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Wage Type Configuration in SAP HR

Step by step

Process to create wage type in SAP HR with screen shorts:

BY Venkata Subbarao Pathangi SAP HR Consu!tant Step": Create Wage Type using Transaction: OH11

Select Copy and then enter the Country.

Enter the existing Wage Type in the left column and the new WT num er. !efore this we need to chec" the last WT num er associated to an #nfotype. The following ta les are updated when we create the WT. T$11 T$1%T T$1%W T$1%' T$%)' T$%E, T$%E' T$-1! Wage Type Characteristics Wage Type Text Wage Type &aluation Wage Type (ermissi ility *ssign Customi+ation Wage type to model wage type Wage Type (osting Time )ependency of Wage Type (osting Wage Type )ependent retroacti.e accounting trigger.

Step#: Enter the description for the WT using transaction /()S01

Step$: Chec" the WT Characteristics: 2o to Transaction code S345: &6T$11

Step %: (ermissi ility of Wage Type: &6$116! 7T$118

Step &: (CE &6$1%W6) 7T$1%T9 T$1%W8: Select the Wage Type:

Step': Wage Type Text : &6$1%W6T 7T$1%T9 T$1%W8

Step(: Wage Type (ermissi ility &6T$1%' 7T$1%'9 T$-1!8

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on 3arch 1%th9 %55- at =:$5 pm Hi ;ama"rishna9 Than"s for all the great "nowledgea le posts. #m an SAP HR functional analyst and ur posts help me twea" more n learn more.Than"s Can u email ur email address to my email add : fun.saphr>gmail.com? regards9 Se"har %. ;ama"rishna said9

on 3arch 14th9 %55- at @:1$ am Hi Se"har9 0ou can find my mail #)s in contact (ageA.. # will add your mail id to my 2oogle accountA. 4. &i"rant said9

on 3arch %1st9 %55- at B:11 am Hi ;ama"rishna9 #t was really a great information on Wage Type Configuration in S*( H;. # am S*( H; functional consultant C can you mail your email to our account n.i"rant%">gmail.com Than"s C regards9 &i"rant =. a igaille said9

on 3arch 41st9 %55- at 15:4@ am Hi9 Than" you for the post9 it is .ery helpful9 ut i ha.e a Duestion if you "now how9 it will e great: What if i ha.e no existing wage type to copy from? what should i do to copy a wage type from acountry to a different country? $. &en"ata Su arao (athangi said9

on *pril Eth9 %55- at @:4B am Hi * igaille9 # am the author of this post9 and as per your comment9 #f you did not found the country specific then you can copy the exsisting one and change the (rocessing class9 cumulation and E.aluation class as per reDuirement y going into the ta le t$1%w6d. Hope this will help you.#f you need futher information you are welcome9 ye. http:FFa aphr.comF?pG@@$