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Winning at

the Moment
of Choice
Ron Anderson
Chief Customer Officer

23 October 2009
Winning at the Moment of Choice

With Consumers and Shoppers. . .

. . .and become an Indispensable

Business Partner for our Customers

Our customer base and business model varies
across the world

On-trade Off-trade Third Party

Direct interaction Direct interaction Distributors,

with bars, clubs, with grocery, Wholesalers
restaurants independents etc

e.g. Western Europe e.g. Western Europe, e.g. US, Asia Pac,
Latam, Africa Latam, Africa, Caribbean,
Global Travel Eastern Europe

We started to increase our focus on the sales
function 2 years ago

• Chief Customer Officer

• Global Customer Marketing

• Diageo Way of Selling

– Internal sales best practice and account management

• Platform for Growth

– Improving the capabilities of our Distributors

Behaviour has shifted due to the economic

Consumers Shoppers Customers

Re-evaluating Spending Looking for Value Changing Strategies

Winning at the Moment of Choice

• Value share gains

• Profitable growth for us and our customers

• Respected among CPG peers. Best in the on-trade.

Delivering “Winning at the Moment of Choice”

Customer Efficient
Sales Development Trade
Execution and Service Investment

1. Sales Execution
Sales Customer Efficient
Execution Development Trade
and Service Investment

Shopper Understanding
and Insights

Tailored Off-Trade Activities

Great On Trade Experiences

We are now operational in 30+ markets Sales
representing over 2/3 of net sales Execution

North America: Europe:

USA GB, Ireland, Iberia,
Northern & Southern Cluster,
Russia & Eastern Europe

Asia Pacific:
LatAm: Korea,
Venezuela, Singapore
Mexico, Thailand
Brazil, Taiwan
Northern & Vietnam
Southern Cluster Africa:
South Africa
Ease of Shop & Category Navigation Sales

• Right Range

• Right Space

• Ease of Navigation

e.g. Russia Key Account:

+24% spirits category


+35% Diageo spirits


‘Making it easier to find, choose and buy the category’ 1710

Ease of Shop & Category Navigation Sales

• Right Range

• Right Space

• Ease of Navigation

e.g. Russia Key Account:

+24% spirits category


+35% Diageo spirits


‘Making it easier to find, choose and buy the category’ 1711

Ease of Shop & Category Navigation Sales

• Right Range

• Right Space

• Ease of Navigation

e.g. Russia Key Account:

+24% spirits category


+35% Diageo spirits


‘Making it easier to find, choose and buy the category’ 1712

Category Promotions & Events Sales

Summer Whisky Simply

Spirits Festival Cocktails

Results +12% +40% +11%

Shopper Interruptions Sales
Before After

• Customer: +10% Single Malts Category Sales Growth
• Diageo: +18% Single Malts Sales Growth
• Scale: +300 Stores in 6 months
Store within Store Sales

Brazil Perfect Store

• 60% Category Growth
• 100% Diageo Growth
• 50% Retailer Margin Increase
• 10 Months Retailer ROI 15
Great On Trade Experiences Sales
Bartender Training in Australia Execution

• Customer: Better trained staff (perfect serve, product knowledge)
• Diageo: +60% increase in 1st pour volume, +17% Reserve growth
• Consumer: Better quality drink experience
• Other: 1200 training sessions for 400 priority customers per year
2. Customer Development and Service

Customer Efficient
Sales Development Trade
Execution and Service Investment

Key Account and Distributor


Customer Service

Top retailers are clear on what it takes Customer
to win with them Management
and Service

Price and promotional activity

Supply chain efficiency and 52%

process improvement 60%

Understanding the shopper

Greater strategic alignment and 56%

long-term joint business planning 44%

Balance sheet KPIs such as 26%

cash flow and inventory 40%


New product launches

Suppliers, % Retailers, %

Source: IGD Customer Engagement Survey 2009 18

Improving Key Account Management Customer
and Distributor Capabilities Management
and Service
Retail Trade
(On and Off)

Account Management

Distributor Distributor Retail Trade

Management Capability (On and Off)

Standard of Excellence Platform for Growth

Providing an End to End Customer Customer
Service Experience Management
and Service

