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Structure of the PGDAC Programme

S. N 1 2 3 4 Course Title Basic Analytical Chemistry Separation Methods Spectroscopic Methods Electroanalytical and Other Methods Basic Analytical Chemistry !a" 6 # $ Separation Methods !a" Spectroscopic Methods !a" Electroanalytical and Other Methods !a" Codes MCH-001 MCH-002 MCH-003 MCH-004 MCH!-001 MCH!-002 MCH!-003 MCH!-004 Credits 6 6 6 6 2 2 2 2

Syllabi of Theory Courses


"$OC* !( "AS#C ASPECTS Unit 1: A+alytical Chemistry , Ge+eral Pers-ecti.e Classi%ication o% &i%%erent 'echni()es* Criteria %or E+al)atin, the -tility o% Analytical 'echni()es* Emer,in, .eeds and /ecent 'rends0 Unit 2: E.aluatio+ of A+alytical Data # Acc)racy and 1recision* 'ypes o% Errors and their Characteristics* &etection o% Errors* Minimi2ation o% Errors* /eportin, o% /es)lts3 Si,ni%icant 4i,)res0 Unit 3: E.aluatio+ of A+alytical Data ## 5a)ssian &istri")tion o% &ata* Standard &e+iation3 /elati+e Standard &e+iation and Coe%%icient o% 6ariance* 1recision o% Comp)ted /es)lts* 'ests o% Si,ni%icance7 St)dent t-test3 4-test3 Chi 2 test* Con%idence !imit* Criteria %or /e8ection o% &ata* /e,ression Analysis7 !east S()are Method3 Correlation Coe%%icient3 Control Charts0 "$OC* / ( #N#T#AT#ON #NTO ANA$%T#CA$ $A"ORATOR%

Unit 4: Sam-li+g 4actors /ele+ant to Samplin,* Samplin, Methods* 1reser+ation o% Samples* &issol)tion o% Samples0

U+it 0( Safety i+ Chemical $aboratory Classi%ication o% Ha2ardo)s Materials* Sa%ety Aspects in the &esi,n o% Chemical !a"oratory* Sa%e Handlin, o% 5lass9are* Sa%ety in Stora,e and Handlin, o% Materials* 1reca)tions %or Specially Ha2ardo)s !a"oratory Operations* Emer,ency 1roced)res0 U+it )( #+troductio+ of A+alytical #+strume+ts Basic Str)ct)re o% Analytical :nstr)ments* E+ol)tion o% Analytical :nstr)ments* /ole o% 6ario)s S)"systems in Analytical :nstr)mentation* /ole o% Comp)ters in Analytical :nstr)ments0 "$OC* 1( EST#'AT#ONS "ASED ON *#NET#C AND AC#D "ASE E2U#$#"R#A STUD#ES

Unit 7: *i+etic 'ethods of A+alysis 'ypes o% ;inetic Methods* Meas)rement o% /eaction /ates* Mathematical Basis o% ;inetic Methods* .onen2ymatic and En2ymatic Methods* Comparison o% 5raphical !o,arithmic E<trapolation Methods and Method o% 1roportional E()ations* Some Applications0 Unit 8: Acid,"ase E3uilibria Acid-Base Concept* A)toprotolysis and !e+elin, E%%ect* Monoprotic Acids and Monoacidic Bases* 1olyprotic Acids and 1olyacidic Bases* B)%%ers and B)%%er Capacity0 U+it 4( Neutrali5atio+ Titratio+s # Basic Concepts o% 'itrimetry3 1rimary and Secondary Standards* 'itration C)r+es* 'heory o% :ndicators* Colo)r Chan,e /an,e o% an :ndicator* Selection o% :ndicator and :ndicator Error0 Unit 10: Neutrali5atio+ Titratio+s ## .on-a()eo)s 'itrations* /ole o% Sol+ents in Acid-Base /eactions* Sol+ent Systems3 &i%%erentiatin, A"ility3 :mportance o% &ielectric Constant* Hammett=s Acidity 4)nctions* 'itrants and End 1oint &etection* Some Applications0 "$OC* 6( EST#'AT#ONS "ASED ON REDO7 AND CO'P$E7AT#ON E2U#$#"R#A STUD#ES U+it !!( Redo8 Titratio+s , #

/edo< /eaction and /edo< 1otential* Electrochemical Cells* .ernst E()ation* /edo< E()ili"ri)m Constant* /edo< 'itration C)r+es* /edo< :ndicators0 U+it !/( Redo8 Titratio+s ,## .on-a()eo)s /edo< 'itrations* Some Applications0 Unit 13: Com-le8ometric Titratio+s Metal Comple< E()ili"ria* 4ormation Constants and Sta"ility o% Comple<es* E()ili"ria in+ol+ed in E&'A 'itrations* Metal > E&'A 'itration C)r+es* Metallochromic :ndicators* 'ypes o% E&'A 'itrations* Mas?in, A,ents* Applications0 "$OC* 0( EST#'AT#ONS "ASED ON PREC#P#TAT#ON AND GRA9#'ETR%

