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[About This]

Elementary 1.5 Simple, clean Rainmeter skins. Elementary currently includes 10 skins ! An analo" clock ! #ate skin $%ri"inal and &European& 'ariants( ! Time skin $%ri"inal and A)*+) 'ariants( ! ,eather $-elsius and .ahrenheit 'ariants( ! System $/inear and stacked 'ariants( ! -hronopha"e $ornamental time!trackin" skin(

[/icense 0n1ormation]
This 2ork is licensed under the -reati'e -ommons Attribution 3on!-ommercail Share! Alike 4.0 http **creati'ecommons.or"*licenses*by!nc!sa*4.0* .eel 1ree to modi1y and redistribute these skins, on the condition that you link back to me, don5t make any money o11 o1 it, and use this same license.

[6o2 to -ustomi7e These Skins ! Settin"s.t8t]

Elementary5s settin"s*user pre1erences are in the 1ile &...\Skins\Elementary\@Resources\Settings.txt&9 open this 1ile in any te8t editor to chan"e your pre1erences. :ou can also ri"ht click and Elementary skin, and in the conte8t menu select &Elementary ; Settin"s.ini& to <uickly open the 1ile in ,indo2s 3otepad. The settin"s are "i'en in =ey>?alue pairs9 to chan"e a settin", modi1y the portion a1ter the &>& si"n, sa'e the 1ile, and re1resh any open Elementary skins. font @ font2 ...the primary and secondary 1onts used by the skins. :ou can use any installed 1ont, Aust kno2 that the positions o1 the skin elements are optimi7ed 1or the t2o de1ault 1onts. -han"in" 1onts will thro2 o11 positionin" and you 2ill ha'e to edit the skin .inis to alter that. color ...the color o1 the skins, "i'en in #ecimal or 6e8adecimal 1ormat. The de1ault is B55,B55,B55,1C09 1or a dark skins, try 0,0,0,B00 and play around 2ith it 1rom there. $See the &6elp1ul /inks and Tools& section 1or a link to more in1ormation on color codes in Rainmeter.( style ...sets the attributes o1 the te8t in the skins. ?alid 'alues are &3%R)A/,& D%/#,& &0TA/0-,& and &D%/#0TA/0-.& scalar ...modi1ies the si7e o1 the anolo" clock. Ese a lar"er number to increase the si7e, or a smaller number to decrease it. 0 2ould recommend stayin" bet2een 1.5 and 5.0. location ...2here you 2ant 2eather in1ormation 1or. This can be a ES or -anadian 7ip code, a

-0T:,STATE pair, a -0T:,-%E3TR: pair, a 4 or F lettter airport code, or a latitude and lon"itude $/AT,/%3(. ,hat you put here must be ER/ 1riendly, so either lea'e out*replace the spaces, or encode your location and use the encoded 'alue $i.e. &3e2 :ork, 3e2 :ork& becomes &3e2GB0:orkGB-GB03e2GB0:ork&(. language ...the t2o letter 0S% H4I!1 code 1or your pre1erred lan"ua"e. /an"ua"es currently included are En"lish $en, the de1ault( Jerman*#eutsch $de( Spanish*EspaKol $es( .rench*.ranLais $fr( #utch*3ederlands $nl( Tama7i"ht* $ber( +ortu"uese*portu"uMs $pt( See the ne8t section $&-reatin" your o2n Translation 1ile&( 1or instructions on translatin" the skins to 2hate'er lan"ua"e you 2ould like.

N3ote that the de1ault 1onts mi"ht not support the special characters 1or some lan"ua"es
! in such cases you 2ill need to chan"e the 1ont to one that includes the correct characters. $.or instance, &Ebrima& 1or Tama7i"ht( Also, bet2een the 2ay that the ,eather Ender"round 1eed deli'ers in1ormation and the 2ay that 0 coded the skins, some phrases do not translate correctly in other lan"ua"es $the order is in'erted(. 05ll ha'e to think about a 2ay to 1i8 this... but in the meantime, the translators did the best they could. drive ...should be the letter o1 the hard dri'e you 2ish to monitor 2ith the system skin, "i'en 2ithout the & & or &O& characters. hour ...is the 1ormat code 1or the 6our in the time skins. .or 1B hour 1ormat, use &%#I&9 1or BF hour 1ormat, use &%#H&. To add leadin" 7eros, remo'e the &P& si"n $i.e., G0 instead o1 GP0 2ill "i'e you &0C& instead o1 &C&(.

[-reatin" :our %2n Translation .ile ! template.t8t]

01 Elementary does not ha'e a translation 1ile already included 1or your lan"ua"e, it is easy to make your o2n. .irst, open the 1ile &...OSkinsOElementaryOQResourcesO/an"au"esOtemplate.t8t& in ,indo2s 3otepad or another plain te8t editor. The 1ile should say &9 /A3JEAJE SEDST0TET0%3S& at the top and ha'e a lists o1 En"lish 2ords 1ollo2ed by &>& si"ns. Simply put, 2hate'er 2ord you 1ill in a1ter the &>& si"n 2ill replace the En"lish 2ord in the skin. So Aust 1ill in the list, puttin" the 2ord in your lan"ua"e a1ter the &>&. $.or e8amples, you can look at the other 1iles in the &...OQResourcesO/an"ua"esO& 1older.( ,hen you5re done, simply sa'e the 1ile 2ith a ne2 name $&Sa'e as...&(. :ou can call the 1ile 2hate'er you 2ant, but keep it in the &...OQResourcesO/an"ua"esO& 1older. Then, in the Settin"s.t8t 1ile, simply chan"e the &lan"au"e& 'alue to 2hate'er you named your

ne2 translations 1ile. $01 you named your 1ile &)y/an"ua"e.t8t&, in Settin"s.t8t the =ey>?alue 2ould be &lan"ua"e>)y/an"ua"e&.( That5s itR 01 you 2ould like your ne2 translations 1ile included in the Elementary skin packa"e, Aust contact me on #e'iantArt or by email $see belo2(.

