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Music Appreciation Study Guide 2011

Unit 2 Beat, Rhythm, and Dance Vocabu ary

Beat Steady Pulse Rhythm the way music paces itself through time (the long and shorts of music) Accent Emphasis placed on a beat Meter rgani!ation of rhythmic pulses by means of accents Measure ne complete set of pulses "empo Speed of the beat Accelerando gradually get faster Ritardando gradually slower A "empo original tempo #mpro$isation Spontaneous musical in$ention Syncopation %eliberate shifts of the accent to a wea& beat "he Suite set of instrumental pieces each in the character of a dance "he Minuet rather slow and charming old 'rench dance in triple meter "he (alt! %ance in triple meter) Social dance with the minuet

!mportant "eop e
*icolai Rims&y+,orsa&o$ Russian "aught himself music theory Paid Attention to combination of instrumental sounds Scott -oplin (./0/ .1.2) Early "wentieth 3entury American 3omposer 'ather of Ragtime Maple 4eaf Rag Entertainer 4eonard Bernstein American 3omposer ne of the most recorded conductors in history (rote (est Side Story #gor Stra$ins&y Russian 3omposer Studied with *icolai Rims&y ,orsa&o$ Rite of Spring 'irebird Suite

Peter "chai&o$s&y Russian composer (rote "he *utcrac&er and Swan 4a&e (illiam 5rant Still American 3omposer Afro+American Symphony(.16.) %e$eloped a classical style that incorporated African American tradition

Unit # Voice, Dynamics, and $e%ture

Vocabu ary
Audiation the ability to imagine or hear in hour heads7 music) 8ocal Range "he highest and lowest pitches you can sing Phrase a complete musical thought %ynamics the $olume of sound 3rescendo gradually get louder %ecrescendo gradually get softer 8ocal Register how low or high someone spea&s Aerophone instruments that produce sound by $ibrating air #diophones + instruments that produce sound by $ibrating something solid Membranophones + instruments that produce sound by $ibrating s&in or membrane 3hordophones + instruments that produce sound by $ibrating a string or chord Electrophones + instruments that produce sound through electricity "e9ture how sounds are wo$en together 3all and Response :uestion and Answer ;omophonic "e9ture a te9ture where a single melodic line is accompanied by a chordal accompaniment Monophonic one sound Polyphonic Many sounds 3anon E9act imitation 3ounterpoint system of countering one note against another

!mportant "eop e
-ohn 3age American 3omposer <=6== Belie$e music should be disco$ered in e$eryday life 'ocused on timbre7 loudness7 and duration of sound

Unit & Romantic, 'orm

Vocabu ary
Romantic Period period during the nineteenth century and early twentieth century when composers created music that often e9ploded with emotion) Music %ramas peras in the romantic period written by Richard (agner 4ibretto te9t of an opera Moti$e a short7 distincti$e musical pattern or figure ;oo& the musical moti$e that generally accompanies the words to the title of the song stinato a repeated musical figure7 usually in the bass part 'ugue a polyphonic composition consisting of a series of successi$e melody imitations) Rondo a instrumental form based on alternation between a repeated section and contrasting episodes

!mportant "eop e
(olfgang Amadeus Mo!art 3hild Prodigy 'irst symphony at age .> 'irst opera at age .. "he Marriage of 'igaro %on 5io$anni "he Magic 'lute %ied in po$erty at age 6? 4udwig $an Beetho$en Austrian 3omposer Became %eaf in the later years of his life (rote 'ur Elise7 ?th and 1th Symphonies Richard (agner 5erman Romantic composer "he Ring 3ycle

-ohann Sebastian Bach 5erman 3omposer Bach was famous for his organ playing7 not his compositions when he li$ed (rote o$er .7>>> pieces

Unit ( $heory and "iano

;ow to 4abel *otes on the Staff o "reble 3lef and Bass 3lef o 5rand Staff o 4edger 4ines ;ow to 4abel notes on a piano o 4eft of the two blac& &eys is 3 ;ow to write a ma@or scale o Start and End on the same note o %raw / notes using e$ery line and e$ery space o 'ollow the formula for a ma@or scale + wwhwwwh

Son)s *ou +eed $o ,no- and -ho -rote them

.) *inth Symphony A) 'irebird Suite 6) <) ?) 0) 2) /) Maple 4eaf Rag "he Blue %anube "occata and 'ugue in % Minor "he Magic 'lute ;allelu@ah 3horus *utcrac&er a) B%ance of the Sugar Plum 'airy 1) %ynamite .>) "he Ride of the 8al&yrie 4udwig $on Beetho$en #gor Stra$ins&y Scott -oplin -ohann Strauss -r) -ohann Sebastian Bach (olfgang Amadeus Mo!art 5eorge 'redric ;andel Peter "chai&o$s&y "aio 3ru! Richard (agner