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I clearly remember when I was learning to drive, my instructors favourite saying was, Mirror, signal, manoeuvre! We are starting a new year that offers new opportunities. In the last 12 months we asked God to reveal whats in store. Its exciting! But what about us as individuals? Sometimes we dont know where we fit when it comes to getting involved. We teeter on the edge of offering to help in a ministry but wait to be asked, hoping for confirmation that will encourage us, but we simply dont get going. So lets try the Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre method? Mirror Ask what God wants from you 1 Chronicles 16 v11 Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Signal Listen out for his answer and guidance John 10 v 27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. Manoeuvre JUST GO FOR IT James 2 v18 But someone will say, You have faith; I have deeds. Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. There's a time to ask, a time to listen, and definitely, a time to move. God bless you in 2014. Jason

New Beginnings
So as we say goodbye to 2013 what have we learned? What have we experienced? How have we grown? The answer to these questions will be different for us all Im sure. Some have experienced the death of a loved -one; others have experienced the joy of a new baby. Some have had their first taste of mission in a foreign land; others have had to learn to cook and clean for themselves as they have ventured to university. For some its been a new work environment or even retirement! As humans, we experience so many emotions throughout our lives. Every day brings new challenges and new experiences. How do we deal with or cope with the difficult situations? Do we see the challenges as an opportunity to grow? Do we see the difficulties as adventures? Again we are all different but there is one thing we all have in common; Jesus Christ the Saviour who knows us and loves us. Whatever you have been through in 2013, I hope you have found Jesus, our Shepherd, King, Friend, Creator, Peace-giver. We are all on a journey with our faith and some seem to get further than others in different timescales, but as long as we are moving thats all that matters. As we begin 2014 (a year full of things we dont know) where will you place your faith and trust? In your own strength and emotions, or in a God who already knows what 2014 holds for you and has promised to never leave you or forsake you? Whatever situations you may find yourself facing, please know that as a church we are here to help and support you though these tough times. If we can help in anyway please do get in touch. If its worrying you then its important! Dont forget Celebrate Recovery meets on a Monday to help you with your Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups. Have a great and blessed 2014. Sue Chastney


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Breaking Out

Vision Beyond our Walls in 2014

Values shape who we are but vision shapes where we are going. Through 2013 we prayed about breaking out beyond our walls. Now in 2014 lets build on what we are already doing well, but find ways to serve God more effectively in Fulwood, the City and beyond. Heart to Heart . Thousands of homes in Fulwood receive Heart magazine. Over the next three years we want to meet the recipients and ask as many as possible for a heart-to-heart with them, to listen to their suggestions as to what our church can do to serve this locality more effectively. City Ministries We already serve through Cedar House, Street Pastors, Ministry Among Asians in Preston and in other areas of the city. Is God calling you to support these ministries, or maybe venture into new areas of service in the centre of Preston? Beyond into Blackburn Last year we held two significant meetings in Blackburn. Moving forwards, we will hold monthly prayer meetings in Blackburn, especially for Blackburn. Lets see what this leads to! A key question and challenge for us all: Are we serving with the gifts God has given us, in the place He has called us, with the passion He has put in our hearts? We want to focus our teaching on Gods gifts and our service. Be prepared to have your spiritual DNA challenged and shaped by the Holy Spirit. God bless you richly in 2014. Pastor Andrew Gardner

Mission Matters - Ministry Among Asians in Preston

God is working His purposes out as year succeeds to year, says an old hymn. Nearer and nearer draws the time when the earth will be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea! MAPs core group believes that God is working His purposes out as evangelical churches are increasingly reaching out to the South Asian population in Preston (and in a separate work the Free Methodist Church in Penwortham is reaching the Chinese student population). MAP is comprised of Christians called by God to share the gospel with immigrants from the Indian sub-continent who reside in Preston. Many were born here, and are true Prestonians! Some arrive primarily for economic reasons and others are here to avoid persecution as Christians in their homelands. Some find it hard to adapt to a dual-cultural way of life, so we seek to help them integrate and we support teenagers who find this exceptionally hard. The Mahabba (Arabic for love) network is a national concept, taking root in Preston, with some churches taking ownership of outreach to Asians who live near them. MAP helps to resource and encourage the churches doing this. 62 people from 4 churches have now completed the 10-week Friendship First course, with two more courses planned for early in 2014 for new churches and a repeat here at Fulwood FMC through Life School. The photo above was taken outside the Raza Mosque, which was visited as part of the Friendship First course. Ongoing persistent prayer has been the basis for MAPs work throughout and many reading this are involved in praying for us. Prayer and Action for 2014: For each of us to seek God about ways of sharing Gods love with the 14% of people who are of South Asian heritage and maybe to engage more with the MAP core group. For the educating and resourcing of churches. For Rowena and her team planning to open a coffee/community shop/centre on Deepdale in late spring. For grace for those discipling and caring for new followers of Jesus. To know more contact Liz Carr (Secretary) or Di Allen (Chair).

In science we learn about DNA which determines the colour of our eyes, the height to which we grow and our risk of certain illnesses. Physically, DNA affects much of how we behave and how we look. Spiritually, we hold to core morals that are the DNA of our souls. These values affect the way we relate to God, others and to ourselves. Christians hold to Biblical values that guide every area of life. This month I want to focus on the value of grace.

We receive grace from God when He gives us life and freedom gifts that we dont deserve. We give out grace to the world when we reflect this generous kindness towards others. Christians offer Gods grace to everyone, regardless of race, gender, lifestyle choices or creed. When people let us down, we give the grace of forgiveness. Acts 20 v 24 I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me - the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace. Pastor Andrew Gardner