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APRIL 2014

Rev. Scott Bowerman Pastor Helen Wingert Organist Sandy Wilson Childrens Ministry Director Erin Regan Contemporary Worship & Youth Minister

Central Presbyterian Church 40 Lincoln Way West Chambersburg, PA 17201 Church Phone: 717.264.4113 Fax: 717.264.9272 Office Hours: 8:00am4:00pm email: cpc@centralonthesquare.org

Deb Mummert Danielle Kardisco

Roberta Lawyer Ron George

Director of Mothers Day Out Director of Music Ministry

Secretary Custodian

T h e Pa s t o r s N o t e s
When I was growing up, the kids in my neighborhood played pick-up sports. In the summertime or on Saturdays wed head outside in the morning and except for lunch at someones house, wed be outside all day. We played street hockey, basketball, stickball, football or baseball, depending on the season and who argued the loudest. Then wed choose up teams. The best athletes among us always got to be captains and theyd take turns choosing who they wanted on their team. I was always large for my age and not particularly well coordinated - except I could hit a baseball a mile (especially after I got glasses in the fourth grade) . So for football, Id get picked if the captain needed a bulky lineman; for basketball if he needed someone tall who could allegedly rebound; but for baseball Id get picked early because I was a reliable slugger. That felt good. But there were a few times I or another kid were left on the sidelines - if there were an odd number of kids available, and both teams were chosen with an equal number of players and neither captain picked us. That did not feel good. I am reading Pauls first letter to the Corinthians for my morning devotions. And in the church, the good news is everyone gets to play. In chapter 12 he writes, To each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. Then Paul goes on to list the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are the manifestation of the Spirit in the church, given to each and every Christian. Some of the gifts are strange to us - like speaking in tongues. Some seem dazzling - like the gift of healing. And some (found elsewhere in Pauls writings) seem rather ordinary - like administration or hospitality. But Paul makes the point that all of these gifts are vital for the vitality of the church. And every Christian has at least one of these spiritual gifts, to be used for the common good. In the church, everyone gets to play. No one should get left on the sidelines, wishing he or she could get in the game. So the challenge is - are you in the game? Are you serving the Lord Jesus Christ, using your talents, gifts, experiences and abilities, in the church and in the world? If you are - great! And its always exciting to experience God working through you to bless others with his love and mercy. And if you are on the sidelines - perhaps because you feel unworthy, perhaps because youve never been asked, perhaps because youre not sure you are gifted - make an appointment so we can visit together. Well talk and pray, and discern how God wants you to get in the game.
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Church Family
Thank you....
Thank you Central Family for the outpouring of concern to me first for my reverse shoulder replacement surgery which went very well, and then greater concern for the injury I suffered to my shoulder blade on the same side as the surgery when I fell on the ice two weeks after the operation. It will take time for the shoulder blade to heal, but the good news is that the actual replacement parts were not affected by the fall. I had cards, smiles, and how are you doing from so many of you. It perhaps takes something like my fall to make one realize how many members of our congregation care about each one of us. We may not even know someones name but when we say we are a church family it is in times of need that it becomes so apparent. Again, thank you CPC Family for your love and concern. Karl Shreiner To my Church Family, With sincere appreciation for the beautiful flowers which were delivered to our home on Sunday, March 9th and in the Sanctuary in honor of Beverly Minnichs 90th birthday. I appreciate you thinking of me. Sincerely and God bless, Donna Mae Kerns

We would like to thank you, our church friends and family, for your kind outpouring of sympathy following the death of my grandmother, Ruth Weaver. The many cards, meals, and kind words that you shared with us will not be forgotten. She was a lifelong member of Central, and the church was always so important to her and my grandfather. We will always be grateful for your friendship and support during this difficult time. Valerie, Lee, Katie, Isaiah and Jocelyn Merriman

I just would like to say thank you for the College care package! It is so great to know that my church cares so much to give me so much great food! Thanks, Shannon Leary

Dear Central Presbyterian Church, Our deepest appreciation for providing, once again, the use of your Friendship Hall for the 2014 Love Craft For A Cure event to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). The event raised $2,162. Since we started JDRF, we have raised a total of $21,502. Thank you again for your contribution to a very special fund raiser, you are a very special church. God bless you, Martina K. Fegan

Dear Church Family, I appreciate your support and letters you have been giving me. I am doing fine. I survived the minus 15 degree weather. This session I am going on a 5 day trip to New York to learn about maple syrup. Once again, thank you for all your prayers and letters and thoughts. Love, Lucas
If you would like to write to Luke Stahl, please send to: Bald Eagle Boys Camp 1077 Wilderness Trail, Mill Hall, PA 17751 Send emails to: mail@baldeagleboyscamp.org In Subject Line: Lucas Stahl

Newsletter deadline Easter Sunday, April 20
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April 1, 2014 Happy 100th Birthday Bob Zeis!