N)any thanks to the 1olks 2ho ha'e pro'ided translations so 1arR

Stimpieee T http **timpieee.de'iantart.com* T #utch S)athieuStn" T http **mathieustn".de'iantart.com* T .rench SDlu"i T http **blu"i.de'iantart.com* T Spanish SUack#). T http **Aackdm1.de'iantart.com* T Jerman S:aBsine T http **yaBsine.de'iantart.com* T Tama7i"ht * Derber 2m2401 T V T +ortu"uese

[6elp1ul /inks @ Tools]

6ere are some links to help1ul resources i1 you are ne2 to settin"s like those described abo'e Rainmeter Documentation on Fonts: http **rainmeter.net*Rain-)S*V<>)etersW.onts Rainmeter Documentation on Colors: http **rainmeter.net*Rain-)S*V<>)etersW-olor-odes nline !R" #ncoder$Decoder: http **meyer2eb.com*eric*tools*dencoder* Rainfont !tility by %&'orley: http **rainmeter.net*1orum*'ie2topic.phpV1>1C@t>H104 "ist of I& ()*+, langauge codes: https **en.2ikipedia.or"*2iki*/istWo1W0S%WH4I!1Wcodes

[-ontact the Author]

.eel 1ree to contact me i1 you ha'e <uestions or su""estions )y #e'iantART pa"e http **1lyin"hyra8.de'iantart.com* The Rainmeter 1orums $.lyin"6yra8( http **222.rainmeter.net*1orum Email the1lyin"hyra8Q"mail.com

[The Almi"hty -han"elo"]

-$2*$,2 ./ersion ,010,2 ! .i8ed the &B4th& bu" in date skin ($2($23,2 ./ersion ,01032 + .i8ed typo in link to ,eatherEnder"round in e,eatherW1.ini ! Re1ormatted skin 1older 1or Rainmeter B.4 structure chan"es $QResources( ! Skins updated to re1lect deprecation o1 &RE8ecute& and &RRainmeter& in ban"s

! Added &/an"ua"es& 1older and &lan"ua"e& 'ariable in Settin"s.t8t $1iles 1or En"lish, .rench, Jerman, #utch, Tama7i"ht, +ortu"uese, and Spanish9 and a template( ! 3e2 .rmskin 1ormat *$2($23,, ./ersion ,040)2 ! Skin .ini 1iles re'ised to use )eter Styles ! ,eather translations are no2 case insensiti'e ! -lickin" &'ia ,eather.com& no2 links you to the location 2hich you set in Settin"s.t8t, not a link parsed 1rom the current conditions 1eed. *$,5$23,, ./ersion ,04022 ! T2eaked 2eather substitution strin"s $&chance o1 a& be1ore &chance o1&( ! Ad'anced day o1 2eek number in -hronopha"e skin by 1 $Sunday is no2 day 1, not day 0( ! Added lan"ua"e subs 1or ,ind direction ! .i8ed current condtions tooltip in e,eatherWc.ini to display 2ind speed it =ilometers*hour ! 0n Readme.ini dummy skin, chan"ed R#eacit'ate-on1i" to RRainmeter#eacti'ate-on1i" so it 2ill 2ork 2ith Rainmeter 'ersions belo2 B.1 ! Epdated skin metadata to comply 2ith Rainmeter B.1 chan"es ! All .ini 1iles are no2 #%S*,indo2s A3S0 character encoded -$,,$23,, ./ersion ,040,2 ! -han"es 2eather X)/ source to ,eather Ender"round ! Split ?ariables and Translations into t2o separate 1iles ! Added 2eather skin lan"ua"e subs ! Added hour 1ormat 'ariable ! ?ariables.inc is no2 Settin"s.t8tR 5$22$23,, ./ersion ,042 ! -han"e 2eather 8ml source to Joo"le ! Epdated ?ariables.inc $remo'ed annotations, added &-urrently& and &scalar& 'ariables, added 'ariables 1or Joo"le 2eather skins( ! -orrected an error in the main #ate skin ! Remo'ed old 'ersion o1 #ate skin, and added ne2 #ate 'ariant 2ith the date be1ore the month ! -entury Jothic 1ont 1ile is no lon"er included in Elementary5s .rmskin packa"e, 1or le"al reasons 4$,-$23,, ./ersion ,0)2 ! -han"ed the ali"nment o1 the 1irst strin" in the time and date skins ! the hour and 2eekday are no2 ali"ned ri"ht instead o1 le1t ! Added an A)*+) 'ariant o1 the time*clock skin ! 0n the 2eather skin, chan"ed the 1orecast 1ont 1rom .uturist ., to -entury Jothic $more compact and readable( )$,($23,, ./ersion ,022 ! Tidied up code considerably ! re!si7ed #ate skin te8t based on +hi*"olden ratio, like the time skin 2as already

! Added a 2eather skinR -lick the 2ord &currently& to s2itch 'ie2s and sho2 a three!day 1orecast ! Altered system skins sli"htly ! Added a section o1 lan"ua"e substitutions to the ?ariables.inc 1ile. :ou should no2 be able to set the days o1 2eek and months to the e<ui'alent 2ords in your lan"ua"e 2ithout addin" anythin" to any .ini 1iles. ! Added analo" clock ,$)$23,, ./ersion ,0,2 ! System monitor skins are no lon"er spaced relati'ely ! )ade #ynamic,indo2Si7e true 1or the clock skin, 2hich ou"ht to stop the seconds 1rom disappearin" ! Added an Elementary theme that can be launched on installation