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Zonal Office: Delhi-NCR Premises Required

1. Vbf,dpas;kbjmA well
established/prime commercial area in NOIDA/ reater NOIDA

1. !hondsi, "r#aon $%&'


o(inda )"ram, Dist. ha*iabad $+.).'

,. &aj Na#ar -.tn., Dist.

/. ha*iabad $+.).' reater NOIDA $in 0 aro"nd Aichhar ma1 also be considered' NOIDA 3ec41/5, .!. Na#ar $+.).' NOIDA 3ec477, .!. Na#ar $+.).' NOIDA 3ec48/, .!. Na#ar $+.).' 3ec49, "r#aon $%&'

2. 6. 8.

The offers are invited in two-bid system i.e. Technical Bid & Financial bid. Interested parties (except brokers) may obtain the prescribed format of technical bid ( nnex-!) and financial bid ( nnex"#) from llahabad Bank$s %onal &ffice 'elhi-()* at +econd Floor, !-, .arliament +treet, (ew 'elhi!!///! or its Branches at (&I' , 0ha1iabad, 02r3aon and Faridabad (between !/.// a.m. to 4.// pm from 5onday to Friday and !/.// 5 to #.// .5 on +at2rday) 2p to /!./6.#/!6 or may download the same from Bank$s website www.allahabadbank.com. The d2ly filled in offer completed in all respect in separate sealed covers marked 7Technical Bid8 & 7Financial Bid8 and s2perscribin3 7&ffer for ......................... Branch .remises8 on top and name, address & contact no of the offerer at bottom left corner sho2ld be addressed to
Dep"t1 eneral :ana#er Allahabad !ank ;onal Office Delhi4N<& ,nd =loor, 15, )arliament 3treet, New Delh411>>>1

The last date of s2bmission of completed application form in separate sealed cover in two parts (Technical & Financial Bid) is /9:/6:#/!6 2p to 4.//.5. The offer shall be dropped in the box kept for the p2rpose at the premises of %onal &ffice at # nd Floor, !-, .arliament +treet, (ew delhi-!!///! on or before /9:/6:#/!6 2p to 4.// .5. +2bmission of location plan, layo2t plan and photo3raphs showin3 entrance from road, interiors, nearby roads & b2ildin3s of offered premises with the Technical bid is comp2lsory. The technical bid of offer shall be opened on next working day at 3PM and date of openin3 of financial bid will be intimated to short listed offerer s2bse;2ently. The Bank reserves ri3ht to cancel any or all tenders and stop the process at any point of time witho2t assi3nin3 any reason or notice whatsoever. 'ep2ty 0eneral 5ana3er


(<.&. #, (.+. *oad =olkata -// //!) Offer for premises on rent

e!"ni!a# $id
(To be p2t in separate sealed cover s2perscribed as % e!"ni!a# &id') To, "e (ep)ty *enera# Manager+ ,ona# Offi!e (e#"i-N-R+ .nd f#oor+ 1/+ Par#iament 0treet+ New (e#"i-111 111 Ref- 2o)r ad3ertisement dated .14134.115 in "e imes of 6ndia 7Eng#is"8 9 Na3&"arat imes 7:indi84 $ank;s we&site for $ran!" Premises

Dear ir! "i#h reference #o #he $A%& for ('ARKED

7A8 -arpet Area .<1 s=.ft.
1. A well established/prime commercial area in NOIDA/ reater NOIDA 1. !hondsi,

7-8 -arpet Area 1<11 s=.ft.
1. .. 3. 5. <. >. /. o(inda )"ram, Dist. ha*iabad $+.).' &aj Na#ar -.tn., Dist. ha*iabad $+.).' reater NOIDA $in 0 aro"nd Aichhar ma1 also be considered' NOIDA 3ec41/5, .!. Na#ar $+.).' NOIDA 3ec477, .!. Na#ar $+.).' NOIDA 3ec48/, .!. Na#ar $+.).' 3ec49 "r#aon $%&' "r#aon $%&'

7$8 -arpet Area 1.11 s=.ft.

