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Velma Orvis (b.

Velma describes herself as the Half-Breed daughter of John Jac ! "r#is (190$-19%4) and &atherine &oo'er ((etis) 190*-199+) from Balsam Ba,) (anitoba. -he is the granddaughter of John Benson "r#is and .sabella .r#ing (1%/1-1944)0 and great granddaughter of 1illiam .r#ing (b. 1%*1) and 2li3abeth 4ouis (b. 1%*9) on her 'aternal side. "n the maternal side she is the granddaughter of &harles &oo'er (b. 1%+%) and Jane (ar, Halcro5 (b. 1%*+). Her great-grandfather Jeremiah &oo'er 5as born in 1%4$ at -t. 6ndre5s and married &atherine 7homas 5ho 5as born at 4ac Brochet in 1%4/. Velma is currentl, the 8randmother 9ee'er of the moccasin #am's of 1al ing 1ith "ur -isters) an installation art 'ro:ect of 1)+00 'airs of moccasin to's or #am's! commemorating and re'resenting an estimated %$4 6boriginal 5omen and girls 5ho ha#e been murdered or gone missing in &anada since 19/1. 7he 1inni'eg e#ent is being held at the ;rban -haman 8aller, from (arch $1 to 6'ril 1$) $014.

2lders) Velma Orvis and Helen 4es'erance 5ith -herr, <arrel =acette (4ead &uratorial and .nstallation 6d#isor) in the front ro5 and >aina 1arren) >irector of ;rban -haman 8aller, and -andra >elaronde of the Helen Bett, "sborne <oundation in the bac ro5. Velma is acti#e 5ith 9a ?i 9anichih (7hose 1ho 4ead)) 8randmother@s &ouncil and the 8randmothers Arotecting our &hildren grou'. -he is also a current member of the ?ational Aarole Board Arairie =egion. -he is also a former member of the (anitoba &ouncil on 6ging (to $00+).

2lder Velma "r#is 'ac s her ceremonial 'i'e 5ith elder 6lbert (c4eod) rear) 5ho 're'ares a smudge ceremon, at 7he 6boriginal 1omen =es'onding to the H.VB6.>- &risis 'rogram) funded through 9a ?i 9anichih ) ($01*) Joe Br, sa B 1inni'eg <ree Aress) "r#is <amil, (etis -cri' .r#ing) (atilda0 addressC 8rand (arais0 claim no. 1D%00 bornC 9 6ug.) 1%+4 at 8rand (arais0 fatherC John "r#is (1hiteman)0 motherC (ar, 6nn (c4ean ((Etis)0 marriedC 1%%+ at -t. &lements to 1illia .r#ing0 scri' cert.C form 2) no. *449. -cri' affida#it for 4ouis) James0 bornC $D >ecember 1%0+0 fatherC Jose'h 4ouis ((Etis)0 motherC .ndian0 claim noC 1+D0 date of issueC (a, 1) 1%+/0 5ifeC .sabella) daughter of 6ndre5 -'ence0 diedC 6'r.) 1%+40 heirsC her children -arah) 5ido5 of John Bird0 Hanna) 5ife of &harles Aurd,0 2mma) 5ife of John >,ser0 &hloe) 5ife of Henr, Bird0 .sabella) 5ife of 1illiam .r#ing0 1illiam0 Aeter0 and 6ndre5Fs children) 1illiam) 6ndre5 and James0 claim noC 1+/. -cri' affida#it for Halcro5) Jose'h0 bornC ?o#ember 1/) 1%*+0 fatherC 7homas Halcro5 ((Etis)0 motherC -arah Halcro5 ((Etis)0 claim noC 11$0 date of issueC (a, 1) 1%+/ -cri' affida#it for Halcro5) (ar, 6nn) 5ife of Jose'h Halcro50 bornC June 1%4D0 fatherC James &orrigal ((Etis)0 motherC Hannah &orrigal ((Etis)0 claim noC 11*0 date of issueC (a, 1) 1%+/

-cri' affida#it for &oo'er) &atherine0 5ife of Jeremiah &oo'er0 bornC 6'r. 1$) 1%4/0 fatherC &harles 7homas ((Etis)0 motherC (ar, Bou#ier ((Etis)0 claim no.C *%0 date of issueC (a, 1) 1%+/ 7homas) ?anc, - &oncerning her claim as a head of famil, - 6ddress) Arince 6lbert Born) 1%4/ at 4ac &aribou - <ather) &harles 7homas) ((Etis) - (other) (arie Bou#ier) ((Etis) - (arried) 1%/4 at <ort &umberland to 4ouis >eschambeault - &hildren li#ing) eight (names on declaration) - &hildren deceased) one - -cri' for G1/0 - &laim 14**. -cri' affida#it for 7homas) =ichard0 bornC 1+ <ebruar, 1%D%0 fatherC &harles 7homas ((Etis and de'onent)0 motherC (ar, Bou#ier ((Etis)0 5ish to 'arta e in allotment and distribution of land set a'art for (Etis children.

&om'iled b, 4a5rence Bar 5ell &oordinator of (etis Heritage and Histor, =esearch 4ouis =iel .nstitute