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C-DAC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Papers: Sample Qestion Paper 07


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C-DAC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Papers

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Sample Qestion Paper 07

Sr. Question No. 01 _______ computers perform the complex processing by directly measuring the discrete physical quantities. 02 Option1 Option2 Option3 Option4 Answer

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2010 (8) June (8) Pre-DAC Syllabus Sample Question Paper 01 Sample Question Paper 02 Sample Qestion Paper 03 Sample Qestion Paper 04 Sample Qestion Paper 05 Sample Qestion Paper 06 Sample Qestion Paper 07





_______ is a non-volatile memory chip in which data once stored cannot ROM be altered by programmer Modern magnetic tapes use 8 bit ________code format for data recording EBCDIC



ROM and PROM All of these options Channels and Tracks Punch Card




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The tape of magnetic tape storage is divided into Vertical columns Channels and called_________ and horizontal Frames rows is called________ Which of these is an electronic card. ________ is a set of control statements and extends processing capability of Computer system Different types of user interfaces include FAT stands for

Frames and Channels

Tracks and Frames ATM Card

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05 06

Magnetic Strip Smart Card Card Application software System calls System software Command language

2 2 4 1 1 4

Operating system Utilites Job control language File Available Table 7 All of these options File Allotment Transfer 8 All of these options

07 08
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File Allocation File Administration Table Table 6

09 10

The OSI model has ________ layers 5 Standard multimedia compression technique is JPEG



The mechanism of counting the 1 bits of the character bit set and adding a check bit to make the total number of Parity 1 bits even while transferring the data, is referred to as The shortcoming of Mark 1 computer It is very slow is ___________

Even Parity

Odd Parity

Error Checking

Very complex indesign and huge in size Disk packs Baud Database


It is very slow and also very 4 complex indesign and huge in size Winchester Disk 3 None of these options Main Memory 2 1

12 13 14

Which of the following are not Hard disk The unit of measurement of data transfer rate is ______

Zip disk Maud

Floppy disk Bandwidth Computer DECISION CHARTS Array

______is collection of the facts or informational raw material and Data become information after processing. Algorithms can be represented in various ways EXCEPT

15 16



_____ contains the addresses of all the records according to the contents Index of the field designed as the record key. Advantages of using flow charts is Effective Analysis




Efficient Coding

Time consuming

Effective Analysis and Efficient 4 Coding



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C-DAC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Papers: Sample Qestion Paper 07

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The logic used to perform instructions Selection logic Sequence logic one after another is_______ Computer languages are classified as Machine all of the following EXCEPT: Language Limitation of Machine language are, EXCEPT: Executed fast by Computer Code language Difficult to program

End case Assembly language Error prone

None of these options High level Language Machine dependent

2 2 1

________ is true for Syntax error.

The program cannot It is easier to be compiled and detect Syntax executed until all error compared syntax errors are to logical error corrected Virus Bugs Direct and Random

These program error typically involve incorrect All of these Punctuation, options undefined terms, no parenthesis etc. Errors Indexed Sequential All of these options All of these options DML Err None of these

23 24 25

Program errors are known as ________

2 4

Commonly used file organization are: Sequential _________language that enables users to define there requirements for Query extracting required information. 3.2 % 3 What is o/p If c=10, d=20 ( c> d ? printf(" Hi") : printf(" Hello")); Which of the following are keywords of the C language? i)if ii)else iii)then iv)elseif All are keywords 1 Hi

Manipulation 0 Hello

DDL 0.2 HiHello

1 4 2

26 27 28

only i,ii and iii are keywords

only i,ii and iv are only i and ii are keywords keywords

29 30 31

which of the following is NOT a character constant

`Thank You`

`enter values of p n r` `23.56e-03` 10 Error

all of the above None

4 1

void main() { int arr[10]; printf("%d", 20 sizeof(arr)); getch(); } Uppercase case letters are Following are the rules for naming an not equivalent identifier except: to lowercase letters What is output void main() { int 7 n=3,a=2; a*= n+1; printf("%d", a); } The keyword _______ breaks the control from while loop. break The compiler will search only the standard libraries for the file myfile.h Hi

Should not start with a digit but can have Any letter with - + Letter starting digits in between the = sign with name 8 exit The compiler will search first the user`s default/ working directory and then the standard libraries for the file myfile.h Hello MABC 6 both a and b The compiler will search only the user`s default/working directory None None

32 33 34

2 1

Consider the declaration #include Here the angled brackets indicate

None of the above.

