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10 theSun | FRIDAY OCTOBER 23 2009

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Husna Yusop and Meena L. Ramadas at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday

Liew lied about

Why open tender was
be made through open tender.
He also wanted to know the

Suhakam application,
specialties of the two compa-
nies from which the vessels
were purchased.

says Sivarasa The submarines were

procured from Armaris of

not called for subs

France and Navantia of Spain
THE flap over the Malaysian “Siva told me he received a for €1.084 billion (RM5.53 bil-
Human Rights Commission call from Abdul Rahman’s per- lion) in a contract entered into
(Suhakam) being denied permis- sonal assistant on the morning in June 2002.
sion to visit an immigration de- of Oct 19 informing him that To an original question
tention centre took another turn the application was denied,” from Datuk Seri Tengku
after an opposition MP alleged Sivarasa said. THE purchase of two Scor- with expertise in submarines Kor Ming (DAP-Taiping). Azlan Sultan Abu Bakar
that a deputy minister lied about On Wednesday, Liew in pene submarines was made and see whether their speci- He said a similar approach (BN-Jerantut), Abdul Latiff
the matter in parliament. responding to Sivarasa’s supple- by direct negotiation in order fications suit the country’s was also taken by countries said the first submarine KD
R. Sivarasa (PKR-Subang) mentary question on the matter, to protect the country’s def- security needs. such as India, Chile and Tunku Abdul Rahman arrived
said that contrary to Deputy said records indicated no such ence system, the House heard “Had we decided to call for Brazil. in Malaysia on Sept 3, while
Minister in the Prime Minister’s application from Suhakam to yesterday. an open tender, we would have In acquiring the subma- the second, KD Tun Razak,
Department Datuk Liew Vui visit the centre at the said time. Condemning the Opposi- exposed our defence secrets rines, he said, the government was still under construction.
Keong’s statement in the House “His statement contains lies,” tion for suggesting that the to enemies. In the acquisition had studied the experience of “It is 98% complete and is
on Wednesday, the commission Sivarasa alleged, adding that he purchase should have been of defence assets, no country countries like India, Pakistan, expected to be handed over to
had indeed made an application would refer Liew to the Parlia- made via open tender, Deputy would go for an open tender to Turkey, France, Germany, the the Royal Malaysian Navy on
to visit detainees at the centre. mentary Privileges Committee Defence Minister Datuk Dr buy submarines,” he said. Netherlands and South Korea. Nov 3. It will leave for Malay-
He told reporters at the for disciplinary action once he Abdul Latiff Ahmad said doing “If we have an open Nga had asked why the sia in February next year and
parliament lobby yesterday that had received a written declara- so may have caused Malaysia’s tender, we would be submit- submarine purchase was is expected to arrive in April.”
Suhakam had applied to inter- tion from Suhakam on the denial security secrets to be exposed. ting our defence system to made through direct negotia- He also said the estimated
view 207 Sri Lankan political and of the application. “What we do is, we have outsiders. Is this what the tion, when the Treasury had cost of maintaining the vessels
economic refugees at the centre Liew had also said only of- our own intelligence whereby Opposition wants?” Abdul directed that all purchases of at the Teluk Sepanggar naval
at the KL International Airport. ficers from the United Nations first we study all companies Latiff asked in reply to Nga more than RM200,000 must base is RM270 million a year.
“In a letter dated Oct 16, High Commissioner for Refugees
Suhakam commissioner Datuk N. had visited the centre. However,
Siva Subramaniam had applied according to Suara Rakyat Malay- Reveal identity
to Immigration Department chief sia refugee coordinator Temme of cops: Ngeh
Datuk Abdul Rahman Osman Lee, who was at the parliament BERUAS MP Ngeh Koo Ham yes-
to visit Sri Lankan refugees at lobby yesterday, UNHCR officers terday asked the Home Ministry
10am on Oct 20. were also denied access. to reveal the identity of police
officers who dragged Speaker V.

