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Product Information Guide

Introducing the Highest Value, Lowest Cost, Wide Format Multifunction System in the World

Introducing the KIP 700 the Highest Value Lowest Cost, Multifunction System in the World
The KIP 700 sets new standards for professional quality results at a breakthrough value performance level. Packed with a sophisticated feature set, the 700 contains advanced technologies found in high end multifunction systems - packaged in a compact, single footprint, smart & affordable solution.

KIP 700 Precision Design Premier Performance and Build Quality Single Footprint, Space Saving Console Design Color Touch Screen Operation 600 X 600 dpi Print, Copy & Scan KIP High Definition Print Process KIP 7.2 Print Management Software Cloud Printing Direct & Mailbox Cloud Scanning Direct & Mailbox Web, PC & Touchscreen Based Apps PDF & DWF View, Print & Scan On Screen Image Previews Certified Drivers Windows & AutoCAD Windows 7 Device Experience Integrated Cost Reporting Secure File Overwrite Meets DoD Specifications
KIP 700

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KIP 700 Express Service System Convenient Install with Roll-Off Crating System Set Up Wizard 45 Minute Install, Crate to Copy High Yield Performance Components Snap-In Color Coded Parts Expanded Maintenance Cycle KIP 700 Convenient Operation Multi-User Walk Up Simplicity Print Sets Directly from Color Touch Screen Print from/Scan to Integrated USB Port Convenient Front Delivery Original & Copy Automatic Roll Loading - 2 or 3 Cores Touchscreen System & Operator Guides Color Scan to File and Color Copy to Inkjets KIP 700 Eco2 Design Economical & Ecological 100% Toner Efficient Zero Waste Energy Star Qualified System Components 97% Recyclable Recycled Paper Approved


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KIP 700 Multifunction Value/Performance Features

KIP 700 Feature Advantage The 700 delivers fast and accurate printing KIP 700 provides the ultimate in copy, scan, view and print technology right at your fingertips Benefit 600 x 600 dpi resolution image quality KIP High Definition Print Technology Photo like grayscale quality Rich, solid black fill areas Customers prefer touchscreen operation Intuitive design for easy operation Touchscreen system & operator guides are illustrated for ease of use Reduces the need for user training Compact, console design Single footprint for maximum flexibility Color coded snap-in parts Energy star qualified system Recyclable, organic drum ZERO WASTE - 100% toner efficient Networked copier with advanced scaling Print from touch screen Easy half size set printing USB, mailbox & network printing Automatically generate cost reports Report by user, job or date range for maximum FM versatility Provided in Microsoft Excel format Perfect feature for document mobility in decentralized environments Walk up users can easily print and scan documents Streamlines mark-up document workflow Conveniently integrated with the KIP 700 touchscreen Color scanner is integrated with all leading inkjet printers Increases placement opportunities Compatible with customers current inventory of 2 core inkjet media Produce mono and color output for less than half the price of competitive systems Cloud printing & scanning via Email Web & PC based view & print Unlimited software seat license Certified Windows drivers (32 & 64 bit) Certified AutoCAD drivers Integrated support for PDF & DWF KIP 700 Product Information Guide|Page 4

Precision Design

Color Touch Controls

Smart Eco2 Design

Positive Economical and Ecological Impact

Expanded Touchscreen Printing Integrated Cost Reporting

Every KIP 700 configuration features, view, copy & touch print Provides valuable reports related to past and future printing costs

Integrated USB Port

Connect USB drive directly to integrated port to view, print and scan documents

Color Scan to File and Color Copy to Inkjet

Greatly increases operational flexibility

KIP 7.2 Software Suite

Total control of the copy, print & scan process

Productive Touch Controls

Industry Leading Printing Functionality

Integrated Scan Unit

The KIP 700 scanner provides 600 dpi optical resolution for high-quality scans and copies

Multi User Walk-Up Simplicity Operational Convenience KIP Express Service System Increased Profitability for KIP Authorized Dealers

Touchscreen Print, Copy & Scan Controls

Easy access to all major system features and consumables Reduction in maintenance schedules and related expenses Fewer site visits with short durations ensure maintenance agreements are profitable

