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An overview of glyoxal
Today we will introduce the glyoxal. 1.1 the basic situation of glyoxal Name: glyoxal;Oxalic acid aldehyde Molecular formula: C2H2O2 Molecular weight: 58.04 CAS no. : 107-22-2 Structure: CHO CHO Glyoxal can be used for resistance of rayon agent, also used for gelatin, gelatin, insoluble adhesive of pva and starch, etc.Is mainly used in papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical, dye and other industries, can also be used as a substitute for formaldehyde. 1.2 glyoxal basic physical and chemical properties Appearance: colorless or light yellow crystal ribbed or liquid crystal easy deliquescence.Usually in the form of various polymerization.When heated anhydrous polymer into a single again. Melting point: 15 Boiling point: 50.5 Relative density: 1.14 g/cm3 (20/4 ) The refractive index: 1.3826. Steam and combustible: steam is green, with purple flame combustion.Its vapor and air mixture explosion. Solubility: soluble in water, soluble in common organic solvents such as ethanol and ether.(violent reaction) or under the influence of water soluble in aqueous solvent polymerization quickly.Glyoxal aqueous solution containing a single molecules, weak acid, chemical properties and lively, with ammonia;Amide.Aldehyde.Compounds containing carboxyl addition or condensation reaction. Chemical properties: is a compound of a chemical nature very lively, can generate formate when oxidation;In alkaline condition, can occur within molecules, Connie check response, an aldehyde was oxidized to carboxyl, a reduction of aldehyde group of hydroxyl, produce glycolic acid;In the control of oxidation can generate glyoxalic acid.Easy to aggregate into resin solid, when heated and can be decomposed into monomer.Can also generate acetal with compounds containing hydroxyl.

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1.3 survey of glyoxal and others Health hazard Inhalation, ingestion or absorbed through the skin harmful to human body.Can irritate the skin, can cause dermatitis;Vapor or mist can irritate the eyes, mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. Dangerous characteristic Has the strong reducibility.In high heat, open flames, oxidant, fuming sulfuric acid, chlorosulfonic acid can cause burning explosion.Water can change drastically polymerization, occurred in the course of storage and use process together. Storage and transport properties Goods are usually diluted store.Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.Away from fire and heat source.Library temperature should not be more than 30 .Packing seal, do not contact with air.Should and oxidant, alkali, edible chemicals stored separately, mixed reservoir of avoid by all means.Use explosion-proof lighting, ventilation facilities.Banning the use of easy to produce the spark of mechanical equipment and tools.Storage area should be equipped with emergency treatment equipment and suitable for material.