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RAGIL PRATIWI Mobile Phone +62-85746586900


Personal Details Name : Ragil Pratiwi Place and Date of Birth : Banyuwangi, October 19th 1990 Mobile Phone Number E-mail : +62-85746586900 :

Affiliation POSITION Head of Academic Division of American Association of Petroleum Geologist UNDIP Student Chapter (AAPG UNDIP SC) Staff of Forum Kaderisasi Fakultas Teknik Universitas Diponegoro Staff of Human Resourses Development Department of Geological Engineering Student Association (HMTG MAGMADIPA) Staff of Human Resourses Development of American Association of Petroleum Geologist UNDIP Student Chapter Diponegoro University 2009-2010 Diponegoro University 2009-2010 Diponegoro University 2009-2010 PLACE Diponegoro University YEAR 2010 - present

RAGIL PRATIWI Mobile Phone +62-85746586900

(AAPG UNDIP SC) Member of SMANSA English Debate Club Member of Physics and MathematicsStudy Club Member of IPASTU (Ikatan Pecinta Alam SMAN 1 Genteng) PASKIBRA SMAN 1 Genteng PASKIBRA Kecamatan Genteng SMAN 1 Genteng Kecamatan Genteng 2006 2006 SMAN 1 Genteng 2006 SMAN 1 Genteng SMAN 1 Genteng 2007-2009 2007-2009

Work Experience

Assistant of Lecture and Laboratory Assistant of Physical and Dynamics Geology, Structural Geology, and Geomorphology of University of Diponegoro 2010-2011.

English and TOEFL Exercisess Tutor for member of American Association of Petroleum Geologist UNDIP Student Chapter 2011 (1 year to go, 2011)

English Tutor for Senior High School and Junior High School Student at Lembaga Bimbingan Belajar (Bimbel) Antusias 2010 (2010 - present)

RAGIL PRATIWI Mobile Phone +62-85746586900

Essay Why I Want to Become a Student Volunteer at The 35th Annual IPA Convention and Exibition

I am an undergraduate student at geological engineering Diponegoro University 2009. And I am very interest with geology because it learns such many geology branchs, such us mining, oil and gas (petroleum), technical geology, hidrogeology, geothermal, and many others. One of my passion is petroleum both conventional and unconvenional like oil shale , tight sand, and many other. Because everyone need petrol for their life. Although there are many alternative energy as the answer of increasing of oil need, but they still cant replace oil as the biggest need of human. Like geothermal, it can answer electricity need, but it can change humans need for their transportation tools until now. Even, this exploration is very expensive! What about mines, like coal? This mine is very dirt, although there are many way to make it cleaner and green, like Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Technology and Coal Bed Methane (CBM), but to get them are very expensive and the exploratinists are very few. Then there are still many alternative ways, but they are not solutive, like making a fuel from food. As we know that our family in Afrika are getting hunger. What will happen if human and transportation tools, both need food, human must be hunger? So, it can be called a solution but it is not solutive. We must realize that the best energy until now is still petroleum. But there is an assumtion of people around the world that petroleum are empty. This assumtion is not absolutely wrong because they just worried even theres nothing left for their children, and their grandchildren later. But if we want to think smarter, there are many solutions to solve that problem, such us making an exploration for unconvensional hydrocarbon, such us oil shale , tight sand, or deep drilling in mesopaleozoikum reservoir. Even it will be very clever if we make oil, by developing the algafuel, like I ever read. Algafuel is a sea orgamism that can produce 60% water, 10% residual, and 30% oil. If this technology is succeed, so we should not drill hardly, right?

RAGIL PRATIWI Mobile Phone +62-85746586900

I am also a member of American Assosiation of Petroleum Geologist UNDIP Student Chapter. Because I am very interest with pertoleum, then I really hope to join with IPA to pay of my curriousnes. Hopefully, in IPA, I can explore my softskill, my knowledge about petroleum, and I can get many friend there. Because I am a hard worker, team worker, optimistic, And my dream is being a petroleum engineer. So, I am really hope I can be accepted. Thank you very much.