I()e! offer to 3ive yo2 on lease the premises described below>

!. #. (ame of the owner(s) )onstit2tion (Individ2al, <?F, .artnership Firm, Tr2st, .rivate @td. )o., .2blic @td. )ompany, 0ovt.:@ocal 2thority:Instit2tion, ssociation of persons) +hare of each owner, if any, 2nder Aoint &wnership F2ll address of the premises offered with .in code and land mark nearby )arpet area of the premises (In s;ft) 7-arpet area is defined in Annex ?138 Basement*ro)nd f#oor5e11anine floor(?0F) First Floor B @easehold:freehold (if leasehold, f2rnish the name of the lessor:lessee, nat2re of lease, d2ration of lease, lease rent, balance period and term). Bo2ndaries of the premises (orth +o2th Cast Dest )opy of site plan and lay o2t plan showin3 internal dimensions and carpet area to be enclosed Type of constr2ction (@oad bearin3: *.).).: +teel framed str2ct2re).

9. 6.



!/ !! !# !9 !6 !4 !B !-. !E !F.

)lear floor hei3ht from floor to ceilin3 (in ft.) .linth hei3ht from 0ro2nd @evel (in ft.) 3e of the b2ildin3 Basic amenities provided: to be provided. +pecial feat2res, if any. re repairs and:or reconditions necessaryG (if so, what are theyG Dhat is the probable costG). 'etails of parkin3 spaces available Dater s2pply facilities available : to be provided. +anitary facilities available : to be provided. Clectric connection has been obtained: to be obtained. +anctioned : applied load Cner3y meter capacity and in whose name it is installed. Dhether space available on the roof of the b2ildin3 for installin3 installation like I-+at etc. 5aintenance liability and its expenses Tax @iabilities (ame of 2thority, ;2arterly taxes, assessment effective since, assessment for the premises is separate or with other parts of the b2ildin3 'oc2ment(s) representin3 title of offerer on the premises like copy of title doc2ment, tax receipt etc are to be enclosed Dhether plans have been approved by 52nicipality and if so, whether it will be possible to carry o2t some chan3esG Dhether the premises is constr2cted as per approved plan & completion certificate has been obtained and re;2isite (&) if any has been obtained from the competent a2thority. Dhether commercial 2se of the premises is permissible. .robable time for completion and handin3 over possession, if the premise is to be constr2cted : 2nder constr2ction. )opy of the sanction plan indicatin3 the area offered is to be enclosed ny other information not covered above. HHH. =I

#/. #!. ##.

#9 #6

) ' C #4. !. .. 9. 6. 4.

I:De, am:are aware that, the rent shall be calc2lated as per the -arpet Area which will be meas2red in presence of landlord:s and Bank &fficials after completion of the B2ildin3 in all respect as per the specification:re;2irement of the Bank. (efinition of -arpet area as gi3en in t"e en!#osed Annex)re- 13 was exp#ained to me4)s and !#ear#y )nderstood &y me4)s. The Bank will be entitled to 2se the premises witho2t any interr2ption. The transaction does not involve violation of <*) ct, ?@) ct and ccommodation )ontroller ct etc. relevant in this re3ard. The Bank will be at liberty to 2se all the installations:fixt2res:f2rnit2re provided in the premises.


Installations re;2ired in the premises for f2nctionin3 of BankJs b2siness may be installed witho2t referrin3 the matter to me:2s. -. *oof of the b2ildin3 may be 2tili1ed by the Bank for installation of instr2ment like I-sat etc. E. The followin3 amenities are available in the premises or I:De am:are a3reeable to provide the followin3 amenities as per plan :drawin3 specifications provided by the Bank at the time of acceptance of my offer.

i) The strong room will be constructed strictly as per Banks speci ications and plan! "trong room door with grill gate# $entilator# e%haust an# &'cage or branch ( )urrency )hest and Tang bars or )urrency )hest# i re*uired are to be pro$ided by the Bank and will be installed by me+us!
ii) n enclos2re with brick wall & collapsible 3ate will be provided inside the stron3 room of branch se3re3atin3 the locker room and cash room. iii) l2nchroom for staff and record room will be provided as per re;2irement:specifications of the Bank. wash basin:sink will be provided in l2nchroom. iv) +eparate toilets for 3ents and ladies will be provided as per bank$s specifications. 38 A !o##apsi&#e gate+ ro##ing s")tter+ in addition to g#aAed door4doors wi## &e pro3ided at t"e $ran!" entran!e+ A M4e-#o&&y and at any ot"er point+ w"i!" gi3es dire!t a!!ess from o)tside. vi) Floorin3 :paintin3 will be done as per Bank$s specification. vii) ll windows will be stren3thened by 3rills with 3lass sh2tters.