Walk-up ease of use Touchscreen sets printing View, Scale, organize & Print Simple collation options Face-up document scanning High-speed and high-resolution Maximum CIS imaging performance with a widened color gamut Outstanding environmental performance No folded optics No warm-up time Color touchscreen system controls Quality Presets Scan to FTP, USB, mailbox or network Automatic roll loading and sizing System guide displayed on touchscreen Color scan and color copy to Inkjets Accommodates 2 and 3 roll cores Optional paper sheet tray Reduced technical training requirements Authorized Dealer Branding Enhances maintenance productivity Increased profit opportunities per unit System Setup Wizard Extended maintenance cycle Best in class system warranty High yield performance parts Touchscreen software is pre-installed Reduce the need for operator training No need for technical product specialists Install from crate to copy in 45 minutes

KIP 700 Single Footprint Console Design

KIP 700 Integrated USB Port

KIP 700 Color Scan to File & Color Copy

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KIP 700 Unique Feature Touchscreen Print

KIP 700 systems eliminate the need for additional PC hardware by printing documents from removable media such as standard USB drives, CD drives & network locations directly from the color touchscreen. The integrated KIP color touchscreen operator panel provides the ultimate in copy and print technology right at your fingertips.

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KIP 700 Digital Copy & Touch Screen Print Controlling the Printing of Documents From the Color Touchscreen
Every system configuration of the KIP 700 provides the power of touch controls to view, scale, organize and print file sets from USB drives and network locations. Total operator efficiency is achieved through use of the KIP 700 central touchscreen, the intuitive interface that displays all system control settings on one screen to enhance productivity.

KIP 700 Digital Copy & Touch Screen Print Digital Copy
Reduce/Enlarge with automatic page sizing Automatic quality presets KIP Set copy editor Simple collation settings Digital stamping Automatic system status Save/recall copy jobs
The KIP 700 Digital Set Copy Editor

Touchscreen View & Print

From integrated USB port From network locations View images prior to printing Designate number of prints Easily resize images Simple set collation options

Create Print Sets from a Variety of Locations Directly from the KIP 700 Touchscreen

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KIP 700 Monochrome Touchscreen Scan

The KIP 700 features central touchscreen scanning to a range of locations in both single and multi page file formats, including PDF, Tiff & DWF. A range of quality scan presets are available to the operator directly from the 700 touchscreen. The 700 automatically senses the original document width and dynamically adjusts exposure settings during the scanning process for maximum image capture clarity. A quick naming feature allows operators to use the 700 touchscreen to name images as they are scanned to file, maximizing productivity. Images that have been previously scanned can easily be recalled and printed from the touchscreen mailbox storage system or may be concurrently printed during scanning operations.

Monochrome Scanning Features

Scan to USB drives, FTP sites & network locations Scan to single or multi-page PDF & DWF Apply digital text & image stamps Concurrent scan & print Convenient quality presets

KIP 700 Touchscreen Administration Controls

KIP 700 systems provide the ability to check the status of the system, track the progress of jobs in queues, monitor paper and toner levels, access user mailboxes and build print jobs. Administrators can implement systems access to ensure that only designated personnel can access the KIP 700 stored data.

The KIP 700 automatically logs and reports on a comprehensive range of accounting data related to each system function. Dependent on administrative preferences, detailed reports may be generated to include times, dates, user names, job names, media used, toner coverage and more.

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KIP 700 Color Copying & Scanning

Specifically designed for the 700, KIP Color Direct provides color scan to file and simple but highly effective color copying to a single color inkjet printer. Other features include closed loop color calibration, integration with KIP accounting data and support for multi-page file formats.

KIP Color Direct Overview Easy color adjustments that do not require in-depth knowledge Direct integration with wide format inkjet printers Closed-loop calibration ensures maximum color accuracy

KIP Color Direct Scanning: Offers various templates for different types of originals Image enhancement options Scan to USB drives, mailboxes or network Supports wide range of file formats (JPG, PDF, TIFF, DWF)
KIP Color Direct Touchscreen Copying

KIP Color Direct Copying: Image quality presets for different types of originals Access to inkjet via network connection Image and output options (scaling, mirroring, etc.) Image enhancements & copy count
KIP Color Direct Real Time Preview

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KIP Web Apps Driverless Cloud Productivity

KIP Web Apps offer a flexible new approach to delivering print services one that better responds to mobile business needs by providing a driverless cloud printing solution. KIP Web Apps are engineered for remote print submission environments. Whether youre using an iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Laptop, or USB, KIP Web Apps simplify convenience printing from any web browser using your favorite Email provider.

