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‫بسم ال الرحمن الرحيم‬

‫نحمده ونصلى على رسوله الكريم‬


To those who love I present Sunni intellectual way

In the Malay World beloved land far away
Embracing all countenance of knowing traditional and rational way
All manner of knowing –divine and human mental sway
Guaranteeing Truth acts honour and man’s worthy way
In globalization values and morals withering away

Knowledge begins as lights from One Most Knowing

Then touching universal reason- manifesting revealing
Descending to human recipient prophetic receptacle receiving
Moving then unto human reason purified being
Crystalizing as pearls treasure in Sunni way of knowing
Combining in totality traditional and rational path perceiving

Within this ocean dive the learned in sacred sciences

From the Companions the blessed to ones like Ash’aris
Continuing with Baqillani to al-Ghazali and al-Razi
Truly including al-Shafi’I and the mujtahids all Sunnies
Therein ibn Khaldun among learned in rational sciences
Also Suyuti up to Waliyullah al-Dihlawi

In Sunni World here there is al-Raniri ‘Abd al-Rauf also al-Fansuri

Also al-Falimbani again al-Banjari again Yusuf Makasari
Continuing with Daud Ahmad and Zain al-Fatani
Rows of them the learned divines of the Sunnies
Presenters of the creed, sacred laws, morals, rationality, spirituality
In costellation stars in knowing among Sunnies

Sunni frame in knowing total harmonizing

Capable of salvation for morals and heart realizing
Curing the malady of minds confused in fever suffering
So many suffering seriously yet choosing the way of covering
Sunni way giving safety in faith values and morals in behaving
Facing fatal trials while globalizing

Only through these truth in faith be solved

Including about God in servitude devotions involved
Values on good and evil in life resolved
As in the adage ‘life is based on customs followed
Customs based on Sacred Law hallowed
Sacred law based on Scripture obeyed’
Through their intelligence pearls of knowledge more than thousand years
Strength for handhold human intelligence anchored on sustained views
Giving conviction confidence to man in cultures with conflicts
In age of postmodern culture clashing without ends
In age when power of Satan serenading false melodies
Come we take shelter for safety under shades

In culture of dialogues we need certainty

The axis determining truth direction and equity
Without Sunni mode of knowing constituting truth sustainability
We drift away to the coasts of destruction cultural calamity
Sans meanings sans directions sans identity
Bereft of honour enemies victorious we in bankruptcy

Together in this meeting in Bangi we arrive at the decision

Determine Sunni frame of knowing guaranteeing salvation
Combining within it the welfare of the world and eternal salvation
Enhancing philosophy of knowing in religion and worldly life estimation
Combining works of reason the senses with guidance of revelation
That is the path the one only with acts saving civilization

Come we save the Malay World this Sunni region

We choose the frame for way of knowing for saving the religion
Facing the West those against reality of human welfare
Empowering all strength from revelation prophecy and human reason
Combined within it sharpness in intellectual penetration , taqwa and morals in iman
Realizing the life of a servant of the One being His vicegerent

This is the path one only coming from the One Creator
Teaching mankind life of devotion not in disobedience
Providing the way good and evil values stable with power
Way of life civilization complete ready
Combining strength of reason the heart and senses
Bestowing manner of knowing securing life of safety and success

From God we make supplications for blessings and clemency

Our gathering bestowed with guidance and mercy
So that this will recur in the land showered with mercy
In the Nusantara with history promoting learning in plentty
This being continuous guidance for the region for the Community
Guidance in the age when civilization and culture ravaged by infamy

Composed by the Roving Preacher of the Malay World 23rd of August 2001
Composed in English -the Second Conference of Islamic Thought UKM 6th Oct.2009.
To be recited in the Bilek Senat UKM on 6th Oct.2009