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Question 2: How does your media product represent particular social group?

My media product represents the particular social group of Indie music, they enjoy going to gigs and concerts but hate it when people criticise their choice of music. This is shown through my use of colour scheme (red, white and black) as these colours seem to be the most popular colours of this genre and they really help the magazine to stand out, it isn t too bright and is consistently used throughout. I decided to use this after my target audience told me that this was what they liked. I ha!e used my chosen layouts throughout my magazine as my target audience prefer magazines like " and #M$, therefore I ha!e used similar layouts to those used by these professional magazines to attract my target audience to my magazine more. Indie is described as a short form of independence, which applies to my front co!er as the image on the front is of one independent artist who has made it to %& number one. My model is looking straight at the camera, so the use of direct address here, means that my target audience are more likely to be drawn into the magazine as they feel a part of it. The models name stands out really well, as the white against her red top really make it clear for the audience to see who the article is about, and this will make them want to read on. The bands used on my front co!er will attract my target audience and make them want to read on, as these are the bands that were chosen as most popular for this genre in my 'uestionnaire. (lso the model I ha!e used on my front co!er is wearing a maroon top with a necklace that is spiky to suggest that you shouldn)t mess with her. This describes the Indie genre as they get angry when people disrespect their music genre. *n my contents page the articles use in both the regular and feature content follow the codes and con!entions of the typical Indie genre, as well as being interesting for the reader to read about. (lso the guitars used on the contents page are typical Indie style instruments, meaning that they reflect the genre of the magazine and gi!e the audience what they want to see. *n my double page spread my font is !ery clear for my article meaning the audience can read it, but my choice of 'uestion and answer reflect the band I ha!e inter!iewed and their style of Indie music. (lso the fact that all four boys ha!e their own image across the two pages suggests that they are all indi!idual boys who ha!e formed together to make a band, and that they all ha!e their own identity within the group.