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Searching for Order

Chapter 30

What did Nixon promise Americans when he ran for president?

That he would restore law and order to American society

2. Who were members of the Silent Majority?

Americans who opposed protests and supported Nixons plan for ending the war

3. Explain the difference between New Federalism and Great Society ideas
Nixons New Federalism limited the power of the federal government and did not push for new civil rights legislation.
Johnsons Great Society promoted federal involvement in civil rights and domestic issues.

4. What was one cause of inflation?

The rising cost of oil

5. What job did Henry Kissinger hold prior to becoming Nixons senior policy advisor?
A professor

6. What is your opinion of Nixons tactic of improving US relations with China before doing so with Soviet Union?
Wise, as it seemed to lead to improved relations with both countries

7. Why was the breakin called Watergate?

It was the name of the hotel where it occurred.

8. What effect did the Watergate scandal have on Nixons re-election campaign in 1972?
Little effect, Nixon won in a landslide

9. Do you think realpolitik was a good strategy?

Yes; improved American interests and helped end the Vietnam War

10. Name two reporters who investigated and published articles about Watergate.
Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

11. What did the Washington Post stories reveal?

The CRP had hidden illegal campaign contributions and spread false rumors about Democratic candidates. Officials in Washington were trying to cover up the facts of the Watergate break-in

12. Was Nixon wise to deny involvement in the break-in?

No; Even though it did allow him to win the presidency, he ended up resigning in disgrace

13. How did Nixon try to avoid turning over the tapes in his Oval Office conversations?
Tried to claim executive privilege

14. What did the Supreme Court decision state in response to Nixons refusal to turn over the tapes?
the legitimate needs of the judicial process may outweigh presidential privilege

15. What special privilege would the Supreme Court need to allow a claim of executive privilege?
A compelling national security reason

16. How do you think Nixon will be remembered?

More for Watergate than for his accomplishments

17. Name one thing which is very unusual about the presidency of Gerald Ford
He is the only modern president to hold the office without being elected to it

18. What was the condition of the US economy during the Ford administration?
Oil prices and unemployment remained high, stagflation continued, and the trade deficit increased

19. How did Ford and Congress want to deal with inflation?

Ford wanted people to save money and businesses to hold down wages and prices. Congress wanted to increase spending to help the poor and unemployed

20. Where were majority of new immigrants coming from?

The Americas and Asia

21. What affect did Title IX have on Americans?

More women were admitted to medical school and earned athletic scholarships

22. Why did Democrats chose a little-known outsider to oppose Ford?

They wanted a candidate who was untouched by the recent scandals

23. What characterized the spirit of the Carter White House?

Informality and openness

24. Why were Americans frustrated with Carter?

He was unable to solve problems of unemployment, inflation and energy

25. What peaceful means did Carter use to encourage reform of South African apartheid?
Sanctions, or economic penalties

26. What words best describe the Camp David negotiations?

Long, bitter, tense

27. Supporters of what man drove the shah, or king, from Iran in 1979?
Ruhollah Khomeini

28. Who seized hostages at the US embassy?

Iranian students

29. What event occurred the same day as Reagans inauguration?

Iran released American hostages

30. Why did Reagan win such a decisive victory over Carter?
Americans blamed Carter for the nations economic problems and the continuing hostage crisis in Iran

What was the result of increased defense spending?

Rapidly rising deficit

32. What were 2 advantages of Reagans appointment of Sandra Day OConner?

She was a conservative, showed he supported womens issues

33. What type of aid did Reagan provide to El Salvador and Guatemala?

34. Why did the US support the Contras in Nicaragua?

The Contras fought against the Sandinistas who had formed closer ties with Communist Cuba

35. What is glasnost?

Policy of political openness

36. What contributed to the desperate economic times in the Soviet Union during the 1980s?
Soviet Union tried to keep up with the American spending in the arms race