From To

On Time in Full On Shelf in Full

Warehouse Store Shelf

Adapting to a world with lower inventories

3. Efficient Trade Investment

Customer Efficient
Sales Development Trade
Execution and Service Investment

Improved Trade Investment


Markets, DWS, Customer Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance 21

Improving Returns from our Trade Efficient
Investment Trade

Reduce Increase
Investment Investment
only the the shopper /
customer sees consumer sees

Delivering “Winning at the Moment of Choice” -
At Scale
Customer Efficient
Sales Development Trade
Execution and Service Investment

Shopper and Consumer Platform for Growth

Insights SAP
Brand Range Global Supply

Winning at the Moment of Choice
Q&A Session at 3pm (UK time) – 23 October 2009
Please use the following dial-in numbers:
UK – Toll free 0800 279 9640
North America – Toll free 1866 850 2201
France – Toll free 0805 770 155
Germany – Toll free 0800 673 8354
Ireland – Toll free 1800 944 322
Italy – Toll free 800 088 737
Netherlands – Toll free 0800 265 9175
Spain – Toll free 800 099 797
Switzerland – Toll free 0800 000 287

International – Toll +44 (0)20 7784 1036

Please quote confirmation code: 2506354
For further information on Diageo, please visit the
Investors section of: diageo.com

The Investor Relations team can be

contacted on:

UK +44 (0)20 7927 4267

US +1 202 715 1110

or by email at: investor.relations@diageo.com

Cautionary statement concerning forward-looking statements

This document contains ‘forward-looking’ statements. These forward-looking statements can be identified by the fact that they do not relate only to historical or
current facts. In particular, forward-looking statements include all statements that express forecasts, expectations, plans, outlook and projections with respect
to future matters, including trends in results of operations, margins, growth rates, overall market trends, the impact of interest or exchange rates, the availability
or cost of financing to Diageo, anticipated cost savings or synergies, the completion of Diageo's strategic transactions and the general economic conditions. By
their nature, forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainty because they relate to events and depend on circumstances that will occur in the future.
There are a number of factors that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking
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These factors include, but are not limited to:

• global economic downturn;
• increased competitive product and pricing pressures and unanticipated actions by competitors that could impact Diageo’s market share, increase
expenses and hinder growth potential;
• the effects of business combinations, partnerships, acquisitions or disposals, existing or future, and the ability to realise expected synergies and/or costs
• Diageo’s ability to complete existing or future acquisitions and disposals;
• legal and regulatory developments, including changes in regulations regarding consumption of, or advertising for, beverage alcohol, changes in tax law
(including tax rates) or accounting standards, changes in taxation requirements, such as the impact of excise tax increases with respect to the business,
and changes in environmental laws, health regulations and the laws governing pensions;
• developments in litigation or any similar proceedings directed at the drinks and spirits industry generally or at Diageo in particular, or the impact of a
product recall or product liability claim on Diageo’s profitability or reputation;
• developments in the Colombian litigation, Turkish customs litigation or any similar proceedings
• changes in consumer preferences and tastes, demographic trends or perception about health related issues, or contamination, counterfeiting or other
circumstances which could harm the integrity or sales of Diageo’s brands;
• changes in the cost of raw materials, labour and/or energy;
• changes in economic conditions in countries and markets in which Diageo operates, including changes in levels of consumer spending and failure of
customer, supplier and financial counterparties;
• levels of marketing spend, promotional and innovation expenditure by Diageo and its competitors;
• renewal of distribution or licence manufacturing rights on favourable terms when they expire;
• termination of existing distribution or licence manufacturing rights on agency brands;
• systems change programmes, existing or future, and the ability to derive expected benefits from such programmes, and systems failure that could lead to
business disruption;
• technological developments that may affect the distribution of products or impede Diageo’s ability to protect its intellectual property rights; and
• changes in financial and equity markets, including significant interest rate and foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations and changes in the cost of
capital, which may reduce or eliminate Diageo’s access to or increase the cost of financing or which may affect Diageo’s financial results.

All oral and written forward-looking statements made on or after the date of this document and attributable to Diageo are expressly qualified in their entirety by
the above factors and the ‘risk factors’ contained in the preliminary results announcement made on 27 August 2009 and the Annual Report on Form 20-F for
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