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Communication Plan for Women Empowerment and Legal Aid (WELA)

One out of three women may suffer abuse in their lifetime and in Nigeria, West Africa, one of three women aged 15-24 have been victims of violence (DHS 2008). Violence has become endemic in the system, as a research conducted showed that a high number of women who were victims of violence thought they deserved it (Gender in Nigeria Report 2012). Though in Nigeria, all statutes, customary laws and practices which support discrimination against women have been abolished, such acts have continued unchecked. WELA officially came into existence June 4, 2009. the organization was formed to contribute to the empowerment of women in Nigeria and to promote and protect womens right. In the light of the above, WELA needs more funds in other to continue the empowerment and protection of women against abuse.

Competitive Analysis
Name African Int'l Women Empowerment Org. Inc. WAWORC stands for West African Women's Rights Coalition Project alert on violence against women Media channel Top of Mind awareness Rating Press, Rallies, 3 Hand bills, Posters Press, Rallies, Posters, Handbills. TV, Press, Online, Posters, Sponsorships. Online, Rallies, Press. Press, Rallies. Press, Online. 3

Brown Button Foundation WOTCLEF Women Advancement for Economic and Leadership Empowerment in Africa (WAELE/ARCELFA) WELA

2 2 3

Radio, Press, Rallies, Posters.

Professional legal aid

Low publicity/media presence Low top of mind awareness

Rise in sympathy for women facing diverse form of abuses Category leader (women empowerment and human rights) yet to emerge

Stiff competition from more popular NGOs e.g. Project Alert Bad reputation of local NGOs

Strategic Insight from Consumers

NGOs are thieves young working class man
NGOs are perceived to be fraudulent because they do not deliver on their promise and lack transparency.

Target Audience
Primary Target A,B,C1 Socio economic class Live in urban areas Professionals Philanthropists High disposable income Sympathetic to causes Secondary target Corporate bodies Tiers of government The Media General public

Media Objectives

To create awareness for WELA amongst target audience

To motivate people to donate towards the cause.

To reinforce the need for regular donation

Achieve at least 80% reach of the target audience over the course of the campaign.

The brief

To solicit support in raising N200,000,000.00 within a period of one year.

Campaign would be in two phases
Phase 1
Sensitize the public about WELA and its mission Press conferences Partnering with media houses Press release on social media platforms Recruitment of brand ambassadors WELAs website upgrade

Phase 2
Establish the brand and stimulate donation through consumer engagement Short documentary on success stories. Ambience creation in choice locations Create an online interactive forum Partnering with reputable Bloggers Monologue on TV Fund raising event.(Yahoo ad to drive traffic)

Campaign Phasing

Sensitization Phase
Public Relations

Consumer Engagement/Sustenance Phase

Ambience Creation

Phase One
3 months plan

Recruitment of Brand Ambassadors

Phase Two

Online Interactive Forum

Monologue and drama skits

Social Media Buzz Fund raising event


Action Plan Phase 1

This phase will lapse for a duration of 3 months
Press conference would be used to introduce WELA, its founder and board of trustees to the public and also adapted on social media platforms (twitter influencers and facebook) Partnering with media houses (e.g. print) for subsidized rates in other to disseminate information about WELA and its activities. Popular figures e.g. actresses, business women, artists. Who were once victims will be recruited as brand ambassadors. This will help to increase goodwill. WELAs website will be upgraded so as to accommodate online payments and social media networking.

Action Plan Phase 2

Sustenance Phase
Short documentary on beneficiaries would be produced and displayed on facebook video Ad and synchronized with WELAs YouTube, Instagram and website.
TA will be adequately profiled on Facebook.

Ambience creation at cinemas, shopping malls, hotels, high end recreational centers.
Drama skits will be showcased at high convergence zones e.g. Bus stops. This will reach the middle income earners

Create an online interactive forum where people can share their stories, seek counseling and monitor ongoing issues
This would be achieved by partnering with reputable bloggers e.g. Linda Ikeji, Bella naija.

Real live story of a beneficiary will be adapted as a 30 secs TV commercials within Channels TV News at ten and NTA Newsline.
This story will also be adapted to different social media sites. Google App ad will be deployed to target special mobile phone apps e.g. KJV Bible, Google play.

Note: Donation opportunity will be made available through all the deployed channels.

Direct Mailing of dignitaries (e.g. all first ladies in the country) Invitation package will include a DVD (containing testimonials) 2 days Yahoo sign in page ad. Companies and tiers of government will be approached for sponsorship

Stage & Lighting Consumer Engagement (Stop the abuse mechanism, drama skits) Willing victims testimonial Short documentaries


Brand Experience

Funds raised through donation Media coverage for publicity Increase in top of mind awareness Recruitment of more Brand ambassadors Networking opportunity for invited guests

Fund Raising

Stop the abuse mechanism Sales of souvenirs e.g. bumper stickers Sponsored games Special call for donation

Major Shopping malls

Hotels and cinemas

Event and relaxation centers

Social media platforms

ONLINE Facebook Youtube Instagram PRESS Ovation magazine Thisdays Style magazine Punch newspaper TV Channels TV NTA network

Yahoo Google Bella Naija Linda Ikeji

Guardian newspaper


Rationale For Media Selection.

Online was chosen has the lead medium because of its flexibility, measurability and cost effectiveness. Despite the emergence of new media, TV still has a very high penetration rate in Nigeria. Press will reinforce the message and also add authenticity to the WELA brand.

Upgrade of WELAs website: This will serve as a platform where the TA can get updates on latest activities ,FAQ and can also serve as a payment portal for the TA. Social Media Engagement : Functional Youtube, Twitter and Facebook accounts will be created for WELA. Influencers will be used to drive traffic to the pages at the onset. This will make it easier for testimonials, drama skits and special projects to go viral. Facebook Video ad: According to world internet statistic report, over 4.3 million Nigerians are on Facebook. This makes it easy to direct the TA to WELAs Youtube page and website thus increasing awareness and customer engagement. Yahoo: Yahoo mail is still the number 1 mailing site in Nigeria. A sign in page take over will reach TA A, B, and C1. Google: About 35 million Nigerians access the internet through their mobile phones while nearly half of that figure use Android phones. Google app ad placement displays ads on Google play store and other android phones ad. Bella Naija: The No. 1 Entertainment, Lifestyle & Fashion Website in Africa. Linda Ikeji: Linda is popularly known for her successful blog which has risen to become to most powerful online information portal in Nigeria for entertainment news.

Channels TV: Channels TV news at ten is regarded as the most reliable source of news in Nigeria. Ads placed within the news will be targeted at corporate organizations and High net worth individuals. NTA: Ads placement within the Newsline will reach the Government, corporate leaders and politicians.

Selections were selected based on the following: Readership of TA. Habits and age of readers. Reach and pass on rates. Cost effectiveness. Ratings research (Media facts 2012)

ONLINE NGN 3,000,000 TV NGN 3,000,000 PRESS NGN 2,000,000


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