35 36

main() { printf(" \n Hello"); disp(); } disp() { printf(" \n Hi"); main(); }

Hello Hi Infinite no Hello Hi still of times stack overflow MCAB MACB

4 4

C() { printf("C"); } B() { C(); printf("B"); } A() { printf(" A"); B(); } CAMB main() { printf("M"); A(); } which of the following shows the correct hierarchy of arithmetic operations in C main() { printf(" C to it that C servies"); main(); } The statement int (* arr [5]) (int *, char *) means


(), **, * or /, + (), **, *, /, +, or ? C to it that C Compilation Error servies infinitely array of pointer an integer function to five functions taking 5 arrays and returning an char

(), **, /, *, +, -

(), / or *, - or +


Linker Error

C to it that C servies still stack 4 overflow 1


array of 5 pointer None of above to integers


Missing What error would the following The function should parentheses in function give on compilation ? f(int a, be defined as int f ( return int b) { int a; a=20; return a; } int a , int b) statement If the binary equivalent of 5.375 in normalised form is 0100 0000 1010

Redeclaration of a

None of the above





C-DAC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Papers: Sample Qestion Paper 07

1100 0000 0000 0000, 0000 what is the output of the following'C' 40 AC 00 00 program ? main() { float a = 5.375; char *p; int i; p=(char*) &a; for(i=0;i<=3;i++) printf("%02x", (unsigned char)p[i] ) ; } 42 Interpret the following statement : void(*b)(int *);

00 CA 00 40

00 00 AC 40

00 00 CA 04

b is a pointer to a function which takes a invalid statement pointer to an int and returns a void Largest Smallest

b is a pointer to a void which can be typecast as a pointer to int

b is a pointer of type int which is 1 a pointer to a void


From an ascending priority queue only the_________item can be removed Consider the program segment given below. (The numbers represent program line numbers) : 1. #include 2. int y; 3. void main() 4.{ 5. int x,*px,**px; 6. x = 10; 7. y = 1000; 8. px = &x; 9. ppx = &px; 10. f3(ppx); 11. printf("%d",*px); 12.} 13.void f3(int **pp) 14.{ 15. *pp = &y; 16. printf("%d",**pp); 17.} The printf() at line 11 prints the value :








45 46 47 48

A stack in c is declared as a ____ containing two objects The remove operation can only be performed, if the queue is Stack is constantly changing

array empty element

structure non empty object 4

group overloaded memory location 3

collection of element underflow set of integers 1

2 2 3 3

In a doubly linked list if a node is to be deleted between two nodes, how 2 many links of the existing list have to be modified? What is the output of the following code? void main() { int i = 100, j = 200; const int *p=&i; p = &j; printf("%d",*p); } 100




None of the above

50 51

The value of automatic variable that is 0 declared but not initialized will be In a'C' program constant is defined before main

-1 after main

Garbage anywhere

None none of the

3 3



C-DAC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Papers: Sample Qestion Paper 07

above 52 What does the term 'call-byreference' refer to? Passing a copy Passing a pointer to a Choosing a A function that of a variable variable into a random value for a does not return into a function. function. variable. any values. black= -1 ,blue = -2, black= -1 ,blue = an illegal green= -3 0, green= 1 declaration stdio.h io.h stdio.c 2


Consider the following declaration ::- black= enum color {black=-1, blue, green }; -1,blue=2, This represents green=3 The macro FILE is defined in which of the following files; stdlib.h

3 2

54 55

A function called total(), totals the sum of an integer array passed to it (as the first parameter) and returns int total( int the total of all the elements as an integer. Let the second parameter to numbers[], int elements ) { the function be an integer which contains the number of elements of the array. The correct code is

int total( int numbers[], int elements ) {

int total( int numbers[], int elements ) {

None of the above


What does the term call-by-value refer to? Associativity of unary minus is void main() { int I=0; for(;I= =2;) { printf("%d", I); I++; } } If ( ps->top=-1) return (true); else return (false); For this group of statements suggested shorter and more efficient method The fwrite() and fread() functions handle data in

Passing a copy Passing a pointer to a Choosing a A function that of a variable variable into a random value for a does not return into a function function variable any values right to left 0 left to right 012 from center 01 None No output it can not be made shorter

1 1 4

57 58 59

return (1 (psreturn (ps>top=+1) else >top==-1); return 0; text form binary form Encapsulation


60 61

hexadecimal form octal form Overloading Constructor and Attribute Use-a relationship. Constructor & destructor. Abstract Class. Composition Overriding None of these options All of these options. Both Data members and Member function. Interface and Abstract Class None of these options activity

2 1

When the language has the capability to produce new data type,it is Extensible called____. ______ is the good example of a method that is shared by all instance of a class. Which of the following are class relationships? Derived class inherits from base class. Constructor is-a relationship.


