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Safe zone

Sumit Gupta IET MBA First year 9/20/2012


With the progress in the field of science and technology the level of comfort that the modern day generation has been accustomed to has multiplied its heights. In the twenty first century people have the liberty to explore the lavish luxuries available, but what people cannot afford is a few extra MINUTES. Automobile industry has undergone an enormous expansion in the past few decades and the number of vehicles hitting the Indian roads has gone up by more than 500 percent. As the number of vehicles has increased, the problems concerning the parking of the vehicles commercially have also become more acute. In our proposed system we recognize and focus upon the various issues regarding the commercial parking facilities and provide a suitable solution.

The problem of the commercial parking is graver in the Indian scenario, as in all the major cities the trade is still being controlled by markets that are more than a century old and are often located amidst the residential colonies. The expansion of the roads in these markets is next to impossible and the roads are getting more and more congested with everyday passing. The government is trying to regulate parking lots in these markets but the situation has not been better and the public has to suffer the consequences. Our product, Online parking reservation system, aims on bringing revolutionary changes in the scenario and making the Indian roads a better place to drive.

Key features and services:

Online reservation of parking slots on hourly basis 20 minutes in advance. Parking slot status in preferred locations available on live basis. Latest diversions and road block news. Road maps for all the prominent markets available. Payment of parking tickets online or through sms over mobile phones. Extension of parking hours on the basis of availability also possible. Facility of tracking nearest parking slots in preferred location on unavailability of free slots in the commercial parking bays.

Highlighted benefits:
Well regulated and controlled parking alongside the market roads. Increase in government revenue as the regulation of the government parking slots online gives exact statistics. Saves time and energy of the customer. Enriches the experience with quality services at nominal cost. Provides remuneration to parties allowing vehicle parking in their parking slots of the residential areas close to the markets.

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