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Howard-Winneshiek Community School District

Individual Career Development Plan

Teacher Name(s) Michelle Riedel School Year: 2013-14 General Focus of the Plan: To enhance students ability to analyze and interpret art. Building JH Date

Specific Goal(s): (Written in a manner that allows for progress to be noted.) Along with learning how to make different types of art, students will gain an understanding of how to be art critics using the right vocabulary and a system for identifying the various parts of a whole.

Rationale for the Plan: What student learning concerns will this plan address and what is baseline data for analyzing the goals and progress: Giving students a way to express themselves and communicate their ideas through visual arts opens doors to success for all. Students will be challenged to use new vocabulary and higher level thinking skills. They will use 21st century skills working collaboratively to enhance their observation skills. They will use written conversation to make meaningful connections not only to help their memory, but to also help new or complicated ideas make sense. How does this plan relate to building and/or district student achievement goals? Literacy goals Success for all students How will the strategies and activities in this plan lead to accomplishing the goal? Understanding a work of Art involves peeling away layers to reveal meaning. The process is multifaceted, involving the artists intention, the context in which the art was created, and also the personal experience and values of the viewer. Through various processes students will learn strategies for approaching artwork (especially works that are unfamiliar or confusing) and also a little more about themselves.

Check the Iowa Teaching Standards that are addressed in this plan: x 1. Enhance Student Achievement x 5. Monitoring Student Learning x 2. Content Knowledge x 6. Classroom Management x 3. Planning and Preparation x 7. Professional Growth x 4. Instructional Strategies x 8. Professional Responsibilities Strategies, Activities, and Periodic Assessments: Written conversation, posters, class critiques etc. Resources needed to implement the plan: Artwork, Laptops/iPads Pages, Keynote, Weebly (class website), Padlet Teacher Signature(s) and Date Administrator Signature and Date

Howard-Winneshiek Community School District

Individual Career Development Plan End of Year Report

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School Year: What do the results, outcomes and/or products of this plan indicate relating to student learning concerns?

Teacher comments and reflections on what has been learned as a result of this plan:

Administrator comments and reflections:

As a result of this experience, what might be the focus of the next career development plan?

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