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BTU-BLOCK Microporous

Introduction to our Products

Thermal Ceramics is a single-source provider of insulation and refractory technology: fiber, insulating and
dense firebricks monolithics and specialized insulation.
Each product line has a number of well-known global
Fiber: in blanket, module, paper, vacuum forming, mastic and textile forms for a variety of manufacturing applications. Brands include Superwool, Kaowool,
Cera, Pyro-Bloc, FireMaster.
Insulating and Dense Firebrick: in straight or slab
form, in standard or custom-designed shapes. Brands
include K, JM, TC, TJM and SR-90.
Monolithics: include insulating, general purpose and
special duty dense castables. Brands include Tri-Mor,
Kaolite, Firelite, Kaocrete, Firecrete.
Specialized Insulation: microporous, fired dense refractories, including BTU-BLOCK, Min-K, Cerox and
Thermal Ceramics BTU-BLOCK line of industrial microporous products is the most thermally efficient insulation
available. BTU-BLOCK is ideal for high temperature industrial and OEM environments.
Reduce energy waste
Reduct temperature variability
Reduce insulation thickness
Reduce cold face temperatures
Features of BTU-BLOCK insulation
Exceptionally low thermal conductivity
Low weight with high compressive strength
Low shrinkage at high temperatures
Temperature use limit of 1800F (982C)
Vibration resistance

High compressive
strengths relative to
standard backup
Offers exceptional
performance where
machinability is
required for on-site
Laminated Board
Easily configured to shape on site with standard
cutting tools
Low dust
High temperature cloth laminated on top and bottom
surfaces with an inorganic adhesive
Encapsulated with glass cloth
- Maximizes the flexural strength of the rigid
- Very low density product
Exceptional performance in compression situations
BTU-BLOCK Ladle Liner
Large sheet size for easy installation
Parallel-stitched pattern offers flexibility for easy
Hydrophobic grades for cast in-place applications
BTU-BLOCK Flexible
Easily wrapped or bent to conform to unique geometric shapes
Textile encapsulations available for applications up to
1800F (982C)
Excellent vibration resistance
Pre-cut kits available for more efficient installation

BTU-BLOCK Microporous

Product Applications
Molten metal transfer back-up for the non-ferrous
- ladles
- troughs/launders
- filter boxes
- degassing units
- smelter backup
- calciner backup
- over-the-road ladles
- siphon ladles
Molten metal transfer for the steel industry
- torpedo ladle backup
- transfer ladle backup
- bottom pour ladle backup
- tundish backup
- heat treat backup applications
Glass/ceramic industrial applications
- feederbowl kits
- forehearth backup
- annealing/tempering furnace backup
- tunnel kiln backup

Engine and
for turbine
and diesel
and heat
- heat
treat equipment backup
- kiln backup for thin walled sections
- atmosphere applications with superior results
- chemical process industry heater section backup
for increased thermal efficiency
With our extensive engineering, design, fabrication, and
machining capabilities, we can provide the product or
system best suited for your applications needs. Ask our
application engineers for ways to increase the thermal
efficiencies, heat storage, melt consistency, and integrity
of your systems.

Pipe insulation
- critical areas of nuclear power plants
- hot liquid transfer
- power generation applications
- ovens
- kilns
- hot plates
- high -efficiency environmental chambers
Commercial applications
- night storage heaters
- commercial cooking devices


BTU-BLOCK 1800 board/heat

treat products provide an efficient
backup solution to heat treat applications, particularly where the lowest thermal conductivity possible
is required to meet campaign
cycle requirements.

BTU-BLOCK boards and panels

can be custom sized (with kit
options) or cut to fit most irregular
surfaces and designs - speeding
installation, minimizing waste, and
minimizing joints in backup