U+it !6( Preci-itatio+ Titratio+s 4easi"ility o% 1recipitation 'itrations* :ndicators %or 1recipitation 'itration* 'itration C)r+es* Mohr=s 'itration* 6olhard=s 'itration* 4a8an=s 'itration* Applications0 U+it !0( Gra.imetric A+alysis , # S)persat)ration and .)cleation* /ate o% 1recipitation* 1)rity o% 1recipitates3 Coprecipitation3 1ostprecipitation* 1recipitation %rom Homo,eneo)s Sol)tion* @ashin, o% 1recipitates0 U+it !)( Gra.imetric A+alysis ## &i%%erent types o% 5ra+imetric Estimations* Correspondin, Methods o% 4iltration3 &ryin, and :,nition o% 1recipitates* Or,anic 1recipitants3 their Ad+anta,es and &isad+anta,es0

COURSE,/ "$OC* !(



U+it !( "AS#C ASPECTS O: SEPARAT#ON 'ET&ODS :mportance o% Separation Methods* Classi%ication* Choice o% Separation Methods and their limitations* &istri")tion E()ili"ria0 U+it /( Sol.e+t E8tractio+ # 5eneral 1rinciples and 'erminolo,y7 1artition !a9 and its !imitations3 &istri")tion /atio3 1ercenta,e E<traction and Separation 4actors* Classi%ication o% E<traction Systems* 4actors :n%l)encin, Sol+ent E<traction0 U+it 1( Sol.e+t E8tractio+ ## E<traction E()ili"ria o% Metal Chelates* E<traction "y Sol+ation and :on 1air 4ormation* E<traction E()ili"ria %or :on 1air 4ormation* Methods o% E<traction > Batch3 Contin)o)s3 Co)nter C)rrent* 6aria"les a%%ectin, Metal :on E<tractions* Applications0 "$OC* /( C&RO'ATOGRAP&#C 'ET&ODS , #

U+it 6 Ge+eral Pri+ci-les of Chromatogra-hy Classi%ication o% Chromato,raphicMethods* 'heoretical Aspects o% Chromato,raphic Separations0 U+it 0 Pa-er Chromatogra-hy Stationary and Mo"ile 1hases* 1aper Chromato,raphy7 &e+elopment and &etection3 Applications* 'hin !ayer Chromato,raphy7 Stationary S)pports* Applications0 U+it )( $i3uid Colum+ Chromatogra-hy Solid-!i()id Chromato,raphy* !i()id-!i()id Chromato,raphy* Choice o% Stationary and Mo"ile 1hases* &e+elopment 'echni()es0

"$OC* 1( C&RO'ATOGRAP&#C 'ET&ODS , ## U+it ;( Gas Chromatogra-hy 'heory o% 5as Chromato,raphy* :nstr)mentation7 Stationary and Mo"ile 1hases3 'ypes o% Col)mns3 &etectors* Samplin, Methods* Applications0 U+it <( &P$C Basic Concepts o% H1!C3 Applications "$OC* 6( C&RO'ATOGRAP&#C 'ET&ODS , ##

U+it 4( #o+ E8cha+ge Chromatogra-hy # :on E<chan,e /esins and their Characteristics* :on > E<chan,e E()ili"ria* 'echni()es* U+it !=( #o+ E8cha+ge Chromatogra-hy ## :nor,anic :on E<chan,ers and Chelatin, /esins0 "$OC* 0 OT&ER SEPARAT#ON 'ET&ODS

U+it !!( 'embra+e Se-aratio+ Classi%ication o% Mem"rane 1rocesses* Mechanism o% Separation* Osmosis and /e+erse Osmosis* &ialysis and Electrodialysis* Applications0 U+it !/ Electro-horesis 'heory o% Electrophoresis* Classi%ication* Applications0




"$OC* !(


U+it !( Pro-erties of electromag+etic Radiatio+ Electroma,netic /adiation* A)antisation o% Ener,y* Electroma,netic Spectr)m* :nteraction o% /adiation 9ith matter0 U+it /( Ultra.iolet 9isible S-ectrosco-y 1rinciples* :nstr)mentation7 So)rces3 MonochromatorBprism3 ,ratin,3 %iltersC3 &etectors Bphotocells3 photoampli%iersC* A)alitati+e Analysis* A)antitati+e Analysis7 Beer !am"ert=s la93 .at)re o% a"sor"in, species > or,anic D inor,anic3 Samplin, 'echni()es3 :nter%erence and Method o% Elimination3 1hotometric 'itrations* Application in /eal Sample Analysis Be0,03 in soil3 alloys3 minerals3 etc0C0 U+it 1( #+fra red S-ectrosco-y 1rinciple7 Ori,in o% :n%ra red spectra3 Applications. U+it 6 ( Rama+ S-ectrosco-y :nstr)mentation7 &ispersi+e and 4' :/3 :nstr)mentation*

