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“A fellowship of believers who seek to be to each other what Christ has been to them.

Bedford Baptist
Affiliated with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches & Canadian Baptist Ministries

October 25th, 2009
Visitors are invited to sign our
Guest Book in the foyer. If this
is your first time visiting with
us, we wish you warmest of  
greetings. Please take time to  
fill out a “Welcome Card”  
located in the pew rack and “Take  Time  To  Be  Holy”  
place it on the offering plate.

LARGE PRINT bulletins may

be obtained from the
An audio loop is available for the
hearing impaired. Parents of small
children (under age 3) may take
them to the Nursery, where a
caring staff will supervise them.

158 Rocky Lake Drive Ministers - All the congregation
PO Box 44073
Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 3X5 Rev. Robert Ohsberg (Senior Pastor)
Phone: 835-5966 Rev. Dr. Ida Armstrong-Whitehouse (Associate Pastor)
Fax: 835-3984 Lic. Kevin A. Haggarty (Director of Youth Ministries)
Prayer Chain Erna Rand 835-3495 Lic. Miriam MacDonald (Supervised Field Education Student
Envelopes: Marion Grant 835-3552 Mrs. Christine Cole (Interim Organist)
bbc@ns.sympatico.ca Mrs. Sharon Higgins (Office Administrator)
www.bedfordbaptist.ca Mr. Joel Scott (Caretaker)
Radio CHSB 99.3 Hill Top FM

Service of Worship at 10:55a.m. (*indicates standing, if persons are able)

Worthy of Praise is the Lord

Call to Worship Memorial Carillon

Prelude “Take Time to Be Holy” (Wells) Christine Cole

Ministry Opportunities Pastor Kevin

*Time of Singing Worship Team
(Children are invited to come to the front pews during the last song)

Children’s Story Pastor Bob

Children’s Song “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”
(Children, Primary to Grade 6, are directed to KidZone during singing of song)

Tithes and Offerings Pastor Ida

Offering & Offertory Prayer
Offertory “In The Garden” (Miles)
*Offertory Response #600 “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”

Prayers of the People Pastor Ida

Ministry of Music “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” (Lillenas) Sanctuary Choir

The Ministry of the Word

Scripture Ephesians 1:11-14 (NT pg. 192)

Sermon “Security – Guaranteed!” Pastor Bob
*Hymn #601 “God Be With You Till We Meet Again” V1
Postlude Postlude (Ashford)

Go and Be His disciple

Review of Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Operational Budget Designated Special Offerings
Current/Bldg Fund Mortgage $ 5,121.69 Benevolent $ 1.25
Missions $ 430.58 Beacon House $ 56.25
Thanksgiving $ 265.00 Sharing Way $ 20.00
Gov’t Grant Summer Students $ 995.00 Memorial $ 25.00
Small Groups Books $ 17.45
Total Operational Offerings $ 6,829.72 Total Designated Offerings $ 102.50

Total Offering for Sunday, October 18h, 2009 $6,932.22

(Automatic debit weekly offerings are included in totals)

Morning Service
Last Week: 215 Year Ago: 193
Servants in the Lord’s Work
This Week Next Week
Deacon on Duty Stephen Davidson Charlie Rand
Greeters at the Door Ronzo & Julie Mantley Ray & Judy Levy
Sound Melvin Fiander Phillip Cox
Tellers Janette Fiander & Sandra MacKenzie
Heather Ross & Marlene Davies

To introduce and to assist Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches (CABC) in

understanding the “Connected for Mission Appeal”, Rev. Greg Jones will presenting
a seminar here at Bedford Baptist this Tuesday, October 27 @7:30pm. This is a new
three-year appeal for United in Mission. Those encouraged to attend are Pastors,
Deacons, Treasurer, Finance Committee, Missions Committee, etc.

Time Change
bedfordbaptist.ca 3
Don’t miss out on that extra hour of sleep! Set your clocks back on Saturday night,
October 31st.