viii) Re=)ired power #oad for t"e norma# f)n!tioning of t"e $ank and t"e re=)isite e#e!tri!a# wiring4points+ points for te#ep"one4UP04-omp)ters4A.-.s4fans4t)&e#ig"ts4A M4e-#o&&y et!. wi## &e pro3ided.
ix) )ontin2o2s water s2pply will be ens2red at all times by providin3 overhead tank and necessary taps. Dherever necessary, electric motor of re;2ired capacity will be provided. x) +pace for fixin3 bank$s si3nboard will be provided. xi) ll other )ivil:constr2ction work:floorin3 incl2din3 e-lobby: T5 site within the premises etc. will be done by me:2s on my:o2r cost whenever re;2ired by Bank as per Bank$s specification. F. ll repairs incl2din3 ann2al:periodical paintin3 will be 3ot done by me:2s at my:o2r cost. In case, the repairs and or paintin3 is:are not done by me:2s as a3reed now, the Bank will be at liberty to carry o2t s2ch repairs white:colo2r washin3 etc. at o2r cost and ded2ct all s2ch expenses from the rent payable to me:2s. !/. I:we 2ndertake to exec2te a lease deed, in the BankJs favo2r on Bank$s standard format at an early date. !!. I:De declare that I am:we are the absol2te owner of the plot:b2ildin3 offered to yo2 and havin3 valid marketable title over the above. 'oc2ments certifyin3 title of offerer on the premises like copies of title deed, 2pdate tax receipts, sanction plan, completion:occ2pancy certificate, site plan of the premises etc are enclosed:will be provided as & when demanded. !#. Bank will be a2thori1ed to paint the rolloin3 sh2tters, front and available side walls and any other str2ct2re attached to the premises, as per Bank$s wish to display the Bank$s scheme. !9. The Bank is at liberty to remove at the time of vacatin3 the premises, all electrical fittin3s and fixt2res, co2nters, safes, safe deposit lockers, cabinets, stron3 room door, ventilator, partitions and other f2rnit2re p2t by yo2. !6. If my:o2r offer is accepted, I:we will 3ive possession of above premises to the Bank within HHHHHHdays from date of receipt of acceptance letter from the Bank. !4. I:De f2rther confirm that the offer is irrevocable and shall be open for 1.1 days from date hereof, for acceptance by the Bank. I:De hereby confirm that, all the above information f2rnished by me: 2s are tr2e in best of my: o2r knowled3e. )opies of site plan, sanctioned drawin3s, doc2ments certifyin3 o2r title on the premises etc are enclosed. I:De am:are aware that the Bank is not bo2nd to accept my:o2r offers and may cancel it witho2t assi3nin3 any reasons:notice whatsoever. @ocation .lan, @ayo2t .lan and three .hoto3raphs showin3 entrance from road, interior & nearby road & b2ildin3 of my offered premises are enclosed. .lace >


7Owner4s8 'ate

Name o ,wner+s-' Address-' .obile + Telephone Nos!-'

ALLAHABAD BANK (<.&. #, (.+. *oad =olkata -// //!) Bormat of offer #etter for premises on rent Binan!ia# $id
(To be p2t in separate sealed cover s2perscribed as %Binan!ia# &id') To, "e (ep)ty *enera# Manager ,ona# Offi!e (e#"i-N-R+ .nd f#oor 1/+ Par#iament 0treet+ New (e#"i 'ear +ir,


Ref- 2o)r ad3ertisement dated .14134.115 in "e imes of 6ndia 7Eng#is"8 9 Na3&"arat imes 7:indi84 $ank;s we&site for $ran!" Premises "i#h reference #o #he $A%& for ( 1. A well established/prime commercial area in NOIDA/ reater NOIDA


7$8 -arpet Area 1.11 s=.ft.
!hondsi, "r#aon $%&' 1. .. 3. 5. <. >. /.

7A8 -arpet Area .<1 s=.ft.

7-8 -arpet Area 1<11 s=.ft.

o(inda )"ram, Dist. ha*iabad $+.).' &aj Na#ar -.tn., Dist. ha*iabad $+.).' reater NOIDA $in 0 aro"nd Aichhar ma1 also be considered' NOIDA 3ec41/5, .!. Na#ar $+.).' NOIDA 3ec477, .!. Na#ar $+.).' NOIDA 3ec48/, .!. Na#ar $+.).' 3ec49 "r#aon $%&'

I()e! offer to 3ive yo2 on lease the premises described below> !. (ame of the &wner:s.