1rinciple3 Ori,in o% /aman spectra* :nstr)mentation3 Applications "$OC* /( SPECTROSCP#C 'ET&ODS ,##

U+it 0( :luorimetry a+d Phos-horimetry # 1rinciple Bla9s ,o+ernin, phosphorescence and %l)orescenceC* :nstr)mentation* U+it )( :luorimetry a+d Phos-horimetry ## A)antitati+e Analysis* Application in /eal Sample Analysis Be0,0 in en+ironment3 "iolo,y3 medicine3 roc?3 minerals3 etc0C "$OC* 1( SPECTROSCP#C 'ET&ODS ,###

U+it ;( :lame Photometry 1rinciples* :nstr)mentation* A)antitati+e Analysis* Applications0 U+it <( Atomic :luoresce+ce 1rinciples* :nstr)mentation* A)antitati+e Analysis* Applications0 "$OC* 6( SPECTROSCP#C 'ET&ODS ,#9

U+it 4( Atomic Absor-tio+ S-ectrosco-y 1rinciple* :nstr)mentation7 4lame and 4lameless 'echni()es* A)antitati+e Analysis* A)alitati+e Analysis7 :nter%erences D their Elimination* U+it !=( Atomic Emissio+ S-ectrosco-y 1rinciple* :nstr)mentation7 Atomic action so)rces > :C13 Arc3 Spar?3 :nd)ction* U+it !!( A--licatio+s of Atomic Absor-tio+ a+d Atomic Emissio+ S-ectrosco-y Conte<ts %or )sin, the t9o types* Applications o% Atomic A"sorption Spectroscopy in /eal Sample Analysis Be0,03 soil3 9ater3 minerals3 ores3 "iolo,ical samples etc0C* Applications o% Atomic Emission Spectroscopy in A)alitati+e Analysis* A)antitati+e Analysis* Application in /eal Sample Analysis0 "$OC* 0( SPECTROSCOP#C 'ET&ODS , 9 U+it !/( Nuclear 'ag+etic Reso+a+ce S-ectrosco-y 1rinciple* :nstr)mentation* Application0 U+it !1( 'ass S-ectrometry 1rinciple* :nstr)mentation* Application0 U+it !6( Structure Elucidatio+ by #+tegrated 'ethods 1rocessin, o% +ario)s spectroscopic data step9ise to el)cidate str)ct)re* e<amples to "e dra9n to ill)strate the +ersatility o% +ario)s techni()es COURSE,6 OT&ER 'ET&ODS E$ECTROANA$%T#CA$ AND CRED#TS( )

"$OC* !(


U+it !( #+troductio+ to Electroa+alytical 'ethods Classi%ication o% Electroanalytical Methods* Electrochemical Cells7 Electrode 1otential D .ernst E()ation* Cell 1otential0 U+it /( Pote+tiometry # 1otentials* Electrode 'ypes7 /e%erence and :nstr)mentation and Application to "e dealt 9ith0





U+it 1( Pote+tiometry ## >-& metry? Concept o% pH* 5lass Mem"rane Electrodes* pH Meter* Meas)rement o% pH* pH 'itrations0 "$OC* /( E$ECTROANA$%T#CA$ 'ET&ODS ,## U+it 6( Co+ductometry Electrolytic Cond)ctance7 Stron, Electrolytes3 @ea? Electrolytes* Meas)rement o% Electrolytic Cond)ctance* Cond)ctometric 'itrations0 U+it 0( Coulometry a+d Electrogra.imetry@ 4araday=s !a9s* Co)lometry at Constant 1otential* Co)lometry at Constant C)rrent* Electro,ra+imetry0 U+it )( "$OC* 1( A--licatio+s of Co+ductometry@ Coulometry a+d Electrogra.imetry Studies E$ECTROANA$%T#CA$ 'ET&ODS ,###

U+it ;( 9oltametry C)rrent > 6olta,e relationship* &i%%)sion C)rrent* &roppin, Merc)ry Electrode* :l?o+ic E()ation* Hal% @a+e 1otential* U+it <( Polarogra-hy 1olaro,raphic Ma<ima* A)antitati+e Analysis* Amperometric 'itrations0 U+it 4( A--licatio+s of 9oltammetry a+d Polarogra-hy