Key KIP Web Apps Benefits

Use any web browser and any Email provider Use any phone, tablet, laptop or PC No need to install drivers or applications No learning curve, no training Submit print ready files via Email attachments Optional keywords provide printing flexibility

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KIP Cloud Printing

KIP Web Apps is a convenient, driverless print solution that lets casual users forget that complex front end printer software ever existed. With print job set up and submission this simple, users benefit from problem-free remote printing to the mailbox/queue of any KIP printer, or may be configured to bypass the mailbox for immediate output.

Print to Mailbox Queue

Busy professionals value the simplicity of features that effect daily workflow and printing flexibility. KIP Web Apps provide the ability to Email files to a KIP systems for future viewing and printing.

Direct Print
The ability to produce large prints using nothing more than an Email with attachments and print instruction key words helps keep mobile clients on the go to stay productive.

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KIP Cloud Scanning

Cloud scanning is truly a step ahead in communications. KIP Cloud Scanning encourages productivity by simplifying the entire imaging process. Email based KIP web app cloud scanning enables you to conveniently scan your documents to the office down the hall or anywhere in the world using any browser and your favorite Email provider.

Scan to Mailbox Queue

A fresh approach to revising documents drastically improves modern collaboration efforts. These revisions & mark-ups may now be Emailed to a remote KIP mailbox for safe keeping or easy access for additional image editing activities.

Scan to Print
Color mark-ups encourage productivity by providing easy reference to changes, but have traditionally been difficult to share. Now, these mark-ups may be Emailed to another KIP system anywhere in the world or on the next floor for output on inkjets, KIP color systems or archival.

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KIP 700 Print Management Software

Utilize a standard web browser to print to any available KIP system on a corporate intranet or over the internet. Image preflight, file management, job creation, accounting standards and system settings are all available to authorized users. Alternatively, KIP provides a full featured PC based printing application for users who prefer to submit jobs via FTP or corporate network with the same feature set as the web based client. KIP print management applications share a common workflow, feature set and functionality: Broad File Format Support Auto Cost Reporting Unlimited Site License Batch File Conversion Multipage KIP Printers

Image Preflight

Multipage File Support

New PrintNET Web-Based Print Management

A new KIP PrintNET browser based print application will ship with the KIP 700. KIP PrintNET is a print submission utility on the KIP 700 internal web server.

New KIP Request PC Based Print Management

KIP 7.2 PC based Request-job submission utility has been updated with new icons and a new color scheme to match KIP PrintNET. user customers. These updates will enable better cross application recognition and therefore reduced training needs for your technical staff as well as your end

New Windows 7 Certified Print Driver

The KIP 700 is supported by a new Certified Windows 7 Printer Driver for both 32 & 64 bit operating systems. In addition, this windows driver is certified for use with Windows Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

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KIP Windows 7 Device Experience

A KIP 7.2 software utilizes a collection of new Windows 7 features to improve how users of KIP systems can access printer status and submit print jobs utilizing KIP print submission applications. The KIP Windows 7 Device Experience is automatically installed when a PC is connected to the internet. KIP printer icon makes it easy to identify your installed printer Identifies KIP printer status and the number of jobs in the print queue Identifies KIP printer settings relating to print size and orientation Launch KIP Request to submit print jobs via PC based application Launch KIP PrintNET to submit print jobs via web interface application

New AutoCAD Print Driver

A new AutoCAD driver supporting AutoCAD 2011 will ship with the KIP 7100. Earlier versions of the KIP AutoCAD driver will continue to be supported.

New KIP Integrated Cost Reporting

A KIP 700 cost calculator supplied in Microsoft Excel format is provided for fast generation of real-time accounting reports to accurately invoice or cross charge departments, projects or clients at designated intervals.

KIP 7.2 File Shredding (Overwriting)

KIP 7.2 Software includes the Department of Defense NISPOM specifications to securely delete (overwrite) all image data after a print, copy or scan job has been completed. KIP7.2 File Shredding (overwriting) processes and scheduling is configurable using KIP PrintNET. The KIP three pass file shredding process complies with the NISPOM specification which consists of overwriting all image data locations with a character, its compliment and a random character. This method ensures that all image data can no longer be accessed using a data recovery device.