F2ll address of the premises.


)arpet area of the premises (In s;.ft.) (It does not incl2de Toilet area, rea of walls, +taircase, )orridors & passa3es, verandahs etc.)

Basement*ro)nd f#oor5e11anine floor(?0F)


Rent Rate -

(For details refer nnex-9) Note@ (efinition of !arpet area is gi3en in Annex)re ?38 First Floor5onthly rent (in *s per s;. ft.) Basement70tri!t#y on !arpet area as defined a&o3e8

*ro)nd f#oor5e11anine floor(?0F) First Floor-

4. B. -.

5onthly *ent @ease .eriod .eriodical Cnhancement

)arpet area x *ent *ate per s;. ft. (sho2ld be minim2m 4K 4 years for 5etro & ?rban centres & 4K4K4 years for +emi ?rban & *2ral )entres) fter every 4 years (not be more than #/L)





)ost of exec2tion:re3istration of lease deed on Bank$s standard format 52nicipal Tax @iabilities

Dill be borne by landlord: @andlord & Bank on 4/>4/ basis

+ervice Tax

a) mo2nt of ;2arterly )orporation Taxes :other taxes payable after applyin3 necessary rebate b) .resent assessment applicable since c) (ext assessment d2e on d) Taxes will be borne by $ank desires t"at a## existing and en"an!ed M)ni!ipa# -orporation axes+ !ommer!ia# s)r!"arges+ rates and !ess wi## &e paid &y t"e #and#ords. A!!ording#y+ proposa# in t"is #ine wi## &e preferred. i. Dhether +ervice Tax is applicable. Dho will bear the +ervice tax, if applicableG a) .remises @oan re;2ired b) If yes, ;2ant2m of loan (+ho2ld be least of 4/ month rent e;2ivalent, -4L of estimated cost of constr2ction and repayable with interest within first lease period) a) Dhether interest free rent advance is re;2iredG b) If yes, how many months rent Note@ Offerer !an demand eit"er premises !onstr)!tion #oan or interest free rent ad3an!e. C"i#e ana#ysing t"e D-1+ finan!ia# &)rden 7interest per mont"8 for granting ad3an!e wi## &e added to =)oted rent rate. Ad3an!e rent !an &e !onsidered )p to 3 mont"s rent+ w"i!" !an &e extended to > mont"s in ex!eptiona# !ases. ii.

Mes : (o @andllord : Bank Mes:(o (+trike o2t whichever is not applicable) *sHHHHHHHHHHH


.remises )onstr2ction @oan


Interest free rent advance.



ny other information not covered above I:De, am:are aware that the rent mentioned above will be incl2sive of all the amenities incl2din3 parkin3 spaces and other conveniences provided by the landlords. I:De, am:are also aware that above mentioned all parameters will be considered:;2antified to decide the lowest offerer. I:De am:are aware that the Bank is not bo2nd to accept my:o2r offers and may cancel it witho2t assi3nin3 any reasons : notice whatsoever. *e;2ired power load for the normal f2nctionin3 of the Bank and the re;2isite electrical wirin3:points, points for telephone:?.+:)omp2ters: )s etc. will be provided. 0ignat)re NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

.lace> 'ate>


Name of Owner4s@Address@-

Mobile / Telephone Nos. :-

ANNE+URE-, -ARPE AREA BOR -OMMER-6AD $U6D(6N* - REN A$DE AREA. The )arpet rea of any floor shall be the covered floor area worked o2t excl2din3 the followin3 portion of the b2ildin3> !. #. 9. 6. 4. B. -. -. F. !/. !!. +anitary accommodation. Ierandas. )orridors and .assa3es, except where 2sed as internal passa3es and corridors. =itchen and .antries. Cntrance halls and porches, vertical s2n brakes, box lo2vers, Balconies. +taircase and area 2nder staircase and m2mties. +hafts and machine rooms for lifts. .ar/a#ie/0! lof#/. 0ara3es. )anteens. ir-conditionin3 d2cts and air-conditionin3 plant rooms, shafts for sanitary pipin3 and 3arba3e d2cts more than two s;. mtr. in area. O Barsati is a covered space open at least on one side constr2cted on a terraced roof.

.lace> 0ignat)re 'ate>

***************************** * 2,wner+s) Name of Owner4s@Address@-

.obile + Telephone Nos! -'

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