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consider these sample questions: Problem solving * Tell me about how you recently anticipated a problem before it occurred.

* Cite an instance when you had to solve a problem with little guidance or d irection. Teaming * Describe a time when you put the needs of a group before your own when com pleting a task. * Recount a situation when you had difficulties working with someone on a pr oject. What did you do to improve the relationship? Results-driven * Tell me about a difficult or complex project where you provided realistic time frames for task completion and regularly updated management on progress. * What goals do you have for your career? How do you plan to achieve those g oals? Accountability * Cite an instance when a group you were leading failed or did not meet expe ctations. How did you take responsibility? * Provide an example of when you had two projects competing for your time. H ow did you prioritize? Were you able to keep your commitment to both projects? Initiative * Tell me about a time when you sought ways to create and improve the way in which work gets done. * When assigned a project how do you approach it? Do you seek to merely meet the objectives or do you make it your goal to go above and beyond? Give an exampl e. Adaptability * Describe a situation from which you learned quickly and overcame adversity o r failure. * Give me an example of a time when the rules or structure of a project chan ged at the last minute. How did you react? Integrity * Give me an example of a situation where you admitted making a mistake. How did you approach the situation and what was the response? * Recount an instance when your integrity was tested, (i.e., keeping a promi se or confidence, being truthful). Sense of urgency * Describe an instance when you had to anticipate obstacles in your action p lan. What contingency plans did you prepare? What was the result? * Tell me about a situation when you faced demanding deadlines. What steps d id you take to ensure you achieved your goals by the deadline? Communication

* Provide an example of when you had to tailor a presentation or message for a certain group of people. * Describe a situation when you successfully communicated with a difficult p erson(s) or circumstance? Driving change * Give me . How did you * Recount cedure or way an example of a situation where you recognized the need for change adapt your style to obtain results? a situation where you constructively challenged an established pro of doing things.

Preparing for your interview. The secret to a successful interview is in the preparation. Here's how you can p repare for and steer a winning meeting. * Research the company. See our corporate profile for a summary of EMC's cor e businesses, markets served, our worldwide presence, and leadership as ranked b y industry analysts. * Leverage your intern/co-op experiences. Ask your manager for guidance especi ally if you're an EMC intern. * Dress like a professional. Business attire is appropriate. * Practice. Participate in mock and on-campus interviews. Practice responses to frequently asked questions. * Ask questions. Some good ones: What kinds of assignments might I expect in my first six months? How often are performance reviews given? What skills and c haracteristics are most important for this position, for the company? When shoul d I expect to hear from you or should I contact you? * Close effectively. A thank you e-mail emphasizes your interest in the positi on and is your chance to mention facts you omitted in the interview. Be sure to proof.