T ! G!"# $% C!&'()*
Luther Ridge-264-5700
2735 Luther Dr., Chbg. 17202 The Inn At Luther Ridge Gary Lewis

Centrals Special Concerns

Genevieve Ambrose Newt Stake 66 Sanibel Lane, Chbg. 17201 Raymond & Gunlog Anderson 119 Mt Union Rd, Fayetteville, PA 17222 Isabelle Allen Jay Keefer 311 Cumberland Ave, Chbg. 17201 Alma Bender Beverly Winther 1120 Lincoln Way E, Chbg. 17201 Mildred Brown 611 Wallace Ave, Chbg 17201 June Fiddler Susan Snyder 2650 St.Paul Rd, Chbg 17201 Stanley & Esther Johnson Laurie McKelvie 56 Sanibel Ln, Chbg 17201 Alva Kline Beverly Winther 49 Lincoln Way W, Chbg. 17201 Nancy MacFarlane 668A Cumberland Ave, Chbg. 17201 Nancy Reichenbach 2242 Scotland Rd, Chbg. 17201 Glenn Shaffer Dale Hastings 722 Stanley Ave, Chbg 17201 John Shoap Dave Bender 107 Green Meadow Ln, Chbg. 17201 Isabel Vanderau Eric Mellott 806 N. Penn Hall Dr, Chbg. 17201 Dorothy Zullinger Susan Snyder 155 Colonial Dr, Chbg. 17202 West Virginia Member Treva Kerns 601 Foxcroft Ave, Apt #1 Martinsburg, WV 25401

-Ellen Bush #11 **(NM)

Menno Haven-263-8545
2075 Scotland Ave. Nursing Center

-M. Karolyn Lawrence #412 Dale Hastings -Dr. Robert Coy, #217 James Kearns -Libby Reasner, #303 Rod Varner -Roberta Klinepeter, #119 (visited by Peg Hollar)

-Marcia Grubbs #304

Walden Place

Jay Keefer Jay Keefer

-Lawrence Mohr #21 *(NF)


-Dorothy Burkholder, #1206 **(NM)

Village Square

-Robert Zullinger #136 ***(NV) -John Bowerman #209

Menno Village

Dale Hastings Laurie McKelvie

-LaVerne Knarr #610D -Beverly Minnich #740A

Penn Hall-261-0220
1425 Phila. Ave. Manor Building Rod Varner Tawnya Secor Rod Varner Mike Herbert Susan Snyder

-Selma Thomson #121 -Gennie Boozer #506 -Mary Fish, #221 -Elton Simpson #417 -Margaret Sponsler, #229 -Ed Wenrich, #314 (visited by George Muller)

Providence Place-709-0668
2085 Wayne Rd.

- Bob Zeis #112

Tawnya Secor

Quincy Skilled Nursing Care-749-3151

6596 Orphanage Rd., Waynesboro 17268 Nursing Center

-Carolyn Kreutz #229 Shook Home-264-6815

55 S. Second St. Quarters

If you know of any changes or updates, please contact the church office, 264-4113. Deacons name is now listed with those he or she visits. If you wish to contact, (by phone), a member of Gary Lewis the Gems of Central, please contact the church office at 264-4113.
* (NF) = No Flowers please ** (NM) = Non-member *** (NV) = No Visits please Newt Stake

-Joan Depuy #3062

Updated: March 2014


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WILSON COLLEGE is pleased to announce that on Sunday, March 30th talented organist Michael T. Britt will perform along with soloist George K. Bareford, as part of the Colleges annual Van Looy Organ Series. The concert will take place at 3:00pm in Thomson Chapel, followed by a complimentary reception in Lenfest Commons. Tickets for the performance are on sale now for $8 per person and can be purchased by phone (717-262-2003) or online at Wilson.edu/events.