"$OC* 6( OT&ER 'ET&ODS U+it !=( Thermogra.imetric A+alysis 1rinciple* :nstr)mentation* 4actors A%%ectin, /es)lts* Applications0 U+it !!( Differe+tial Thermal A+alysis a+d Differe+tial Sca++i+g Calorimetry 1rinciple* :nstr)mentation* 4actors A%%ectin, /es)lts* 'hermometric 'itrations* &i%%erential Scannin, Calorimetry* Applications0 "$OC* 0( RAD#OANA$%T#CA$ 'ET&ODS U+it !/( Radioa+alytical 'ethods # /adioacti+e &isinte,ration* :nd)ced /adioacti+ity* &etection and Meas)rement o% /adiation* U+it !1( Radioa+alytical 'ethods ## /adiotracer 'echni()es* :sotopic &il)tion Analysis* Acti+ation Analysis0

Syllabi $ab Courses


E7PER#'ENTS 10 20 30 40 0 60 #0 $0 E0 100 Cali"ration o% +ol)metric apparat)s and 9ei,hts3 and Statistical treatment o% data &etermination o% percenta,e o% tin in "rass sample ,ra+imetrically &etermination o% nic?elB::C in nic?el steel ,ra+imetrically )sin, dimethyl,lyo<ime &etermination o% pK +al)e o% phosphoric acid titrimetrically 2 3 CO 3 &etermination o% total al?alinity o% OH 3 HCO 3 o% a 9ater sample &etermination o% ascor"ic acid in a +itamin C ta"let iodimetrically &etermination o% hard 9ater &etermination o% a+aila"le chlorine in a "leachin, po9der sample iodometrically &etermination o% 2inc "y ;44eBC.C6 "y precipitation titration &etermination o% sil+er "y Mohr=sF6olhard=sF4a8an=s method




E<periment .o01 E<periment .o0 2 E<periment .o0 3 E<periment .o04 E<periment .o0 E<periment .o06 E<periment .o0# E<periment .o0$ E<periment .o0E E<periment .o010 E<periment .o011

Sol+ent E<traction Separation o% 4eB:::C %rom M, 9ith ethyl acetate in HCl medi)m Anion E<chan,e Separation o% CoB::C and .iB::C and determination o% .iB:C 9ith &M5 Anion E<chan,e Separation o% Gn and M, or Co and .i %rom chloride sol)tion Anion E<chan,e Separation o% Cl Br and , %rom their mi<t)re Cation E<chan,e capacity o% Ca and M, on .aH Cation E<chan,er Separation o% Sil+er3 !ead and Merc)ry "y paper chromato,raphy Separation o% Amino Acids "y paper chromato,raphy Separation o% 4atty Acids "y '!C Separation o% !ead B::C and Merc)ry B::C "y 1artition Chromato,raphy Separation o% Chlorophyll 1i,ments "y Col)mn Chromato,raphy &emonstration o% H1!CF5C interpretation o% Beha+ior "y plots

E<p01 E<p0 2 E<p03

Spectrophotometric determination o% 4eB::C )sin, orthophenanthroline Spectrophotometeric determination o% .iB::C )sin, dimethyl,lyo<ime Spectrophotometric determination o% Cr and Mn in a mi<t)re o% the t9o

E<p04 E<p0 E<p06 E<p0# E<p0$ E<p0 E E<p0 10

Characteri2ation o% %)nctional ,ro)p in or,anic compo)nds )sin, :/ spectroscopy Characteri2ation o% %)nctional ,ro)p in or,anic compo)nds )sin, .M/ spectroscopy ')r"idometric determination o% s)lphate 4lame photometric determination o% .a D ; or 4lame photometric determination o% Ca D M, -ltra+iolet spectroscopic determination o% ethyl methyl ?etone &etermination o% p? +al)e o% indicators "y photospectrometer :nterpretation spectroscopy B:/3 .M/ and MassC




10 20 30 40 0 60 #0 $0 E0 100 11

pH titration o% a stron, acid B"attery acidC pH titration o% a 9ea? acid > &etermination o% p Ka 3 o% acetic acid 1otentiometric titration o% a stron, acid 9ith a stron, "ase )sin, ()inhydone electrode 2 1otentiometric titration o% 4e2H 9ith Cr2 O # 1otentiometric determination o% Cl- content o% common salt )sin, A,.O3 Cond)ctometric titration o% a stron, acid 9ith a stron, "ase Cond)ctometric determination o% acetic acid content o% +ine,ar Cond)ctometric titration o% a mi<t)re o% a stron, acid and 9ea? acid 9ith a "ase :denti%ication and determination o% Cd2HF1"2HFGn2H "y polaro,raphy 2 Amperomertric 'itration o% 1"2H 9ith Cr2 O # &emonstration- sol)"ility prod)ct