Attribute Part-of relationship.

1 4

63 64

Data members. Member function.

65 66 67

A contract is implemented through.


Interface. Assosiation

4 1

Complex object composing of other Aggregation object is called_____ A relationship that can be identified between two object entities (classes or individuals) is called a ___________. function




Data Encapsulation, Inheritance, Which are the main three features of Inheritance & Polymorphism & OOP language? Exception Exception handling handling

Data Encapsulation, Inheritance & Polymorphism

Overloading, Inheritance & Polymorphism

69 Cardinality can be represented as:

A line with an 1?.n, where n Only with a line arrow-head Cannot be represents an between base class & pointing in represented in unlimited value. derived classes direction of parent UML. or superclass. None of these options wolf : sly

70 71 72 73 74 75

Method is another name of____ SATURINE : MERCURIAL :: KIND : BENEVOLENT :: Horse : colt :: CONE : PINE ::

Function redundant : wordy Requital :reverberate bird : eaglet fruit : berry pious :

Attribute saturn : venus Reverentral:imprudent child : adult bulb : flower

Behavior heavenly : starry

1 3 4 4 3

Circumspect:shortMuddy:unclear sighted seed : fruit acorn : oak sheep : lamb needle : fir




C-DAC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Papers: Sample Qestion Paper 07

MANDATORY : OPTIONAL :: 76 77 78 79 80 81


competent : inept signal : light

opaque : ornate tenant : premises

chaste : celibate volume : library face : penalty compulsory : comply solidify uninteresting

2 1 2 4 2 3

BLUEPRINT : CONSTRUCTION itinerary : trip :: CELEBRATE : MARRIAGE :: PROHIBITED : REFRAIN :: ASSUAGE : DORMANT : Studies over the last 20 years have shown that virtually all babies born to drug - addicted mothers are themselves adicted to drugs. No such correlation, however, has been shown between drug-addicted fathers and thier newborn children. It would appear, then, that drug addiction is a genetically inherited trait that is gender-linked and passed through the mother. All the following, if true, would weaken the argument above EXCEPT window : bedroom innocuous : forbid humiliate authoritative

lament : bereavement pot : pan deleterious : embark intensify elastic required : decide convert active

There have been instances in which drugaddicted babies have been born to addicted fathers and non-addicted mothers.

Prior to the recent Although some Drug addiction is development of biological conditions an acquired DNA testing, have been shown to condition which which maternity 1 be genetically based, cannot be passed was drug addiction is not on from a mother unquestionable, among them to her children paternity could not be positively determined


During 1985, advertising expensing expenditure on canned food products increased by 20 percent, while Advertising canned food consumption rose by 25 effectiveness percent. Each of the following, if true, increased could help explain the increase in food consumption except The gateway of india is in mumbai mumbai is in maharashtra therefore false the gateway of india is in maharashtra Ravi is the younger than sachin sachin is younger than tarun therefore ravi is true the youngest among them During 1985, advertising expenditures on canned food products increased by 20%, while canned food consumption rose by 25%.Each of the following, if true, could help explain the increase in food consumption except: The movement of ownership by unions is the latest step in the progression from management ownership to employee ownership. Employee ownership can save depressed and losing companies. All the following statements, if true, provide support for the claim above except: One major obligation of the social psychologist is to provide his own discipline, the other social sciences and conceptual tools that will increase the range and the reliablilty of their understanding of social phenomena. Beyond that, responsible government officials are today turning more frequently to the social sientists for insight into the nature and solution of the problems with which they are confronted. The above argument assumes that:

Canned food Canned food price products were decreased relative to avaible in more substitutes stores

Canned opener production doubled


cannot say


probably false



cannot say

probably true


Advertising effectiveness increased.

Canned food Canned food prices products are decreased relative to available in more substitutes. stores.

Can opener production doubled.


Employeeowned companies generally have higher productivity.

Employee participation in management raises morale.

Employee union ownership drives up salaries and wages.

Employee union ownership enables workers 3 to share in the profits.