What would your childhood have been like if you had never had enough to eat? What if you never heard someone say I love you? Instead of not doing your homework, what if there had been no homework, or no schooling at all? Instead of a loving family, what if you had experienced abuse and neglect? What if you had been born with AIDS? What kind of adult would you have become (if you had lived)? Its hard to comprehend, in our comfortable lives, the evils that thousands of children in Africa deal with. But Joy Village in Kenya rescues such children, gives them a loving home, medical care, education, and an introduction to the love of Jesus Christ. Our churchs contributions to Joy Village will enable another child, or two, or ten, to be rescued and given a proper start in life. Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me. Matthew 25:40


The Mens Bible Study Group will meet at 8:00a.m. the first and third Saturday of each month at the Texas Lunch on Lincoln Way West downtown Chambersburg. At 9:00a.m. the bible study will take place at Central in the Parlor. Video Study: Walking With God in the Desert For more information, please contact the church office at 717-264-4113


The Monday evening support group will begin its next session on
April 7May 12, 2014, 7-8:30pm at the Wholeness Center located on the square at 19 South Main Street downtown Chambersburg. Session Cost is $10. For more information or to register, email Cindy Shoemaker at cshoe0815@gmail.com or by calling Central Presbyterian Church 717-264-4113.

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Ministry Duties for the Month of APRIL

March Prayer Partners: Mindy Hartman Dale Hastings Raymond Hays, Jr. Len & Nancy Hendricks Ushers
6th 13th 20th 27th Laurie McKelvie(H), Don Weber, Howard Brand, Susan Snyder Newt Stake(H), Pat Shreiner, Don Wissner, Philip Rohr Dale Hastings(H), Cindy Happel, Amy Leary, Mike Herbert Gary Lewis(H), Len Hendricks, James Kearns, Bette Boyer

Assistant Leaders
6th 13th 17th 20th 27th Ray Anderson Luella Smith (Palm Sunday) Mike Herbert (Maundy Thurs.) Mary Norcross (Easter Sunday) Kendyll Secor Praying for Missions in April


Greeters listed in order of: 1st Service and 2nd Service

6th (1st) Anthony & Amber Keller (2nd) Robert & Peg Hollar, NathanUsoro Idio 13th (1st) TBA (2nd) Rod & Linda Martin, Mary Norcross & Joan Norcross 20th (1st) Gary & Ginger Lewis, (2nd) Don Weber, Jerry & Jane McClelland 27th (1st) Eric & Tyla Mellott (2nd) Mary Mohr & Elise Stendal, Scott & Deb Mummert

Holy week at central Presbyterian church

April 13: Palm Sunday Services (8:30am FH/10:45am Sanctuary) April 17: Maundy Thursday Services (7pm Sanctuary w/Communion) April 18: Good Friday, Last 7 Words from the Cross, Sanctuary (12 Noon) April 18: Good Friday, The Passion of Christ, (7pm in the Friendship Hall) April 20: Easter Sunday (8:30am FH/10:45am Sanctuary) (Easter Brunch served throughout the morning)

History Team Meeting May 1st7:00pm Room 107

April 20th is Easter Sunday

Church will be closed

Stephen Ministry will have Supervision on Tues, April 1 6:008:30pm. Well meet either in the Sewing Room #122 or Classroom #123

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The Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner was a GREAT SUCCESS! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in, donated to, and helped with the event. We raised $1,163 toward this summer's youth mission trip!

The varieties included Scott Wilson playing 5 instruments at once, Trena and Jenine revamping their very-humorous sketch, the Middlers doing a hilarious 3 Stooges skit, Tom Diehl lassoing his way into people's hearts, Bruce Burr performing a great rendition of "It's Hard to Be Humble", the Nonviolent Ferns playing 2 original songs, Matt Brennan and Sarah Dusinberre recreating a current pop-hit, Hannah Sharp dancing on pointe, Elaina Sharp and her friend Grace jump-roping like you've never seen before, Pat McNamee jazzin' out on his saxophone, Elise Stendal rockin' out on her guitar, Kameron Brand and Destiny Stephenson singing a heartfelt duet, Dani and Erin blasting their rendition of One Day More, Scott and Zach jammin' on several instruments, Amanda Bietsch leading a rompin' rhythm section, and Deb Mummert "tying it all together"! Can't wait for next time!

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WOW! When the Holy Spirit wants something done, It gets it done!!!