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The KIP 700 Express Service System is based on profitable and Eco Friendly technologies. The KIP ESS System distinguishes itself from conventional technical service methods by providing multiple benefits for KIP Authorized Dealers:

700 systems do not require dedicated product service specialists, providing departmental flexibility for service teams.

Enhances Service Department Productivity

Expanded Maintenance Cycle with Reduced Service Times

Fewer site visits with shorter durations ensure service maintenance contracts achieve the highest profitability.

Fast Installation Time

From Crate to Copy in less than 45 minutes, KIP 700 systems roll out of the shipping container and right into place with all key components preinstalled.

KIP Setup Wizard

The KIP 700 system setup wizard guides product support personnel through the easy initial connectivity steps.

Simplified Maintenance Using Snap-in Replaceable Parts

Color coded snap-in replaceable parts save time and greatly reduce the level of training required to maintain the KIP 700.

Positive Environmental Impact

Zero waste toner, Energy Star qualification and recyclable parts combined with the ability to print on recycled paper to achieve a positive environmental impact.

Reduced Training Requirements Reduce the Costs of Maintenance

Online E-Training certifies technical staff to maintain the KIP 700, reducing training time and eliminating travel expenses associated with classroom training.

Extensive System Warranty

The KIP 700 system offers you the additional peace of mind that comes from a total parts warranty. The extended warranty on 700 series systems strongly reflect KIPs confidence in their long term performance and reliability.

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KIP 700 Fast Installation Times

Right from the start, the KIP 700 has been designed with our Authorized Dealers in mind.

A number of

significant breakthroughs have been achieved related to the design of major system components that reduces the total installation time for new KIP 700 systems. Installation times are drastically reduced based on the following key features: The KIP 700 can be easily rolled out of the shipping container by a single person, using the integrated ramps System software and applications are pre-installed no hassles! Automatic system detection with system setup wizard enables easy connectivity. Toner installation has been automated and simplified. Key system components have been pre-installed saving considerable time. The KIP 700 system is delivered in a single carton for installation. Install the 700 from crate to copy in 45 minutes without special training!

KIP 700 System Setup Wizard

The KIP 700 System Setup Wizard launches automatically upon initial startup and runs from the central touchscreen operator panel. The KIP Setup Wizard consists of a series of easy to understand graphical prompts designed to guide any operator though the initial setup procedure of powering up the KIP 700 and entering the following information: Regional settings (language) Date/time Network connectivity Keycode Activation Consumables loading guides

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KIP 700 Express Maintenance

The 700 delivers reliable system functionality with an extended maintenance schedule. KIP 700 snap-in maintenance parts reduce labor costs and increase the productivity of support staff. KIP 700 parts kits with high yield performance simplifies the maintenance process and reduces visit durations to an average of 25 minutes per visit!

KIP 700 Maintenance is Performed Every 50,000 Square Feet

Based on an average monthly print volume of 5,000 sq. ft., a maintenance visit is only necessary every 10 months!

KIP 700 Snap-In Color Coded Parts

The KIP 700 color coded snap-in parts provide product support personnel with an efficient, time saving maintenance system. KIP 700 maintenance - easy, fast & efficient.

KIP 700 Automatic Maintenance Notifications

and emailed to designated recipients.

The KIP 700 generates notification of scheduled maintenance intervals that are displayed on the touchscreen

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KIP 700 Exclusive Total Parts and LED Head Warranty

KIP 700 systems are covered by a 6 month or 30,000 square foot total parts warranty and a 12 month or 60,000 square foot LED head warranty from date of product installation.

KIP 700 Online Technical E-Training

Based on the previous completion of KIP technical training, all KIP Authorized Dealer technicians and support staff are authorized to participate in KIP 700 online technical training. However, due to the fact that the KIP 700 contains many new technologies and features, it is mandatory that KIP Authorized Dealer Technicians review and complete the online technical familiarization course. This online study course must be completed prior to the installation of new KIP 700 systems. The online training has been designed to allow KIP Authorized technicians and support staff to successfully install, maintain and support new KIP 700 systems. KIP Authorized Dealer personnel may visit the KIP Learning Center website to complete the KIP 700 Online Technical E-Training course and complete the questionnaire. E-training will be available to KIP Authorized Dealers on www.kipamerica.com, beginning August 9, 2010 Accessible by KIP Authorized Dealers- 24/7 This KIP online service has been provided to ensure that KIP Authorized Dealers receive the correct technical information regarding the KIP 700 without incurring the expense of technical training visits to KIP.