Sunday to Sunday October 25th – November 1st

This Sunday 10:00 am Pre-service Youth
10:55 am Morning Worship Service Sanctuary
10:55 am Nursery
10:55 am Church-time Preschool
11:15 am KidZone
After Worship Spaghetti Social Gymnasium
6:30 pm Small Groups
6:30 pm Youth Fireside
Monday 9:30 am Volleyball Gymnasium
1:30 pm Nominating Committee Library
6:30 pm HI/KidVenture
7:00 pm McLean Bible Study McLean’s Home
8:00 pm Missions Committee Heffler Room
8:00 pm College & Career
8:15 pm Volleyball Gymnasium
Tuesday 9:15 am Ladies Alive Heffler Room
12:00 pm Pastoral Staff Meeting
2:00 pm Friendship Circle Heffler Room
6:30 pm Guys Playing Stuff
6:30 pm Finance Mtg. Heffler Room
7:00 pm C.E. Committee Mtg. Library
7:30-9:00 pm Connected For Mission - United in Mission Sanctuary
Wednesday 9:30 am Volleyball Gymnasium
6:00 pm Youth Alive
7:00 pm Small Group Prayer & Bible Study Joyce’s Home
Thursday 9:30-11:30 am LAFF “What in the World is Going On?” Heffler Room
5:30 pm Association Council Heffler Room
7:00pm Christmas Cantata Practice Sanctuary
8:00 pm Sanctuary Choir Sanctuary
bedfordbaptist.ca 3
7-9:00 pm Girls in Motion
8:00 pm Volleyball Gymnasium
NO Executive Meeting This Week
Friday 8:45 pm Volleyball Gymnasium
Saturday 8:30 am Fall Assembly Association Bayside Camp
Next Sunday 10:55 am Communion Service Sanctuary
10:55 am Nursery (Susan Scott, Robyn McIsaac & Kaleigh Rand)
10:55 am Church-time Preschool (Duane & Judy Yeomans)
11:15 am KidZone
6:30 pm Small Groups
6:30 pm Youth Fireside

bedfordbaptist.ca 4
Sunday Prayer Link
Please pray for Mr. Daryl MacKenzie, Director of Operations for our Convention of
Atlantic Baptist Churches, in his various administrative and financial responsibilities.
Pray also for members of administrative staff at your Convention office in Saint John.

As a caring community of faith and love we extend our sincere Christian sympathy to the
family of Lola Murphy who passed away on Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2010 Pre- Budget Church Meeting

There is a church meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd, @7:00pm. The purpose
of the meeting is for all boards and committees to share information on projected
expenditures for initiatives/programs in 2010. This will support the Finance Committee in
preparing the 2010 church budget. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Thank you
I would like to say thank you to my church family for all their kindness to me while I was
confined to the house the past couple of months. Special thanks to those who brought
food & cards, phoned, and for all the visits and prayers. Thanks to Pastor Bob and Dr.
Ida for their visits. God Bless you all. Bea Witherall

Deacon’s Pictures
Following the morning service, Deacons are asked to meet in the Heffler Room to have
their pictures taken. Thank you.

Deacon Nominees for 2010

The Deacons Board is accepting names of individuals for consideration as Deacons.
Any church member in good standing may submit the name of a church member.
Names may be submitted to Kathy Cochrane, Chair, Board of Deacons in writing or by
e-mail by November 1st, 2009. e-mail address: krc@ns.sympatico.ca or at 864-3069