Central's CHAT team was completely in awe on Sunday night (3/16/14) as 170 people crowded into the Friendship Hall for the Human Trafficking Awareness Youth Rally. With the help of 20 amazing adult volunteers, the hard work of CHAT team-members, and God's provision, the night was powerful and memorable! From food to worship, statistics to sermon, dances to videos, everything was beyondour-control AWESOME! The fight against human trafficking is growing stronger! Amen! Stay tuned for CHAT's next projects!

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FOCUS Prayer meets every Tuesday at noon in Sandys office (Room 314). We read Gods Word and pray for our church and church family. (You do not have to pray aloud.) You are welcome to bring a sack lunch as we take a lunch break to pray! All are welcome to come!

Kids Ministry Missions!

Childrens Ministry continues to support two Navajo brothers Lakota, age 6 and Zachary, age 8. Both boys live in the Childrens homes at Navajo Ministries in Farmington, New Mexico. Prayer Needs for the boys: Zach was born with an extra toe that was causing problems and recently had to have it ampuLakota tated. Please pray for complete healing. Zach Lakota deals with some emotional issuesnot uncommon for children in foster care. Please pray that he will feel completely loved and secure. Donation jars are located in the church foyer and also on the third floor if you would like to help support them monetarily.

Attention Parents!
Check your emails and the April edition of Parenting Christian Kids for important news about events for the children during Holy Week! You can always contact me with any joys or concerns! Love & prayers, Sandy kidsmin@centralonthesquare.org.

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VBS 2014 = Weird Animals

Where Jesus Love is One-of-a-Kind!
DATES = Monday thru Friday June 16 thru 20 TIMES = 6:00pm to 8:30pm

This Years VBS is going to be incredible! The decorations are going to be amazing, too! Heres what we need from YOU!


POOL NOODLES you can get them at Dollar Tree as soon as summer toys are on display! We need lots of them any color PIPE CLEANERS assorted sizes, styles and colors POSTER BOARD fluorescent colorsyellow, orange, pink & green
Talk to Sandy Wilson and see how YOU can be part of the 2014 VBS Team!! Email: kidsmin@centralonthesquare.org

You are wonderful! We want to do everything possible to help you in your parenting & faith walk. Here are some new tools just for you! PARENT RESOURCES free for you to borrow! Full of helpful ideas and encouragements as you pour your life and faith into your precious children! Located on the blue Welcome Center. EVENT CALENDAR I want to pray specifically for your children as they participate in their special events. Please add your childrens activities (sports, dance, concerts, etc,.) onto the dry erase calendar beside the Sunday School Attendance Chart. Thank you! Wishing you joy & blessings in your family life , Sandy

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Session took the following actions at its March meeting. If you have any questions, please talk to one of the Elders: Brenda Black, Bill Daniels, Jean Gisriel, Linda Igou, Pat McNamee, Ann Miller, Jim Sharp, Karl Shreiner, Luella Smith, Don Weber, Scott Wiley, Sam Worley, or Kathryn Finley, Clerk. Approved the request to serve communion at the Leadership Retreat on Saturday April 5 Adopted the list Pastor Scott presented as a working list of Session committees. Dissolved the Stewardship Committee because the recently formed Finance Committee has assumed the stewardship responsibilities.

YOUR ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED: It has been brought to our

attention that several of the individual listening devices that are used during Sunday Worship in the Sanctuary are missing. If you know of their whereabouts, please return them to the church workroom. Thank you.
Central Presbyterian is having a golf tournament to raise money to benefit the fight against Human Trafficking. We have some hot spots right in our community and a hub in Carlisle. We hope you will pass the word and help us make our efforts count. Our tournament will be held on August 17, 2014, at Penn National Iron Forge golf course with a shotgun start at 2:00 p.m. We put a brochure in all mailboxes on March 30 (if you need more you can pick them up in the church office). We need help in obtaining many sponsors at $500, $300 and $200 levels; cart sponsors, $50; advertisers for $100 (full page), $50 (half page), and $25 (quarter page); players (80+); door prizes and volunteers to make it all happen. See brochure for details. Ed Fisher (717-401-0565) and Carol Rohr (717-261-6083) are the cochairs for this event. They are available for all questions; just give them a call or email: efisher6900@yahoo.com or lionsrohr1@aol.com. We urge the community of Central Presbyterian, Franklin County, and surrounding areas to get involved. We need individuals and companies to come forward and help for us to be successful. We want to have a fun day for a great cause. Lets swing into action!