‘MCMC within the law Sivakumar out of the Perak state

assembly on May 7.
He said Home Minister Datuk
in Malaysiakini probe’ Seri Hishammuddin Hussein had
yet to reveal the names, identity
THE Malaysian Communications ministry to explain the MCMC’s card numbers and addresses of
and Multimedia Commission investigation of Malaysiakini over the officers who had forced Si-
(MCMC) acted in accordance two videos relating to the Aug 28 vakumar out. “This is the second
with the law when it investigated “cow head protest” against the time I’m asking for these details.
the Malaysiakini news portal Selangor government’s decision I did so in the first parliament
last month, Deputy Information, to relocate a Hindu temple in meeting, but until now, he has
Communications and Culture Shah Alam. not revealed them.”
Minister Datuk Joseph Salang Salang also said Malaysia’s Ngeh said Pakatan Rakyat
Gandum said. high-speed broadband (HSBB) was disappointed at the way in
He said that although the network was expected to be which Hishammuddin has dealt
Multimedia Super Corridor’s deployed by the middle of with the matter so far.
10-point Bill of Guarantees next year. Replying to a supple- “He (Hishammuddin) is in
ensures that there would be mentary question from Datuk contempt of parliament in
no censorship of the internet, Halimah Sadique (BN-Teng- refusing to answer the question
there had been reasons for the gara), he said the ministry was posed to him and in trying to
investigation. confident of achieving the 50% protect the wrong doers.”
“If there were racial elements broadband penetration target by He said Hishammuddin’s
which could create instability the end of next year. actions were tantamount to
in the country or elements of Last year, Telekom Malaysia obstruction of justice and
misuse of the internet, this is was awarded a contract to dev- Sivakumar and PR members
provided for under the MCMC elop the RM11.3 billion 10-year BERNAMAPIX are intending to file legal suits
Act 1999. HSBB project which would lead against the officers and the
“There is no contradiction to much faster internet access RAIL ESCAPE … federal government. “Without
here. The MCMC acted within speeds. Rescue workers plan the removal of an overturned MPV on the KTM Komuter track in Subang these officers’ particulars, we
the law,” Salang said in reply to Salang said the system was Jaya yesterday. The Naza Ria, with two occupants, was on the Federal Highway heading to cannot file suits.
a supplementary question from currently being tested at four Subang Jaya when the driver lost control of the vehicle. It crashed through the metal barrier
Saifuddin Nasution Ismail exchanges in the Klang Valley
(PKR-Machang). – Bangsar, Shah Alam, Subang
along the highway before ending up on the track. One of the two men sustained a broken arm National laureate
in the incident.
Saifuddin had asked the Jaya and Taman Tun Dr Ismail. title for non-Malay
AN opposition MP has asked

Wait for PAC report on PKFZ continues

whether the title National
Laureate could be awarded
to writers of publications in
by Zainon Ahmad of taxpayers’ money by the government. all, especially when little is done to Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit (BN- languages other than Bahasa For example, there was the case of a improve the situation and when it is Mambong), “we have been fighting for Malaysia.
government-owned Proton Perdana fill- also so difficult for newsmen to avail this for a long time”. Even some Opposi- Noting that the title was
THE Dewan Rakyat, which was prom- ing up RM113 worth of petrol at a kiosk themselves of the report which is only tion MPs cheered, while some others awarded only to Malay lit-
ised a report by the Public Accounts in Raub, only to fill up again for the same given to MPs. looked stunned as the Pakatan Rakyat erature writers, Chong Eng
Committee (PAC) on the multi-billion amount a minute later. How? Indeed it has become a routine every had been championing the cause for a (DAP-Bukit Mertajam) said
ringgit Port Klang Freetrade Zone (PKFZ) Another case exposed was that of year for reporters to go begging for the national Malaysia Day since last year. that while she had nothing
scandal before it adjourned on July 2, is a Mara institute paying RM84,640 for report when they find out that it is being So it is now a done thing that the against Malay literature, she
still waiting. two Acer Aspire 5052 laptops when tabled. Often it is the Opposition MPs country celebrates Aug 31 as inde- wanted to know why the
Many reports have been tabled since the price for each was only RM4,500. who, for obvious reasons, seem more pendence day for Malaya and Sept 16 government did not have the
the current Parliament meeting began Many such wildly inflated prices of willing to loan the report to the report- as the day Malaysia came into being same award for writings in
on Monday, but the PAC report is not goods and equipment were reported, ers. and through which Sabah and Sarawak Tamil, Chinese or the Kadazan
among them. with some purchases marked up by as It seems strange that the AG’s report, gained their independence. language.
Maybe in a fortnight! After all, today much as 3,000%. Mentioned also was which in the past was tabled on Budget Yesterday Karpal Singh (DAP-Bukit “We are 1Malaysia. Why
is Budget Day, and from next week MPs the case of a committee of the finance Day, was on the MPs’ desks a few days Gelugor) lambasted the government can’t others be recognised as
will be busy vetting the government’s ministry approving payment of more earlier. for allowing the judiciary to deteriorate national laureates too?” she
proposed expenditure for next year than RM290,000 for two development On Monday Prime Minister Datuk Seri to its present state where some judges asked Deputy Education Min-
and where the money is going to come projects which do not exist. Najib Abdul Razak caused loud cheer- drag their feet in so far as writing judg- ister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi.
from. It seems that reporting on such ing to break out in the House when in ments was concerned. Mohd Puad said the title
Among the reports tabled is the abuses highlighted by the AG has bec- a response to a question from Datuk While speaking during the debate on was meant for Malay litera-
Auditor-General (AG)’s report on spend- ome routine for the media ever since Dr Marcus Mojigoh (BN-Putatan) on the Judges Ethics Committee Bill 2008, ture but that he would take
ing by the federal and state govern- the case of Maggi Mee being supplied to 1Malaysia, he announced that Sept 16 he lamented the deterioration in ethical note of Chong’s suggestion.
ments and agencies last year. As usual, the army at RM8 a packet was reported would be recognised nationwide as standards and did not mince his words He expressed hope that more
it is only the media that seemed to be many years ago. Malaysia Day, and therefore a national in his description of certain judges and people would show interest in
in a flap over it. Some cynical members of the public public holiday. lawyers. reading high quality material.
Pages and pages were devoted this may wonder why the media should Those from Sabah and Sarawak “Even so, it is demeaning for judges The country also lacks
week to the AG’s criticism of the abuse bother reporting on these matters at cheered the loudest as, according to to have a code of ethics,” he said. good quality religious publica-
tions, he said.