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Dealers need to consider their brand and the Cat brand and how the sponsorship can provide leverage to both. Sponsorship opportunities afford us additional ways to connect with our customers, give back to communities. We must carefully select these partnerships to ensure they positively reflect our brand values. Questions to consider: How will the sponsorship provide value? How will the sponsorship postively increase the brand? What metrics will be used to measure effectiveness? What is the cost of the sponsorship, attendance, demographics, hospitality? Can cost be offset by trading products (value in kind)? What is the level of exposure (international, national, regional, local)? What signage will be used? Have we sponsored this in the past? Is the corporation or other dealers involved with this or a similar opportunity?

Retail Business Development Contacts

Retail Business Development Manager Kenny Beaupre Telephone: 309.675.8665 E-mail: beaupre_kenneth_j@cat.com Retail Apparel, Footwear & Accessories Program Manager Mark A. Jostes Telephone: 309.675.4732 E-mail: jostes_mark_a@cat.com APD Program Development Liang Jie Telephone: 86 (10) 5921-0182 E-mail: liang_jie@cat.com Americas North Program Development/ Cat Racing/shopcaterpillar.com/ Childrens Merchandise Lesley Godby Telephone: 309.494.4776 E-mail: godby_lesley_m@cat.com Americas South Program Development /Scale Models/Uniforms/Calendars Sara L. Hays Telephone: 309.675.8668 E-mail: hays_sara_l@cat.com EAME Program Development Angela Bernard Telephone: 41.22.849.4664 E-mail: bernard_angela_j@cat.com Product Quality Analyst/Communications Linda Stokes Telephone: 309.675.4563 E-mail: stokes_linda_j@cat.com Contract Administrator Cathy M Hughes Telephone: 309.494.4412 E-mail: Hughes_Cathy_M@cat.com Product Quality Analyst Adrienne Davis Telephone: 309.675.4016 E-mail: davis_adrienne_j@cat.com

Cat Merchandise Quick Reference Guide

A publication of Retail Business Development, a Division of Global Brand Management

Contact the Brand Review Team (Dawn Stage sponsorship@cat.com) for: Anything created with the dealer lock-up Signage Banners Stadium Promotional material Uniforms Vehicles Merchandise for resale (Dawn will coordinate with Retail Business Development - Licensing Agreement required.

Over the past 85+ years, Caterpillar has established its brand as one of the worlds leading and most recognized brand. However, the most important thing relative to a brand is not its monetary worth its what it allows you to do. A strong brand sets us apart from our competitors. Our brand has served us well as we face industry changes, new and/or expanded product lines, acquisitions and brand extensions. Many, if not all, strategic initiatives have implications to our most valuable assets the Caterpillar brands.

Contact brand@cat.com for all dealer identity and signage issues.


Caterpillar Trademark Licensing Basics

All uses of our trademarks including the dealer lockup must follow our brand guidelines (see Trademark & Service Mark Agreement signed by all dealers.)

Who owns the dealer lockup?

The Cat design mark and overall layout/design of the dealer lockup are intellectual property of Caterpillar Inc. and can only be used in accordance with the guidelines set forth by Caterpillar Corporate and Dealer Identity, Global Brand Management.

Why use Caterpillar licensees?

Caterpillar has marketing, brand management and legal personnel responsible for carefully evaluating licensing and sponsorship opportunities and ensuring that uses of the brand are consistent, controlled, and in line with the brand image and the enterprises global marketing strategies. All opportunities concerning the use of our trademarks must be referred to Caterpillar Inc., which has the sole authority to grant permission for such uses. These uses include but are not limited to: Promotional articles and merchandise intended for retail sale Sponsorship of teams, sporting and other events Endorsement of products or services Uses of identifiable depictions of Caterpillar products in movies, television, print, etc.

Dealer Merchandise Opportunities

Dealer Retail Many dealers have seized the opportunity to increase their sales, improve customer relations and enhance employee support. How? By retailing Cat trademark merchandise. Retail Business Development has a Dealer Retail Manual to guide you in this process and licensees to assist you in effective displays/layouts to fit any space requirement. This manual is located on brand. cat.com/merchandise at https://brand.cat.com/cda/ files/2489418/7/Dealer+Retail+Manual.Nov09.pdf. Web Sites Brand and Dealer Identity as well as Caterpillar Legal Services Dvision should be contacted when setting up a new url. Retail Business Development can provide you with templates and additional advice in setting up your merchandise site as well as links to shopcaterpillar.com. Planning A key to a successful program as well as realization of the best options and pricing is proper planning. With that in mind, we have developed a planning tool for your use with an authorized licensee. This tool is located on brand.cat.com/merchandise at https://brand.cat. com/cda/files/2810938/7/merchandise+planning+tool. xls Merchandise Many of our licensees produce catalogs with a wide range of merchandise many of which are located on brand.cat.com. Retail merchandise is built specifically for Caterpillar and totally Cat branded. Promotional suppliers in addition to catalog items can assist you in customizing merchandise and locating items from a variety of sources.

What is considered trademark licensed merchandise?

Trademark merchandise is just that: merchandise with a trademark used as an identifier of source, sponsorship or affiliation. Any object from a ballpoint pen to a very expensive clock, can be trademark merchandise. Generally, trademark merchandise refers to advertising specialties, apparel, footwear, premiums, incentives and awards that show a brand or marketing theme used to promote a company, brand or marketing concept.

How are firms selected to be licensees?

Caterpillar trademark merchandise licenses are granted only to companies that make a significant financial investment and commitment to the program, offer high quality products and adequately promote them, strive to best in class with availability and delivery of product, history of brand building capabilities, and follow our companys brand identity standards and guidelines.

With regard to trademarks used on promotional articles and retail merchandise, Caterpillar carefully reviews all potential suppliers to ensure they are able to provide products that meet Caterpillars high standards for quality and service before granting licenses to them. Only approved licensees have the legal right to use our marks, and then only in accordance with strict controls. Use of unauthorized vendors is a violation of the Trademark & Service Mark Agreement. Caterpillars Retail Business Development is the source for brand merchandise guidelines and processes.

For a current list of authorized trademark merchandise licensees, contacts, and tools, visit brand.cat.com/merchandise.