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UserGuide SpectronicGEVESyS10 UVscanningSpectrophotometer Vis i on LiteSoftwa re Operatio n

Do not operate thespectophotometer with thelamphousing open. The lampemitshazardous UV radiation thatmaycause cyedamage. 2 . Do not store or placesolutions, solvents, chemicals, or UV-Vis cellson top ofthe imtrument. Spillagc ofany typewjll harmtheinternal optics andelectronics.

l 2. Tum on thespectrophotometer. Forbestrcsults allow 15-30 minutes for theinstrument to rcach a stable operating temperature. Connect the instrument to an appropriate computcr with a serialcable. NOTE:some computers in the chemistry Iabareequipped with multipleserialpons.Thecorrect instrument mustbe connected to tlrecorrect port for proper operation. Please seeDr. Badgcr for furtherinstructions. Stanthesupplicd PC soflware. Seefgurebelov Select themodeofoperation. Inserta Blanksolutioncuvctte into thecell holder,,8" le cuvettes into cell holders #l - #5

3. 4. 5.

7. ScanMode (Absorbance VS. Wavelength Scar) a. Select"Scan" ftom the VisioDl-ite SplashScreen.* method b. If a methodhasalreadybeendesigned for you experimentchoose the appropriate or c. Setlhe appropdate operatingparametels. i. Setscanstartandend (range) ii. Setscaniderval d. Makesuretbatall samples havebeen it thecell holders insened Click on the "MeasureSamples"button f. Enterinformation about thesamples thatyouhaveloaded. You mustentera name for each

sample cell. If youdo Dotenter anytext in thename column, thesoftware will assume thatthe cell holderis emptyandwill not scan thatcell. Wait until theinstrument scans theblankandsample cuvettes oyertheselected wavelength reclon. 8. Absorbrtrce Mode a. Select fromtheVisiollite Splash Screen.* "Scan" b. lf a method hasalready designed theappropriate method been for youexpedment choose

c. Underthe"Mode" pulldown, select "Wavelength(s)". d. Chalge parameters i. Setthe wavelength(s). You may monitor multiple wavelengths, but rcmemberthat the instrumentwill needto move the gratingbctweeneachwavelengthwhich will your analysistime. increase e. Make sulethat all samoles havebeeninsertedit the cell holders f. Click on the"Measure Samples" button Enterinformation aboutthe samples thatyouhaveloaded. You mustentera nane for each sample cell.Ifyou do not ente!anytext in thename will assume column, the software thatthe cell holder is empty andwill not scanthat aell. h. Wait until the instnment measures the blank and samDle cuvettesat the selected wavelength(s)

. 9, Remove all samples affer use. pedods 10.This instrument(Genesys l0 Uvscaming)maybeleft with thepoweroDfor extended of time (l-2 hours). poweled Do not leave theinstrument on andunattended for longerthan2 hous,

* You canswitch "applications"by selecting"Chalge applicatioo"ftom the File menu.This will retu!tryou to the splashsqeen so that you can change the rnodeof operation