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1 4 5
9a MDO 3rd Floor 12p F.O.C.U.S Prayer 2:30p Staff meeting 6p Confirmation Classes Bertie returns from vacation today! Bertie back in office.. 9a MDO 3rd Floor 5:15-5:45p NLC reserved 5:30p Praise 6:30p Sr. Bell Choir 7:30p Chancel Choir

Volunteer Alex Shearer 3
2 9a MDO 3rd Floor 9:30a Ladies Lenten Group 10a Sewing Ladies meet 5p Mustardseeds practice 6p JAM Choir practice 6p Simple Supper





Mens Breakfast 7am and Bible study 8am 11a Kline Birthday Party

Holy Wk Rehearsal 7-8:30pm 9

9a MDO 3rd Floor 5:15-5:45p NLC reserved 5:30p Praise 6:30p Sr. Bell Choir 7:30p Chancel Choir

6pm Holy Wk Rehearsal

6 5th Sun. in Lent

9a MDO 3rd Floor 12p F.O.C.U.S Prayer 2:30p Staff meeting 6p Confirmation Classes

7 8 10

8:30a-9:30a FH Cont. Srv. 9:30a-10:30a Sun.School 10:45a SANC Trad. Srv. 12p Deacons meeting 5p Middlers meeting 6p SH Youth meeting

9a MDO 3rd Floor 6p Zumba, gym 7p Worship Team mtg. 7p DSG



5p CROSSROADS Potluck and Volleyball Kit/gym

Birthday Sunday 15 16 17

Holy Wk Rehearsal 7-8:30pm

Joan Gray, Guest Preacher

9a MDO 3rd Floor 9:30a Ladies Lenten Group 10a Sewing Ladies meet 5p Mustardseeds practice 6p JAM Choir practice 6p Simple Supper 7p Trustee meeting?

Holy Wk Rehearsal 7-8:30pm

13 Palm Sunday


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9a MDO 3rd Floor 9:30a Ladies Lenten Group 10a Sewing Ladies meet 7:30p Chancel Choir 5:30p Praise

9a MDO 3rd Floor 6p Zumba, gym

8:30a-9:30a FH Cont. Srv. 9:30a-10:30a Sun.School 10:45a SANC Trad. Srv. 5p Middlers meeting 6p SH Youth meeting

Holy Wk Rehearsal 7-8:30pm Holy Wk Rehearsal 5:45-7:15pm

MAUNDY Thursday w/Communion 9a MDO 3rd Floor Holy Wk Rehearsal 5:15p

18 GOOD FRIDAY 19 Service in Sanctuary Mens Breakfast 7am and Bible study 8am Holy Wk Final Dress Rehearsal10-11:30am

7p DSG

9a MDO 3rd Floor 12p F.O.C.U.S Prayer 2:30p Staff meeting 6p Confirmation Classes EndsGraduation to take place in May 7p Session


Holy Wk Rehearsal 22
9a MDO 3rd Floor 12p F.O.C.U.S Prayer 2:30p Staff meeting


21 Easter Monday

Church Closed

9a MDO 3rd Floor 10a Sewing Ladies meet

24 9a MDO 3rd Floor

25 9a MDO 3rd Floor

5:15-5:45p NLC reserved 5:30p Praise

26 Cancer Benefit for Steven Smith, FH

8:30a-9:30a FH Cont. Srv. 9:30a-10:30a Sun.School 10:45a SANC Trad. Srv. 5p Middlers meeting 6p SH Youth meeting


7:15aPraise Team 29

6p-8p WORKSHOP for Downtown Chbg. Inc., FH 7p DSG

Danis back today

9a MDO 3rd Floor 12p F.O.C.U.S Prayer 2:30p Staff meeting

27 Special Music, NO Choir Anthem


8:30a-9:30a FH Cont. Srv. 9:30a-10:30a Sun.School 10:45a SANC Trad. Srv. 5&6p Youth meetings

9a MDO 3rd Floor 6p Zumba, gym 7p Drama Practice 7p DSG-LAST

9a MDO 3rd Floor 10a Sewing Ladies meet 5p Mustardseeds practice 6p JAM Choir practice


* Easter Monday 4/21/14 Downtown Chambersburg wishes hold a workshop at Central in the Friendship Hall. (approx. 100 to participate). Will need tables and chairs set up.