Social psychologist must have a strong background in other sciences as will as their own

The social scientist has an obligation A study of social to provide the psychology should be means by which part of the curriculim social phenomena of government may be officials. understood by others

Social phenomena are little understood 3 by those outside the field of social psychology.


starting from a point x jayant walked 15metres towards the west he turned to his left and walked 20 metres he then turned to his left and walked 15 32 metres metres he then further turned to his south right and walked 12 metres how far is jayant from the point x and in which

47 metres east

42 metres north

27 metres south 1




C-DAC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Papers: Sample Qestion Paper 07

direction? 89 If P and N are done on Thursday and L is done on Friday, then which of the following is Tuesday true? A farmer plants only five different kinds of vegetables -- beans, corn, kale, peas, and squash. Every year the farmer plants exactly three kinds of vegetables according to the following restrictions: If the farmer plants corn, the farmer also plants beans that year. If the farmer plants kale one year, the Beans, corn, farmer does not plant it the next year. kale, corn, peas, squash In any year, the farmer plants no more than one of the vegetables the farmer planted in the previous year. Which of the following is a possible sequence of combinations for the farmer to plant in two successive years? 91 92 93 94 If x + 49 =8.2, then the value of x 1.20 is equal to If a = -1 and b = -2, what is the value 343 of (2 - ab2)3? If z = 1, y = 2.......a = 26. Find the value of z + y + x + .......+a. 351 Beans, corn, peas, beans, corn, squash Beans, peas, squash, beans, corn, kale Corn, peas, squash, beans, kale, peas 3 L is done on Wednesday M is done on Monday O is done on Tuesday 2


1.40 216 221

1.44 125 400

1.89 64 200

3 2 1

A clock that gains two minutes each hour is synchronized at midnight with a clock that loses one minute an hour. What will be the difference, in 36 minutes, between the times shown on the two clocks when a third clock correctly shows noon? 50 copies of a book can be purchased for a sum payable 3 months hence while 51 copies can be 6 % had for same sum for cash payment. What is the rate of interest per year? The Compound interest on a sum of money in 3 years at the rate of 5% per annum is Rs.1261. What is the simple interest of the same sum of 960 money in the same number of years but at 4% per annum of simple interest. If the radius of a cylinder is tripled while its height is halved, its volume will be






10 %

12 %









increased by 350%


In a group of people solicited by a charity, 30% contributed Rs.40each, 45% contributed Rs.20 each, and the 30% rest contributed Rs.12 each. What percentage of the total contributed came from people who gave Rs.40? A is 8 miles east of B. C is 10 miles north of B. D is 13 miles east of C and E is 2 miles north of D. Find shortest distance between A and E.





5 miles

6 miles

13 miles

18 miles

100 A dishonest milk seller professes to sell milk at cost price but gains 12 1/2%. The proportion of water he adds to milk is
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8 :1

6 :2

5 :1

None of the above.

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C-DAC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Papers: Sample Qestion Paper 07

Nikhil Thorawade November 8, 2012 at 4:14 AM Please make them available as pdf files.Thank you Reply

punit December 8, 2012 at 11:57 AM Hey nice thanks :) just have a question, in question 12, how the answer is floppy drive, although it's again a kind of hard storage. Other way if the question is only specific to hard disks, than y not disk packs, they are again external storage similar to floppy disk off course has more storage capacity and a bit more. Thanks, Punit Reply


February 12, 2013 at 11:57 PM

Sorry for not replying ... @Nikhil :Soon i ll add more question papers, i ll try my best to convert in PDFs, @Punit:Thnks Punit ...soon I ll update soon. Reply

Nisha Singh March 14, 2013 at 1:53 AM How much salary can one get from C-DAC placement? Please reply. Reply

Mohit Nagar April 20, 2013 at 10:15 AM hi, I'd earlier visited this blog and found a page with a sidebar with a good description, the FAQ's, prominent institutes to consider under C-DAC, some sample papers and a lot more stuff, unfortunately I lost my bookmarks. Although I'm quite sure this is the blog I'd visited(interface is pretty same - loading cogs etc), yet not able to get the particular page. Can you please guide to that page please, if it's still available. Thanks Reply

Alok Tiwari May 1, 2013 at 12:59 AM please send me previous year question paper of cdac entrace exam on my emailid::- aloktiwari588@gmail i will be greateful to you Reply

Usman Khan June 13, 2013 at 1:48 PM can anyone tell me, c-dac is a best institute for VLSI??? Reply

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C-DAC Entrance Exam Syllabus and Question Papers: Sample Qestion Paper 07
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