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Lesson Plan

Teacher name: Monica Bors Level: Upper- Intermediate Lesson Length: 50 minutes Class: 11C Lesson T pe: !pea"ing#$eading

%ate: the &5th o' Ma &01&

Lesson Title: The %isappearing (orld

In'ormation a)out the class There are &0 teenage learners in the class* The have t+o 'i't minutes lessons ever +ee" as part o' their school curriculum* I have )een teaching them 'or nearl a ear* The use ,Prospects -dvanced. as their /nglish course )oo"* Main -im B the end o' the lesson the learners +ill have practised giving opinions a)out the disappearing +orld* !u)sidiar -im B the end o' the lesson the learners +ill have practised reading 'or gist* Personal -im Ma"e sure that all the learners are involved in activities* Materials 0including source1 Course )oo" 0Prospects -dvanced12 )lac")oard2 chal"* -ssumptions The learners ma not )e interested in the disappearing +orld especiall in animals )ecoming e3tinct* -nticipated di''iculties +ith tas"s Lac" o' interest in the topic o' the lesson* !olutions I +ill tr to stir the learners4 interest ) relating the topic o' the lesson to the movie 5-(!* Learners ma +ant to "no+ ever +ord in the I +ill tell learners to read 'or the gist and te3t* not 'or detailed in'ormation*

%eclaration This lesson plan is my own work.


!tage Lea in Speakin$ Silen! Rea in$ Speakin$ Pra#!i#e Speakin$ 4ee &a#k 4ee &a#k

!tage aim To in!ro "#e !he !opi# To $i)e opinions To rea +or $is! To #he#k learners0 "n ers!an in$ To prepare learners +or $ro"p work To $i)e opinions To #he#k learners0 opinion To pro)i e an oppor!"ni!y +or !he learners !o +in o"! more a&o"! en an$ere spe#ies

Procedure Learners are aske !o a #onne#!in$ wor s !o !he wor s DISAPPEARING %ORLD. Learners will &e $"i e !o men!ion !he wor animals. Learners are aske !o name animals in an$er !o &e e*!in#! an !ell why !hey are in an$er !o &e e*!in#!. Learners are aske !o open !heir &ooks a! pa$e ,- an !o rea !he !e*! +rom e*er#ise (.Rea in$ / Ask !he whole #lass 1"es!ions !o #he#k !heir "n ers!an in$. Ask learners in $ro"ps !o $i)e !wo ar$"men!s a$ains! an !wo ar$"men!s in +a)o"r o+ killin$ !he $rea! whi!e shark. Learners $i)e !heir opinions wi!h s"ppor!in$ ar$"men!s. The lea er o+ !he $ro"p $i)es !he ar$"men!s a$ains! an in +a)o"r in open #lass. Ask learners !o look "p in+orma!ion a&o"! o!her animals in an$er o+ &ein$ e*!in#! &y )isi!in$ www.animals$oin$e*!in#!.#om.

Interaction T'S T'S S'S T'S T'S S'S T'S T'S

Time ( mins ( mins ( mins ( mins ( mins 23 mins 23 mins ( mins