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KIP 700 Product Positioning

The KIP 700 feature set, compact design and value/performance statement make the product an ideal FM placement opportunity where systems may be moved to different customer environments having different application needs. The KIP 700 has been designed to be placed in low volume or entry level applications and can effectively replace toner based analog copiers or similar entry level LED products that are aged, end of life or nearing the end of a leasing term. The KIP 700 is the perfect solution for placement in low volume print environments where high costs of inkjet operation have been favored because of the low capitol cost. With web based plan rooms and construction document collaboration more prevalent, the ease of use, browser based utilities; low cost of ownership and the KIP 700s ability to scan to file, copy and even color copy when connected to a current inkjet will expand your dealerships LED product sales into a new market.

Competitive Field Replacement

Analog Copiers: Oce: 7050, 7051 & TDS 100 Ricoh: FW 770 & FW 780 Xerox: 3001, 3030, 3050, 3060 Digital Systems: Oce: 9300, 9400, 9400 II, TDS 300, 320, 400,450 Ricoh, Lanier, Savin, Gestetner: 240 W & 2400, Xerox: 8825, 8830 & 6204

KIP Field Replacement

Analog Copiers: KIP: 1030, 3400, 1880, &1900 Digital Systems: KIP: 2710, 2900, 2000 & 3000 series

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KIP 700 Competitive Comparison

KIP 700 Product Information Guide|Page 20

KIP 700 Vertical Market Opportunities

AEC- While the 700 has numerous market possibilities; the widest potential exists within decentralized AEC market opportunities. Print volume trends in this market have shifted downward which offers a unique opportunity for placement of a multifunction LED system with the value proposition of the 700. With industry leading KIP Direct Color integration with existing inkjet populations the KIP 700 is perfectly positioned for workflows that require walk-up color scanning and mark-up color copies. These attributes also make the KIP 700 a perfect system for low volume FM placements. Government- The strong security offerings, console design, USB document mobility and ease of use make the 700 a very strong offering for government environments where inkjet technology may have previously been placed.

Manufacturing- Another vertical market that would benefit from the color scanning capabilities is the manufacturing market. Since users in this segment tend to mark up and distribute drawings for review, they would benefit from the streamlined review cycle available with the KIP 700 color scanning and USB functionality. Utility Companies - With the continuous emphasis placed on energy needs fulfillment, the decentralized printing requirements of this vertical market will increase sharply in the coming years. With strong focus on document flexibility and advanced features the KIP 700 is a complete solution for this vertical market.

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KIP 700 Authorized Dealer Benefits Summary

From its advanced Eco2 console design, ultimate user accessibility, media versatility and document mobility, the 700 is destined to motivate end user excitement and deliver exceptional sales opportunities by delivering the competitive edge to capture business.


The KIP 700 defines a new standard of multifunction value in a wide format system. With advanced technologies previously found in high end systems, the 700 delivers powerful multifunction performance in a compact, smart, affordable solution.


Finally, the 700 has been designed with KIP Authorized Dealers profitability in mind. With low entry level pricing, expanded feature set, simplified installation, extended maintenance cycle and reduced training needs, the 700 is your key to increase placements, streamline your technical workflow, and generate greater profitability to your dealership. The KIP 700 offers truly exceptional multifunction value in a compact console design.

KIP 700 Authorized Dealer Marketing Materials

We are committed to provide KIP Authorized Dealers with all the necessary sales support materials designed to assist your KIP 700 promotional efforts and give you a competitive edge. Demonstration unit program KIP 700 brochure & sell sheet 700 End user product presentation High resolution product images- CD Product poster - CD Product showroom banner - CD

In addition to the hard copy materials supplied in this package, all data has also been included in digital format, for on-demand printing of KIP 700 marketing materials.

KIP 700 Product Availability

Authorized Dealer shipments of New KIP 700 systems will commence September 1st, 2010. Please refer to KIP 700 product pricing for additional information.

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