What Drives You?
Can   I   tell   you   about   my   truck?   (Warning   –   this   is   a   poor   excuse   of   a   newsletter.)   It’s   a   fairly   rugged  
’95   Land   Rover   110   –   pretty   impossible   with   it’s   full   differential   lock   to   get   stuck   (I’ve   tried   of  
course).    The  truck  has  become  a  bit  of  a  hobby/passion  -­‐  Kelly’s  a  bit  jealous  (pray  for  us).    
When   I   bought   it   a   year   ago   it   looked   pristine   and   only   had   98,000kms   –   “That’s   because   it   was  
mostly   used   by   the   owner’s   mother   to   drive   her   grandchildren   to   school,”   said   the   salesman   (a  
Kenyan  “friend”).    I  sooo  wanted  to  believe  him.  
When   I   ran   into   the   former   owner,   a   high-­‐end   safari   operator,   a   few   months   ago,   he   said,   “Yep,  
great  truck!  Taken  me  over  200,000kms  to  every  game  park  in  East  Africa.”    Not  a  word  about  his  
  Down   but   not   out,   I   asked   him   why   the   registration   book   was   dated   2002   and   not   1995.  
 “That’s   because   I   bought   it   from   the   British   Army,   but   the   Lieutenant   who   used   it   in   Northern  
Kenya   was   a   good   man.”    Now   I   was   down   and   out.    Neither   the   truck’s   glorious   past   nor   the  
officer’s  goodness  could  console  me.  
  But  by  God’s  goodness  the  truck’s  been  problem  free,  fun  for  the  family  and  fantastic  for  
ministry.  After  carrying  soldiers  and  tourists,  it  now  carries  food,  medicine,  playground  equipment,  
short-­‐termers,  long-­‐termers  and  stranded  nomads  (oh,  and  bouncy  kids  and  a  beautiful  wife).  
  I  wanted  a  new,  near  perfect,  nanny-­‐driven  truck,  but  maybe  a  rebuilt,  redeemed  truck  is  
better  yet.    Thankfully,  none  of  us  are  ever  too  old  for  life  change,  for  re-­‐fitting,  re-­‐focusing  and  new  
ownership.    The  truck  just  carried  Kelly  and  I  on  our  20th  anniversary  outing.  As  happily  married  
40-­‐Somethings  we’re  feeling  very  thankful  but  somewhat  old.    We  want  to  be  like  our  truck,  living  
more  and  more  meaningful  lives  in  the  years  and  days  ahead.    
  Staying   with   automobiles,   there’s   a   motor   oil   billboard   in   Nairobi   with   the   slogan   “What  
Drives  You?”    Tour  guide,  soldier,  missionary/community  development  worker  -­‐  the  driver  makes  
all  the  difference.      
  Except  for  my  truck  (and  soccer),  I’m  usually  tongue  tied  when  asked  about  my  passions  
(I’m  a  laid  back  Canadian  for  goodness  sake).    But  God’s  passionate.  “For  God  so  loved  the  cosmos  
that  he  gave  his  one  and  only  Son.”    And  He  too  enjoys  the  driver’s  seat.    “All  the  Preliminaries  have  
been  taken  care  of  and  the  rule  of  God  has  come  to  everyone.    Review  your  plans  for  living  and  base  
your  life  on  this  remarkable  opportunity”  (Mark  1:15).    Today,  right  now,  may  we  all  be  driven  by  
God’s  present,  practical  and  passionate  Lordship  as  we  interact  with  his  world  –  with  its  flora  and  
fauna,  soil  and  societies,  buildings  and  businesses,  wild  places  and  wonderful  people  –  their  minds,  
souls  and  bodies.  
(it’s  actually  a  CBM  vehicle,  not  mine).  In  Christ,  Paul  and  Kelly  Carline.  
PS      The  Carlines  are  good  friends  with  Zephaniah  &  Florence  Otuki.  

Friendship Circle Christmas Sale 5

Christmas Craft/Bake Sale - Saturday, November 14th 10:00am-3:00pm. There will be
crafts, books, new to you items and baked goods. Sale is being held in the Heffler
Room and the 2’s and 3”s Room. Anyone wishing to donate items for the sale may
leave them in the Heffler Room on Friday before the sale.

Men’s Breakfast
The Men’s group will be having a Men’s Breakfast here at the church on Saturday
October 31st at 8:30am. For details please contact Randy Murphy 860-0531 or Ronzo
Mantley 835-6374.

Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer

Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer will be held at Birch Cove Baptist on Tuesday,
November 2nd @ 7:30pm.

Can You Help?

Lady looking for a twin size used box spring. If you are able to help please call the
church office @835-5966

Christmas Cantata
Cantata choir rehearsals will begin on Thursday, October 29th 7:00 – 8:00pm. All
interested singers are invited to join the Sanctuary Choir for this special Christmas
presentation. The Cantata will be performed on Sunday, December 20th.

November Calendar
The November calendar of upcoming events is available for pick up in the foyer.

Please Be in Prayer for our Sick &

QEII Halifax Infirmary Mr. Steven Cole Halifax
Dykeland Lodge Mrs. Helen Beeler Windsor
Parkland Estates (Cameron Hall) Mrs. Norma Sutherland Halifax
Parkland Estates (Drummond Hall) Mrs. Beth Kennedy Halifax
Parkland Estates (Drummond Hall) Mr. Alfred Shuve Halifax
(Nancy Ohsberg’s Father)
Windsor Elms Mrs. Marjorie Levy Windsor
(Marlene Davies Mother)
Northwood Center Ms. Brenda Carson Halifax
At Home Mrs. Sydney Derrah Mt. Pleasant, NB
(Carolyn Derrah-Murphy’s Mother)
Ms. Carol Lumsden Bedford
Mrs. Elisabeth Manteuffel Hammonds Plains
Ms. Pauline Mason Lower Sackville
Mrs. Mabel Murphy Halifax
(Randy Murphy’s Mother)
Mrs. Mona Welsford Lower Sackville
Mr. Alistair MacLeod Halifax
Mrs. Ruth (Pierce) Chiasson Halifax

Beacon House Christmas Needs

Bedford Baptist has been asked to collect 375 boxes of Kraft Dinner
for Beacon House.
Your donation may be placed in the Beacon House box located in the foyer,
no later than December 1, 2009.
Thank you in advance for your generosity.