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thy fe mee) Annual Oia © Preface 5 Archiworld Co., Ltd. publishes Monthly Archiworld, Interior World, Bimonthly PA(Pro Architect) and IA(hterior Archite identity and create a leading journalism culture in the field of architecture and interior ‘We have exerted our best efforts to establish design by concentrating on the introduction and analysis of contemporary architecture and interior design, Now we present series, feeling keenly the necessity of collecting detail ‘materials such as drawing which is final solution visualized through several stages of conceptualization process in architecture design. series aims to provide architect, other related persons and students with increased understanding as well as the construction, structure, plan, elevation and section of a particular area, is about 50 projects with strikingly well treated details are presented. Furthermore, I hope that through these book, architects could deepen their understanding ‘about space and form brand new creative ideas. Anyway, It’s my pleasure for you to get useful information and keen insight about the current architecture details from these books, In conclusion, I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to many architects and building ‘owners for providing good materials and helping us take photographs. Also, I will do my best to act up to readers’ expectation with good contents and edition. I would appreciate your continuous attention and advice. Thank you. Publisher Jeong, Kwang young Detail Annual cage B wee ee Publ shee, Kang young oe wa ose Reporsr ea sunginin asa in yun zea Kin Yoong aor HES nse, sin yourg alcatel ag unig, Desgner oon sue ‘gore: Pre) Publsing ARCHIVORLO Co. Li. BA: MBA Aut? Wolg 222-11 AaAbaME Maing Ades 22241 Bang-dong Sengpa-gu re: maemare FAK 822472-7256 wuu : 2005 68 208, eaua Be 7090 ‘art: 58,0008 Shige Cony US $60 8 aaa) Pied Koren CONTENTS Business Facilities aA £ 6 &@€ BB ‘Bundang Venture Town I eee cae Park Tower oi ei CUBIC DESIGN Bulding cies Namyang Aloe Econet Center uagent otawae COP Capital Center, Montreal (oop ven a Oblique-KDI Building pigue-Ao\i01KI