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Music has always been a basic form of expression.

From Antonin Dvorak, to Eminem , to even ancient, tribal music, it has been a medium through which individuals convey their thoughts and expressions. Today this medium is under attack. Everyw here we turn, everything we do and say is being scrutinized. We are being told w hat to say. We are being spoon-fed our emotions. No longer are we allowed to thi nk freely, openly. All the censors out there are on the prowl for another piece to rip to shreds because it doesn't fit their description of what is decent and moral. What they fail to realize is that we don't make the music for them... We do it for release. Music shouldnt be censored because taking music away can caus e chaos,because of Freedom of Speech, and its release for some of our most troub lesome times. If someone grows up in a violent environment, that would be all they know. It wo uld be the only way they knew how to express themselves. Taking that away from t hem would be like banning their language. Some of these people went through viol ent situations; this is the reality for them. Violence in their lyrics is their way of honestly telling their stories to the world. Also, it?s a good way for th em to cope with their past; by expressing it through words instead of violence i n the real world. Julie Polter states "Which are more dangerous-songs or those w ho would silence them?" The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights exists because the Founders of our cou ntry understood the importance of free expression. The First Amendment states "C ongress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press . ..". One of the ways the American people use this freedom of speech and expre ssion is through the creation of the art form known as music. Music's verbal exp ression bonds our society through our emotions and experiences. This fundamental right of freedom of expression is being threatened by public and governmental g roups who believe they have authority to monitor and decide what others should e xperience. Can you agree with "But human rights are reserve censorship...." .The censorship of music lyrics is a violation of our First Amendment right, and pub lic groups should not be allowed to bypass this right to censor obscene lyrics p roduced in the music industry. After all "....cesorship it self is a blunt instr ument that can be deadly." . Music is a free expression of the ideas, traditions and emotions of individuals and of peoples. It may express musicians hopes and aspirations, their joys and so rrows, their very identity as a culture. Yet these expressions may conflict with those of people in power. The ideas themselves may simply be unpopular or outsi de the current thinking or practices of a regime or special interest group. For there are those the world over who are threatened by the very nature of a free e xchange of ideas. There are those who will stop at nothing to stifle them. Thats why america should protect our epression though music. "Rap music does not caus e gun crime...". Music shouldnt be censored because taking music away can cause chaos,because of Freedom of Speech, and its release for some of our most troublesome times. Evide nce here can support censorship is against americans freedom of speech. Revolts can also conculed that censorship cause problems. Hopfully yall can agree music can express your feelings, so censorship can stop that. All this is reasoning for music to be uncensored. Next time you hear your favori te song on the radio be happy its there today. Censorship takes away rights, you r rights, remember that. Dont support this curuption of our goverment. Let all a nd any music express you and the fellow singers out there.