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Fitness Boot Camp in Sunny Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast, Australia March 25, 2014 Getting fit is becoming less of a phenomenon and more of an e er!da! endea or for people" #his has led to the increase of g!ms and fitness centers and no$ there is a $elcoming of boot camps into fitness circles" %n the sunn! sand! neighborhood of Sunshine Coast there are o er 100 g!ms and fitness centers catering to people leading different lifest!les" Sunshine coast gyms are opening their doors to ne$ people e er! da!" &ith the pro ision of boot camps, g!ms are no$ able to pro ide intense $or'outs for people $hose lifest!les cannot allo$ them to be at the g!m on a regular basis" (oot camps t!picall! do not last for long and can run for a $ee'end or a $ee'" #his is because the acti ities done here are intense, grueling and challenging and b! the end of the da! man! of the participants $ill be tired to the bone and sore e en after the! go bac' to their homes" A boot camp sunshine coast edition usuall! ta'es place at the beach or can start on the grounds of a facilit!" )articipants are re*uired to carr! se eral changes of clothes mainl! under$ear and training clothes because $ith all the s$eating and $ater acti ities, t$o or three pairs +ust $on,t cut it" )ersonal h!giene items, pa+amas, to$els, beddings, torches and batteries, protecti e $ear, sunscreen ad insect repellant, $ater bottle and ma!be cameras to record the time" %f a participant has a medical condition, the! are ad ised to contact their doctor beforehand and pro ide a letter of clearance as the amped up e-ercises ma! not be suitable for them" #he principle behind boot camp is to incorporate as man! e-ercises as possible, mi-ing them to eliminate monoton! and pre ent strain, to help get in as much of a $or'out as humanl! possible as $ell as to create camaraderie and a sense of communit! bet$een participants and facilitators and to ta'e a$a! lessons and memories that $ill be cherished fore er" Sunshine coast is an ideal place because the en ironment is suitable for both high impact and lo$ impact e-ercises and pro ides an opportunit! to rela- after a long da! of getting in shape" #he facilities that are currentl! offering boot camps for fitness are (oot Camps Australia, (oot Camp &ee'end, and Sunshine Coast .itness (oot camp for &omen, Marooch!dore, Suncoast .itness, (od! (la/e, (oot Camp 0oosa and .itness Command Center" #hese boot camps all borro$ a leaf from the militar! manual and pro ide serious training that pushes one

to the limit to the point of brea'ing and ensure that b! the end of the $ee'end or four da!s !ou can feel the difference in !our bod! or at least that $ill happen after the soreness, aches and pain subsides" #here is a *uote used in fitness circles often1 2o not stop $hen !ou are tired, stop $hen !ou are done" #his is a principle all boot camps around the $orld use and is a creed that $or's for boot camp sunshine coast renditions and e en sunshine coast g!ms" 2iane 3ollander is a personal fitness instructor at a g!m in Mooloolaba and a facilitator of one of the semi4annual boot camps held in the region" &hen not training she is s$imming at Marooch!dore or en+o!ing deep tissue massages" Original Source: boot camp in sunny sunshine coast