

55. 4he noise temperature o" the s!, is about _____ KA. a. #88 c. 8 b. )5d. *'